6 thoughts on “Stop Saying “Moderate Muslims” You're Only Empowering Islamophobes”
  1. Texe Marrs said on his radio show on the 10.10.14 that Islam is a satanic religion. He has aslo said before that there are no good Muslims. He cannot get it in his head that Prophet Mohammed (SAW) continued where Jesus (SAW) left off. Islam and Christianity is the same religion.
    Why do most Christians hate Islam and Muslims? But they do like my samosas, curries and spring rolls though and are always requesting for more. I have never charged them for anything.
    Texe Marrs is not helping the Christians at all. He is making it worse. I have actually stopped listening to him, but i thought today he might have something intelligent to say for a change but i was wrong. I shall never listen to him again.
    That is why i appreciate the TUT.
    Yes he is infallible, after all he is a human being. But i am too ticked off. For those of you who wîsh to bless him , just go ahead with it. I shall sit here and suck my thumb for a while.

  2. I am really not getting these pro-israhell, anti-muslim posts.
    I don’t get it and I don’t like it. Really, if I wanted to read this sort of thing, it is all over the msm and in the worst israeli papers.

  3. What I took away from this was to stop using the language of the opposition, including “moderate” and “Islamophobia”. As a general lesson, it’s invaluable. It breaks the imposed restrictions of our adversaries and allows us to formulate a much better response.
    I guess you read it differently.

  4. I liked the article and it made me aware that I don’t use the term and further made me glad I don’t. The article certainly illustrates the extent of American’s unfamiliarity with Islam and its followers and how their impressions of the same come almost entirely from the media. And it reiterates the great damage JewSA policy has done and continues.

  5. Arab/Muslim American are being persecuted in a daily basis, by the highest officials in Oregon! No one is stopping them!! We are losing our homes and entrap, thrown in prisons without evidences!!
    Noone dares to mention all the crimes that Dave Frohnmayer and the bank robber Rep. Bob Ackerman committed by forging my family’s signatures and sold our condo without my signature on the deed!!! Ackerman still serving as official on LCC Board!!!
    Oregon’s former A.G.Frohnmayer is preventing me getting employed, made me homeless! Put a lien fully paid Condo and sold it!
    He is charging $550.00 an hour and his law firm Harrang, Long, Gary, Rudnick P.C. is the D.A. of Lane County, City Attorney and the U of Oregon too!!
    Frohnmayer’s committed more fraudulent crimes,forgery than any elected/nonelected official! Noone is holding him accountable!
    Frohnmayer against Smith “Peyote Persecution Shows Societal Racism!
    Please sign both petitions.
    And this one with Causes too. Thanks!

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