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  1. Thank you Lasilencia
    From the artile:
    “On Thursday Jan. 22, invisible Hamas supreme commander Mohammad Deif sent a personal letter of condolence to Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. A recent article in Press TV showcased Deif, his tactics, his successes, and why Mohammad Deif is Gaza personified. Acknowledging Hezbollah’s intent and message, Deif suggested unity between Hamas and Hezbollah while apprising his mentor, “[The] duty of all the living resistance forces, which reject the slavery to the Zionist project, [need] to be united together in one project against… the Zionist enemy and its collaborators. It is either a jihad, victory, or martyrdom.” Any living Gazan would agree.”
    Let us lower the wings of mercy towards each other.
    It is time for true resistance to the war mongers and a cessation to their program of divide and conquer.
    we have much in common we must unite on this communality, not by emulating them and trying to beat them at their own game such as china but in getting rid of their entire paradigm.
    every law be it political, in the court system or a socio- cultural more has the Jewish supremacists behind it.
    The talmudification of the west is quite striking for those who do not follow or who are forced to deal with these more.
    Is there any pot in which their hand is not in place?
    Resistance requires much and it begins with unity between the parties upon whom they rely on for war.

    Sowing enmity and hatred amongst people is the work of Satan:

    Satan wishes to sow enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling. Quran 5:91

    Division into warring factions is viewed as a punishment that God brings on people who revert to polytheism after He has delivered them from distress:

    …He able to divide you into discordant factions and make you taste the might of each other… Quran 6:65

    War is hateful (2:216), and the changing of fear into a sense of safety is one of the rewards for those who believe and do good deeds (Quran 24:55). That God has given them the sanctuary of Mecca is a blessing for which its people should he thankful (Quran 29:67).Paradise is the Land of Peace – Dar al-Salam – Quran 6:127).


  2. Here the main part of blame is not only on Israel, we should blame the US government because of its financial & military aids and finally should blame the American people who with their silence and carelessness let such crimes happen….

  3. Thank you for another great post, Lasilencia. Some time back, the news of Hamas-Hezbollah collaboration really made me hopeful (although Hamas was misinformed on many occasions in the past years/ decades, to actually have prior negative sentiments against current allies, e.g. against Syria; I often thought that those mistaken sentiments were likely due to Freemasonic manipulation/ “doubts” from within). … This article is truly awesome, esp. as a moving/ motivating call. I remember how, some time back, Hezbollah was described as follows : “Hezbollah Has 150,000 Missiles-Thousands Pointed at Israel —– A rare and substantial firepower apparently even exceeded the firepower possessed by most of the European states combined.” 🙂 I just pray that nothing obstructs Hez in their resolve or stance. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/hezbollah-has-150000-missiles-thousands-pointed-israel

    I just HAVE to quote these comments form the featured Press TV article:

    – “The solution is not in the gazans but in the rest of us, the world. We all must declare economic and Diplomatic war on Judea. Sanctions against any Israeli citizen. Sanctions Sanctions!” … (We Believers do not believe in ‘sanctions’ as warfare … but then, even Brett said an eye-for-an-eye is the only language Israel understands)!

    – “Zionist BANKER Rothschild is the ROOT cause and motivator of STOOGES like Netanyahu. Rothschild is guilty of Fraud ,Theft and WAR. Jail him, Warburg, Soros and Rockefeller and this planet will return to Peace and Prosperity for all!”

    – “God bless you, people like you are human and behave like human, but unfortunately as we know in west most of official in power are not human, in fact they are in devil side. We humans must stop them not allowing them to fool us & be elected. Has any one heard these morons on Question time with rubbish deliver to us? We deserve better than these terrorists & criminals in power. Down with Satan and his servants (western politicians).”

  4. I’m continuing with the spirit of sister MJ’s comment/ shared-video… These lines from the Sheikh’s wisdom are still irrefutably haunting (for those who have logic):

    “Why would a secular state, which leads the world of secular states, declare its intention to work for the establishment of a Jewish National home/ state”?!!

    Yes, the Sheikh points towards the same odd mystery when we hear atheists/ antitheists “inviting us all to the true god (Dajjal)” !! 😀 (I just saw that type of a comment elsewhere)!!! … And it’s just as absurd/ illogical to come across some New-Age Fanatic who is either ignorant of Divine Guidance/ Scriptures (or they have “read-it-all” but couldn’t “feel-nuthin” and thus remain atheists) — and they are masterfully denouncing the insincerity, lack-of-compassion, and hypocrisy in Christianity or Islam! … Disturbingly funny! I wonder what’s the root cause of that kind of behavior — too much fluoride, narcotics, or yoga?! … Having cleared this …


    Here’s a lecture that sums up pretty much all of the underlying premises that the Talmudic Satans are employing in the plans/ operations:


    I’ll pick just the following examples/ Hadith:

    – “Those who (constantly) seek aggressive (NOT defensive), oppressive and unjustified war … they have a “diseased hearts/ souls”!

    – “[Unjust] War is made to appear like a beautiful woman … but when one is duped into entering it, they find it looking like a hideous, nightmarish hag!”

    To ILLUSTRATE the second saying, please find below for your reflection:


    (Note: I just found it coincidental that the sign on the sword is the same as what was on Kofi Anan’s bracelet, in the last post re: Anan on TUT).

    (Warrior UZZA on the left — pagan idol from pre-Islamic Arabia — is most likely ISIS … which implies that the barbaric, pre-Islamic “Ignorants” are ravaging the Middle-East as we speak! … Also note the scary hag/ witch MANNAT on the right)!



    [You just CAN’T MISS the tongue and the ABUNDANCE of beheaded heads!!!]

    According to a lot of writers on line who already showed the link between ISIS and KALI … the celebrities have been hinting at both Kali and the imminent war for a while (… whether knowingly or unknowingly, I can’t say) …

    JE SUIS “KALI”??!!!









  5. Thank you brother HM1 very thought provoking thoughts….;)
    this global culture of Satanic Talmudic culture , political and economic system is revolting….
    that is why it is spread by terror, blackmail and war…..

  6. There is NO Connection between ISIS., HINDU,or ancient Egyptian Theology. ISIS is rabidly Monotheist,and execute fellow Muslims/Christians,as “Polythiests”. It was this type,who destroyed the ancient statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. They are a Judieizers within the Islamic System. This analogy is akin to those who ingnorantly accuse Isreal,of being NS Germany. A false circle. The word ISIS does not stand for the Goddess ! It is an acronym for ISLAMIC STATE AND LEVANT, in their language. PLEASE! this sounds like Pat Roberston TV Preacher stuff… and as for Mel Gibson. his tongue movement is most likey the desire for a cocktail… he is well knwn as an “Anti-Semite”,to the Jews in Hollywood. A ‘traditional Catholic . The only “Goddess”he believes are the starlets of LA !

  7. … and this may well be the ritual re-enactment/ reliving of the “incredible pain of the jewish people” that actually Gog and Magog went through, when they were walled up 1400+ years ago?!! … God Knows Best. …




    [Texe Marrs narrates his alternate take: “Homosexual Jewish Senator Joseph Lieberman, McCain’s Mossad handler, escorts him to the wailing wall in Jerusalem. Observe McCain’s skull cap—a cruel Jewish mockery of Jesus’ crucifixion on Golgotha (place of the skull)”.]

  8. The Jews are the “Chosen People of Yahweh That “god’,is on of war,and symbolized as Saturn. 666 the jews cannot be for peace,as they are at war with the entire planet earth. YAHWEH GOD OF THE NWO & SYNAGOGUE O SATURN: You Tube.

  9. The best explanation of the Wailing Wall,is :SATAN AT THE WAILING WALL: Real Jew News.Com. It is brilliant,and eye opening. It blows Judaism out of the water.

  10. Sister MJ : Thank you for appreciating the thoughts. Abraham (pbuh) found God through nothing but thoughts (not even scriptures). 🙂 Throughout time, all Mujaddids/ Men of God were mocked for their Taweel being nothing but thoughts. Without these thoughts, humans are reduced to “goyim” by the oppressors — a pandemic that has almost gotten most out there.

    And we still see so many who reject the reflection and yet attempt to fight the imparting of “goyim” condition around the world. It’s ironic. Anyone who doesn’t even “know” their Lord/ Creator … could they really “know” anything else?

    Science is basically “observing how God went about [most aspects of] Creation”. Just observing, thus, and publishing tons of books … doesn’t make the observer a rival to God. That’s numbingly arrogant sickness/ stupidity! .. Similarly, the economic and political systems that we observe and analyze today are nothing more than outcomes of corrupt manipulations mixed in with progressive innovations — innovations that lost their nobility from the get go due to the corruption (/ corrupt INTENT) behind them all. And ‘Kulture’ is just the validation of the satanic “ways” in which humans get accustomed.

    [Just the last point — Kulture — itself was covered thoroughly over decades of works by those like Dr. Henry Makow. You could imagine how a lot of people would have first review decades of effort by such rare people to understand the preceding points. … They say the greatest form of ignorance is to reject something without first exploring/ studying it exhaustively! The same applies to those who rabidly curse God and Faith!]

    If Monotheism is rabid — well, well … it seems as if the [thus rabid] Mr. Ahmadinejad and Mr. Putin are the last hope for humanity. 🙂

    I guess not everyone is destined to “find the world in a grain of sand” … while an even fewer will even acknowledge it if they witnessed the phenomenon.


    “Kullu man ‘alaiha faan … wa yabka Wajhu Rabbika Zul-Jalaali wal Ikram”! (Ar-Rahman : 26-27)

    “EVERYTHING/ EVERYONE on this Earth will perish one day …
    … But will abide (FOREVER) the Face of thy Lord — Owner of Majesty, Bounty and Honour.” 🙂

  11. @Dante: You sound as if you turn pretty darned rabid [and offensive] at the sound of God and Monotheism! You reckon that’s Jewish/ Satanic behavior?

    You reject everything that’s outside your scope of thought [and, sorry, for most Americans/ Judeo-Westerners, that ‘scope’ is pretty abysmally limited]! You reckon that’s Jewish behavior?

    You are SO hurt by the Buddhist statues that fell, but you are either clueless or apathetic about the millions of lives/ Muslims that the [even Time-magazine-covered] Buddhist Terrorism has annihilated brutally till date? Or do you harbor Muslim hatred in favor of Buddhist support in your heart? … You reckon that’s Jewish behavior?

    I knew Mel to hate Jews (I even shared that in my comments here, unless you have Amnesia). But in Jewish-America where even Chris Hedges can be made to bow down, do you have a guarantee that Mel won’t? (I’m not saying he did. I’m saying ANY GODLESS (and thus mind-controllable)American might, at ANY time, some without even Knowing)! … You reckon, that being angered by the APPARENT denunciation of a mere human, while not feeling anything against the denunciation of the Creator or His Messengers, is Jewish behavior?

    The list could go on … but I’m not interested in you the person, just the behavior … because it’s this kind of attitude/ behavior that CAUSED all the wars/ genocides till date!

    I hope, in you, I’m not dealing with just another ARROGANT American who was raised to believe that no one could be better than them, and that no other people (on the planet) could think better than they do? [Btw, in all fairness, the West has infected most other countries with the same disease!]

    Despite all the books (mostly Jew-published, hope you reckon!) that you reference all the time — your basic deliberations/ references don’t go beyond Hitler, Germany and STOOOPID American TV Preachers! And your capacity for abrogation, adaptation and staying updated (because the Jew Satans haven’t promised anyone that they will stop at their last tricks till date, and innovate no more deception) is probably fading to its end!

    So you sit here within the borders of the US, and regurgitate the definitions of ISIS/ ISIL (and monotheism) given to you by those you trust (hope it’s not the JMSM) … and you think your arrogant American head knows more than people who lived through persecution for over a decade?! [Now you know why even Palestinian kids, when they see any “arrogant one”, want to slap off all the teeth off of someone like that?!] … Even Muslims living in the West (or East) are mostly clueless as to the degree of Satanism involved in the world-crisis, and you think you know it all because you know the definition of ISIS?!

    Try taking a flight down to the nations that have been war torn (and are still being so), and NOT as the typical exotic/ exclusivist tourist, Humanitarian Agency OverLord/ Celebrity, or Anthropological Field Researcher (with a Hicksville Bias to their Qualitative Research Observations) … but as someone who truly, humbly blends in to the life of the common people. Hear all sides of the story. And then do some rigorous analysis as to what is really happening underneath it all.

    I’ll give you a minor illustration. Recently, the Scum Mason (Western/American-wannabe) Abdullah 2 of Jordan has been announcing in the News that “he’ll be “harsh” with ISIS”. Now, to you, despite your whole library of good reads it means NOTHING more than the apparent. However, the Iranians (and the few Muslims who CAN connect Divine Guidance with world issues) could well see that the Mason is alluding to the verse in the Qur’an that tells True Believer Muslims (of integrity) to treat “hypocrite Muslims” harshly! … Now, you not knowing this (from the Qur’an) will be of no help to a Muslim Resistance against satanic oppressors (that America has insofar shown NO sign/ capacity of ever toppling, sorry!). There are LEVELS of implications stemming from the “unspeak” that the hypocrite Abdullah 2 was squealing! And there are levels of clarification therein regarding the RABIDLY JEWISH-WESTERN-AMERICAN ‘ISIS’ itself! Clear?

    True Muslims don’t judge by externalities (color, race, etc.) — they judge everyone by the characteristics of the Soul, purity of the heart, and how much fear (Taqwa) of the Lord does one have. Because the Qur’an clearly stated that this is how GOD Judges each of us!

    And that’s why True Muslims are sick and tired of (I) Satanically ARROGANT Scum pagans of the West, (II) the HYPOCRITE, Scum lackeys/ clergy that the West has funded/ promoted and placed in the topmost positions of ALL countries around the world, esp. in Muslim countries, to oppress and eliminate the REAL Muslim Believers, and (III) the CORRUPT, cheap/ filthy culture of Satanism that has been injected into all those lands (in all walks of life) thanks to Judeo-Western money and influence!

    Given what an abyss America is today, I have enormous respect for those few like Al (see his comment above). They have a “conscience”, which is completely absent in Jews and [fast becoming] almost completely absent in Judeo-Westerners. Do consider taking him as an example, right here.

    You want your White Nationalism? [I’m NOT incl. socialism because true socialism has been BEST modeled 1400+ years ago, and that JUST cannot be emulated by those whose “primary self identity” is far less altruistic, sorry!] … Here’s a simple plan :

    (1) Westerners need to read (critically) the book “Stupid White Men” by Michael Moore, and then reflect with conscience and decency.

    (2) Westerners NEED to sit up and have the basic, minimal “conscience” of getting their criminal Gubyaments to BACK OFF from licking Jewish balls … BACK OFF from all those countries they’ve destroyed till date … and CLEAN UP the mess they made there (including packing up the lackeys they installed there, and either killing them all or bringing them back to this immoral shit-hole, because those secular/ hypocrite/ apparently-monotheistic lackeys would love it here)!! (Westerners could leave alone the civilian hypocrites in those lands to die under the Karmic Retribution from God — that’s a given!) [NOTICE: We are even willing to pardon holding the West to any recompense. That’s a kind of Magnanimity in the soul that ONLY God/ Faith can bring. And recompense is for the JUDEO trash!]

    THEN, they could sit here and worship Hitler ALL they want. No one cares! … Because No One cares about a people “who just don’t care about others”. Such a people is heading for the “garbage bin of history” along with the Antichrist Dajjal. [Seriously, WHO will ever miss arrogant murderers when they’re gone for good?!]

    Meanwhile, if you hate the same things that the Jews hate — namely, God, Monotheism, morality and decency — then what are you doing at the ‘Cross-Crescent’ or ‘Save-Palestine/ Muslims’ Forum such as TUT?

    As a last note, the video that MJ shared features the deliberations of a Scholar who tried his best to awaken people to “instinctual/ intuitive knowledge” —- a precious Gift from God to ALL humans who turn to Him alone, sincerely. The Jews don’t want Anyone to awaken to that knowledge, because that’s how the Jews exercise control of the masses who they reduce to [literally] retarded f***g goyims!

    And this type of knowledge God grants to a human being in direct proportion to the human beings purity of heart — just one example of which is in how much a human being recognizes, appreciates, acknowledges and nurtures/ encourages another human being in whom they find such knowledge. The moment the ego constrains a person from doing so (which is starkly Jewish behavior/ attitude!), they will lose even the instinctual knowledge they had received earlier from God.

    In other words — God rewards kindness, humility and selflessness the highest … which is why BOTH Faith and Pure Socialism is so unattainable for most today. Only the wise can see the link between Pure Faith/ Heart and Socialism, thus. I trust the arrogant and the ignorant only to to scoff this link as well.

  12. Here’s an excellent lecture by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson. The whole lecture should be mandatory education for the Westerner today. Just the first few minutes is enough to be stunned …

    Sheikh Hanson highlights how languages evolved … how the WASP is actually [historically] the equivalent of the KHAWARIJ (which is == ISIS), this being something that the internally blind cannot see being hinted at by ‘JSIL’ out there today … and lots more (even for ‘scientific atheism’) …

    Iqra! … Learn something …


  13. ALERT EVERYONE ! Dr.Henry Makow is a PAID JEW FALSE FLAG-like Alex Jones. I know this for a fact,and he was removed by Jeff Rense for this ! Brother Nathanael cut him off as well ! His stuff is RUBBISH. He says the “Illumanati is exploiting the poor Jews”,and all kinds Anti NS,Islam,”Hitler was a Rothschilds” NONSENSE. He is the Jews Thesis,Anti Thesis,Synthasis ,in action… I hope our beloved UT,will not be a platform for this Judis Goat.

  14. The level of corruption and wrong doing against innocents has reached maximum sickness.
    eternal fire is what they deserve unless they repent and desist from their disgusting deeds.
    the jinn the other creation of Allah lived o this earth and were destroyed by their extreme murder and corruption. (As a Muslim we believe that satan/iblis was a jinn who reached the level of the angels due to piety but because he had free will he disobeyed the creator, angels have no free will)
    those who have usurped authority on earth have become drunken in their sicknesses, their madness and are running around unchecked.
    Oppression has spread and is nearly overtaking the land……….the doers of good, the responsible the trustworthy have become timid an are clinging to earth as if they are guaranteed eternal life.

    Sahih International
    And [mention, O Muhammad], when your Lord said to the angels, “Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority.” They said, “Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?” Allah said, “Indeed, I know that which you do not know.”

  15. btw, after the great war between the jinn and the angels according to Islam their survivors were relegated to living on islands, caves and desert wastelands along with their boss iblis. the bad ones who interfere in our affairs are called satans/shayteen.
    The Rise & Fall Of Iblis ᴴᴰ

  16. You are welcome lasilencia!

    A quick note for our brethren who have issues distinguishing mercy from justice.
    if you have a corrupt human whose harm reaches far and wide then there is no point in lowering the wings of mercy to such.
    No turning the other cheek for one whose harm is ongoing.
    if they desist and repent then that is the time to show mercy.
    those who have been harmed have a choice to get justice or go for forgiveness of any wrong doing(the Creator rewards this) but this is after the person has ceased their harm.

  17. Henry Makow has many good articles on his website hence we can eschew or correct that which we disagree with.

  18. My Sister MJ : Thank you. 🙂 I gratefully note how you have always been prompt in defending God and His Word/ Way.

    The “Seed of Abraham”, as Christians call it, is what we call “Millat-e-Ibrahim”/ The Way of Abraham in Islam. And his (pbuh) Way was primarily in destroying false idols, which were not only of wood and stone, but mostly “psychological” and related to “values”. And it never fails, in our world today … that whenever you smash a false god/ idol in people’s psyche, they have a fit! … Once again, then — a true resistance (as seen throughout history) comprises of people who genuinely believe: “I want the TRUTH to win [with or without me]”, and not “I want MY [version of] Truth to win”.

    It’s no wonder they say : “The greatest achievement of the Devil is to convince people at large that the Devil doesn’t exist!” … One is compelled to also insist that the second greatest achievement of Satan is to corrupt scripture and convince Christians that he was an Angel (and not a Jinn). … Factor these in with how “Satan swore to God how he will make Evil fair-seeming to man” — and the greatest contemporary achievement of Satan is that : people, generally, make way light of their everyday evil! .. I wonder how many will agree with me that the terms “conscience” and “repentance” are THE most alien words to our world today, ESPECIALLY in the very social/ moral fabric of the “Judeo-West”.

    The Hadith, Verses and lecture you shared are crucial for our times. I’ve said this many times — even the people who ‘know’ these things today don’t really ‘believe’ them. The unseen has been systematically made to seem “irrelevant, backward and doubtful” by “progress” since 1914, esp. The simultaneous brainwashing that “Believing” is all about the X-Files’ “I want to Believe” … has rendered the masses incapable of seeing any more than this.

    From the big picture, what you shared also indicates just where [and from what basics] would one have to begin to address the world today — whereas the Jews/ Satans are peaking in their use of religious knowledge in setting up clashes amongst mankind.

    As an example, consider this article on Lasha Darkmoon. [We may remember, this is the same Lasha who once bravely cried out “We’re all Palestinians now”. Easy to figure, the same Lasha will draw the line off of “The Movement/ Resistance” all too quickly, should the Jews be able to stir “Muslim-vs.-Christian” sentiments in her as well.] : http://www.darkmoon.me/2015/madame-rothschild-predict/

    Something tells me that you [and Lasilencia] will be of the few that can see past what all this Rothschild is saying… and see such things as: what is she REALLY saying, why she addressed 99 points (!), and how it’s [thus] directed primarily/ mostly at Muslims. The Jew/ Satan continues to ENJOY its achievement of keeping most Christians’ thoughts within finite and exclusivist lines, esp. when it comes to Islam! And if this is how much control the Jew has over the Cross-Crescent interface … the atheists will only exacerbate all ongoing problems over the globe, and thus help the Jews, as I mentioned on many occasions.

    For the first time, so far, I would like to add a slightly different view to yours, sister… and over just one point. You stated : “The doers of good, the responsible the trustworthy have become timid an are clinging to earth as if they are guaranteed eternal life.”

    I feel you are being kind in your wording, as always, but for the wrong beneficiaries, this time. What you said (about those who cling on to Duniya/ this world, esp. when given a tribulation) is actually true for hypocrites, as per the Qur’an. The TRUE “Doers of Good (Muhsinun), responsible and trustworthy”, by [Qur’anic definition] can NEVER be ‘timid’. ‘Courage’ goes hand in hand with “morality, Faith/ Imaan and Taqwa (Fear of the Lord Alone)”, and is one of the foremost qualities for the trustworthy/ Muhsinun.

    I’ll share something on this below …

  19. @ #16 …

    Jeff Rense (who once launched a vicious attack on Mark Glenn) is no friend of the movement, and this was definitively clarified by MARK GLENN himself on TUT. (See comments here : https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2015/01/15/sheikh-imran-hosein-the-monetary-crisis-leading-to-world-war-and-the-charlie-hebdo-false-flag-event-in-france/ )

    Thus, to use Rense as a validation criterion (WHILE being on TUT!) is nothing less than senility! If TUT needs to be alerted about anything, it ought to be against this kind of senility and confusion!

    When a human being sets out to find the ultimate Truth (on the Path of God) … they go numerous doors, just a few [tangible] ones are the 9/11 door and the Holohoax door. None of these doors/ milestones are THE standard for identifying Truth. [That’s why I always say that the Jews have placed ‘layers’ of lies over the world’s eyes.]

    FOR THE RECORD : HENCEFORTH in my statements, the term “MONOTHEISM” will only include TRUE CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM!

    FOR THE RECORD : JUDAISM (as it stands today) IS NOT MONOTHEISM — it is merely a dark/ inverted reflection of Monotheism, because the Jews’ god is SATAN! [“Good Jews”, if there were any, were given MANY chances/ appeals to NOT be silent about the atrocities against Muslims/ humanity. Their time to come forth is now OVER (esp. with the latest developments in Ukraine/ Russia) … except the REALLY few genuinely helpless ones with no means or voice (God knows best) ! [This (Qur’anic) exception for those VERY FEW who may actually be imprisoned/ tortured right now, makes me Merciful only to the Monotheists, though not so to the idiots!]

    AGAIN : For all practical purposes (of the Resistance) … JUDAISM = SATANISM (NOT True Monotheism).


    To the Seeker of Ultimate Truth … the Truthers within a movement are not idols! Each Truther may be saying (SOME things, a LOT OF things, or even a FEW things) that is in essence (topically) true, and in resonance with the Ultimate Truth. A Seeker of Ultimate Truth will take all of those parts that ARE True and knit it together — wherein this ‘knitting’/ analyses-and-compilation is a process that requires God’s Guidance and Blessings — Blessings such as spiritual/ intellectual insight — and not the Blessings of parents, luminaries, peers or Great Men of History (these are all false idols).

    The aforementioned process will remain a mystery to those who are spiritually blind. ‘Nuff said.


    Henry Makow has focused a lot on revealing how Satanism has infiltrated most fabrics/ walks of human life, and how… It supports (and often elaborates) how Judaism is sheer venom. He frequently shoots “Jewish Freemasonry” point blank. He explains how “Humanity is Satanically Possessed”, how “Modernization/ Progress is actually progressively deeper immersion into Satanism”, how “Organized Jewry is a Satanic Cult” and “Western Civilization is a Satanic Cult”…. etc.

    Last year, on TUT … great debates took place among the bloggers as well. One of the definitive statements came from Konrad, who said that : “There are some Jews who are only Jews by name, not by behavior.” The implication was that : if they KNEW what Truthers know about teh true face of Judaism … these few ‘Jews’ would probably difference themselves from all things that are considered Jewish today.

    Can Henry Makow ‘change’ tomorrow? Well, so far he hasn’t, not even in the bit that Chris Hedges has. If he does, then a TRUE Believer’s lens WILL catch it, and then the Believers WON’T read Henry Makow. It’s all THAT simple to some.

    If everyone starts calling others Jewish Agents (as if this is their BEST/only contribution to a Movement) … and rip apart ALL of a Truther’s works JUST because “Hah! I found an itsy-bitsy discrepancy!” … then they are just as mentally incapable as the [recently witnessed] “Northern-Truth-Seeker” and their bigoted mentalities.

  20. Thanks brother HM1 will check that link by Darkmoon.

    Volume 9, Book 88, Number 206:
    Narrated Hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman:
    The people used to ask Allah’s Apostle about the good but I used to ask him about the evil lest I should be overtaken by them. So I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! We were living in ignorance and in an (extremely) worst atmosphere, then Allah brought to us this good (i.e., Islam); will there be any evil after this good?” He said, “Yes.” I said, ‘Will there be any good after that evil?” He replied, “Yes, but it will be tainted (not pure.)” I asked, “What will be its taint?” He replied, “(There will be) some people who will guide others not according to my tradition? You will approve of some of their deeds and disapprove of some others.” I asked, “Will there be any evil after that good?” He replied, “Yes, (there will be) some people calling at the gates of the (Hell) Fire, and whoever will respond to their call, will be thrown by them into the (Hell) Fire.” I said, “O Allah s Apostle! Will you describe them to us?” He said, “They will be from our own people and will speak our language.” I said, “What do you order me to do if such a state should take place in my life?” He said, “Stick to the group of Muslims and their Imam (ruler).” I said, “If there is neither a group of Muslims nor an Imam (ruler)?” He said, “Then turn away from all those sects even if you were to bite (eat) the roots of a tree till death overtakes you while you are in that state.”

    Here is the hadith l was contemplating when wrote the above words on the timidity and lack of action of the believers.
    Volume 9, Book 88, Number 185:
    Narrated Abu Musa:
    The Prophet said, “Near the establishment of the Hour there will be days during which (religious) knowledge will be taken away (vanish) and general ignorance will spread, and there will be Al-Harj in abundance, and Al-Harj means killing.”
    and when asked why, He replied: ‘Love of this world and hatred for death.

    btw brother I was looking around and saw an interesting blog on aspects of the subjects we covered.


  21. MashaAllah brother Human Melody 1 for #24 comment very true……:).
    The takfiris started by nit picking and suddenly only they were left on the true path according to them
    divide and rule strategies happening………

  22. Human Melody’s comments in post #13: Attacking AH is counter productive. Understand the difference between National Socialism and White Nationalism, Identitarians. It boils down to this: For Identitarians the most important thing in the world is the survival of their in-group, Whitness- They are SURVIVALISTS not much different, in THIS aspect, from the chosenites (the master survivalists). Authentic NS, which has demonstrated the ideological capability to cooperation with others (like Islam) against the world-enemy off all, however puts the deconstruction of the world-slavemaster and freedom for its people, as top priority REGARDLESS of the possible out come of this struggle even if it would mean certain annihilation. Do You believe that the German leadership did not realize whom they were taking on? This means A) That WN etc make unsuitable allies for NS because when the former will be pushed against the wall they will accommodate the slavemaster and sell out for a little liberty (but will never receive freedom), they even might get their white homeland as long they pay tribute. B) Authentic NS CAN be the ideology for westerners (or indeed anyone) to rally around, it does not fall into the trap of division. Furthermore NS has the abolishment of chosenite DEBT-SLAVERY at the center of its policies (Point 11 of the 25 point program). To abolish fraudulently issued paper currency lending to the governments is the key first step, the rest of the enslavement construct would then also fall. This could be accomplished even by non-violent means, like in Germany. The financial and economic policies are real anti chosenite policies and therefor a real danger to them. Racial and religious bigotry however are much less so and indeed are welcome.

  23. @ Ostmann # 27 :

    In the sentence : “Understand the difference between National Socialism and White Nationalism, Identitarians.” … the lack of a cursory interjection associated with the imperative verb exudes a tone that lacks sufficient politeness (esp. when addressing an individual hitherto unknown), and may even [actually] project deliberate disrespect, and a conceited assumption of lesser capabilities on the addressee’s part (without a single prior evidence eliciting such an assumption). Such communication may well be unacceptable as per the decorum of modern day civil correspondence, leave alone the far loftier standards of Manners (Adab) and Humility (Tawadaa’) that is required for adequate completion and representation of Islam!

    [Strangely, this is yet another episode of my continued [and life-long] attempt to appreciate wisdom/virtue in others, only to be disappointed by the unexpected antithesis of reciprocation! Nonetheless, this being (possibly, I hope I’m wrong!) yet another illustration of why it is so difficult to build unity (from GENUINE goodwill) in todays’ world — esp. among Muslims (at least that’s what I deduced from the moniker) — this may well be yet another modest service to humanity.]


    My struggled work/ professional life since 1999, against the near-fatally oppressive machinations of the Freemasonic Jewlluminati, included a few years with the United Nations, and some more with [non-]government apparatus. I’ve had my share of “theoreticians” [and even Ivy League grads] who were utterly incapable of any thought/ construct/ meditations outside of the lexicon, terminology, glossary, phenomenology and conceptual frameworks that they were trained in (of which, very little or none were truly derived with the rigors of their own intellectual pursuits outside the box). This is exactly why it is a well-known secret —- esp. since gracious Meritocracy got stalled along with Islamic Socialism, a while ago —- that today’s [compulsively and ubiquitously] bureaucratic institutions/ organizations/ corporations attain almost all of their advancement/ progress thanks to the unusual and loyal type of “fresh pair of eyes” that grace these businesses, only to be exploited and then scapegoated in time! [Note: Those who live by Surah 18 will be blessed by sight that always remains fresh!]

    Through all these years, my survival, as a subject of [covert] Rothschild-sponsored human experimentation (since at least 1997), relied on taking time off to do as much self-study as possible, and critical thought (a.k.a. applied-/action-/qualitative studies of every sort, in life. [The best times of relief/ healing were in freelance work and teaching that offered continued learning.] … In light of THIS particular circumstance alone, I was compelled to (directly, inferentially) know a few things about the Jewlluminati that even the best of political/ social commentators/ figures [apparently] do not, till date. [Their shortfall is in their abandonment of Divine Guidance.]

    This position necessitates an enormous amount of humility, for all my modest efforts to bring anything to public attention are strictly for the sake of the Creator alone (Fi Sabeelillah)! I am, thus, used to scorn, rejection and defamation for over a decade, now.

    And as much as I no longer enjoy addressing problem statements where the answer choices are already confined to the oppressors’ coinage/ lexicon … I hereby attempt to address comment # 27, although this may be one of the last occasions of such involvement … (As stated earlier on TUT, I naturally see the forest first, and I stay forever open to learning more on the trees; and my use My Creators Guidance and the Qur’an as my only Guide in selecting the trees that expound the forest) …


    I deliberate/ state with Simplicity (not that of Marcus Aurelius, but that of the unfathomably mightier Messenger of God (saas)).

    — I never said (esp. here on TUT) that I was against National Socialism! My passion towards Jesus and Muhammad (PBUT) has led me to, among numerous other things, the appreciation of Socialism (that term being an Ijtehad of a just system that had no modern moniker back then).
    However, while National Socialism may be an approximation, the ‘Nationalism’ part is either shunned or discouraged (depending upon the ruling) by Islam (because it falls under ‘Asabiyah’). …

    The premise [and egalitarian governance] of Islam is so incredibly gracious and abundant that it is already both witnessed (1400+ years ago) and understood that — in an un-oppressed world order —it allows for the natural settling of humans into ‘greater hamlets’ through certain unique aspects/ nature of each group, which doesn’t interfere, in any way, in the course of interaction, peace and harmony of the macro-scene.

    My humble thoughts were that : National Socialism requires certain scruples/ moralities/ stern-accountabilities/ commitments/ empathies on each individual’s part. What the Jewlluminati has done to humans worldwide, till date, makes the average [dumbed-down, brainwashed, and spiritually stunted] individual in this world quite incapable of upholding a responsibility as powerful as [National] Socialism. Humbly again, human beings are FIRST in need of [spiritual/ moral] self-reform, mainly in the form of [Tazkiyah/] deprogramming the conditioning/ damages with which the Jewlluminati Satans have already infected them! [Despite other/ various notions out there, I am most confident that a reaffirmation of Faith in the Creator, and commitment to His prescribed Order (our natural order, Fitrah) would produce far more immediate results than ONLY economic and financial reforms alone.
    To further this stipulation …

    Konrad has recently produced an excellent, three-part work on “The Truth About Money”. And I distinctly recall how he ended on a highlighted note on the role of individual “character” (or the failure therein) in determining the consensus on financial order. [Personally, I have been a supporter of the “Mincome” idea, since last year — as long as ‘income guarantee’ does not come with any hidden clause (unknown to us) or any [tangible OR intangible] costs, and as long as it is first ensured that the Banksters [are either completely uprooted first, or] are completely uninvolved in Mincome programs.]

    — Despite (your) textbook definitions of “Identitarians”… I’m yet to observe ONE community/ nation/ ethnicity that ISN’T identitarian [at least] to some degree! (Since you don’t know me, here’s a premise: I lived amongst several ethnicities/ nations with the same open-heartedness. While so-called multicultural societies rely on superficiality (a.k.a. “a little more than Hi and Bye!”) to attain some equilibrium, it’s very impersonal nature has aided/ increased “apathy” in the world. Jewish infiltration of “urban communication” has made matters worse. It’s rare to find genuine discourse ANYwhere today, because people raised/ imbibed in superficiality do not like “going there”, which ensures a status quo that only benefits the Jews/ oppressors.

    Once again, humans tend to shed their identitarian “insecurities” when they understand their Creator and their purpose on their planet. A lot of religious people are identitarians (whether they know it or not, because most people in a Godless world do not truly know themselves). A lot of not-so-religious people have hearts of gold. In a perfect world, ONLY the hearts-of-gold would be closest to God in affirmation of Faith (which is the very filtration God is doing, esp. now, btw).

    True Faith begets (amongst other things) True Edification (and Taqwa) — wherein the individual’s soul derives its identity ONLY from being a precious creation/ servant of the Creator. ANY other ‘identity formation’ (e.g., based on one’s job, color, degrees, brand-name-country/ passport, place of birth, etc.) is flimsy, cutaneous/ epidermal, and a [mind-]control variable/ basis for the Jew/ Satan to instigate conflict!

    — You stated (or cited) : “Authentic NS, which has demonstrated the ideological capability to cooperation with others (like Islam) against the world-enemy off all, however puts the deconstruction of the world-slavemaster and freedom for its people, as top priority REGARDLESS of the possible out come of this struggle even if it would mean certain annihilation.”

    [Although I have agreed on many earlier occasions that NS may be the only option for a lot of Western countries, today] … that “ideological capability” has insofar been “theoretical”, unless anyone can cite a truly, remarkably successful APPLIED model/ example/ case in human history (that could outdo the social order attained onwards of 1436 years ago).

    To offer a more applied example/ case:

    “Bailiffs trying to evict cancer-stricken father over mortgage dispute are forced to retreat after 500 strangers form human blockade around his bungalow!”



    It must be clear now, that in the absence of a PREPONDERANCE of such population/ psyches/ hearts, any talk of NS is just … well, talk! [That’s why I insist that a precursory/ complementary spiritual reformation of “the individual” is far more beneficial than just political/ economic reforms ALONE!]

    Next … (from your statement) : “REGARDLESS of the possible out come of this struggle even if it would mean certain annihilation!” … For anyone who ever fought the Jews enough to understand the extent of their Masonic grip on society … this serves as a big “loophole” for the oppressor! Look into WWII Germany and see who really got annihilated in the end? [We all know that it sure weren’t the Jews!] … And this (for those who can understand) is the answer to your queries (A) and (B). Men of understanding will already know what is first required to eliminate this loophole in a future war.

    — A curious/ humble question : WHY didn’t Iceland need NS first to oust the bankers? What lessons can be learnt from them?

    — Satanic Chosenites do not derive their “identity” from finance alone. Their abysmal spiritual failure is what necessitates the projection of financial superiority. Their Satanic core/ agenda precipitates the [financial] enslavement of humanity. Their IMMORALITY is their primary identity, and anyone infected with that immorality is “actually one of them”, and thus incapable of annihilating them.

    Many (even non-Muslim) thinkers suggest/ realize that this [ongoing] WAR is essentially spiritual at its core (not JUST/ ONLY financial/ economic]. http://henrymakow.com/_by_henry_makow_phd.html http://henrymakow.com/2015/01/jewish-control-a-fait-accompli.html

    It should be common sense (forget deep “understanding”) that the Creator didn’t create us as soulless beasts with existential/ financial needs alone! Any solution for humanity’s most natural survival and flourishing requires a spiritually sound core. [Why else do you think the current world does not have better warriors than a single Mr. Putin and a single Mr. Ahmadinejad?]

    All I ever said (at times, almost as if I’m talking to a wall) is that the MORALITY behind economic/ financial policies/ reforms is more critically important than just the reforms/ policies/ revolutions per se. … [Please review the end portion of the video I shared on comment #14. Even buildings built with Taqwa are extremely difficult to destroy, and today’s necessary socio-economic revolt/ revolutions are no different, if you can understand.

    This Goliath threatening human existence has both a heart and a head. While financial corruption/ enslavement may be its head, its IMMORAL/ Satanic being is its heart.

    [I would never be surprised if I had to explain this to non-Muslims/ non-Christians. But it stuns me when even people who know their religion don’t seem to understand this at all!]


    In today’s world [even the best of] people’s heads are in a gridlock! They are becoming incapable of thinking outside of the same dichotomies they criticize — left-right, dem-rep, etc. If one shuns perversity/ homosexuality, the typical listener QUICKLY put the speaker in the “box” called conservative! If one provides the slightest critique of [the White segment of the] typical, apathetic masses (and Judaized collaborators) whose attitudes have allowed the Judaic Monstrosity to come this far — the listener will quickly assume you are Afrocentric! [This miserable gridlock is in fact the very outcome of the Jew-Innovated and Jew-Administered higher education — if not their administration of Fluoride, Narcotics, Yoga and (Dajjal’s) New-Age Delirium!]

    I hope, at this juncture, you are clear as to who attacked who. And if by ‘AH’ you meant Abdullah 2 of Jordan … well there are many Arabs who worship him (or other Zio-Leaders), and that phenomenon is as abominably irrelevant to a Believer’s Cause as any other Jew-sponsored idol is.

    Today’s need of the hour is that people try to put their textbooks aside, for a change … and begin by asking more common-sense/ piercing questions at the very [God-given] human [intellectual] level … such as : WHY/ HOW has queen Rania, who is originally Palestinian, spent ALL these years watching her own husband being an aide to the destruction/ annihilation of her own people?!


    Epilogue : I don’t feel like writing books on this subject. I’d rather that the world changes not only for the better but towards the Perfection whose Guidelines have already been Revealed to us.

    [It would be a WHOLE other endeavor for one to identify/ recognize the relevant/ correlated Qur’anic Guidance and Hadith behind all of what I have said above.]

  24. To enable further reflection/ clarification/ understanding [on my deliberations] … …

    Here is my letter to [the apparently fraudulent] Alex Jones, on 20 June last year.

    I naturally tend to look for the best in a person, and [choose to] believe in a person, at first. If they let me down (in revealing what’s really in their hearts) … ah, well!

    The following might also reveal a lot —- e.g., my own consistency of deliberation, and how a lot of variables for humanity’s liberation from imprisonment are actually rooted more in the heart than in paper (incl. fake money).


    [To: Alex Jones.
    Sent: June 20, 2014]

    Dear Alex,

    I’m an ordinary citizen who grew up on US soil only to later become a target of plausibly every covert element of the Satanic/Zionist/Secret Society/ CIA gamut of “mind control”/ covert harassment/ falsely-framing Oppressive operations to destroy innocent lives [without leaving ‘evidence’] — run on me in whichever country I had moved to, over the last 15 years, and till date! … … But this email is not about me …

    My own life experiences [and my conscience] compel me to bring to your kind attention the clearly diabolical and anti-human face of the NWO [and it’s spawning agencies/machinations over the past decades] behind a particularly monstrous case of glaring oppression and injustice — the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui :




    I have never met Dr. Siddiqui, nor have I known her in any capacity. I only recently discovered her story online. And [as is characteristic of my whole life] I couldn’t turn a deaf ear to my conscience and move on — and thus this message/ appeal to you, today. And I chose to write to you first because of the following critical reasons:

    — Strategic Relevance to Your Revolution

    Both wisdom and history suggests that “Justice” and “Freedom” can never be sustainably achieved for a single, isolated nation or a sampling of earth-dwellers. Only and only if a nation/ a people organize themselves on the basis of human rights/ dignity/ equality/ freedom that hold true Universally for any nation/ populace (such as the mandates from the Creator Himself) would the goal of liberation be materialize with the maximal moral, intellectual, emotional and physical support from [and benefit to] the masses. To that end, if you brought about another 1776, and the moral foundation behind it remains as godless as the original 1776 … then wouldn’t your efforts be wasted on bringing about/ founding just another masonic country [just as it had been in 1776]??!! … You know, your Infowar has awakened a lot of people to the point that they need a lot more than they did earlier in history to be convinced that you are taking them down the right road! … Thus, the world needs to see you raise your voice against such cases of monstrous injustice as Dr. Aafia’s [which is highly representative of the entire “judicial-political-cultural-racial-religious-moral” nature of the NWO’s atrocities against humanity — a ‘humanity’ that is symbolized in the embodiment of Dr. Aafia!]! ….. In summary : people (esp. those around the globe) need to see you [and your revolution] as the advocate/usherer of a genuinely new era of ‘Justice’ and ‘Freedom’ for the entire humanity, and not just for a ‘group’ [e.g.] of rebirthed Americans who quite resemble the same ol’ “xenophobic, exclusivist & self-serving, humanist, imperialist, arrogant and godless” America [from which they are striving to be rebirthed]!! Your activism will soon stagnate [and your efforts will not go anywhere] if you don’t show the world that: your revolution is being waged by “a new kind of American” who is god-fearing, enlightened, moral, humane, just and respectful towards the rights/dignities/freedom of ANY human being [of any color, religion or culture], whether they are on American soil or on the other side of the globe!

    — Representative ‘Justice’:

    The ‘spiritual cancer’ and ‘oppression’ from which you are fighting to free America … is the SAME tyrannical evil that is behind [many known and unknown] cases like the injustice against Dr. Aafia! Surely, a valid revolution could never be about “saving one’s own” only! Besides … when you’ve awakened the whole world to how 9-11 was an inside job … how would it look upon your campaign if you never raised a voice for the VERY targets of 9-11 : namely, the entire population of uncompromisingly moral and bright Muslims [like Dr. Aafia] who were “maligned and falsely demonized/ tortured” in the wake of 9-11 [and till today]? … I urge you to bring into your kind consideration that : the injustices/oppression/monstrosities perpetrated against [the likes of] Dr. Aafia (which most Americans had sat back and watched, apathetically, since 9-11!) are the SAME evils that have already come home, now, and are being perpetrated against the Americans [for a while, now, as they/you are realizing]!

    — ‘Freeing America’ vs. ‘Freeing Humanity’:

    As the header suggests, the two cannot be mutually exclusive. In a [by now] globalized world, with the fast degenerating image of the “Judeo-Christian”/Western American in the eyes of the global populace … the NWO is not just and American problem — it’s a global disease! … Please consider building ties with the [far and few] Truthers/Scholars of other religions (esp. Islam, because it is MAINLY and ONLY Islam that the NWO Elites *fear*) … e.g., Sheikh Imran Hosein, in particular http://www.imranhosein.org/books/373-explaining-israel.html , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etHB9vmCalY , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jpOzKHowmc ……… Such ties will enhance the knowledge/ foundations/ premises of your revolution with Spiritual Insight (from rare Scholars/Guides like Sheikh Hosein), in the absence of which your revolution will quickly lose relevance against the avalanche of intrigues/deceit from the real mastermind behind the NWO — the Antichrist himself! …. [I earnestly hope that you would be humble enough to be open to this suggestion, because without building such global partnerships [to fight a “global” challenge], you may eventually end up serving the very Evil you are fighting (just like the US STILL serves the very Israel that’s eating it alive)! Yes! It is THAT incredibly deceptive … our times … the End Times! … And the moment you ‘see’ this, you will surely thank me for this tip!] … … Additionally, please consider the expositions and analyses of Dr. Henry Makow http://www.henrymakow.com/ who has the most accurate marksmanship [out there] in detailing the identities, objectives, natures and machinations of the enemies that you are fighting.

    — Credibility!

    There have been rising doubts among some [of your audience] as to whether you are actually a disinformation agent/ actor who actually works to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate on behalf of the Zionist Illuminati [or CIA]! … I personally believe that : should you take a courageous, noble and ‘just’ stance on voicing a strong [and viral] protest against the [STILL ongoing] oppression/monstrosities against Dr. Aafia Siddiqui (and those like her) … then millions of people would recognize and support the universality, validity and integrity of who you really are and what you are fighting for.

    — Integrity:

    Should you choose to ignore my plea, herein … it might easily imply that the imminent American Revolution on the horizon intends nothing for the survival and safety of Muslims and non-Caucasians in America! And should that be the case … then countless civilians [even those like myself] depend on you [after having provided years of support and admiration to you] to at least have the integrity of publicly announcing that the upcoming revolution is essentially a business of the white Americans, and that non-white Americans [or Muslims] may easily be ignored collaterals in the imminent blow up and [that] they should leave America by [such and such] date/ time-frame.

    I eagerly look forward to a positive, welcoming and heroic consideration of my appeal, herein, [and subsequent bold actions] from your able authority, enterprise and person.

    With Sincere Regards,

  25. Brother HM1 wrote,
    “It must be clear now, that in the absence of a PREPONDERANCE of such population/ psyches/ hearts, any talk of NS is just … well, talk! [That’s why I insist that a precursory/ complementary spiritual reformation of “the individual” is far more beneficial than just political/ economic reforms ALONE!]”

    We indeed have a comprehensive system….brother one of my profs wanted me to go into development…..As a traveler I always wanted to know how we can fix global poverty and down the rabbits hole of reasoning I went. Until I also understood that the problem began with spirituality, bad values, faulty ethics and the degenerate morality of societies.Hence the individual has to first go through a reformation/tazkiya or purification of the self before the society can fixed as you have correctly highlighted.

    MashaAllah brother HM1 what a treat that we have you among our ranks…..and indeed the best of them will always be attracted to Islam our beloved religion the ones who have faith, certainty and no hypocrisy……….:) God willing.

  26. Forgot to add to #29 — If one reflects just briefly on the public response/ reaction (or the lack thereof) to the recent Chapel Hill Murders (and compares with the Bailiff-eviction case in #29, above) … it becomes clear as to how much how or little Americans are capable of upholding Socialism or NS.

  27. @ Human Melody1: Back to basics, I will admit (but not happy about it) that the chosenites have almost managed to turn Authentic NS into something useful to them in the eyes of the world. Never the less this does not change the fact that NS and Islam were and should be allies. Suggested research for You: Dr. Mohamed Sabry’s work ‘Islam-Jewry-Bolshevism’ and the Hadith by Ibn Huraira, regarding the chosenites. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem visits AH and is the spiritual guide for the Moslem SS volunteer units. Gottfried Feder’s ‘The Programme of the NSDAP and its General Conceptions’. Bye now.

  28. @Ostmann (#33) :


    Your reply basically exemplified everything I had said earlier! 😀 I asked you to put away the few books and think critically, and you quickly clutched onto yet another book!

    Please grab a chair, review the following, and try to think critically (it’s not that difficult; you can do it).

    Reading a single book doesn’t constitute “research”. [You may want to research the meaning of the word research.] Quoting a single Hadith (which one, you couldn’t mention) doesn’t constitute Islamic knowledge/ understanding.

    The name, btw, is ABU Huraira (r.a.), not Ibn Huraira. [If THIS is any indication of your know-how, may Allah save me and others from wasting time talking to those like you.] And please don’t run with one Hadith : you’ll embarrass yourself. [If you are a typical ‘modern’/ Ottoman-type Muslim, do consider first developing enough humility to ask real Muslims, who are most likely being oppressed by the same authorities that you idolize.] … The correct methodology requires the Qur’an as the primary source/ reference, and then ONLY those Hadith that resonate with the Qur’an would have to be incorporated.

    You may want to read Surah Baqarah, Ale-Imran and Al-Israa to learn more about chosenites (and their allies and spine-less, West-worshipping lackeys). Then, you may want to read up [at least] “Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah” by Ibn Kathir, which includes a compilation on ALL End Times’ Hadith (this may enable smart work for you, so you don’t actually have to study/ scan all the Sahih Sittah).

    In the least, you may want to read this (typically descriptive and un-critical) http://www.kalamullah.com/theendoftheworld.html . I hope this helps.

    Of the many Hadith/ relayed-prophecies by Abu Hurairah (r.a.), there is one that actually mentions how lackeys of the worst kinds of Romans (whites) will be placed over [to rule] the Levant. Look around at the likes of Abdullah 2 and the Muslims who can’t help but appease/ worship the West at all times and in all things — and you’ll realize how it came true. [Something tells me that Abu Hurairah described a system that includes people like you as well. And, Praise be to Allah, I’m not sorry about the bluntness, here!]


    Thank you for the suggestion Gottfried Feder’s work. I want top suggest you also review the brilliant works if Mike King (tomatobubble.com) to work smarter. He is a mammoth and truthful resource on the subject (of even WWII). And the logic here is the same as that in Islam : “You don’t go to a Sheikh to hear him cite/ repeat a Verse … you got to Sheikhs to hear their Wisdom (viz. their critical/ applied analysis of the verse)”. I pray to God that you comprehend what I just said!!!

    Regarding the Issue of programmes such as NSDAP, you may want to review the following example first:



    As even a kid would quickly understand (from the above) … BECAUSE “people” are far more Judaized/ dumbed-down/ selfish/ wicked than they were in the 30’s … even the best “system” will not work as expected … because (I’m sure you’ve at least heard this expression before) : “GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT”! [That’s why you need individual reform first.] ‘Nuff said.


    I just realized that by AH, earlier, you meant Adolf Hitler! (In my reply, I assumed that by AH you meant Abdullah 2 … and you didn’t even clarify! Now, this makes me wonder if you can ‘read’ properly!)

    Your comprehension is seriously damaged if you ever thought that I attacked Hitler (unless you are confused enough to think that debating with Dante Ardenz is debating with Hitler). Luckily, even Konrad knows my thoughts on Adolf Hitler. ‘Nuff said.

    You claim that NS and Islam were allies?!! WHICH Islam? … Here’s some fodder for CRITICAL THOUGHT …

    Here’s a review of a book by David Motadel http://www.wsj.com/articles/book-review-ataturk-in-the-nazi-imagination-by-stefan-ihrig-and-islam-and-nazi-germanys-war-by-david-motadel-1421441724
    [Btw, this being from the Wall Street Journal … I take it with more than a pinch of salt!]

    The title says:

    “WHY HITLER WISHED HE WAS A MUSLIM!” — The Führer admired Atatürk’s subordination of religion to the state—and his ruthless treatment of minorities.

    “‘It’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion,” Hitler complained to his pet architect Albert Speer. “Why did it have to be Christianity, with its meekness and flabbiness?” Islam was a Männerreligion—a “religion of men”—and hygienic too. The “soldiers of Islam” received a warrior’s heaven, “a real earthly paradise” with “houris” and “wine flowing.” This, Hitler argued, was much more suited to the “Germanic temperament” than the “Jewish filth and priestly twaddle” of Christianity.”

    The title above sounds like Ataturk was a Freemason who (just as masonry would have it) kept religion and state separate, and eulogized state over Faith/ God.

    Mike King did an EXCELLENT summary of how today’s Hitler is actually Mr. Putin : http://www.tomatobubble.com/putin_hitler.html [Here, btw Mike’s description of Hitler’s vision of a moral, decent and Christian Germany doesn’t exactly jive with the excerpt on Hitler’s (aforementioned) quote on Christianity.]

    IF HITLER LOVED CHRISTIANITY, THEN ***WHY*** WOULD HE LOVE A PEOPLE LIKE THE OTTOMANS WHO “SHAMELESSLY, SINFULLY” USURPED THE CHURCH OF HAGIA SOPHIA AND FORCEFULLY CONVERTED SCORES OF CHRISTIAN BOYS???????!!!!!!! [These shameless phenomena are NOT representative of Islam, and they only facilitated YEARS of endless and permanent hatred between Muslims and Christans, which resulted in such unfortunate events as the Bosnian Genocide! … Reflectively, thus, your claim of “WNS-Islam-Alliance” is PURE BULLSHIT!]

    I’ll tell you something that everyone like you needs to realize today … Merkel’s Germany is NOT NS. (The current West, in it’s current immoral and murderous condition, can NOT have NS). The example of Hitler’s Germany is now found in RUSSIA, today. And THAT’s WHY Sheikh Imran Hosein says that “Ar-Rum” is Russia, NOT Germany/ US/ Judeo West! …. ONLY MENTALLY RETARDED AND SPIRITUALY BLIND PEOPLE/ MUSLIMS DON’T SEE THIS, and continue to look nostalgically and wrongly for NS-UTOPIA in the Western/ German context. ((((( SIGH! ))))))

    Here are some UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS for you (and those like you) to think critically over:



    Now, WHICH type of Christians is mentioned in which Verse, by Allah?

    If you CANNOT tell the difference between the ARROGANT, JUDEO-WESTERN, fake SANTA-CLAUSTIANITY and True Christianity, then what else could you possibly understand? [BTW, in case you don’t know by now … Mark Glenn and TUT realize the difference VERY WELL.]

    I hope you understood something, right now, and I hope you (and those like you) would communicate this to those like Abdullah 2.

    The world is where it is today because of spineless people/ Muslims who kiss Judeo-White arse (the WORST kind of white) to fit in, survive and avoid any tribulation. Such arse-kissers are called hypocrites in the Qur’an. Because one of the 99 names of God is “Al-Baseer”, which means He reads hearts. And HE reads it well when spineless people harbor views out of sheer “expediency” JUST to please their gods/ idols — whether the views are about NS or WNS or Secular Islam.

    I very brief and telling examples, the following are the real reasons why (in an internally blind and ONLY-externally-impressionistic world) the “WEST” likes Ottoman-type Muslims:


    [James-Bondish poser mason, modeled “in the image of his Judeo-Western god” — so pleasing to the ARROGANT Santa-Claustian fake Christians (or rather, ‘Antichristians’). As per already established TUT consensus: “Whoever is vilified by the West is automatically legit/ good, and whoever is l-o-v-e-d by the West is a hypocrite/ poser/ wicked lackey! Clear, Ostmann?]

    Another example of the type of Islam that the West would love. [No explanation necessary]



    Last questions …

    WHY does Abdullah 2 have a “Spiritual Advisor/ Guide”? This practice initself is NOT Sunnah! Only Nimrod, Pharaoh and the like had “spiritual/ occult oracles and magi” (just like modern/ secular Muslim parents who think they did God a favor by keeping weekend tutors of Arabic for their progressive/ westernized kids)!!!

    Did any of Rightly Guided Caliphs have a Dervish on the side?

    WHY oh WHY are stupid humans so hell-bent on setting up internediary Lords when teh Creator HIMSELF has ALWAYS Revelaed that HE is right there to be the Spiritual Guide of each human being?!!!

    Is Abdullah too arrogant, ignorant, wicked or ‘masonized’ to find his own guidance from God directly?

    Some Arabs will NOT consider anyone outside of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to consult or learn from. WHY? Is it the smelly, icky layers of racist/ identitarian (etc.) biases/ bigotry at the bottom of their hearts, which prevents the entrance of Allah’s Light/ Noor, no matter how much Arabic one knows??!!! [Do Muslims even remember the Golden Age of Islamic Scholarship where one’s race/ place of birth did not matter… which is one of the critical reasons why Islam flourished to the top back then, unlike today’s Western-arse-kissing world?]


    A little Godly wisdom for you to keep. Sporting a “compromising spine” and goin through life with that godless Tsen Zu wisodm of “never outdo your master” etc. … may help you keep your job and be “socially accepted” by the oppressors… but it gets you nothing else either in this life or the hereafter.

    I’ve seen in my life’s experiences, White people (just like ANY people) have both great and wretched souls among them. The ARROGANT may love you for kissing up, but they still laugh at you behind your back anyway. (‘Ya Cain’t Win the Game’ with such critters/ souls, irrespective of their ethinicity).

    REAL white people (as I respectfully remember each one of them that I met) only respect the ones that have the spine and brilliance to stand their ground. Among such people, I am particularly interested in the ones who introduce themselves by saying : “I am a Christian” (implying: the rest of my color, etc. are simply incidental), because THAT is their primary identity (derived from God). And I cherish such people because (just as Guided by teh Qur’an) these are the only ones that harbor good in their hearts for Muslim Believers, in our End Times.

    I am here on TUT because I understand Mark Glenn to be such a Christian.

    I sense that those like you couldn’t even figure this much …

    BY NOW…! …

    BYE NOW!

  29. @ MJ : Your appreciation and encouragement is like a prayer for me, Sister. Thank you. 🙂 And May Allah’s Blessings, Guidance and Mercy surround you always. Please keep me/ us in your prayers that I get Husnul Khawateem.

    It’s interesting that your professor said that. However [since like minds gravitate at TUT], you may soon find, to your disappointment (like I did) that ‘development’ (and a lot of non-profit) is just as much a Mafia/ business (in fact a business of creating more poverty, as Graham Hancock revealed in his classic “Lords of Poverty”) as the profit sector.

    The entire sector is dominated/ dictated by the UN and the few ‘Donor Countries’/ Agencies (you can guess who they are). Contained in the pyramid below is the entire gamut/ tiers of NGO’s, who will just about toe the line. Freemasonry and imperialism are two of the sector’s best kept secrets. If you choose this field, get ready for morbid frustration due to the characteristic “too much ‘input’ and ‘process’ (incl., meetings and talk) and too little ‘outcome’!” Independent thinkers are quickly uprooted.

    One would expect such a system to be (as it claims) “international”/ multicultural. However, the system is extremely impressionistic, mediocre, gossipy and superficial! You must have heard of the “import substitution” policy/ practice. Well, in reality it only means that the worst of Westerners (who wouldn’t survive the competition on home soil) end up being exported as imperial overlords abroad. Amazing is the Satanic unspeak and disrespect in everything everywhere, today! Israeli and American rabble/ Ruwaybidah dominate the scene. And collaborators/ lackeys from within each nation flourish. [I’ll illustrate this in another post regarding the biggest Zio-lackey of all, India.]

    All in all … given what the world is today, and that we most certainly have a couple of years before the world is substantially depopulated in nuclear WW3 … Islam would rather focus on every solution outside the clichéd box — viz., alternative economies, alternative institutions (esp. educational), alternative systems of social/ communal/ national organizations and interactions (no more “interventions” from evil, mal-intended ‘Donors’ who want to insultingly civilize (= subdue) every land as superior gods), and everything ‘alternative’ that actually REVIVES Sunnah (that’s our only way out). However, for all this to happen, we must first annihilate the oppressor and all it’s “Ways”, from spiritual to financial. And that needs courage and consensus among the Believing people —– people who have found the heart again to revive meritocracy again (to choose the best candidates from among us for those ‘alternative’ solutions/ institutions) … and people who have realized that we’re (most likely) going to die within a couple of years anyway, so it’s unquestionably better to die as a martyr than as an expedient, hell-bound coward who compromised everything.


    Thank you for sharing the link on the Humble ‘I’, sister. This was great for my soul to read. Brother Surkheel Sharif is blessed, ma sha Allah. [By the way, I notice that you are highly resourceful in identifying diverse and interesting resources that you share on TUT discussions. Please don’y worry if the “institutionally/ academically trained and thus limited” people don’t see it at times, some of us are well appreciating what you share. Above all, Allah is Seeing it too. 🙂

    Whenever I read anything critical, my own nature is first prone to seeing if I find the discrepancy in me. Should Allah be Merciful and ‘pass’ me … then I go out and address/ apply the same thing in the outside world. [This process has been intuitive, and for over a decade.] So when I read this, I had to first reflect to see if even the dust of ‘rabbleness’ was inside of me, first! 😀 😀 … (You may find this funny, or you may realize that those in the path of Tazkiyah/ Al-Ihsan are mostly like this!) 🙂 … I always had a tender heart towards the underdog, the oppressed and the poor. [That’s what took me into that kind of work in the first place.] But remember, sister … there are evil ones among the poor too! [Like that Hadith: “Poverty is on the verge of slipping into Unbelief/ Kufr.] … A thousand disappointments, betrayals and hurts aside — I just continue to take one person at a time. I can only care about the ‘person’, and I still can’t see anyone as ‘people’.

    I have often wanted to illustrate this with like minds, how incredibly Satan deceived us all. E.g., the “Ruwaybidah”, today, are found in every country, religion, color, creed, etc. … and they are often extremely wealthy, well-dressed, chic, literate, influential, impressive[-sounding], well-designated/ appraised/ placed by the Judaic system, etc. … I often thought of how the way Allah described the Hypocrites of Islam (with reference to the clan of ibn Ubayy for example) in Surah Munafiqun : 4, to resonate with the concept of Ruwaybidah. You may agree with me, this is esp. in light of how the British/ Americans/ Imperialists always picked the Ruwaybidah, gave them a makeover and made them rule those countries that they colonized.

    Just to clear my stance even more (I think yours would be the same) … our world is caught between yet another Jew-invented dichotomy … wherein we’re caught between the West-favored/ sponsored ‘Secular/ Modern/ Hypocritical’ Islamic societies and the out-and-out “Rabble” (and deliberately-kept-rabble) societies/ populace.

    Our answer from the Quran is the middle path … wherein we judge only by the “Fear of Allah” / Taqwa of a person — the Batin (internal/ spiritual) and not the Zahir (external). I’ve upheld this view all my life. … and btw, this is not to be confused with the Jew-Sponsored MLK’s “content of character” speech! 😀

    Speaking of masonic speech … I always wanted to write about how even the language of Imperialists was cleverly devised to block minds from turning to God. E.g., last year, Konrad was debating with OCDG on how secularism is not evil because he himself is secular. Now, Konrad uses the term secular to mean “live and let live”. However, in Islam (and even in true Christianity), secularism = hypocrisy, which has been one of the greatest tools of the Jews against Islam/ Christianity/ Al-Ihsan since thousands of years ago. And even Freemasonry is essentially hypocrisy (esp. if you look at Muslim Leaders).

    The word ‘humble’ has been misrepresented too. Coinage such as “humble beginnings” and the ‘humility-humiliation’ lexical ties SCARES everyone away from ever wanting to be humble! Funny how Satan works, even through language. 🙂 Also, the word “modesty” has been vilified in the minds of those who have been raised with a language where anything “modest” refers to avarice, inadequacy, insolvency, inferiority etc. However, the True Islamic meaning of Modesty thus remains as incomprehensible to Dajjal’s modern Western civilization as Islam itself.

    Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), thus, remains another tool of mind control. The English language trains people that words such as “humility” and “modesty” imply “Ruwaybidah”! 🙂 Funny how the truth is just the opposite (no surprise in our upside down world!). In certain cultures/ languages, there are proverbs of how “the tree with the most fruit always bows down in humility”. Indeed, those more a Believer feels highly Blessed by Allah (and have inner worth), the more they try to bring themselves down to the level of another person, or wish for them to have the same from Allah. Arrogant people are thus (perhaps unbeknownst to themselves) empty, and driven to arrogance by their own inadequacies. And thus, I conclude, that the more Ruwaybidah/ rabble a person is, the more arrogant they (also/ therefore) are! 😉

    So here’s my diagnostic/ metric, thus (and I’m sure you’ll agree):

    – Rabble/ Ruwaybidah are arrogant;
    – Rabble/ Ruwaybidah are ignorant (wherein the greatest ignorance is not knowing Our Creator; our wolrd is full of PhD’s/ Luminaries who are thus ignorant, wherein this very form of ignorance is what’s known as ‘Jahiliyah’);
    – Rabble/ Ruwaybidah have no conscience (and thus have poor sense of justice or are out-and-out unjust), and are thus psychopaths;
    – Rabble/ Ruwaybidah love this world over the next. [This trait makes them prone to Fahsha, Baghiya and Munkar. And, as prophesised, the End Times’ Resistance army will comprise of men who have no shred of Fhsha, Baghiya or Munkar, etc.]

    Summarily, the rabble/ Ruwaybidah/ scum have taken over the world, just as prophesised by our Prophet (saas). Brother Sharif showed his genuine humility, heart and wisdom when he stated that Kamliyyat/ perfection as “near-perfection”. Man wasn’t created to be perfect like Angels — we were created to make mistakes and Repent/ do Tawbah.

    The article states : “Such is the reality; and this because man is unjust and ignorant – injustice and ignorance being the causes of defects, which bar the attainment of perfection and completeness.”

    By Allah, I always thought so. And I think an unjust person is far worse than an ignorant one …. because anyone who is ignorant but NOT unjust (incl. to their own souls, in arrogance e.g.) will readily learn more and not be ignorant anymore. That’s why Meritocracy weighs sincerity/ truthfulness to be higher than skills, while Bureaucracy is just the other way around.

    And imperialism is the very careful selection of Ruwaybidah to rule everything everywhere in the world — thus creating a system of slaves.


    I sense that you probably didn’t completely understand what I meant by ‘covert harassment’ and ‘persecution as a subject of Rothschild-sponsored human experimentation’. I understand it’s difficult (if not impossible) for anyone who hasn’t gone through this to understand how excruciating this is! And I do feel like sharing, although the scope and contexts of a forum like this may not make it appropriate (or worse, understood) … I hesitate … who knows …

    I’ll just say this much. For whatever reason, “they” have told me (for almost a decade, now) not to go public with whatever I have to say (and I still don’t know why). Last year, I had enough, and just wanted to open up to the world a bit at a time … so I joined TUT.

    Right before this resolution, after I made a few comments/ expositions on Henry Makow’s site, vandals/ covert-harassers smashed a side of my car at night! … Thereafter, I had break-ins in my house, occult harassment, financial harassment/ oppression, [emailed] threats to me and my family, and how I won’t be able to see my family ever again, or that I’ll be proved mentally insane and taken to an institution for life etc.!!! You want to know what’s the key issue here, from ‘them’? Well, as it has been for almost a decade … it’s called “don’t talk about Masons”! … These arrogant Imperialists/ Occultists seethe at the fact that they don’t even have the power to kill anyone that Allah Holds in His Mercy.

    Anyway, I’m sharing an email I received when I started to go all out talking about Masons. After reading this, you may realize a lot of things regarding what these scum Jewlluminati put people through (most of it with no proof, and plenty of hypocrites to side with them and even falsely blame the ‘victim’)! .. This is just a nano-glimpse of [the tangible aspects of] what I’ve been through in the last decade and more! … Again, please keep me/ us in your prayers, sister. And thank you again for taking the time to read this. [You will soon realize why your gracious appreciation of me in the earlier comment was such a shock for me…. because the Jewlluminati had vowed to destroy my life back in the late 90’s… and they’ve done enough to make me unable to remember that I was once someone who had one too many gifts/ Niya’mat from Allah. All I want today is that Husnul Khawateem in the Way of Allah … and the sooner the better.]


    [Received: 2 Feb, 2015]

    Hello Tanveer Kamal,

    We’ve decided to end our resume search feature on our job board and will
    be removing all job seeker accounts in a few days. There is no need to do
    anything, it will be automatically done.

    We want to thank you very much for using TorontoJobBoard.ca, we’re deeply
    grateful for your support.



  30. MJ … On second thoughts, may be I couldn’t clarify the aforementioned enough. The email arrived the day after I shared/ commented info on how Ontario is filled with Masonic Lodges.

    This happens continuously. If I share anything on the Saudis and their Intel, the next day I’d receive job opening updates from Qatar (through an agency I never heard of or applied to) etc. If I share something on Syria (or if I continue with my other support activities for Syrian Refugee Aid programmes/ initiatives), I’d get a job opening update/ email from Syria (!) from and agency I never heard of or applied to. [I hope you get a sense of how subtly and relentlessly this goes. Masons can be subtle as the devil.]

    Before I even joined the TUT forum, and on the last occasion I was mobbed (if you know what that means) at a job, the headhunter called me back for a lunch meeting and politely broke the news: “why don’t you just take ‘their’ suggestions and join ‘them’? … your life will be miserable if you don’t!” [Once again, this is nothing new, since 2001, that I’ve chosen poverty/ hardships/ persecution over a ‘compromise’! I know well what the temptation of Jesus story was about … and this example was the least of what ALL they had offered.] … Btw, I’m sure you can quickly imagine just HOW MANY ordinary people out there in the world “psychopathically” and complicity abet such “games” on innocent/ helpless people, on behalf of the ‘system’, to keep their paychecks coming in!

    It got more interesting when the CSIS sent a Muslim agent who wanted to chat at a café (yes, a café, and this was early last year!) … and at some point said “brother, I need your advise… a lot of people say that the nature of my job makes me a hypocrite!” And I told him all about Dajjal and about those men he cannot harm … 🙂

    It was far worse and more bizarre at times, over the last decade. There has been too much of this type of stuff, in all these years. I could write a book on this like Mark Rich of http://www.newworldwar.org/ … I’m used to ‘street theatre’ all the time … including [in recent times] surprise run-ins/ overtures from Slavik ‘Chosen People’ and Jewesses who claim to be “Jews for Jesus” members, and who really want to have discussions with me, and tell me all about the ‘REAL’ Jesus! 😀

    You should be able to infer a lot of things a bit better by now. Men like me were not born to be corporate drones, Iblees-sponsored luminaries/ puppets, or sell-outs. I understand Qarzan Hasana very well, Alhamdulillah. I could’ve made a great intellectual and warrior, but there are no walks of life left for men like me in this JWO End Times … and no army like that as yet.

    Btw … The post-accident police investigation had said that my vehicle was hit by a White Pick-up Van (ISIS style)!! [The cop was clearly smirking!] And the security cameras in my building showed no such vehicle throughout the day!


    Also wanted to share with you that the other day, in response to some similar situation, I took a printout of Konrad’s three-part “Truth about money” articles, a printout of Madam Rothschild’s predictions on a future of doom, and the following photo as a cover … took it to my Bank’s teller and asked him to review this and pass it up the chain! 🙂 [Yes, there are hundreds of ways, outside of our TUT world, in which the average citizen could start ringing the bells of revolt. Just in case you want to know … yes, there is always a result, because Dajjal is more paranoid and out of time than people know, and Dajjal’s system is closer to and more obsessed with the common man than he could ever imagine. Even if you still don’t get/ see it completely as yet, In sha Allah soon, you and many others like us will.]


  31. SubhanaAllah the glorified one by whom no creature can harm another except by his sultan/permission…..
    Thank you for the kind words brother and know that the last situation you have alluded to is one that I sensed among many converts to Islam……sisters/brothers who are being blackmailed and lots of accidents among other things…….truly I will pray for your family, brother :(.
    Stick tight to the Muslim community if you are well known, it is a source of protection.

    I am thankful for the kind words that you have sent and agree with your appreciation of that excellent article.
    Also, excellent address regarding the concepts dealing with the arrogant rabble.
    Thankfully I studied a different field way back then and then went traditional by opting for a family alhamdulliah.
    I agree also that too much poverty and too much wealth seems to be a breeding ground for hypocrisy!
    The Prophet alayhis-salaam warned us about being tested by these means. Truly we have become strangers among our people and many a times I am unable to relate to many who have a deficiency in Iza or honor for Islam or self.
    Especially those with a defeatist mentality i.e those who provide us with non Muslim solutions to our problems which as you have highlighted comes from this dry, boring and superficial academic world. Their solutions are always band aids mainly because they cannot delve into Jewish Supremacy as The source of the ailments and they have as such become the handmaidens of oppression.

    Other brethren are enamored with material……especially when you travel in the Muslim world this strikes us……they have become worshipers of material and worshipers of those who they believe in their hands is the material an or risq instead of truly becoming free my understanding risq is from Allah alone.
    They have sold their religion for a miserable price as Allah says in the Quran.
    Those who seek living in the Empire due to a love of this material lifestyle and /or hedonistic lifestyles which they believe to be freedom as opposed to the slavery we understand it to be.
    They are those who came to the west not due to a necessity of circumstance such as war.
    Methinks they will regret these values when they understand that Allah in his wisdom has given the oppressors and their empire enough rope to kill themselves. They are entrapped.
    ….but as Muslims we are always hopeful that the problems and the fitan/calamities in our lives will be a wake up call towards Allah and his deen for our brethren Muslims and our brethren in humanity the non Muslims.
    we are always hopeful for our ummah and happy when we run across the discerning and pious brethren/sisterhood, our treasures.

  32. “Especially those with a defeatist mentality i.e those who provide us with non Muslim solutions to our problems which as you have highlighted comes from this dry, boring and superficial academic world. Their solutions are always band aids mainly because they cannot delve into Jewish Supremacy ……”
    I would add that they also do not delve into solutions based on the Quran and sunnah.

  33. You realize that I have to read the ideas trove you give several times and each lends to another idea.
    i will research NLP I do not know much about it.

  34. Thank you for the thoughtful words, Sister MJ. Thank you especially for the prayers for us. [I also can tell which Verse or Hadith is behind which of your statements, Ma sha Allah.]

    First of all, I’m happy [Fee Sabeelillah] that you took the Traditional (Sunnah) route in your personal life’s decisions. By Allah, the rewards are bound to be far more and manifolds over a career per se.

    It’s been quite an excruciating journey for me/ us, but Allah was All Merciful in that He increased our Faith in every step. And now, I enjoy the fight like a warrior does when bleeding… because I know this fight is Fee Sabeelillah, in sha Allah … and it only purifies me/ us further (because Fitan also means purification of gold by fire). I have both enormous fear and hope that death would only be a blessing for me, in sha Allah. [That’s why I ask for dua’ for a Husnul Khawateem.]

    I am not a convert, by the way. 🙂 I might have sounded like that on occasion because there are two segments to my life. In the earlier part, I did pray regularly even as a school boy, and until I began college. My return to Allah (some Muslim writers call it the ‘awakening’ at the lowest intensity, while Classic Scholars/ men of God term it as “Ma’rifa-Allah” at the highest intensity), Allahu ‘Alam, was a like a brand new life/ consciousness, and a rebirth of the self! It happened at Makkah and Madinah, Subhanallah. And this marked the second part of my life, after 2004.

    When I look back at the first segment of my life, and then I look at the degree of commitment that Muslims out there actually have to Allah (just as you had mentioned) … I feel appalled. The path I’ve been on is best termed “How good is good?” or “How much faith is faith?” or “How much repentance is repentance?”, “How pure is pure?”, etc. You get the idea, I’m sure…

    I often hear from the very people who aided the Jew-Masons in destroying my life (as they tried). They laugh like the hideous Rothschilds, as if they won. Just like you said, they only lost the incredible and Eternal Jaza and Raza of Allah for a miserable price — which Konrad reduces to mere computer generated numbers! 😀 … By the way, they’re still at it, every day… because that is the curse of Allah, that their hearts should be sealed from ever reflecting or repenting or coming clean from serving the Lie/ Batil/ Oppression. … Just like you mentioned, they submitted to something else over Ar-Razzaq… and I’d like to be there to see their face go from smug to petrified in just about a couple of years, when the final flash fills the horizon in a heartbeat! 🙂

    On what you said about humanity’s solutions — the sellouts are in fact rewarded for the VERY fact that they aid in deliberately diverting people AWAY from God-provided solutions. These Jew-appraised rabble of humanity are the very agents who “keep men from the Path of Allah” (as I’ve seen through my own experiences) … and they do it in far more numerous and subtle ways that the typical sheikh would know … and I’m sure you’d shudder like me when you realize what is the punishment for doing this (as per the Qur’an)! Now you know why I began my first ever comment by mentioning Hadith such as the one about the 999/1000?! …

    Well, being a person who repents more for one sin than others even care to for a thousand sins … I believe that the pass mark of life is much higher than the CIA-Saudi Islam has brainwashed the world to believe, by now. And my paradigm keeps the effort/ striving at maximal … which is how it should be as per the example of the companions of the Prophet (saas).

    As an ending thought… I always thought how the very people around us who claim to cry for the Prophet (saas) … they’re so brainwashed in so many misperceptions/ wrong mental models that of you sent them back (on a time machine) to 1436 years ago, they will be the very ones to reject our Prophet (saas) (at least until he emerged victorious) or even scream and runaway when faced with the hardships of following him! 🙂 I know you’ll agree with this.

    You said : “We are always hopeful for our ummah and happy when we run across the discerning and pious brethren/sisterhood, our treasures.”

    Well, it’s a treasure to know you, my sister in Faith. 🙂

  35. By the way … thank you for your appreciation of my ideas. Most of them are from this life lived, while some are logical deductions in moments of reflection. You must know this …that I keep learning from a lot of things you share/ mention as well.

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