ed note–In light of Schumer’s statement concerning his ‘working very closely’ with Netanyahu, it is important to keep in mind the role which Schumer played in this–


That to a great degree resulted in this–


And thus to this–

Now, the reason we are forced to point this out is due to the fact that for 5 intolerable years while these folks–

–were busy on an hour-by-hour basis screeching, wailing, chewing their fists and clawing their faces in creating the unprecedented political/social instability that resulted in this guy–

–Being thrown out of the White House, various ‘doctors’ and self-proclaimed ‘political scientists’ within the ‘911 troooooth moooovmnt’ were busy with their own seek-and-destroy mission against this guy–


…Claiming that he was the ‘hired hand’ of the same Netanyahu from whom Schumer took his marching orders viz driving DJT out of the White House.

Now to be fair, some of these same ‘political scientists’ whose daily mantra for close to 5 years was that ‘Trump is owned by d’Jooz’ did FINALLY figure out that maybe, just MAYBE there was something wrong with their math by the time that the 2020 election season rolled around, but by then, it was too late, as Trump’s White House had been practically burned to the ground with the assistance of this guy on the left–

–who was taking his orders from the other guy on the right and who wanted this guy, POTUS DJT–


–GONE, before he could move forward with the creation of a Palestinian state as part of his ‘Deal of the Century’–


The Jewish Daily Forward

Democratic congressional leaders reiterated their commitment to the strong U.S.-Israel alliance over the weekend in the wake of the Israeli elections that saw the rise of an extremist nationalist party.

The Religious Zionist party, with 15 seats, includes a faction led by Itamar Ben-Gvir, who has invoked racist and extremist views. It is expected to be a key partner in Benjamin Netanyahu’s new coalition government.

‘As the leader of the Democratic Party, I have a special obligation to keep the Democratic Party pro-Israel,’ Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer said during a legislative breakfast hosted by the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, an Orthodox advocacy group, on Sunday. ‘And I don’t care who’s in the head of the Israeli government.’

The bloc led by Netanyahu won 64 seats in last week’s election, giving the Likud leader a sixth term.

Schumer said that he has ‘known Bibi Netanyahu forever,’ mentioning that his late brother Yoni Netanyahu, who was born in New York, went to Harvard College, which is also Schumer’s alma mater. ‘I know Bibi very well, and so we work together.’

In his remarks on Sunday, Schumer stated that Netanyahu reluctantly agreed to allow the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – confirming Jared Kushner’s account of a phone call between Trump and Netanyahu that almost thwarted the move – after Sheldon Adelson’s daily paper, Israel Hayom, ‘started for the first time criticizing Bibi.’

Adelson, who was the largest single donor for Trump in the presidential election, had demanded that Trump announce the move when he was elected president and assured Trump in several meetings that the nightmare scenarios were ‘overblown.’

Schumer bemoaned the fact that Republicans refused to invite him, as one of the authors of the Jerusalem Embassy Act, to the opening ceremony in 2018 and accused them of seeking to turn Israel into a partisan football. And he took pride that ‘the 50 Democrats I’m in charge of voted for Iron Dome.’

‘You cannot make this a political issue, folks,’ Schumer said. ‘And my job is to keep it a bipartisan issue. Sometimes it’s not easy, but I have so far succeeded and I will continue to succeed because I love Eretz Yisrael.’

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