Kristol Clear Judah-ism–‘Vengeance Upon the Gentile Nations by the Gd of Israel’


ed note–The 1991 film ‘Cape Fear’ features as its chief antagonist the dangerously psychotic ‘Max Cady’ played by the real-life/real-deal dangerously-psychotic Robert Deniro.


In the storyline, 14 years earlier ‘Cady’ was convicted of beating and raping a young girl. During his time in prison he spent all his days studying the law and how the justice system worked, so that upon his release he was armed with all the information necessary in avenging himself upon his lawyer whose deliberately-lax defense of Cady during the criminal trial sent him to prison.


One particular scene shows Cady shirtless and the myriad of tattoos he acquired while in prison, all of which speak of violent revenge and the biblical foundation upon which all that revenge is based…



At no time is Cady ever remorseful over his own actions that sent him to prison, only angry that in the interests of protecting itself, civilized society sent him away to pay for his crimes.


The movie functions as a scene-by-scene unraveling of the manner in which Cady is deliberately destroying the life and family of his former lawyer. By the end of the movie and its very frightening climax, Cady has already beaten and raped another female victim, has murdered 2 people and just before his own demise, is about to rape the lawyer’s wife and young daughter before killing them both, all of which the lawyer will be forced to watch as part of the ‘justice’ which Cady has in mind.


Now, although most likely not intentional, what film director Martin Scorsese succeeded in doing was to allegorize–and by no means hyperbolically–the very same Apocalyptic situation in which the world finds itself today.


Not a storyline featuring merely a single family as in Cape Fear, but rather, billions of Gentiles–and of those especially the Christian West–whom the followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’ as they love to refer to themselves, have charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for the high-crime of ‘anti-Shemitism’ and for sending the innocent victims of that ‘anti-Shemitism’ to the 2,000 years long prison term known as the ‘diaspora’ that began with Rome’s destruction of Judea in 70 AD.


Israel–just like Cady’s release from prison and his return to the town of Cape Fear–was created for the sole purpose of revenge.


It was not/is not/never will be about providing a ‘homeland’ for the poor, beleaguered followers of Judah-ism to live their lives peacefully and peaceably, but rather as a base of operations for plunging the entire world into both the depths and heights of Apocalyptic war, destabilization, bloodshed and incalculable human misery.


The OpEd below, penned by one of Max Cady’s cousins presently living in modern-day ‘Judea Resurrecta’ offers the Gentile reader a vulture’s eye view into the same psychotic mindset that drove Cady’s criminal behavior in Cape Fear. What the reader will see is the same deranged, psychotic mental energy bent upon revenge and without as much as a micro-ounce of remorse, regret or reflection over the dangerous criminal behavior that resulted in Rome’s destruction of Joo-roo-salem.


And remember these same people–Cady’s cousins–plotting the destruction of the world today are the most powerful and well-resourced group in human history. They are in control of the world economy, own or control the most powerful governments and the leaders of those governments, and in making matters worse, are armed to the teeth with hundreds of nukes and thousands of different race-based viruses which they have cooked up in their secret germ-warfare labs in Nes Ziyyona.


And what’s even worse than that is the fact that they have a ‘religion’ telling them that the deity they worship wants them to be the instrument of his ‘divine vengeance’, and–even worse than this–the fact that they relish the opportunity of being/doing exactly that.


Of all the sections, please pay close attention to this line in particular–


‘…Bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron…’


And you will then understand THIS in its proper context–



By Rabbi Yehuda Schwartz for the Jewish Press


It is written–


‘But you, O mountains of Israel, you shall shoot forth your branches and yield your fruit to your people Israel, for they are ready to come. And when the exiles are assembled, judgment will be visited upon the wicked, as it says, And I will turn my hand upon thee and purge away your impurities with fire’.


And elsewhere in Tehillim 95:1–


‘Gd of vengeance…Oh, Gd of vengeance, shine forth…

Rise up and judge the Gentiles and render retribution upon the arrogant…

How long shall the wicked exist, how long shall the wicked rejoice?

How long shall they utter and speak evil things, and how long shall all the evildoers boast?

They crush your people, O Gd, and persecute your children…

And yet they say, ‘Gd shall not see, nor shall the Gd of Jacob pay any mind to it…’


But we know otherwise. It’s only a matter of time, since Gd does not waiver in Judgment, nor does He abandon His decrees upon the evildoers.


As I now watch almost daily reports of massive global fires, flooding, hurricanes earthquakes and ‘stormy winds’ throughout the world fulfilling His word, I see His vengeance upon the Gentile Nations.


As King David himself said–


‘…Execute vengeance upon the nations and bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron…’


Now that the majority of Jewish remnants dispersed throughout the world since the Churban (destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem) has returned, the time has come for retribution and a reckoning with the world for its persecution of Gd’s people over the centuries. How much blood has been spilled on the European arena over the two thousand years of our dispersion and exile? From coast to coast literally the blood-drenched soil cries out for vengeance.


Now however Gd is exacting justice for all the Jewish blood spilled over centuries and there will be no respite until the Goyim acknowledge the G-d of Israel.


Now is the time to see things in perspective and within the program set forth by our Sages so many yours ago, and filter world events today through the prism and clarity of prophecy. There is no escape for indeed our Gd is the Gd of vengeance and the sooner the world recognizes this the sooner will they also reap the rewards by acknowledging this fact.

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