Judea Speaks– ‘We must do what it takes to stop Iran’

ed note–before diving headlong into all of this, we humbly ask the reader to look carefully at the disturbing pic above.

It is a pic taken in Israel during Purim, the yearly ‘religious’ celebration wherein Jews the world over, irrespective of what country, language, culture, etc happens to function as their host at that time, celebrate what they believe was their Judaic ancestors slaughtering 75,000 Persians. Within Judaic lore as recounted in the biblical book of Esther, the Persian government (and in particular a certain potentate known as Haman) just like other governments during that time period (and later)  in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Assyria, etc was coming to grips with the fact that the Jews were by their nature an ungovernable people who refused to respect/follow the laws of the land, and as such, the government had decided upon punitive measures to bring them to heel in the interests of the commonweal.

As the Jews tell the story, Haman was planning to kill them all, but what must be factored into any Gentile understanding of this narrative are 2 important protocols that are as eternal and autonomic as cold weather in January–

1. The Jews view any obstruction to them getting what they want in any form and at any time period in history as a ‘holocaust’ and a ‘pogrom’, the basis of which is ‘anti-Shemitism’ and envy/jealousy towards yahweh’s chosen people, and NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER the result of anything aberrant, abnormal or obnoxious that they may have done.

And, just as important, that most-important ‘protocol’ that must be remembered by all persons when considering anything coming out of the mouth of those of the non-Gentile persuasion, which is the immutable, unchanging and incontestable fact that




Having said that, let us move on to the ABCs and XYZs of the article itself.

That Judea is gunning for Iran’s destruction is as apparent as teeth in an alligator’s mouth, just as it was for Iraq, Libya, Syria, and every other locale which the organized forces of anti-Gentilism have condemned to death. And while on the surface the script as written by the Spielbergs, Weinsteins, et al features ‘WMDs’ and all sorts of other ‘jrama’ meant to seduce the borderline-retarded IQ of the average American whose blood, sweat and tears will be used as the currency in purchasing that planned destruction, what it is really all about is Purim and seeking Persia’s REAL destruction that in all truth never actually took place 2400 years ago as the Jews believe and celebrate. Just as Judea has long-planned for the destruction of Rome as punishment for the events of 70 AD, likewise, Persia has an account that is still in ‘arears’ and with mountains of interest included.

Remember as well that the ancient Persian Empire included almost the entirety of the present Middle East, therefore any military action against any Middle Eastern country represents an attack on ‘Persia’ and therefore the fulfillment of Purim’s ‘legacy’.

And finally, we would be remiss if we did not bring this thing ‘full circle’ as the late, great, and greatly-missed MCP used to say by reminding the reader that it was precisely for this reason that Judea, Inc decided that a certain DJT, POTUS simply had to go and be replaced with the mentally-incompetent and morally bankrupt Joe Biden, a ‘replacement’ that took place with a certain degree of cooperation/corroboration/collaboration with certain ‘neighborhoods’ whose claim to fame is their being ‘wise’ to the ways of Judea but who, in that desperate moment where it counted the most, acted as functionaries in Israel’s conspiracy in seeing DJT removed as POTUS with their own incessant and borderline-retarded ‘analysis’ showing how DJT was ‘owned by dJooz’. 


Jerusalem Post

Iran is once again stonewalling international investigations into its illicit nuclear activity. That is the latest conclusion from the most recent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report sent to member states last week.

The news was hardly surprising. Iran has for decades tried to play the West to gain time, and to continue making strides and progress toward its true desire: achieving a nuclear weapons capability.

In two reports, the IAEA – the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog – said that there had been no progress on two central issues: explaining uranium traces found at several old, undeclared sites, and getting urgent access to some monitoring equipment so that the agency can continue to keep track of parts of Iran’s nuclear program.

“The director general is increasingly concerned that even after some two years the safeguards issues outlined above in relation to the four locations in Iran not declared to the Agency remain unresolved,” the second of the reports said.

The news came as the United States warned that time was running out for talks to resume with the objective of returning to the 2015 nuclear accord known as the JCPOA.

President Joe Biden’s top nuclear envoy, Robert Malley, said last week that the US has yet to receive any indication whether Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, is even prepared to commit to holding a seventh round of negotiations in Vienna.

“We can’t wait forever as Iran continues its nuclear advances because at some point their advances will be such as to make a return to the JCPOA much less valuable to the US than it would otherwise be,” Malley told Bloomberg Television.

Israel’s response to the IAEA reports was quick to come. During a visit to Moscow on Thursday for talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said that Israel demands swift international action to curb Iran’s continued nuclear violations and advancements.

“A nuclear Iran will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East,” Lapid warned. “The world needs to stop Iran from getting nuclear capabilities, no matter the price. If the world doesn’t do it, Israel reserves the right to act… Israel will not allow Iran to become a nuclear state, or even a nuclear threshold state.”

Lapid’s comments echoed remarks by IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi in an interview with Walla News military correspondent Amir Bohbot before Rosh Hashanah. When the government decides, Kohavi told the news site, the military will have a variety of options to present to use to attack Iran’s nuclear program.

“We have intensified our preparations for operations in Iran,” he said. “A large portion of the increase in the defense budget is for this purpose. This is complicated work that requires a lot of intelligence, operational capabilities and munitions. We are working on it all.”

Israel’s rhetoric is not empty. The possibility that Iran will one day obtain a nuclear weapon or be on the threshold of doing so with very little breakout time is a threat under which Israel cannot live. It will impair Israel’s operational freedom, set off a nuclear arms race throughout the already volatile Middle East, and give Tehran’s proxies – primarily Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip – a feeling that they can get away with attacking Israel without paying a price.

Israel’s hope is that the world will understand that the Jewish state is not bluffing, and will take seriously its threat to use military force to stop Iran. The world would do well to keep in mind that Israel is the only country on the globe to twice – Iraq in 1981 and Syria in 2007 – launch airstrikes that successfully eliminated an enemy’s nuclear program.

What the world should also keep in mind is that this is an issue that crosses partisan lines. It is true that the current government is split between right-wing parties and left-wing parties, but Iran transcends those divisions. Stopping its nuclear arms race is a consensus issue that receives wide parliamentary support.

Will that be enough for the West to take the necessary economic and diplomatic steps to rein in Iran? That remains to be seen. The clock is ticking.

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