Netanyahu’s poll numbers bounce back after Gaza campaign, surveys show

Prime minister pulls back in front of Gantz as most suitable for job, and Likud party — but not coalition — sees boost after sinking for weeks amid judicial overhaul protests


ed note–as we counseled when all the protests were taking place over Netanyahu’s proposed ‘reform’ of the judiciary (whose real purpose was to remove any and all ‘legal’ barriers to him launching ‘Nakbah, Pt II’) that at some point he would initiate a regional war with Gaza in order to push the ‘reset’ button in what has historically proven to be the unifier within Jewry–violence against Gentiles.

Now, having cleared the streets of Tel Aviv and elsewhere of the protests that were bringing things in the Jewish state to a standstill, he will get back to work viz the business of starting WWIII/Armageddon which he is determined to bring about with every ounce of his being and will do so with the blessings of a large part of the very same Christian community which he as a ‘good Jew’ is constitutionally-determined to destroy per the protocols and demands of his Judah-ism.

As far as some of the particulars of the piece itself, nota bene the following–

Despite nearly 1,500 rockets fired out of Gaza, the offensive was mostly welcomed in Israel, where it drew few protests and was backed by the political opposition…


Indicating 2 important items–

1. The Jews know those 1500 rockets launched from Gaza are harmless and the hype they get by the Jewish mainstream media in Israel and the West is only that–hype, 


2. The Jews–both on the right and the left–LOVE a good war against Gentiles, and whatever differences of opinion they may share viz ‘religious vs secular’ that these differences disappear into thin air when ‘feeding time’ rolls around.


Times of Israel

Israel’s five-day offensive in the Gaza Strip has reversed weeks of slipping popularity ratings for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party, a series of lightning polls indicated Sunday.

Surveys released Sunday evening by Channel 12 news, Channel 13 news and the Kan public broadcaster showed Likud faring better than in a string of recent polls, although the party and its current coalition partners would still fall short of the support needed to form a government were an election held today, according to the surveys.

The figures were published less than a day after Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad ended nearly a week of intense fighting, which saw the Israel Defense Forces eliminate much of the terror group’s senior leadership. Despite nearly 1,500 rockets fired out of Gaza, the offensive was mostly welcomed in Israel, where it drew few protests and was backed by the political opposition.

Operation Shield and Arrow was launched on Tuesday, with the assassination of three Islamic Jihad commanders. According to officials, the timing was determined by operational needs, but the ensuing war nonetheless helped shift attention away from the coalition’s unpopular campaign to upend the judiciary, which had been linked to weeks of sinking approval numbers.

Israel’s TV opinion polls have mixed reliability, but often affect public opinion and drive decision-making among parties and politicians. No elections are set for anytime soon, but the polls could become relevant if the current hard-right coalition — which has seen significant cracks emerge in its short existence — were to fall apart, or trigger elections by failing to pass a budget this month.

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