IRAN – 2 jews arrested for a "death to Haman" graffiti


Sabba – all the jewish media reporting on this story headlined it as being a ‘prank’, a joke gone wrong. It was no joke and these 2 guys believed in what they wrote. They meant every single letter of it.

Now how would the jews react if every year on Purim, Iranians were taking the streets with slogans such as ‘kill jews’?


Two Jewish teenagers were arrested in Tehran earlier this week after they were caught spray painting a building in  the center of the Iranian capital with the words “Death to Haman,” according to a report in The Jerusalem Post‘s sister Hebrew publication Maariv.

Details of the incident quickly came to the attention of various US Jewish organizations. According to the latest reports, the two have not yet been released.

The Iranian Jewish community expressed concern for the safety and the future of the teenagers in light of past cases in which imprisoned  Jews disappeared.

“Based on the details that came from Iran, the Tehran police promised to release the two boys, both 17, after it was made clear to them that this is not a political act, but a simple Purim prank, but as of now, the boys have not been released,” said one official dealing with the issue according to the report.

Next week in Israel and across the world, Jews will celebrate the holiday of Purim.

According to Jewish tradition, it is a joyous celebration marked with the sending of gift baskets and with donations to the poor in commemoration of the salvation of the Jewish nation from Persia and the decree of the political leader Haman, who called for the death of the Jewish people.

“Although the authorities in Iran and the Muslim population are not connected to the story that took place in the historical Persian capital of Shushan, conservative factions in the country refer to the Book of Esther as the story of a massacre committed by the Jews against their enemies,” an American Jewish official handling the case explained to Maariv.

According to tradition, the city of Shushan, mentioned in the Book of Esther, is the modern day city of Hamadan in the northwest of the country, about 250 kilometers west of Tehran.

The spray-painted phrase “Death to Haman” may have been interpreted by Iranian police and the authorities as provocation against the regime directed against Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

American Jewish officials are working to determine the status of the two Jewish boys and hope to facilitate their release.

Approximately 13,000 Jews live in Iran with nearly half living in the capital city of Tehran. Jews are allowed freedom of worship and have one representative in the Iranian parliament. 

3 thoughts on “IRAN – 2 jews arrested for a "death to Haman" graffiti

  • March 19, 2016 at 5:46 am

    But Sabba, you are forgetting that these jews are gods chosen people and their god says they must do these things or they are not good jews. You can not blame the jews for doing what god says. god does not say the Iranians should do such things to his chosen. If he did then it would be ok but he does not. he tells the jews to do it. Why don’t you listen to god? (little “g” is intentional here ) If we would all just listen to god and become one of the jews 2800 slaves as they tell us the world will have peace finally. There will be no peace until we do this according to god and the chosen jew. Don’t you want peace? 😉

  • March 19, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    I couldn’t find the news in Tehran newspapers, but it’s possible those two idiot thought Tehran is part of the West Bank where Jewish thugs deface or burn churches and mosques as part of price tag. But judging by Jackman lie about Iran’s Jewish population being 8,756, down from 25,000-30,000 illustrates how 271,301 dead Jews (as per International Red Cross report) became ‘six Million Died’. Furthermore, under Iranian Constitution, 8,756 count, wouldn’t have entitled the Iranian Jewish community to have one ‘reserved seat’ in country’s Majlis (parliament).
    Haman, president of Persian King Ahasuerus’ Royal Council, is the villain in Jewish Megillat Ester (Book of Esther). He is accused of killing Persian Jews as threat to the empire – but as usual, the Jews were too smart to trust fellow Persian. They, under the command of Queen Esther’s uncle Mordechai, pre-emptied the Holocaust by murdering 75,000 non-Jewish Persians.
    In October 2012, then Israeli president Shimon Peres, a war criminal, called his Iranian counterpart Ahmadinejad, modern-day Haman.

  • March 19, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    “He is accused of killing Persian Jews as threat to the empire”
    No, Esther accused him of PLANNING to kill the Jews, very much like today’s Iran is “planning” to “wipe Israel off the map.” Atzmon called this kind of Jewish hysteria Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Nevertheless the Jewish elite does not suffer from it: they know they are lying to inflame the hysteria of the Jewish masses and to justify to the Goy world their unprovoked attacks on whichever “enemy” they plan to rob/destroy.

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