Official US Gov Documents indicate CIA involvement in JFK assassination

ed note–as you watch/listen to this, 2 things to HEAVILY consider–


1. That word–




–That has been ‘popping up’ a lot lately, particularly viz the raid on POTUS DJT’s home in Mar-a-Lago and the VERY REAL LIKELIHOOD that the powers that be KNOW that DJT is planning to tell the American people what they DON’T KNOW about various items, beginning with JFK’s murder, Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY, Israel’s involvement in 9/11, Israel’s development of Covid 19 as a bio-weapon to be used for regime change, etc, etc, etc…




2. The LIKELIHOOD that the ‘mystery person’ whom Tucker Carlson mentions in this news piece who saw the ‘documents’ related to CIA’s involvement in JFK’s murder was none other than–


drum roll please–




The tell?

The very last sentence attributed to this ‘mystery person’ who has seen those documents–


‘It’s all FAKE’

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