Kristol Clear Judah-ism– ‘Abortion is not murder. It’s a mitzvah’

Sweeping bans on the termination of pregnancy undermine rabbis’ authority to provide religious guidance to Jewish women seeking their advice

ed note–as usual, ladies and Gentile-men, lots of important ‘protocols’ that all Gentiles living on God’s green earth with a vested interest in their own future survival need to know/understand in Kristol Clear clarity and about which there should be neither debate nor disagreement.


Protocol #1–

We have a new ‘truism’ here at this humble little informational endeavor, similar in some respects to an often-recurring theme that we–quite proud to say–minted here for the first time (to the best of our knowledge) years ago, namely that–



And this new truism, just as catchy, trendy, and easy-to-memorize/understand is that–




No, that isn’t a typo or a misspelling, ladies and Gentile-men…We here at this humble little informational endeavor meant what we said and said what we meant–




Now, to be Kristol clear on this matter, despite some phonetic similarities both in pronunciation and spelling, ‘Jewpiter’ isn’t a ‘place’ per se, such as the planet Jupiter…



Rather, it is a state of mind or state of being for those who are the followers of Judah-ism, and in particular the inherently organic anti-Gentile precepts and ‘protocols’ (to quote an often used word when discussing this particular topic) that make up this ‘Judah-ism’, to wit–



and this–


and this–


and this–


and this–


and this–


and this–


and this–


and this–


…And many, many other examples we could show, but won’t for the sake of brevity…

This state of mind or state of ‘being’ is, as evidenced from the very beginning of what is now a quickly-evolving Apocalyptic affair, a state of perpetual, ceaseless war of extermination against all forms of Gentilism, in the social, political, religious, familial, and cultural sense, indeed a manifestation of the various traditions and commandments going all the way back to Abraham and continuing on through Moses and to the present day, to wit–

When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire, for you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…–Book of Deuteronomy

The Jews–meaning the followers of Judah-ism–and the Gentiles are as opposite from each other in their respective natures as are Cain the murderer and Abel the murdered, a fact which Jesus Himself made clear in His many curses against the followers of Judah-ism during His own day, to wit–


And so upon you will fall all the guilt and judgment for all the righteous blood that has been poured out on the earth, beginning with the righteous man Abel…


Now, the reason this is important is due to the contents of what the reader is about to see for him/herself below.

Here we have a rabbi, one of many as of late these days, discussing in KRISTOL CLEAR LANGUAGE the fact that Judah-ism not only PERMITS the murder of yet-to-be-born human beings, but indeed COMMANDS it, using his own words.

He–like the many rabbis as of late who have commented on the recent overturning of RvW, bases the justification for this COMMANDMENT not on the teachings of the ‘Talmud’ (which many Christian apologists for Torah Judah-ism claim erroneously has replaced the Torah or ‘Old Testament) but indeed on the Torah itself, to wit–

According to explicit law found within the Torah, if in the course of violent activity a pregnant woman is harmed and this causes her to have a miscarriage, those violent people who caused the miscarriage, even on purpose, are to be charged a monetary fine and not to be tried for murder.

As the Jews–meaning the followers of Judah-ism–have proven throughout the entirety of their various interactions with the rest of humanity, their alien and anti-social status as ‘citizens of Jewpiter’ has resulted in the very same response, time after time after time, which we refer to here on this humble little informational endeavor as–


–Otherwise known by its more common/colloquial name–


As it is with any immunological response such as sneezing, coughing, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc, it is an autonomic, automatic reaction that the body initiates in order to protect itself from what is a foreign, hostile invader. Despite the discomfort it brings, nevertheless it is a blessing and a testimony of what is the immutable perfection of the Creator who built the human body and all its life-preserving systems…

Furthermore, and just as importantly, the moment that the immune system ceases to react in this manner, even to something as relatively harmless as the common cold, the person whose otherwise healthy stasis has been invaded will die.

And likewise with those Gentile societies that allow the virus of Judah-ism and its carriers–the ‘citizens of Jewpiter’–to ascend to any position where they wield any influence and/or power over life-and-death decisions, whether it is the business of legalized child-murder or global war, at which point the immune system of the body politic goes into shutdown mode and the virus–with all its deadly intentions–has a free hand to do its dirty work.

And no better example exists of this fact than the following–



Now, besides this, no better example exists of this deadly ‘shut down’ mode than the manner by which the very same people calling themselves ‘pro-life Christians’ (who for the last half a century have busied themselves with trying to get the deliberate murder of yet-to-be-born human beings outlawed) ASSIDUOUSLY AND MILITANTLY avoid noting, discussing or otherwise understanding not only the OVERT AND PREDOMINANT ROLE which the followers of Judah-ism–these ‘citizens of Jewpiter’–have played in legalizing and institutionalizing the grisly business of child murder, but as well, the fact that these same ‘CoJ’ brazenly and without an ounce of shame, reservation, or regret discuss very matter-of-factly the manner by which their Judah-ism permits and COMMANDS that this grisly business take place.

In other words, the social/political/cultural manifestation of the body politic’s immune system not recognizing the nature and the threat of the invading virus, thus leaving the body defenseless and marked for certain death.

Now, it needs to be understood in the Kristol-Clearest of terms that child-murder–as heinous, Godless and diabolical as it is–is just THE BEGINNING of what ‘they’, the followers of Judah-ism–the ‘children of Israel’ and citizens of Jewpiter–have in store for all Gentile societies wherein they have pitched their tents.

Indeed, as of the very moment that this is being written, these organized forces of anti-Gentilism are setting up the dominos for the next abomination of desolation that they are planning to unleash upon the various Gentile civilizations of the world, which is the legalized sex-ploitation of children, being presaged RIGHT NOW with all the talk these days of ‘gender assignment’ and the ‘grooming’ of children AS YOUNG AS KINDERGARTNERS on every imaginable form of sex and sexual perversion ever hatched in the mind of Lucifer himself.

We’ll end this little ed note with a repetition/reminder of another ‘protocol’ that has appeared here before, which is that one of the primary reasons that the citizens of Jewpiter HATED and CONTINUE TO HATE TO THIS DAY with every fiber of their twisted and perverse collective being the person of Jesus Christ was because of His love for children and the protective instincts He maintained towards them, going so far as to advocate the death penalty for those who would harm them.

Doubtless during His own day, the rabbis and their ‘apostles’–meaning the citizens of Jewpiter otherwise known as the ‘children of Israel’–were as actively engaged then as they are today in both the murder of yet-to-be-born children as well as their exploitation for sexual purposes, a ‘family tradition’ that began under the patriarch Lott, Abraham’s nephew, who gave his 2 virgin daughters away to a group of gangbangers from Sodom, instructing the soon-to-be-rapists to–


Abuse them both as it may please you…



Rabbi Naftali Rothenberg for Times of Israel

The enthusiasm within some Jewish Orthodox circles for the US Supreme Court’s decision overturning the constitutional right to abortion is a cause for concern, as it  does not reflect the position of Halakhah, i.e. Jewish Law.

As a rule, within Judaism the prevailing position is that at no stage of pregnancy is abortion considered murder. In quite a few cases in which the pregnancy poses a risk to the mother, and not only in cases of immediate danger to life, there is an obligation to perform an abortion, which is to say that sometimes an abortion is a mitzvah, or a commandment.

The halakhic posek (rabbinic decisor) has tools to permit an abortion for a pregnant woman who seeks his advice, even in cases where there is no immediate danger to the mother’s life.

From a Judaic perspective, before it is born, the fetus is not a human being. Those who kill a fetus without permission have violated a minor prohibition but are not defined as murderers. According to explicit law found within the Torah, if in the course of violent activity a pregnant woman is harmed and this causes her to have a miscarriage, those violent people who caused the miscarriage, even on purpose, are to be charged a monetary fine and not to be tried for murder.

Observant Jewish women whose state law allows them to abort but who hesitate to do so may seek assistance from a halakhic decisor. The rabbi is supposed to examine the totality of the circumstances that the woman faces in giving birth and he will be able to reach the required halakhic conclusion, i.e. to prohibit or permit the abortion.

Sweeping legislation prohibiting abortions in almost every case limits the authority of rabbis and leaves them no possibility to give the assistance they are supposed to give to those who turn to them. Therefore, from a Judaic point of view, this is anti-religious legislation and contrary to Jewish law. The involvement of the state undermines the authority of the rabbis, canceling the process of deliberation and ruling that exists between rabbis and the observant women who seek their advice.

The state law must be flexible, even if this results in abortions being performed without justification. Inflexible legislation will result in a greater risk of women wanting to have an abortion at any cost, to the point of endangering their lives. Therefore, from a halakhic point of view, strict legislation must be opposed because women’s health must not be endangered.

The question of abortion has always been complex from a moral and religious point of view. Its reduction to slogans such as ‘abortion is murder,’ or ‘pro-life’ is designed to mobilize the crowd for political influence on lawmakers. The result could be damage to women’s health, danger to life, and destruction of families. I call on religious leaders to leave the abortion problem in its complexity, and not to immorally push for the involvement of the state and the law enforcement system.

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