Lest We Forget– Netanyahu says that new German submarines needed to ‘ensure Israel’s survival’

ed note–Reposted in light of the recent revelations concerning the 2 ships that ‘went dark’ just prior to the explosions that destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic sea as well as 2 ‘protocols’ that all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival need to consider–

1. Of the MANY things which Netanyahu & Judea, Inc believe must take place in order to ‘ensure Israel’s survival’–including destroying Iran, Syria, and the West in general–one of the PRINCIPLE events is DRIVING THE RUSSIANS OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST, thus leaving the Jewish state wide open to engage in the kind of Apocalyptic war she needs in order to bring about the entire ‘Greater Israel’ thing discussed multiple times in the same Torah that functions as the beating heart of Judah-ism.

The war in Ukraine was part of that equation.

Israel’s plan (and utilizing her NATO/US proxies) was to sabotage the failed and dangerously radioactive nuke plant at Chernobyl, leading to massive radiation sickness and death, PRINCIPALLY IN EUROPE, and all of it to be blamed on Putin.

What happened is that the Russians figured out that this was the game and acted pre-emptively to prevent that planned sabotage.

And so now Israel has moved on to ‘plan B’, which was/is to blow up the NS pipeline that accounts for huge amounts of natural gas being brought into Europe, and this just prior to the arrival of winter.

The other ‘protocol’ that needs to be understood for all its frightening implications is the following–

2. Years ago when it was first announced that Israel sought out Germany for the production/sale of these submarines, we at this humble little informational endeavor assumed it was part of the typically Judaic practice of coercing Gentiles into their own destruction, given Germany’s role in the ‘Hollerco$t’ that is the subject of non-stop screeching, wailing and fist-chewing on the part of world Jewry.

Now however, in light of this business involving the 2 pipelines, a new understanding to it all needs to be applied.

Every type of submarine possesses a distinct ‘signature’ based upon the turns of its prop, the type of engine it uses, etc, that can be ascertained by sonar and a ship’s computers, as anyone who saw the movie Hunt for Red October will recall.

The Israelis got their hands on those subs because they were planning on this recent sabotage of the pipelines YEARS AGO and therefore needed the ‘signature’ that would come up from any other ships in the area to read the subs as ‘German.’

It is also possible, as unlikely as it may sound, that the entire ‘scandal’ involving Netanyahu and the submarine purchases known as ‘Case 3000’ which the Jewish Mainstream Media in Israel has focused on for years was due to some internal feud, possibly by ‘saner’ voices within Israel’s military/political ruling class who knew what these subs were intended for and thought the whole scheme on Netanyahu’s part too risky.

As we like to remind the readers on this website from time to time, no one ever accused ‘them’ of being stupid.


Netanyahu: New German submarines needed to ‘ensure Israel’s survival’


The three German submarines that Israel ordered and are now at the center of a political storm involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his lawyer and confidant David Shimron are necessary for Israel’s national security, Netanyahu said at Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting.

‘As prime minister I dedicate the majority of my time to ensuring Israel’s security,’ Netanyahu said. ‘The principle that guides me is clear: that Israel will be able to defend itself by itself against any enemy in any realm.’

Israel’s security, he said, necessitated the purchase of the submarines, and the renewal of its submarine fleet.

‘These are strategic weapons that ensure Israel’s future and, I tell you, the very existence of Israel for dozens of years to come,’ he said. ‘The strengthening of Israel’s power is the only consideration that guided me in the purchasing the submarines. It is the only consideration that always guides me, and nothing else.’

Questions about the purchase of the submarines, which will bring Israel’s submarine fleet up to nine, surfaced last week after a Channel 10 report that Shimron worked for the German company selling the submarines, and that the decision to buy them was made over the objections of the defense establishment, including then defense minister Moshe Ya’alon.

Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin told reporters before the cabinet meeting that as someone who was a member of the security cabinet and former head of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, he can attest that the discussion about purchasing the submarines – and the internal arguments about it – were professional and were not influenced by outside considerations.

Elkin said that Shimron, whom he knows well, never spoke to him about the deal, ‘and therefore attempts to link these things are ridiculous.’

Elkin said that the whole affair now is merely an attempt to hurt Netanyahu politically. ‘Those who could not defeat Netanyahu at the ballot box are looking for all kinds of other ways to beat him, but they will not succeed,’ he said.