Kristol Clear Judah-ism– ‘Do we Jews pray for peace or for revenge’?

The short answer is, we pray for both.

ed note–again ladies and Gentile-men, one of the most important OpEds flitting around on the internet today that should be read, digested, and discussed on every major radio talk program and from every church/mosque pulpit in the world, but which–sad to say–won’t get as much as the slightest, yawning glance of notice except on 2 websites–the nutter in Israel where it originally appeared, and right here.

In Stephen King’s apocalyptic novel The Stand, the reader is introduced to the dark character ‘Harold Lauder’ who, by story’s end, is on his own personal mission of revenge and murder against those whom he perceives have wronged him in life. In helping organize his thoughts and formulate his plans for this mission, he writes everything down in a diary which he keeps hidden away.

‘Fran’, one of the characters targeted for murder, finds the diary, discovers what ‘Harold’ intends to do and makes this fact known to the rest of those living under his death sentence.

Rather than recognizing/acting upon the existential threat that Lauder poses to them as a group in a timely fashion however, they drag their feet, not sure of what to do next, hemming and hawing over ‘this’ course of action and ‘that’ course of action, until–



–Harold ‘beats them to the punch’ by blowing up the house in which they are all assembled, killing several and severely wounding the rest.

Obviously, hindsight is always Kristol Clear in the aftermath of tragedies, and ESPECIALLY those that could have been avoided with just a small amount of prevention/pre-emption, the lamentations always being some version of–


…If only we had known…If only we had known…


–When in fact it is rare that the ‘signs’ of that impending tragedy weren’t there from the very beginning if people had just bothered to care enough about their own skin and that of their loved ones.

Which brings us to the year 2023, a time when a certain sub-stratum of humanity with a collective ‘personality’ mirroring that of ‘Harold Lauder’ are on the same mission–mass murder–against those they believe have harmed them, the followers of Judah-ism and the ‘children of Israel’ as they love to refer to themselves.

Like Harold, they love to write things down in their various ‘diaries’, and not just as of late, but going back thousands and thousands of years, and what they write down could not be more Kristol Clear in terms of what it is that they are planning to do with the rest of us.

Unlike Harold however, they don’t bother to hide this diary.

In fact, they put it out there as part of the public record, confident of the fact that those living under their death sentence will not bother to read it, and if they do, will not understand the extent of the deadly threat posed to them.

Which brings us to right here, right now, and the diary entry below scribed by our deranged and dangerous Hebraic author which–as already discussed above–will not get the ‘attention’ that it deserves by those same Gentiles presently living under this Judaic death sentence.

Now, there are a million different things that can be written and said about the contents of this piece, and even though we could indeed engage in all the usual business of dissecting the madness that pervades the entirety of what this deranged follower of Judah-ism has written, we will instead just boil it all down to a few very simple and easy to understand maxims and ‘protocols’.

The followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’ as they love to refer to themselves are not like other peoples. The dark, dangerous and deranged philosophy that electrifies their thought processes and animates their behavior is like nothing else in human history.

What’s worse is the fact that for reasons not entirely understood at this moment, they possess an intelligence that surpasses the typical, run-of-the-mill psychopath who is on his own personal mission of revenge and murder, and not just of the ‘Harold Lauder’ variety out to kill a mere handful of people, but rather millions and even BILLIONS.

The other point to keep in mind is the fact that these ‘prayers’ for revenge against ‘Amalek’ described by our dangerous and deranged Hebraic author/follower of Judah-ism are recited EVERY SINGLE DAY and have been–not for weeks or months, but literally, for thousands of years, ever since the days of Moses.

Indeed, as events are proving on a daily basis, ‘Harold’ is going to get his revenge upon all of us, whether it is by nuclear war, plagues, economic/social collapse or a combination of them all, and what’s worse is the fact that whoever lives through it will indeed engage in the inevitable lamentations of–


…If only we had known…if only we had known…


–When in fact the plans for this disaster were sitting there as an open diary and an open conspiracy for thousands of years, and yet, the Gentiles, without any regard for their own skin or for that of their loved ones, refused to read it for themselves.



Shmuel Sackett for Israel National News


Do we Jews pray for peace or for revenge?

Allow me to answer the question right away; we pray for both! Our daily tefillot are filled with requests for peace. In Shacharit alone, we mention the word ‘Shalom’ about 20 times.

Yet, in those same morning prayers, we recite chapter 149 of Tehillim with the words, ‘To exact vengeance among the nations’.

On certain days of the year, we say ‘Avinu Malkenu’ which includes the request; ‘Oh Father, our King, avenge before our eyes the spilled blood of Your servants’. On Shabbat, just prior to returning the Torah, we say; ‘May He (Hashem) before our eyes, exact retribution for the spilled blood of His servants,’ as is written in the Torah of Moshe, the man of G-d–‘Oh nations, sing the praise of His people for He will avenge the blood of His servants and bring retribution upon His foes’… Why should the nations say, ‘Where is their G-d?’ Let there be known among the nations, before our eyes, revenge for Your servants’ spilled blood…’

While many people may be bothered by this contradiction, it makes perfect sense to me. Peace is truly a wonderful thing, and one needs peace in his/her home to nurture a family. Peace is vital between neighbors, in a community, in the workplace and in our schools and shuls. Think about how much money, time, energy, and effort has been invested in attempting to make peace between countries because peace allows free travel, commerce/trade and lifts a big stone off one’s chest when the neighboring country is not out to kill you.

Yes, peace is important, but it does not come at just any price. On the personal level, if a fellow Jew caused embarrassment and financial damage, our Rabbis instruct us to forgive the embarrassment and make amends. Yet, the Halakha is clear that while Reuven should forgive Shimon for the hurt and the pain, he does not need to forgive Shimon for the $5,000 he caused him to lose! Shimon can, once again, become Reuven’s best friend… but he must pay him back what he owes.

Let’s turn now to the national level. What happens when Amalek wants to apologize and make peace? Can we simply sign some agreement on the White House lawn and ‘let bygones be bygones’?

OK, that was an obvious question, so let me ask a harder one; What happens when Germany wants to apologize and make peace? Spain? The Church? Hamas? Do we jump for joy at the prospect of peace, or do we give a different answer? And if all we want is peace (because the Germans of today are not the ones who killed 6,000,000…) then what do we mean when we keep praying for Hashem to ‘avenge before our eyes the spilled blood of Your servants’?

Here’s the answer; Yes, we want peace but first we also want and demand revenge. We want revenge for the deaths of our brothers and sisters who were killed by the millions. We want the barbarians – and those who supported them – who made Jewish children into Jewish orphans, PAY DEARLY for what they did. Only after ‘Our Father, Our King avenges before our eyes the spilled blood’ will we work out a peace plan.

There are those who will consider my words extreme, but I disagree. I take the davening (daily ritual prayers) very seriously and if we pray for both peace and revenge then that is exactly what needs to happen; Hashem must avenge the blood of innocent Jews and then – and only then – will Hashem bring peace to the region.

Only when the Jewish enemy sees might, strength and vengeance from Heaven will they stop their daily terror. These actions – by a strong and proud Jewish army, unafraid of world opinion and political correctness – will then see blessing from the Almighty and true, everlasting peace. May this happen very soon!

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