Three of the four parties that comprise our new government are halakha observers, and the message in this election is that we will begin asserting our rights.


ed note–again, one of the most important OpEds flitting about on the net today that should feature as the topic of discussion on every political talk show and from every Christian and Islamic pulpit worldwide but which–sad to say–will get scant attention, save for the nutter site where it originated and right here on this humble little informational endeavor.


First and foremost, what the Gentile reader–and ESPECIALLY those of the Christian or Islamic pedigree–needs to glean from this is the organic and INCURABLE hatred that the followers of Judah-ism maintain for all species of Gentilism.


Whether such-and-such follower of Judah-ism is ‘right wing’ or ‘left wing’, ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’, ‘religious’ or ‘secular’, it doesn’t matter, as the only thing that differentiates their hatred for Gentilism is that one is based upon the teachings of Moses and the other on the teachings of Marx. The fact that someone might have a Jewish neighbor who waves hello from time to time and has NOT YET burned down his/her house (in the same manner as happens to Palestinians on a daily basis) means nothing, as the Judaic hatred for ALL Gentiles (but of those, ESPECIALLY Christians and Muslims) is something as ingrained and as irreversible in the Jewish spirit as ‘sour’ is ingrained and irreversible in a kosher pickle.


Nexto, it needs to be remembered that–as we have pointed out many, many times on this humble little informational endeavor–the followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’ as they just LOVE to refer to themselves, have much BIGGER plans than simply a small sliver of land in what was historical Palestine, as our deranged and diabolically-possessed rabbi makes Kristol Clear in his verbal stool sample below.


Before we go into the particulars of the piece itself however, some very important ‘protocols’ must be understood about who this particular rebbe is.


As the reader will see, his name is ‘Kahana’, and is in fact the brother of the late Rabbi Meir Kahana, founder of ‘Kach’, a group designated as a terrorist organization by both the US Justice Department and the FBI and whose ‘local’ branches are known here in the US as both the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and the Jewish Defense Organization, (JDO). Both have had members locked up in prison for their roles in bombings, beatings, shootings and planned acts of murder, the most infamous being that involving Irv Rubin and Bernie Krugel who were both convicted of planning to bomb the office of then-US Representative Daryl Issa of California. Satellite groups around the world, principally in Europe, are connected to Kach but with varying names.


Now the reason the piece below being penned by the brother of Meir Kahane is so important is because of the elections that just took place in Israel which have brought to power a Kahanist government for the very first time since Israel clawed her way out of the primordial muck that was her God-damned (literally) grave for 2,000 years.


Netanyahu has returned and put together a ‘coalition’ that features a veritable ARMY of warlord legislators and soon-to-be ministers who are 666% ‘true believers’ in the Torah-based/thousands-of-years-old ‘controversy of Zion’ dedicated to creating a sprawling theocratic empire spanning the entirety of the Middle East, from the Nile to the Euphrates and headquartered in Jerusalem where all human activity across the entire globe will be ruled with an iron fist, just as Torah Judah-ism dictates be done.


What this means, ladies and Gentilemen, is that the world, as unstable as it already is and as close as it has now come to the very same ‘Armageddon’ that has been the subject of curious study and discussion for the last 2,000 years, has now reached the boiling point.


All can expect therefore that Netanyahu–DOUBTLESS one of the principle, if indeed not THE principle planners of 911–is going to ‘up the ante’ considerably in orchestrating another flashpoint event that will make the death and destruction that took place in NY and DC 20 years ago look like a mere fistfight, and it is likely going to involve a nuclear-armed Russia and a nuclear-armed America/NATO going to war against each other, the same ‘war of Gog & Magog’ which the dangerously and diabolically-deranged rebbe references in his piece below.


And finally, ladies and Gentilemen, we would be seriously remiss if we here at this humble little informational endeavor did not remind the reader that it was precisely THIS–





–that a certain Donald J. Trump, POTUS, was trying to prevent with his ‘Deal of the Century’ that was brought to a screeching halt by a Covid virus cooked up in an Israeli bio-weapons lab, followed by the theft of a US election, all of which COMPLETELY ESCAPED the notice of entire swaths of self-declared ‘experts’ within the ‘911 trooooth mooovmnt’ who spent an intolerable 5 years chirping like mindless birds that ‘DJT was owned by d’Jooz’ and was put into power by Netanyahu himself so that he could ‘start WWIII’.



Rabbi Nachman Kahana


There are two adjacent pictures over my desk which I cut out from a recent publication.


To the left is the heart-breaking picture of a young Jewish boy, perhaps eight or nine, being removed by the Germans from a building in Warsaw. His hands are high in the air, as a German soldier points his rifle at this ‘enemy’ of the Third Reich.


To the right is a photo of an Israeli soldier with talit and tefillin sitting atop a tank. The caption under the picture of the little boy reads ‘good Jewish boy’, the caption under the Israeli soldier is ‘bad Jewish boy’.


This is the essence of how the Christian descendants of Aisav and the Moslem descendants of Yishmael view us.


When we are downtrodden and turned into ashes, we are the ‘good Jewish boy’, but when Hashem permits us to flex our iron fist we are the ‘bad Jewish boy’.


This is also the essence of Israel’s recent elections.


When a Jew is physically assaulted or killed by an anti-Semite and we react by weeping and saying kaddish, we are the ‘good Jewish boy,’ but when we punish the perpetrators, we are the ‘bad Jewish boy’.


This holds true even when a Jew voices the explicit truth of the Torah, which is that all the lands of this entire region, from the Euphrates beginning in Turkey and flowing far to the east and south into the Gulf, and to the Mediterranean Sea to the far west, belong to the Jews as an inheritance given by the Creator to our father Avraham, and repeated by Hashem to Yitzchak, and for the third time to our father Ya’akov.


The very thought that Hashem chose the Jewish nation over all others is anathema to the antisemites of the world, causing them to stand on their hind legs and bark like dogs.


Three of the four parties that comprise our new government are Torah true, halakha observers.


The obvious message is that we will begin asserting our rightful sovereignty, beginning with that area between the ocean and the Jordan river.


All of this however will be just the ‘coming attractions’ of our asserting Jewish sovereignty after an ‘unfortunate’ 2000-year interruption in the ongoing flow of our eternal history.


These policies can only materialize if our political leaders are assertive and consistent when confronting the massive political and economic pressures which the gentile nations are planning to use against us.


The Gemara (Sanhedrin 97a) quotes the sayings of various rabbis regarding the end game of this world: Rabbi Katina says that this world as we know it will function for 6000 years, followed by its destruction, lasting another 1000 years, until Hashem will restore life on this planet. The Amora Abayai says that the period of destruction will last 2000 years.


As things stand today, we are in the year 5783, that is late in the afternoon of the Friday of the world (each 1000 years stands for one day of creation) with only 217 years left until the year 6000.


Against this background, in the 217 years yet before us, there is so much to be done. The Mashiach has to reveal himself, the Bet Hamikdash has to be rebuilt, the nation has to return to a Torah life, and the war must be initiated by Gog, King of Magog.


The list of what must take place takes the breath out of us.

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