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The arrest and charging of Donald Trump was written into stone on Feb. 16, 2016. On that day, he let the cat out of the bag by announcing to the world at the Republican debates that the destruction of Iraq–which Israel considers to this day to be one of her most brilliant masterpieces in civilizational destruction–was a disaster that should never have taken place, and going further in that campaign by announcing that he would bring an end to the ‘endless wars’ which Israel started with her Mossad-engineered terrorist attacks taking place on 9/11.


Now, the same Judea, Inc that is intent upon bringing about Armageddon as the necessary precursor to creating that ‘Greater Israel’ dream as espoused within Torah Judah-ism is desperate to prevent DJT from disclosing those documents he has in his possession laying out what were the war plans which Benjamin Netanyahu and the highest officials in the Pentagon–namely Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley–had drawn up during the Trump administration, and if they do not succeed in getting these documents out of the hands of Trump, they will kill him.



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