Lest We Forget–Israeli police launch probe of artist who shoved Israeli flag up his anus

ed note–whether it was an Israeli flag or not is immaterial to the fact that this is how Jews express themselves. Even a cursory examination of what constitutes Western ‘art’ and culture where control of the media is overwhelmingly in the hands of these types reveals the fact that virtually every ‘statement’ they make must inevitably include a body part/body function that originates in the lower/nether regions.



Israel Police have opened an investigation into an Israeli performance artist who pushed what was believed to be an Israeli flag up his anus while on stage.

Ariel Bronz was removed from the stage Sunday at a conference in Tel Aviv titled “Culture Demands Independence.” Several complaints about the incident were reportedly filed with the police. It is illegal to deface symbols of the State of Israel, including the flag.

It was later clarified by several media outlets that the flag was all white, not an Israeli flag as first believed.

Bronz appeared on stage in high heels and a short pink skirt and threw juiced oranges at the audience. He walked around the stage with the flag still inserted in his anus until he was escorted off by ushers.

A police statement on Monday does not detail if they will continue the investigation, which they called “extraordinary,” the Times of Israel reported.

At least one complaint was filed by Culture Minister Miri Regev, who had given a speech shortly before Bronz’s performance. Regev, who has been under fire recently for proposing a bill to withdraw arts funding for those deemed “not loyal” to Israel, asserted that no one was threatening artistic freedom of expression in Israel.

Bronz is appearing in a one-man play titled “Love the Juice: The Art of Squeezing the National Dream Into an Orange.”

ed note, post script–

And finally–lest we forget–the ‘masterpiece’ from Israeli ‘artiste’ Natali Cohen Vaxberg, where she defecates on various flags of various nations, and for which she received the fawning praise and admiration of various individuals/groups tied to the ‘liberation’ of Palestine who were too stupid to see how their support for something like this made an otherwise sacred mission look like the same shitty business that took place in Vaxberg’s video.

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  1. As Eustace Mullins once wrote: “Since the parasite has reduced its life aims to one goal, that of remaining upon the host and feeding at its expense, it must choose a location where this is possible. The location must be one from which the host cannot readily dislodge it, and it must be one which allows the parasite to feed without exertion. As a result, the parasite usually chooses a place in or near the reproductive organs or the excretory organs of the host.”
    This is possibly why they feel bodily waste of every type is an art form…. this sickness invades their very psyche as evidenced in their scriptures. What can you expect of a people whose main religious movement consists of pelvic thrusts to an ancient goddess?
    “Control art critics and directors of art museums. ‘Our plan is to create ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.” ~ Frankfurt School
    Bad taste all around. Now remember that wealthy Jews now own almost all of the finest art on the planet. Something about a great way to launder money is a partial factor we learn.
    Nihilism was pushed by Tavistock and its branches in order to change the social norms of what is normal what not, what is beautiful what not. There was a revival of the Frankfurt school in the 60s. Look at the Frankfurt School, the Beatles and MK ultra mind control. This is all about degrading art, turning it into something grey and shocking, something that provokes, something that ignores the aesthetic and focuses on the meaning, as in conceptual art. Art goes from a response that invigorates to the provocation of outrage.
    But this… this… is just typical Jewish schlock. Please read my work in the past on Jews and the art world although admittedly I am far behind the times on this topic. But a toilet was one of the first great (!) Jewish contributions to art in 1916. Even Lady Gaga has posed with the thing. Oh, wait, that is not such a stretch considering her material.
    The Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, 1917. This widely acclaimed “masterpiece” represents, in my humble opinion, the attitude of those who destroy fine art. They more or less urinate on it.
    The PLOT Against Art
    “For Jews,” Israel Shamir points out, “their group interest lies in undermining visual art, for they can’t compete with it. Even deeper group interest is to undermine Christianity, their main enemy.”
    To undermine.
    To corrupt.
    To create discord.
    To drive crazy.
    To destroy.
    Verbs to remember.

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