We are witness to the metamorphosis of western democracies as they change their colors to blood- red antisemitism. What does this mean?


ed note–It is beyond any doubt–at least to those who are paying attention in even the most superficial way–that the world today is for all intents and purposes a 5-alarm inferno. War (very possibly/probably nuclear) pandemics, massive political/economic/social instability, stolen elections, etc, etc, etc…


In short and in sum, the social/political equivalent of that event recently made famous, i.e. the train wreck and environmental disaster taking place in a small town bearing the name (by no small coincidence, all can be sure) ‘East Palestine’ in Ohio–





Now, for the moment we’ll forego our better instincts viz what the real cause of this disaster was/is and instead just ‘go with the flow’ viz the ‘conventional’ narrative recently put forth for public consumption by the USGOV that this tragedy was all the result of a simple wheel bearing that overheated, resulting in a series of catastrophic mechanical failures that has now given birth to what is being termed by the residents of this town as their own version of ‘Chernobyl’.


Fair enough, a ‘wheel bearing’ gone bad that caused all of this, in the exact same manner as an inferno that eventually consumes millions of acres of real estate can be caused by a lightning strike, a lit cigarette being carelessly thrown out the window of a moving car or even by a lit match deliberately dropped on the forest floor by an arsonist out to burn down the world in satisfying some sick and perverted inclination on his/her part.


That’s how apocalyptic tragedies oftentimes happen, with just one small spark…A bad inclination, a BAD IDEA held by one guy or a small group of them who possess not only the political power, but just as importantly, the WILLPOWER necessary in setting the world on fire because they believe that doing so will make the world a better place.


Which brings us to the essay below penned by our deranged follower of Judah-ism who also happens to be a highly-trained ‘rebbe’ and who therefore speaks with great authority on the subject matter.


The first thing that needs to be understood by all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival is that this is not just ‘some’ rebbe of little influence ‘shepherding’ some backwater Sin-a-Gog or schul with a mere handful of followers whose ‘identity politics’ is keeping strict kosher and adorning their heads with big, fury tractor tires for the menfolk or the big ‘beehives’ seen on the womenfolk.


The author of this piece is this guy, Rabbi Nachman Kahanna,



Who is the brother of this guy–


The late Rabbi Meir Kahane, author of this book–


–And founding father of the terrorist group ‘Kach’, whose offshoots include various terrorist-designated groups in America and Europe who openly advocate for ‘holy war’, or, if you will, ‘Ju-had’, in making good on all those commands found throughout the Jewish Torah viz the creation of a Jewish state spanning from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers and for killing/displacing/dispossessing anyone/everyone who stands in the way of the creation of that Jewish state.


Now, the reason this is important is as follows–


Nachmann Kahanna, despite not being ‘officially’ designated thus, nevertheless can be accurately described as the ‘spiritual leader’ of Israel’s current government headed by Bibi Netanyahu that has recently brought to power various rabid, feral, and violent luminaries of the Jewish supremacist type who are ‘true believers’ in the entire ‘Greater Israel’ thing that Kahanna advocates and who are ready, willing, and able to set fire to the entire world in bringing that ‘Greater Israel’ thing into reality.


Literally, as these words are being written, these individuals, including Netanyahu himself–


–Figuratively and literally the same ‘4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ mentioned in both Christian and Islamic religious eschatology are in the process of opening that box of matches that they plan to use in getting that desired inferno started–that ‘Holocaust’ or ‘burnt offering’ if you will–and all of this deeply intrinsic to those ‘bad ideas’ that encompass the teachings/beliefs of Torah Judah-ism, just a small smattering of which the Gentile vested in his/her own future survival will read for him/herself in the essay below.



Rabbi Nachmann Kahana for Israel National News


Over time, nations and empires have risen and fallen due to their arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity. They failed to learn from their predecessors that the life raft of survival in this world for gentiles depends on the degree to which the goyim acknowledge, respect, uphold, defend, support, extol, glorify, aid, and help the Jews – both as the Creator’s chosen nation and as individuals.


As long as a nation showed respect and fidelity to the Jews, that nation would be blessed. Unfortunately for them, each eventually turned its back and betrayed us. That was the point of no return for that nation, sealing its fate to descend from the stage of history.


In descending historical order, there is the present malevolently antisemitic United Nations. Then England abused its League of Nation’s mandate to establish an independent Jewish state, doing all it could to prevent its establishment until they were forcibly ejected to return to their island. The brutish-British blocked the only escape route for European Jewry during the Shoah, sealing the fate of hundreds of thousands of Jews. Germany and Russia rose before them in their antisemitic savagery, preceded by, but not outdoing, the Ottoman Turks, Catholic Spain, the Crusaders, Christian Byzantine, Rome, Greece, Persia, Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, ad nauseum.


We met them all, and they are now, or soon will be, chapters in the history books that we Jews will write.


At this juncture in our return to Eretz Yisrael along the long trek to geula (redemption), we are witnessing the metamorphosis of the western democracies as they change their colors – slowly but surely – to blood-red antisemitism. It is rampant in academia and in the workplace, on Jewish sites and institutions. Some of the most disturbing manifestations are condemning the State of Israel as apartheid, and for building schools and family dwellings in Shomron and Yehudah – the lands where the Torah and Tanach were written.


It is worthy remembering that if the Jews had rejected the Torah, all created matter would have returned to nothingness.


Consequently, the core element that holds the entire universe’s protons and neutrons together, surrounded by clouds of electrons and the 300 billion trillion space objects, would have no reason to exist. In a classic work ‘Nefesh HaChayim’ by Rebbe Chaim from the town of Volozhin in Belarus, he reiterates that the Jewish nation and our fulfillment of the Creator’s mitzvot provide the life-giving force behind all that exists in the universe.


This masoret (tradition), passed from generation to generation, imposes the weight of creation on the Jewish nation, perhaps the source of Greek mythology as the character Atlas who is condemned to hold the globe on his shoulders for eternity.



Is Judaism a Success Story?


When will we know if Judaism has succeeded in its mission to draw Man away from evil and falsehood and closer to Hashem?


We find the answer in two prophetic sources:


Jeremiah, chap. 16,19–


‘O Lord, my strength and my stronghold, my refuge in the day of trouble, to You shall the nations come from the ends of the earth and say: ‘Our ancestors have bequeathed us lies, worthless things in which there is no profit…’



Isaiah, chap. 2,1-4–

‘In the days to come, the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established as the highest of the mountains and shall be raised above the hills and all the nations shall stream to it…Many peoples shall come and say, ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us His ways and that we may walk in His paths, for out of Zion shall go forth instruction and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem…’


Both Isaiah and Jeremiah prophesied that at some distant point in time (probably our generation), the gentile nations will open their eyes and discover that they have been deceived by their parents and spiritual leaders to believe in vanity, futility, myths, distortions, fabrications, fallacies, and intended or unintended deceptions.


On that day, the original intentions of the Creator will have come full circle from Sinai – that subsequent to Am Yisrael’s pivotal teachings, efforts and sacrifices, that the gentiles will have overcome their bestiality.

One thought on “Kristol Clear Judah-ism– ‘The Jewish people are the life raft of humanity’s survival’”
  1. They are not the ‘liferaft’ of humanity. Anyone drowning in the ocean clings to any liferaft like superglue. What they have been throughout their sordid history of interacting with Gentildom has been an anchor tied around mankind’s neck, and in each instance where the drowning victim tried removing that anchor before sinking to the bottom they have been accused of antisemitism.

    You cannot reason with crazy people, a lesson that should have been learned a long, long time ago in our interactions with these creatures.

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