What Judea Wants, Judea Gets–Indiana Judge blocks abortion ban on ‘religious freedom’ grounds for Jewish women’s group

ed note–doubtless the reader will recall that very dramatic moment in the 1975 film Jaws when the shark being hunted by Quint, Brody, and Hooper rears up out of the water, giving the moviegoer the first real glimpse of its size.

Doubtless as well that the reader will recall how a shocked and near-speechless Brody–who first witnessed the shark–walked backwards into Quint’s cabin and said with a very somber, sober voice ‘we’re gonna need a bigger boat’.

The men knew they were dealing with a ‘bad fish’, using Quint’s description of the shark in a previous scene, but they didn’t know just how ‘bad’ it was until it came up from out of the water and revealed itself for the enormous monster that it was.

Now, it is HIGHLY doubtful that the director of the movie, one Steven Spielberg of the very non-Gentilish pedigree, deliberately set out to make a movie dealing with the existential problems swirling around organized Jewish power and its voracious appetite for Gentile destruction, but that is indeed the motif running throughout the film nonetheless.

Jewish power–the inevitable and inescapable ‘enfant horrible’ of Judah-ism itself–cannot be anything other than the vehicle for the ruination, or, if we want to get ‘biblical’ about it, ‘despoilation’ of all forms of Gentilism, just as the shark in the movie CANNOT do anything more than swim and eat, swim and eat, and with each meal, grow larger and more dangerous.

Having said this, let us take a closer look at this ‘bad fish’ and discuss its role in what has been and remains to this day the issue of legalized/institutionalized child-murder otherwise known as ‘abortion on demand.’

First, a lil’ linguistic perspective in getting this discussion started–

For those not in the know, the ‘scripture’ appearing on those green signs above and written in Hebrish letters is the shortened form of ‘Baruch Hashem’ which translated, means–




In other words, as the ‘scripture’ plainly says–




Now, what is important to know (and especially for those ‘Judeo-Christians’ who believe all sorts of assorted nonsense, including the detached-from-reality notion that the violent deity ‘yahweh’ worshipped by the Judah-ites of Jesus’ day was/is the same deity whom Jesus referred to as ‘my father’) is that the followers of Judah-ism who MILITANTLY support unrestricted abortion/child murder, right up to the very second before that living, yet-to-be-born human being emerges, are not ‘supporters’ of this grisly business because they have ‘abandoned’ their Judah-ism as many deluded and deranged Judeo-Christians believe.

Rather, this ‘THANK GOD FOR ABORTION’ sentiment stems from their DEVOUT adherence to Judah-ism, which both supports and commands the killing of the child FROM A RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVE, and not based on some ‘new interpretation’, but rather, based upon the teachings of Moses, going all the way back to the 2nd book of the Torah (Old Testament), specifically the book of Exodus.

Now, the reason that this–the religious justification for the grisly business of child-murder–is important is multi-faceted, but for the sake of brevity, we at this humble little informational endeavor will focus on just a few ‘protocols’ associated with all of it that every Gentile with a vested interest in his/her own future survival needs to know and understand, to wit–

The grisly business of child murder is just ONE item on the LOOOOONG buffet-table/menu of Judaic moral outrages that anyone–operating with a GENUINE desire to know the truth–will find.

From the very beginning of the entire Judaic affair, specifically the story of Abraham, the message found within the pages of the Torah  (Old Testament) and ESPECIALLY how the various patriarchs and matriarchs are described, is KRISTOL CLEAR in terms of the perverse and dangerous spiritual electrical current that serves as the ‘moral compass’ of these creatures and which drives their actions.

–Abraham and Sarah had their own successful ‘Jeffrey Esptein’ operation going with Sarah providing sexual services to politically-powerful people in return for Abraham being financially ‘well-treated’, a ‘family business’ later continued with their son, Isaac.

–Jacob was a liar, fraudster, and a thief…

–Moses and David were murderers…

–Joshua was a genocidal war criminal and to this very day is championed by the followers of Judah-ism for carrying out Moses’ orders not to ‘save alive anything that breathes’, including the unlucky innocent women and children who fell into his grasp…

–The ‘wise’ King Solomon was a collector of womenfolk, amassing some 700 wives and 300 sex slaves…

Besides this, we have several others such as Deborah, Esther, Judith, etc, who like their modern-day Mossad counterparts, acted as prostitutes and assassins in furthering the geo-political aims of the ’12 tribes of Israel’ as part of the ‘plan’ for stealing the land and ‘despoiling’ the surrounding Gentile nations.

The next ‘protocol’ that needs to be understood as it relates to that same Jewish political/social activism (as rooted in Jewish religious beliefs) that gave America and the West the business of institutionalized child murder, is the fact that this is just ONE of the many ‘novelties’ which the Sin-a-Gog of Satan plans to ‘serve up’ at the buffet table of moral outrages, the other being the following–

For those ‘not in the know’, the above painting features the biblical character Lott and the story of him getting drunk and having sex with his 2 daughters.

Lott was the nephew of the same aforementioned Abraham who–as already stated–had his own little prostitution/escort service business going with his wife, Sarah.

For those scratching their heads over WHY such a ‘holy’ man as this would engage in such a thing, note that in the paragraph immediately preceding this tale (and found within the same Torah/Old Testament from which the followers of Judah-ism derive their religious support for child murder) that he solicited those same 2 daughters as sex slaves to a group of would-be-rapists from the city of Sodom, instructing the Sodomites to ‘abuse them as it may please you’.

Now, the reason this is important is due to the fact that as much as the organized forces of anti-Gentilism–the followers of Judah-ism/’Children of Israel’ as they just love to refer to themselves–have been front-and-center in organizing and managing the VERY LOUD screeching campaigns over the demise of RvW, the ugly truth of the matter is that Roe’s demise actually serves an even darker and more dangerous agenda which ‘they’ are planning, which is utilizing the ‘Freedom of religion’ clause within the US constitution as the basis for not only re-institutionalizing at the national level the business of child murder (in favor of the previously-employed flimsy legal argument upon which RvW rested for half a century. i.e. ‘the right to privacy’) but as well, other forms of child abuse/child murder which they intend to see legalized/institutionalized as well, namely–

The legalization of child pornography and of the sexual exploitation of children, and all of it based upon the same ‘Freedom of religious expression’ argument that has halted the enforcement of pro-life laws in states such as Indiana and with many, many more to come.

Yes, Judah-ism permits the rape and sexual abuse of children, something that began first in the Torah/Old Testament and which was later codified in the Talmud, and if the legalization of child murder stands as a ‘freedom of religion’ case, so too will the sex-ploitation of children, at least for the followers of Judah-ism.

In bringing this to a close, we’ll reiterate again a theme that we have discussed here as of late, which is this–

–The love and the protective instinct which Jesus Christ maintained towards children, going so far as to declare that anyone who would harm one of them should be executed for doing so, specifically via the method of having a stone tied around their necks and them being thrown into the sea. 

Doubtless that during His own day, the Jews were as heavy into abortion and the sexual exploitation of children as they are today and probably making lots of shekels in doing so–


–And therefore which begs the following question–

How much of Jesus’ pro-child/pro-life protective instincts led to the Jews of His own day deciding to deal with Him as pictured below?



We’ll end this little ed note commentary referencing another ‘biblical’ theme, this one from the same ‘Book of Revelations’ that has become something of a drug for hundreds of millions of Christians around the world who today are greedily anticipating the arrival of ‘the beast’ and Jesus’ return to do battle with that evil system, which is that the author of that same Book of Revelations, John of Patmos, wasn’t just being ‘poetic’ when he referred to this beast as–

Drum roll please–

‘The Synagogue of Satan’



An Indiana judge on Friday blocked the state from enforcing its law banning most abortions after a group of Jewish women challenged it in a lawsuit.

Marion County Superior Court Judge Heather Welch issued a preliminary injunction against the Republican-backed law, which prohibits abortions with limited exceptions for rape, incest, lethal fetal abnormalities or a serious health risk to the mother on the grounds that the measure infringes on religious freedom protected by both state and federal law.

The law had already been on hold, as another judge in September blocked Indiana from enforcing it while Planned Parenthood and other healthcare providers challenged it in court.

Indiana became the first state to pass a new law banning abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court in June overturned its landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that had legalized the procedure nationwide. Other Republican-led states quickly began enforcing older bans.

Welch issued her injunction after a group called Hoosier Jews for Choice challenged the abortion law under Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act in a case brought by the American Civil Liberties Union.

‘The Court finds that S.E.A. 1 substantially burdens the religious exercise of the Plaintiffs,’ Welch wrote, using the formal name of the law, in granting the plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction while the challenge to its legality proceeds.

‘Although some religions believe that human life begins at conception, this is not an opinion shared by all religions or all religious people,’ the ACLU said in a statement.

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