Six Israelis arrested in another suspected gang rape in Cyprus


ed note–before the swarm of Israel defenders rush to the podium to denounce this latest event as an ‘aberration’ and not reflective of the teachings of ‘authentic Judah-ism’, remember that written clearly within the ‘5 books of Moses’ otherwise known as the Torah that Hebrew men are instructed to forcibly rape the Gentile women they take as prisoners, including the little girls who have ‘never known a man’ sexually.


Furthermore, in bringing this a little closer to the 21st century, we have none other than war criminal Ariel Sharon himself who once had the following to say on the matter–


‘I encourage my soldiers to rape Arabic girls, since the Palestinian woman is a slave for the Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do.’




Six Israeli citizens were arrested in Cyprus on suspicion of the rape of a British tourist, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday, in yet another allegation of group sex crimes by Israelis against a British citizen in the island country.


The news comes amid Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s major diplomatic visit to Cyprus.


Gangrapes in Ayia Napa


Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel executive director Orit Sulitzeanu said that the news of the suspected incident is part of a series of cases of group sexual abuse, which often involves filming of the event by the Israeli perpetrators.


‘This case is a warning for Israeli society because this is not an isolated case, but rather a dangerous phenomenon of group sexual assault that is developing here as part of the culture of recreation abroad, as happened in 2019 in Ayia Napa, about a month ago in Rhodes and in 2019 in Crete,’ said Sulitzeanu. ‘The education system in Israel has a critical role in educating the youth for healthy sexuality and preventing sexual harm, to discuss what constitutes consent and, of course, the issue of photographing and distributing videos, which constitute a criminal offense.’


A 19-year-old British woman alleged in 2019 that she had been gang-raped by around 12 Israeli teenagers in Ayia Napa. She filed a complaint with the Cypriot police, but later withdrew her statement and was charged for filing a false complaint.


She asserted that she had been pressured into withdrawing her complaint.


The woman was sentenced to four months in prison in 2020, but the conviction was overturned in 2022. No investigation was ever opened into the case, and later that year she announced she would be taking Cyprus to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

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