The Linguistic Black Magic of Judah-ism–‘If the US abandons Israel, it is the end of America’

‘Now is the time for Orthodox Jews and Christian believers to work together to reclaim the value system they say they care so much about.’


ed note–As always, many important protocols that every Gentile with a vested interest in his/her own future survival needs to understand about this one.

First, as we are wont to do often on this humble little informational endeavor, a lil’ pictographical digression in ‘setting the mood’ for this very important discussion–




Contrasted with the following–

Any many, many more examples we could show, but for reasons rooted both in brevity and in decorum, we won’t.


Now the 2 ‘worlds’ depicted above–‘hetero’ and ‘homo’–despite certain superficial similarities, couldn’t be more opposite.


The first, obviously showing the eternal, nature-based relationship between husband and wife, later to become parents, just as creation intended, is rooted in life, whereas the latter pix showing ‘relationships’ involving those living in a state of rebellion against the eternal laws of nature and creation are rooted in death, both on the personal and civilizational level.


And make no mistake about it–the latter group, despite the successful public relations campaign they have waged for decades in weaving the narrative that they just want to ‘live in peace like everyone else’ are not content with merely that. They aim to remake the natural world in THEIR unnatural image, to see the time-established order of things go the way of the dinosaur and to have it replaced with the culture of death that they have embraced.


Furthermore, despite their constant harping about ‘freedom of choice’ when it comes to that OTHER culture-of-death ‘sacrament’ which they revere as much as they do the business of unnatural and non-procreative sex, there will be no ‘choice’ about heterosexual and procreative sex if they get their way, as it will be proscribed by the rule of law under the guise of ‘saving the planet’.


Having said all of this, all can imagine then the absolute insanity if today the ‘heteros’ joined up with the ‘homos’ at the insistence of the latter, and this under the guise of their ‘shared values’, their shared ‘humanity’, their shared ‘love’ for their children, their shared concern for ‘the family unit’ and–last but not least–their shared ‘reverence’ for the institution of ‘marriage’, and describing this ‘union’ of opposites as the ‘Homo-Hetero Alliance’.


Taking this insanity a step further, imagine that in time, the ‘heteros’ begin viewing the ‘homos’ as superior to them, their ‘elder’ brothers and sisters and that in cases of politics, law, and even going to war, the ‘heteros’ willingly and without so much as a whimper cede and surrender their free will, sovereignty, and quality of life to the ‘homos’, given that–after all–they are ‘chosen’ and ‘special’…


Welcome to the 21st century and what is now the ‘Judeo-Christian Alliance’…


Except that it really isn’t an ‘alliance’ with rights and responsibilities equally delegated/relegated to each of the various members.


Rather, it is a completely parasitical relationship where Christian civilization is vampired of its wealth, its political and social stability, and when called upon, is required to go to war against those countries whom the Jews have decided need to be destroyed in accordance with the long-range religious and political paradigms which the followers of Judah-ism have set out for themselves.


And what is the basis of this ‘alliance’ today whereby the followers of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, have ‘wedded’ themselves’ to the followers of Moses, the murderer and warlord as he is described in the Torah?


–The most dangerous 13 words that have ever entered the ears of mankind–


‘I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee…’


…found in the book of ‘Jenesis’ and which can be accurately seen as the sparkplug energizing the machinery of Armageddon today.


Now, as far as what our deceptive, lying follower of Judah-ism has to say, nota bene the following–


Just as it is with the preceding ‘what if’ scenario involving the ‘heteros’ engaging in a suicidal alliance with the ‘homos’, a group that has sworn itself to the destruction of the family unit, likewise have the followers of Judah-ism sworn themselves to the UTTER DESTRUCTION of Christianity.


Lest we forget–


This horrid image suffices in explaining EXACTLY how it is that the followers of Judah-ism view Jesus Christ and His followers, a ‘mood’ that has ‘evolved’ during the last 2,000 years only in its intensity and unquenchable hatred.


And Dennis Prager, featured in this news story talking about America’s destruction as a world power if it ‘abandons the Jews’, knows this fact ALL TOO WELL. 


And not just him, but others as well, such as this guy–



And this guy–



Both of them ‘good Jews’ who have been pushed ‘front and center’ in terms of media exposure for conservative Christians out to save their families, society and nation from the ‘woke left’ and who are tuning in by the tens of millions to hear what these 2 Pharisees have to say on various matters, but who are in effect judas goats tasked with corraling the Christian right within very safe walls and to make sure they don’t figure out the fact that as far as the culture war being fought against them is concerned, it gets its marching orders from Tel Aviv.


As we like to remind (warn) the readers often, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid.




If America abandons Israel and the Jews, then it is ‘the end of America as we know it,’ according to American conservative talk show host Dennis Prager.


A Jew well known for his deep connection with the Christian Right, Prager expressed concern that America was abandoning the Judeo-Christian values on which it was founded and therefore was at risk of losing its support for Israel and, ultimately, its place as a world superpower.


‘Christians support Israel because they embrace God’s promise to Abraham that ‘those who bless you I will bless, and those who curse you I will curse,’ Prager said. ‘They happen to be correct. Those who have cursed Jews have ended up cursed. America has been the biggest blessing to Jews since Darius in ancient Persia, and America has been a blessed country because of it.’


However, he did not name any countries that have gone in the opposite direction.


He made the comments in an interview with the Jerusalem Post in the Israel365 studio at the National Religious Broadcasters conference in Orlando last week, against the backdrop of several surveys that have shown both an America disconnecting from religion, as well as skyrocketing antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment in the United States.


A 2019 Pew Research Center Survey found that Christianity is rapidly declining in the United States. More than 10% fewer people described them as Christian than a decade before. Moreover, a 2021 Gallup Poll found that only 47% of Americans belonged to houses of worship in 2020, down from 50% in 2018 and 70% in 1999.


Moreover, in 2022, the Anti-Defamation League reported the highest number of antisemitic incidents in the United States since it started recording them in 1979. In 2022, ADL calculated 3,697 antisemitic incidents throughout the United States, a 36% increase from the year before.


‘The reason so many kids are leaving religion is because they are brainwashed securely in their schools,’ Prager contended. ‘The schools are secular. God is not in our schools. Now, there is hostility toward God. But ignoring God and religion is a form of hostility.’


‘Most Jews and Christians do not have a clue how to explain their religion to their children… Likewise, Americans failed to explain America to their children,’ he continued. ‘Why are children not patriotic today? The idol worship of our time is experts.’


He said now is the time for Orthodox Jews and Christian believers to work together to reclaim the value system they say they care so much about.



Why do many Christians support Israel?

‘Jews need to understand that the alliance for so many Christians is genuine,’ Prager said.


He pointed out the extensive Jewish and Israeli contingency at this year’s NRB, which has grown over the last decade by leaps and bounds. For example, more than 700 people signed up for a ‘Night to Celebrate Israel’ on the event’s second night.


‘So many Jews are afraid that the Christians want to convert us,’ Prager said. ‘You get people who don’t like Christians – mostly left-wing Gentiles and Jews who are naive in their understanding of what Christians really want to do. They say that Christians only support Israel because they believe if Jews all gather back in Israel, then Jesus will come again.’


But Prager said that Christians understand they cannot do anything to hasten the arrival of Jesus for the second coming; this will happen according to God’s plan. On the other hand, they support Israel because they believe in the Torah as the word of God.’


And this is where observant Jews and Christians can align.


‘When Christians see a Jew who takes the Torah seriously, they are thrilled,’ Prager said, contending that it is non-Orthodox Jews who tend to be more suspicious of Christians. ‘The Jews who most believe in the Divine origins of the Torah are most likely to work with Christians. There is a comfort.’


He said there is no such thing as a ‘Judeo-Christian theology’ because if there were, everyone would be either Christian or Jewish.


However, the two religions do share the Torah.


‘I am not an optimist or a pessimist. An optimist does not fight because he thinks it will all work out. A pessimist doesn’t fight because he does not believe it can work out,’ Prager said. ‘All I know is that I am obligated to fight – for America and American values, which are rooted in the Torah.’

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