Gun Owners of America Larry Pratt Vows To Give An Award To Gun Range Owner Who Banned Muslims

Larry Pratt - June 6th* & 7th

ed note (Tony)…Yes, the same Larry Pratt who was invited to speak at a Freedom Palooza gathering put together by Paul Topete and others.

However, he declined the invite and was quick to ‘distance himself’ from such a gathering of “anti-semites”, harrumph, harrumph……

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6 thoughts on “Gun Owners of America Larry Pratt Vows To Give An Award To Gun Range Owner Who Banned Muslims

  1. Larry Pratt is busy trying to CONvince us he’s a ‘Constitutionalist’. HA! He’s a CON as in Neo-Con. A twenty dollar bet says he’s jewish. These Pied Pipers from Zion are a dime a dozen. Gotta ‘Stay away from dem Mooselum lovin’ Anti Semites!’

  2. If Larry boy truly loves his guns he should go after the ones who want to take away his guns (the jews).

  3. Paul Topete is a really good friend of mine, and he did call it, exposing this shill last year, along with Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Mack. They are all kosher cowboys when it comes to the jews.

  4. Alex Jones is a big fan of this clown. Too bigoted to see that it’s not the Muslims who are trying to disarm Americans. It’s the Jews who want the goyim defenseless against their depredations. The Qur’an is a book of blood? What about their precious Old Testament and Yahweh who commands rape, murder and theft? The Jews still take it as their marching orders. It’s what they use to justify their periodic slaughters in Gaza.

  5. I can’t believe I use to listen to this guy. (Larry Pratt) At one point I thought about joining his organization! Only to find Mr. Pratt 6-7 years later, rewarding a Red Neck Wench for her narrow mindedness and bigotry. I was exposed to this fine “Patriot” on the Alex Jones show. But after discovering how much of a blow hard and fake Jonestein was. I decided not to support anyone connected with that show or man of “Infowars Fame”. Assuming the adage was true “That you are the company you keep.” Now Larry Boy and his organization can drop dead for all I care!

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