Alex Jones is facing a reckoning. Let it be a warning to other conspiracy theorists.

Alex Jones is facing a reckoning. Let it be a warning to other conspiracy theorists.

ed note–well, it’s time–all bitter and no sweet, rest assured, ladies and Gentile-men–where we at this humble little informational endeavor get to throw down the ‘We told ya so’ card.

It will be remembered that almost 11 years ago a tiny handful of people associated with this website warned that the entire ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ theory that was spreading like a debilitating, delusion-inducing fever through the ranks of the ‘movement’ was a trap specifically designed to destroy the credibility of anything coming out of the ‘alternative media’.

To that end, intellectual luminaries such as the late, great, and greatly-missed Michael Collins Piper revealed and proved conclusively that this was a sophisticated psyop originating out of no less than the Obama White House itself, specifically with one Cass Sunstein, Obama’s ‘Information Czar’ who proposed that the way to defeat the growing threat posed to the ‘official’ line by that alternative media was to destroy the credibility of those media outlets and of its various spokesmen/spokeswomen through the process of ‘infiltration’ via operatives whose job was to then introduce new ‘theories’ that were off the wall and out of the park.

Soon, as Sunstein proposed, the general public would conclude that those alternative media outlets were not credible, thus keeping that same general public reliably glued to whatever narrative the JMSM was putting out for consumption at that time and thereafter.

Now, we are not throwing down that aforementioned ‘we told ya so card’ due to the fact that various persons involved with propagating the ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ theory have been sued to the tune of millions of dollars and have lost, including the very portly James Fetzer and the equally portly Alex Jones.

No, the ‘money’ aspect of Sunstein’s operation was merely a formality of sorts, the ‘gravy’ as it were for the already-cooked goose.

No, the REAL damage that was done was to the credibility of the ‘alternative’ media who as a result of over a decade of the Sandy Hook Hoax nonsense is now viewed by the mainstream American public like a bunch of mental patients who should be locked up.

And to that end, the OpEd below is just one more ‘brick in the wall’, to borrow a line from a once-popular song, a ‘wall’ of incredulity that as of the very moment of this writing, is being constructed for the largest prison camp in human history that will constrain the collective human mind and blind people to the nature of the evil that is about to consume EVERYTHING.

Yeah, hate to say ‘we told ya so,’ but, yeah, we told ya so.



Washington Post

Distortions. Lies. Profiteering off the hurt of others. Those are the signature characteristics that mark the radio work of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

So it shouldn’t have come as any surprise that Mr. Jones reacted to a judge’s ruling against him in lawsuits brought by families of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., with more distortions, more lies and more attempts to raise money.

Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis earlier this month found Mr. Jones liable for damages in defamation lawsuits brought by the families of eight people killed in the 2012 school massacre after the Infowars host made repeated claims that the shooting was a giant hoax.

The judge ruled that because Mr. Jones had refused to turn over documents ordered by the court, he was liable by default. A similar determination was made by a Texas court in September in two lawsuits filed by victims’ families. Jury trials will next be held to determine the amount of damages.

After Judge Bellis issued her ruling, Mr. Jones went on air and complained about being deprived of a fair trial and invoked his rights to free speech under the First Amendment. Days later, he released a video pleading for money.

Mr. Jones’s claim about being denied a fair trial is undermined by his own refusal to cooperate with the courts in basic procedures necessary to conduct one. Judge Bellis said years of what she called inappropriate conduct by Mr. Jones’s attorneys regarding depositions and the “callous disregard” for her repeated rulings required the most severe sanction of default, which she called “a last resort.” The judge in the Texas case cited the defendants’ “general bad faith” toward the litigation and Mr. Jones’s “public threats,” as well as his contention that the proceedings were show trials.

Multiple efforts by Mr. Jones to have the cases dismissed on First Amendment grounds have been roundly rejected by the state courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case. We are the first to stand up for First Amendment rights, but Mr. Jones’s repeated false claims that the shooting at Sandy Hook in which 26 people were killed was a hoax — “staged,” he said, and “inside job written all over it” — were beyond the pale and outside the Constitution’s protections.

Mr. Jones, who has now belatedly acknowledged the reality of Sandy Hook, had no credible evidence for his outrageous claims, and his knowing lies did terrible damage to people who already had suffered the tragic loss of loved ones. One family has had to move nearly 10 times and even now is living in hiding.

The families have yet to specify the amount of damages they are seeking, and there is no amount of money that can make up for what they have suffered and will continue to suffer. Their hope, though, is that they will be able to establish that conspiracy profiteering off the tragedy of others is not an acceptable business model. Let’s hope that others in this age of increasing misinformation get that message.

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