Yahweh’s Chosen Hooligans–Israeli high schoolers kick off school year with acts of vandalism, violence and drunkenness


Students in several high schools opened the year with hijinks such as graffiti, throwing eggs at students, and getting drunk.


ed note–but remember, the reason there is this phenomenon known as ‘Islamic terrorism’ in the Middle East (and elsewhere) is because of ‘anti-Semitism’ and NEVER because of the obnoxious and oftentimes criminal behavior on the part of that ‘light amongst the nations’.


Israel National News


Students in several high schools across Israel chose to start the school year with acts of vandalism, violence and drunkenness.


Kan News, which reported the incidents, revealed that the incidents are part of a tradition that began to develop in recent years in which 12th graders come to their first day of school, usually after a party, act up, and even throw water balloons and eggs at the younger students.


For instance, at a high school in Holon in central Israel, students filmed themselves spraying a fire extinguisher at one of the teachers and uploaded it to the web. In a different instance, in a community in the Megiddo Regional Council in the north, some 40 students were found drunk after they spent the night on school grounds.


In a third incident, at a school in Afula, the students vandalized two classrooms. One of them was completely ruined, while in the other, the students drew graffiti.


An additional case of vandalism took place at a school in Kiryat Bialik, near Haifa, where students lit flairs at the entrance to the school.

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