Nature of the Beast–Dozens of terrorist religious Jews violently attack Christians at Western Wall


‘They want to pray? Let them pray in their churches, not at the holiest place to Jews,’ deputy mayor of Jerusalem Arieh King said to the crowd


ed note–2 comments, to wit–


1. The story appearing below is the rule, not the exception. The violent terrorists featured in this story are ‘good Jews’ and are only doing what their religion commands them to do, which is to violently expel all Gentiles and–just as importantly–all Gentile religions from ‘Eretz Israel’.




2. The deluded Christians who think that by ‘being nice’ to the Jews and ‘loving them’ (as one of them in the story below is quoted having said) is going to magically ‘bring them around’, or that there can be some species of ‘peaceful co-existence’ with them deserve everything that has happened and everything that WILL happen as a result of these detached-from-reality thought processes.


As we like to remind the readers of this website from time to time, if Jesus Christ Himself couldn’t do it, with all His great words and great works (some of them quite miraculous in nature) then what gets into a Christian’s brain that makes him/her think that somehow he/she will succeed where Jesus Himself failed?




Dozens of right-wing activists protested an Evangelical Christian event taking place at the Davidson Center near the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Sunday, chanting insults, spitting on participants and smashing windows at the center.

Ten of the protesters were reportedly arrested at the event.

Rabbi Zvi Thau, the spiritual leader of the anti-LGBTQ and far-right Noam Party, took part in the protest, as did the chairman of the Ateret Cohanim organization, Matiyahu Dan and the deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Arieh King.

‘It is the duty of every Jew to save all Jews from desecrating themselves through contact with the cult of Christianity,’ King said. ‘The provocation by 110 Christian missionary groups will not pass quietly, and we came here to protest in front of them,’ King said.


Hundreds of Christians attended the event, including Evangelical supporters of Israel. They held a prayer rally at the Huldah Gate, which was broadcast live to five million viewers. After the prayer, they ate sacramental bread and drank wine.

‘They want to pray?’ King said to the crowd, ‘Let them pray in their churches, not at the holiest place to Jews, at the south entrance to the Temple, the Huldah Gate staircase.

Before the event, notices were distributed in ultra-Orthodox circles calling upon Jews to come and protest, signed by Rabbi Thau and Rabbi Gershon Edelstein.

In a Facebook post inviting people to the protest, King wrote, ‘It is sad and worrying that the ministers of the current government who are responsible for this area, despite knowing of this provocation, are remaining silent and not halting this disgraceful display of idolatry at the southern entrance to the site of the Temple.’

One couple, Lori and Ken Morris, attending the event from the United States, said they had arrived with an organized group led by Chaim Slobotkin, who Lori said is ‘our rabbi, he’s a Jew.’ She added that the hostile reception saddened her. ‘We love the Jews. We don’t want to convert them. We pray for peace in Israel,’ she said.

‘I was not ready for this,’ one of the participants told Haaretz as she tried to comfort her young son, adding that she watched as violent Jewish protesters ‘beat our driver’ while police stood by and did nothing.

In recent years, harassment of Christians in the Old City of Jerusalem has increased, including vandalism of a Jesus statue in a church and at the Protestant cemetery on Mount Zion. Sunday’s demonstration was unusual in that it was organized and included participation of senior figures.

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