Kristol Clear Judah-ism–Jews in Israel view Christian Evangelists as ‘religious terrorists’

Police reopen investigation into Messianic dance instructor who influenced young student to come to faith in Jesus.

ed note–keep in mind the following as you read this–

The writer is (ostensibly at least) a Christian writing for a Christian Zionist news site. Doubtless he is aware of the INSTITUTIONALIZED hatred of Jesus Christ in the Jewish state (as a manifestation of the institutionalized hatrred that exists within the Jewish brain) and the daily violence perpetrated by Jews against Christians and their churches, and yet, despite all of this, he paints this rosy picture of how ‘simpatico’ the Christians and Jews are living in the Jewish state.

The point being, as Jesus Himself warned,

‘No man can serve 2 masters…He will either love the one and hate the other, or hate the one and love the other…’


Israel Today

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus remains a touchy topic in the modern Jewish state.

But what really exacerbates the matter, and stirs up ill feelings towards Israel, is the way it’s often reported.

The most negative remarks and hostile positions regarding faith in Jesus are latched on to, painting a picture of near-institutionalized persecution of believers.

But the reality is that the ‘anti-missionary’ organizations in Israel are fighting an uphill battle in getting the authorities to pay any attention whatsoever Christian/Messianic proselytization.

An Orthodox Jewish news portal reports that only after it and other outlets made a stink online did the Israel Police agree to reopen an investigation into a Messianic dance instructor who allegedly influenced a 14-year-old student to come to faith in Jesus.

It is not illegal to share the Gospel in Israel, contrary to how some ministries portray the situation. It is, however, illegal to convert minors, or to offer any person financial incentive to change his or her adherence to Judaism.

So the question becomes–‘Did this Messianic dance teacher directly attempt to convert her student, or was she merely open about her faith?


It’s a tricky line to draw, which is why the authorities typically avoid such cases.

The reopened investigation is also expected to be buried and quietly closed after being passed to the prosecutor’s office.

And that despite the impassioned public pleas of anti-missionary groups like Or L’Achim (Light to the Brothers) and Btsalmo (In His Image).

‘We will not give up on this case until an indictment is filed against the missionary,’ insisted Or L’Achim in a statement.

The CEO of Btsalmo told The Jewish Voice that ‘the fight against Christian proselytizing must be a priority for the Israeli Police and must be treated as terrorism. This is silent and covert terrorism, but tens of millions of shekels are invested in it.’

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