‘The Jewish State’–What it really means and why the rest of the world should be terrified at the mere mention of it


It’s amazing, just how easily it rolls off the tongue, in heated or even casual conversation…


‘…Well, GOD gave them that land, and if we do anything to get in God’s face, He’s gonna get in OURS, and when He does, it ain’t gonna be pretty, Bubba, lemme tell ya…’


…As if things weren’t ugly enough already…


This little religious ditty is the ‘science’ that Jewish interests (and their intellectually-comatose Christian-Zionist lackeys) have used now for close to a century in rationalizing the irrational and in defending the indefensible.


Mass murder, despoilment, displacement, the dehumanization of millions of innocent people in the Middle East and the total meltdown of all order–political, economic, military, social, et al–everywhere else, but as far as Israel and her supporters are concerned, these are just irrelevant details distracting us from the ‘real truth’ of the matter, which is—


…what ‘God’ wants…


Anyone doubting this is the case need do no more than check in at the front desk of the Jewish mainstream media on any given day where, like some gypsy fortune teller looking into a magic Kristol ball, there is always some all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful oracle claiming to have hacked into God’s hard drive reminding the world in some fashion ‘how bad the weather’s gonna get’ if the Jooz don’t get ‘that land’.


In their narration, there he sits, ‘Yahweh’, the Jewish God…fair-skinned, blue-eyed, white-haired…tic, tic, ticking away like a time bomb, just waiting for the right moment, and then–




–goes ‘biblical’, and in the process dishes out a healthy dose of holy hell against an insubordinate non-Jewish world for having ignored His plans concerning a certain Middle East real estate venture.


Now, do the long-bearded, curly-locked, black-hat-wearing, barely-literate ‘scientists’ presenting such a thesis use any form of measurable, visible, empirical data in ‘proving’ such a theory? Do they dust for fingerprints, take a sampling of carpet fibers, put bloodhounds on the trail or in any way collect even the minutest minutiae of ‘evidence’ for such a thesis that the rational mind can grasp?


Perish such insolent and heretical thoughts…


In this case rather, the dope-dealers trafficking in this pure, uncut Kristol Meth mythology known as Judah-ism simply open up their Old Testament scrolls (which they themselves wrote) and recite a laundry list of bad things that (they say) happened to all sorts of people (s) who ‘got in the way’ of them getting their grubby paws on ‘that land’, including the 31 villages of yesteryear that (again, they say) were ‘wiped off the map’ by the ‘world’s most moral army’ under the IDF generalship of biblical luminaries such as Abraham, Moses, Joshua et al.


Yes, in the 21st century, a time and place where (we thought) we’d put away the ‘prevailing wisdom’ of the Dark Ages…A place where rational thought and semi-sane science have brought the blessings of modern medicine, rapid transit, deep sea and space exploration, the study of subatomic particles and about a million other things making today’s existence virtually indistinguishable from that of a mere century ago…


And yet THIS—self-worshipping, narcissistic, black magic Judaic mythology—is what’s used in explaining, supporting and justifying the religiously-inspired madness that’s led not only to the creation, support and suckling of the Jewish state, but as well to all the apocalyptic wars serving as the life support system for this sickly, stillborn, given-to-fits-of-madness l’enfant horrible known as ‘Israel’.


However, as bad as all this is already, the REAL problem (aside from the fact that a gang of well-funded, well-organized religious fundamentalist headcases has managed to reorganize world affairs to the detriment of everyone besides them) is that the present hurricane of biblically-inspired violence is only in its early stages, much to the unbeknownst of most players involved, minus of course the organized Jewish interests directing it all…


That’s right folks, as heated as things certainly are, nevertheless no one should be loosening their collars for a little relief just yet, because the fact of the matter is–things are just getting warmed up…


Yes, hard to imagine, since after all what we’re talking about here is 30 years of non-stop war between the Christian and Islamic worlds, beginning first with George H.W. Bush’s invasion/destruction of Iraq and then continuing through 3 subsequent presidential administrations…Trillions of dollars spent and several tens of millions of lives destroyed either by death, disease, or ruination.


In such a scenario therefore it’s hard to imagine it getting much worse, until one begins to understand the goals and aims of those who engineered this ‘splendid little war’ and just how far they plan on taking it, a script that when boiled down to its irreducible minimum makes clear to all the fact that ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet’…


As the old saying goes concerning a fool and his money being ‘soon parted,’ truer words have never been spoken when it comes to the West and its all-too-willing role as both surrogate mother and midwife in birthing upon civilized society Rosemary’s Baby, heretofore known simply as the ‘Jewish state’. The misery index suffered by today’s great, great-grandchildren of yesterday’s Romans in willfully forfeiting their national treasure—the gold, silver, and red—in fighting the various wars for the soon-to-be-declared Jewish Empire truly is a Greek tragedy of the non-Greek variety.


In allowing should-be mental patients like Netanyahu and the followers of Judah-ism he brings with him in tow, madmen whose minds have been pickled to the gills on the religious science fiction liqueur known as Old Testamentism, to put America on a course of permanent war with the Islamic world, the entire Christian West, having laid down with the Zionist mad dog, has now woken up with the all-too-predictable maladies associated with having been bitten by its disease-carrying fleas.


And if America and her Western drag-alongs such as England, France et al think things are tough now in terms of economy, demographics and the domestic pressures these wars for Pax Judaica are bringing them, let them understand that these are but the first birth pangs of what is sure to be a long and painful labor and delivery.


After all, what we are talking about here is expanding Israel’s borders several hundred miles to the east and several hundred miles to the south and in the process killing and/or displacing as many as 300 million non-Jews in order to bring about this thing that has never before existed—


Eretz Israel…


Oh, did they forget to mention that in all the propagandizing they’ve done when discussing ‘poor little Israel’ and the Christian West’s responsibility in protecting the ‘apple of God’s eye’? Did they forget (fail) to mention that Israel’s real agenda here is not some eensy, weensy, teensy slice of land the size of Rhode Island but rather a behemoth 4 times the size of Texas?


Lest we forget–


‘On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, saying ‘To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates’… Genesis, 15:18’


Can’t argue much with that, now can we?


After, all, it comes right out of the very first of the Jewish ‘holy’ books and more or less sets the stage for the rest of the narrative.


‘God’ has spoken and has laid down the law…


And lest some (made understandably nervous by such ‘frank’ discussions about what ‘biblical’ Israel REALLY encompasses) attempt to deflect and derail such a discussion by saying the aforementioned passage from Genesis is but one small utterance taken out of context, consider then the fact that it is repeated over,


and over,

and over,

and over,




–throughout the ENTIRETY of the Jewish Old Testament.


Yes, that’s right folks, from the Nile to the Euphrates, just as ‘God’ promised/ordered…Roughly 1,000,000 square miles of land encompassing ALL of historic Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, parts of northern Saudi Arabia, eastern Egypt, eastern Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djbouti, part of Somalia and half of Uganda all the way to Lake Victoria.


WOW…Talk about your ‘hidden clauses’ and ‘fine print’. What originally sounded like a deal ‘too good to pass up’ has instead turned out to be ‘an offer you can’t refuse’. Not just a pound of flesh in Shylockian shyster legalese, but indeed human suffering that is—even after utilizing all the mechanisms of modern math and science at our disposal—incalculable in its magnitude.


So, the long and short of it is that despite the very well-orchestrated propaganda campaign portraying the entire Zionist venture as some harmless ‘retirement investment’ where a handful of honest, unpretentious individuals want to buy up a few meager shares of this corporate stock known as the Middle East (and all of its resources) with the butter & egg money they have stashed away over time, the truth of the matter is that this has been—FROM THE VERY BEGINNING–a hostile takeover of the entire enterprise, where the 300 million other shareholders who have owned all the class A stock in this piece of real estate for thousands of years have had their investment stolen from them at the point of a gun.


Do we understand a little better now why there is this thing known as ‘Arab terrorism?’ Do we now have a better grasp of ‘Islamic extremism?’


Simple cause and effect and a case of ‘What ye shall sow, also shall ye reap’.


And now, with the advent of the ‘war on terrorism’, what we are seeing is the final putsch for total control of the company.


What’s more is that the organized Jewish interests responsible for bringing it all about are willing to see it done down to the last American, Brit, Frenchman, Italian, etc, etc, etc, for that famously Judaic principle summed up thus—


‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’…




Well, because as these organized Jewish interests see it, the aforementioned Americans, Brits, Frenchmen, Italians, etc, etc, etc are the great, great grandchildren of the same Romans of yesteryear who violated that idea of Eretz Israel when the military legions under the generalship of Titus destroyed it all in 70 AD, and in exactly the fashion as Jesus Christ described, ‘not one stone being left upon another’.


So, since—as the Jews believe—the ‘sins of the father’ fall upon the heads of the sons, likewise therefore, it is the job of the Europeans today to fund and rebuild this thing that their forefathers destroyed almost 2,000 years ago.


Absent all that however is the fact that she—Israel—can’t do it alone.


Again, we are talking about 300 million + Arabs and their 1 billion + cousins scattered throughout the world in places such as North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, and–


–last but certainly not least—






Why, the Euphrates river comes almost right smack dab up to her western borders…Whaddya know?


Fairly easy then to see why Iran might turn out to be a fly in the ointment in all of this.


Iran, despite being neither Arab nor Sunni, nevertheless achieved what no other country in the region has—a real revolution and real independence. No foreign (western) assistance in the form of money or weaponry. Beholden to no one. Sovereign. Stabile. Strong.


And with such a country like this–Iran–in the region at a time when Israel must keep those living within the aforementioned 1,000,000 square miles of the soon-to-be-declared ‘Jewish state’ disoriented and confused so as to make possible the business of scrubbing the land clean of non-Jewish squatters, such a situation is clearly unacceptable, and for easy-to-understand reasons.


Why, Iran–Beholden to no one Iran…Sovereign Iran….Stabile Iran…Strong Iran–might wind up becoming a role model for those 300 million Arabs…She might start tutoring them on what they need to do in achieving what she did in 1979.


Next thing you know, the Arabs, rather than being disoriented and ‘scurrying around like drugged cockroaches’ (as former Mossed capo Rafael Eitan once quipped) are getting their Ps and Qs together. They are organized. They are reading off the same page and functioning like a well-tuned political machine. As a result, they begin electing leaders who put Arab interests 1st, 2nd and 3rd…They then begin kicking Western influences out, at which point they begin courting other powers such as Russia or China, and next thing ya know—




…and the thousands-of-years-old dream of Eretz Israel vanishes before it even materializes, just as it did in 70 AD, revealing the entire codified-in-the-Torah Jewish narrative and its dreams of territorial conquest of the entire Middle East and acquisition of its natural resources as nothing more than the mere rantings of madmen hearing voices in their heads.


And it is due entirely to all this that organized Jewish interests make sure NEVER to discuss ‘Eretz Israel’ as it is described in the bible. This is why—through their control over the leadership of Western Christian churches–that the ‘fine print’ and ‘hidden clauses’ concerning the REAL Jewish state are NEVER discussed and instead, the narrative centers around ‘poor, defenseless LITTLE Israel’…Cute little Israel…Apple of God’s eye Israel…


The day that these same Christian societies come to understand that they have signed onto a 1,000-year war in destabilizing dozens of countries containing over a billion righteously-angry people, and at the same time start doing the math on what it has ALREADY cost them personally, these same Christian societies will then tear up such a contract and lynch those responsible for consigning them and their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness towards the furtherance of these ‘hidden clauses’.


Clearly, as current events are proving on a daily basis, no other people in any time period of recorded history have been able to do so much damage so efficiently and with nothing more than a little ink, some papyrus and a dash of black magic they call ‘hasbara’. Waving this self-composed narrative in the face of the world like some eons-old lottery ticket acquired from that great Seven-Eleven in the sky, complete with winning numbers on it that they scribbled in personally and which never expire, it—the religious literature of the Jews—is now proving to be the most dangerous WMD ever employed against mortal, civilized man. With this document (and the magic incantations contained therein) each individual member of the cast becomes a shareholder in its destructive powers, similar to radioactive particles whose ingathering results in critical mass and the inevitable thermonuclear reaction.


While indeed it is in its early stages–this thermonuclear reaction known as the ingathering of Jewish power–let those with the ability to do so (principally the West where the preponderance of political, economic and military power resides) pull the plug on this Fukashima type disaster in the making before it reaches the point of no return.


The alternative to such is that if (when) such a point of no return is reached, it would eerily resemble the fulfillment of dire warnings left by the One man remembered these last 2,000 years for His opposition to the radioactive nature of Jewish power, and who described this apocalyptic condition simply as one where ‘no flesh would survive’.

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