The movement for Palestine should not be building its bridges with Neturei Karta, whose ideology necessitates that the Palestinian state be only a temporary one, no matter how willingly they may tokenize themselves



ed note–If life’s success is measured in small victories, then the ‘victories’ found within the pro-Palestinian/anti-Zionist ‘truth movement’ are even smaller, and this is one of them, at least in terms of what it is that we at this humble little informational endeavor try to do here.


Virtually alone, and by that we mean–




…We have been warning–for over a dozen years now, at least–that the entire Neturei Karta clown show was a SHAM…That the illusion they cast as ‘Torah True Jews’ who oppose the creation of a Jewish state was not AT ALL what it appeared to be on the surface, and that the only thing necessary for any critical thinker to do for him/herself was to sit down and read the SPECIFICS making up the ‘anti-Zionism’ of the NK stance, and in so doing, would see in a microsecond that it was as rotten and hollowed out as a tooth that had gone to abscess 20 years ago.


As the writer of the piece below makes KRISTOL CLEAR (and remember folks, this OpEd didn’t appear on David Duke’s website, but rather Haaretz) is that the ‘opposition’ that NK maintains towards the Jewish state is not rooted in love, concern, compassion, or the desire for justice for the Palestinian Gentiles whose lives have been run through the Judaic meatgrinder for the last century, but rather one of TIMING. Despite calling themselves ‘Torah True Jews’, they base their opposition to the creation of a Jewish state on the Talmudic teaching that the arrival of the ‘Moschiac’–Messiah–must precede the creation of this ‘state’, and that to create this ‘state’ beforehand is the equivalent of sex before marriage and therefore, immoral and heretical.


HOWEVER, as their position goes, AFTER this ‘Moschiac’ has arrived, it will be perfectly fair, right, moral and just for the tribe of Judah to go ahead and do everything that it has done for the last century–all the murder, theft and mayhem–and yahweh help anyone who says anything different.


All of this and more has been sitting there as an open secret now for any critical thinking Gentile to examine for him or herself, and yet, no one–repeat, NO ONE–outside of this humble little informational endeavor (to the best of our knowledge) has pointed these troublesome facts out.


At every rally, every conference organized around ‘raising the consciousness’ of the world viz the suffering of the Palestinian people, one will find these stinking posers and imposters who are given not only the red carpet treatment, but as well, are pushed to the forefront of any and all discussions as ‘proof’ that there exists ‘true Jews of conscience’.


But it’s actually much worse than that, ladies and Gentile-men…


Besides acting as posers in lipsticking the pig of Torah Judah-ism and in creating the mirage of the ‘compassionate Jew of conscience’, the smart money says that long ago, LONG AGO, one or more of them was brought into the offices of Mossad and/or Shin Bet where they were given ‘the offer they couldn’t refuse’, which was to act as the eyes and ears of Israel’s intelligence services in ‘filling in the blanks’ of exactly ‘who was who’ and ‘what was what’ within the pro-Palestinian/anti-Zionist community. Doubtless that money was thrown at them (how DO they manage to finance everything they do, after all?) as well as having laid out before them all the compromising material dredged up by Mossad/Shin Bet, material that if made public, would destroy their credibility and with it, any and all acceptance they may have previously enjoyed on the part of the pro-Palestinian community.


Anyone who doubts this should consider the following pics–



–NK sitting alongside the founder of Hezbollah, Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour…



–Neturei Karta meeting with Hamas Chief Ismael Haniyeh in Gaza…

–Neturei Karta meeting with Iranian Presidents Ahmadinejad and Raisi…

–Neturei Karta meeting Turkish President Erdogan…

–Neturei Karta attending the 2017 International Conference in Iran (also attended by yours truly) where was found virtually EVERY LEADER within the Middle East and throughout the entire world that supported the Palestinian cause…


…And then, in light of all of this, ask the following question–





Linda Dayan for Haaretz


If you’ve seen pictures from the massive pro-Palestine protest in Washington on Saturday, or virtually any other major American rally for the cause, you’ve probably seen them, front and center: ultra-Orthodox Jewish men with sidelocks and full garb holding signs with anti-Israel, pro-Palestine messages.


They are Neturei Karta, a small Haredi sect that broke off from Agudat Yisrael in 1938. Their communities in the United States, United Kingdom and, yes, Israel, are known first and foremost for their fierce opposition to the Jewish State.


Their resistance is religiously-based: They believe that until the messiah comes, Jews have no business establishing self-rule in the biblical Land of Israel. Until then, Jews must remain loyal citizens of their host nations and cannot attempt to heretically end the exile imposed by God by their own hand.


Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss even addressed the march for Gaza in Washington (via pre-recorded video message). ‘We want the world to know that because we are Jews true to the Torah, we are crying and hurting with the people of Gaza,’ he said. ‘It is antisemitic what the Zionist state of Israel is committing: the crime, the occupation and the slaughter in Gaza,’ he said to a cheering crowd.


They are by no means the only anti-Zionist Haredi sect – the Satmar community in New York is both larger and older – but Neturei Karta’s willingness to adopt the signs, symbols and slogans of Palestinian liberation is unique.


In doing so, they’ve become welcome sights at pro-Palestine events, often draped with keffiyah-patterned scarves over their long black coats. After all, there is no better proof that anti-Zionism isn’t antisemitism than having the most visibly Jewish people toting signs calling for Israel’s dismantling. This is what ‘real Jews’ look like, the pictures suggest, and this is what ‘real Jews’ believe.


Among Jews, Neturei Karta are known for their participation in the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust in Tehran in 2006 – more colloquially known as Iran’s Holocaust denial conference. In his speech there, Weiss did not deny that Jews, including his grandparents, had been killed in the Holocaust, but stated that he had documentation he could not show because of ‘time constraints’ that the Zionists ‘collaborated with Nazis, thwarted efforts to save the Jews and said ‘Orthodox Jews we do not want, let them die.” He further stated that the Zionists wanted more Jews to die in the Holocaust, so that the nations of the world would give them more land for their suffering.


Jews wince at the tokenization of Neturei Karta largely because of the company they keep, including the Iranian regime (they were particularly cozy with Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, who had called the Holocaust a ‘myth’), Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh and Louis Farrakhan, among others. But these names may not dissuade people who see the above-mentioned as freedom fighters and truth-tellers from embracing the sect as their preferred Jewish voices. Even their arch-conservative beliefs (have we ever seen a woman representing the sect?) can be forgiven and forgotten.


Instead, pro-Palestinian activists should know that they and Neturei Karta do not want the same thing.


For the time being, sure, their objectives align. But they should treat them with the same caution that Zionist Jews apply to the Christians who only support Israel for its future role in the end times.


In the eyes of Neturei Karta, when the messiah comes – and, for them, this is not a matter of ‘if’ – there will be no river-to-the-sea Palestine.


Rather, there will be a monarchical Jewish theocracy in the entire Land of Israel. The righteous dead will be revived, the exiled Jews will gather from the corners of the Earth and all will recognize the law of the Torah as the truth.


Anti-Zionism, as they see it, is part of the commandments put before them to usher in this future world to come, one that doesn’t quite have room for the sovereignty of the Muslims of Sheikh Jarrah and the Christians of Bethlehem.


The pro-Palestinian movement has many Jewish allies who do not see this as an endgame that the world can embrace. These include organizations that have already been involved in pro-Palestine activism, like IfNotNow and Shoresh. Of course, they may not be as identifiably Jewish at first glance as Neturei Karta, and it might necessitate interacting with people who have been to Israel or are – heaven forfend – Israelis themselves.


It might also mean that their slogans will be less reductive and their Holocaust knowledge less counterfactual.


But even if it’s more convenient, the movement for Palestine should not be building its bridges with people whose ideology necessitates that the Palestinian state be only a temporary one, no matter how willingly they may tokenize themselves.

2 thoughts on “Must Read– They’re Jewish anti-Zionists, but They’re No Ally of the Palestinian Cause”
  1. It is the same with Daesh. Their footsoldiers believe they are doing holy Jihad but the leadership takes orders from Tel-Aviv.
    People see the Neturei Karta Jews low level Jews getting beaten by the Israeli police and don’t understand that the leaders take orders from the Mossad. It is done to prevent the Goyim to look into what Judaism really teaches:—YouTube:a
    If the masses knew the above, sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians wouldn’t even be needed because the Goyim masses would identify themselves as Non-Jews and would therefore demand sanctions against Israel at least out of spite!

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