Lest We Forget– Trump warns of ‘problems the likes of which we’ve never seen before’ if he’s indicted

In new interview, former president continues to insist he had declassified all top secret documents taken by FBI from his Florida residence.

ed note–LOTS of important ‘protocols’ contained in this one, ladies and Gentile-men.

First and foremost, as it was with many, many statements which DJT made, both as ‘candidate’ Trump and as POTUS, it is the more nuanced message he was/is trying to convey functioning as the operating system of the whole program.

He talked about ‘dancing Muslims’ in Jersey City, New Jersey on the morning of 9/11 knowing that his supporters, once hearing of this for the first time, would rush to their computers and after doing a search, find out that in fact it was actually ‘dancing Israelis’ in Jersey City doing the celebrating that day. He talked about ‘Hurricane Harvey’, saying that it sounded like such an ‘innocent’ name with the Governor of Texas, then adding that it wasn’t ‘innocent’ at all, and this right before the big Harvey Weinstein scandal broke that shook Jewish Hollywood to its knees.

And likewise with what is now Judea, Inc’s attempt to have him indicted as the necessary precursor to him being disqualified from running again in 2024.

Remember, DJT’s main interest with his ‘MAGA’ program was to prevent this–

–as outlined in very clear language in the interview he gave years ago. Since the entire Russia/Ukraine conflict began, he has warned in very clear and obviously very concerned language that a nuclear war was on its way, and not by accident, but by design, and all of it being directed by this guy–

Who oversaw the entire ‘Get Trump’ operation beginning as far back as 2015.

Now, it can be assumed with near 100% certainty that the raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago in search of ‘documents’ by the FBI was due to the fact that DJT was possibly planning another one of his ‘nuanced’ statements in the run-up to the anniversary of Israel’s terrorist attacks on 9/11, something that if he had gone through with executing, would have been nothing less than an ‘ELE’–Extinction Level Event–for Israel’s base of support in America and for the legitimacy of the USGOV in general, both at home and abroad.

And this–‘full disclosure’–is EXACTLY what he is signaling in very nuanced tones when he warns of ‘problems the likes of which we’ve never seen before’ if he is indicted by an Israeli-owned/Israeli-controlled US Congress and White House.

The devastating results of the kind of ‘full disclosure’ he is likely to choose to execute if backed into the corner to which he is being pushed are in and of themselves nothing short of Apocalyptic. Foreign investment, in both the public (Government) and private sectors would flee and would result in an IMMEDIATE hemorraging of cash from the US as took place in mid-September of 2008 that–had it not been stopped–would have left the US completely bankrupt and insolvent within 48 hours as one Congressman made clear in his CSPAN interview dealing with that event.

Nevertheless, in his mind, these ‘problems the likes of which we’ve never seen before’ which he is threatening to unleash via the agency of his ‘full disclosure’, as BAD as they are, nevertheless are ‘less bad’ than this–

–Which he knows is on its way, and a lot sooner than anyone would like to imagine. 

In short, this is DJT’s ‘Samson Option’ of bringing everything down around him, and an obvious warning to Israel and to Netanyahu, just as DJT recently stated, that if ‘they don’t get their act together’ that ‘bad things’ are going to happen to them, and a lot sooner than any of them would like to imagine, an obvious reference to the events of 70AD when Joo-roo-salem was leveled by the Romans, ‘not one stone being left upon another’ just as Jesus Christ Himself warned would take place.


Israel National News

Former President Donald Trump said on Thursday that if he is indicted over storing classified documents at his Florida residence the United States would face ‘problems … the likes of which we’ve never seen before.’

‘If a thing like that happened, I would have no prohibition against running,’ Trump told talk radio host Hugh Hewitt. ‘I think if it happened, I think you’d have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before. I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it.’

Hewitt asked Trump to elaborate on what he was referring to by using the word ‘problems.’

‘I think they’d have big problems. Big problems. I just don’t think they’d stand for it. They will not sit still and stand for this ultimate of hoaxes,’ Trump said.

Hewitt responded by asking Trump how he would react to the ‘legacy media’ accusing him of encouraging violence.

‘That’s not inciting. I’m just saying what my opinion is,’ Trump said. ‘I don’t think the people of this country would stand for it.’

During the interview, Trump defended his storing of the documents retrieved by the FBI during their raid of his Mar-a-Lago home, insisting that he had ‘declassified’ each record taken by the agency.

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