Lest We Forget–New Israel Fund Admits Financing the Anti-Netanyahu Government Protests

ed note–Despite the prevailing chirping taking place right now in the aftermath of the collapse of SVB being the result of ‘incompetence’, it wasn’t, anymore so than the Israeli-orchestrated attacks on 9/11 were the result of ‘intelligence failures’ on the part of the CIA, FBI, etc.

Just as Netanyahu & co ‘pulled down’ the Twin Towers that day in order to stop the plans which the US had for a ‘roadmap for peace’ (yes, even the little monkey GWB was pushing for his own version of the ‘Deal of the Century’ that would have seen the creation of a Palestinian state) likewise, the current collapse of SVB and the very possible ‘contagion’ of seeing the US banking system collapse was done deliberately by Netanyahu & Likud out to stop Biden & co from any further involvement in the protests taking place in Israel that have brought life to a veritable standstill.



The New Israel Fund, a U.S.-based NGO that provides financial support to progressive and anti-Israel groups, sent an email to supporters on Tuesday taking credit for recent protests against the government.

‘The New Israel Fund assisted with a special grant to the many civil society organizations that took part in the production of the huge demonstration on Saturday night in Tel Aviv,’ the email quoted by Channel 14 stated, referring to a protest in the city’s Habima Square attended by more than 10,000 persons.

‘Shatil from the New Israel Fund took part in coordinating and synchronizing the various parties that participated in the show of force,’ it continued.

Shatil is the operations arm of the New Israel Fund in Israel.

According to Shatil’s website, ‘We support organizations and activists working to strengthen democratic society, offering cutting-edge capacity building, training, and guidance.’

Channel 14 described the admission email as ‘precedent-setting,’ as the New Israel Fund generally keeps a low profile and ‘works behind the scenes.’

The New Israel Fund also took responsibility for helping the group that organized ‘the demonstration in front of the Knesset on the day the new government was sworn in.

The organization also announced an emergency grant to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) to conduct a digital campaign including the production of short films to explain the meaning of the policies the new Netanyahu-led government intends to institute.

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