Lest We Forget–Trump tells UN Chief ‘Netanyahu Proving More Difficult Than Abbas on Peace Efforts’

According to Western diplomats, Trump nevertheless told Guterres he was optimistic about achieving a peace deal: Netanyahu, he said, knows he’ll never have a more understanding president, and Abbas needs a legacy to leave behind

ed note–as the old saying goes, ‘hindsight is always 20/20’, and especially in the aftermath of disasters–either natural or man-made–where after the process of investigation, discovery and deduction, those tasked with figuring out what happened get a better idea (hopefully) of how the whole thing came tumbling down, and in those cases where human activity/error was involved, who was/is responsible for it.

Imagine however that in the aftermath of such disasters no such ‘investigations’ take place, and not just involving some fender-bender car crash or an elevator failure, but something as apocalyptic as WWIII that could very well end all life on earth. Imagine all the ‘smart’ people–the ‘experts’ as they are called and LIKE to be called–who don’t do the ‘investigating’ they are supposed to do and as a result, those guilty of things such as WWIII and the end of the world get off scott-free.

Welcome to the downfall of Donald J. Trump as POTUS and the manner by which the culprit responsible for his downfall–Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel–get no mention whatsoever…

–And this despite the fact that the crime scene of what is now a foreign-orchestrated coup d’etat in America is covered TOP TO FREAKING BOTTOM with fingerprints, video surveillance, audio surveillance and just about every other type of incriminating evidentiary information that any ‘rookie investigator’ could use in piecing together what happened, and yet, despite all of this, barely a handful of the 7 billion people inhabiting God’s green earth pay any mind to it.

What the reader needs to understand about this fait-accompli/coup d’etat in America that has just taken place is that it’s not the first time that Israel has done this.

Each and every president who went down the same road of attempting to use America’s largesse in coming to some sort of ‘solution’ to the problems in the Middle East met with the same fate, including this guy–


And this guy, who was run out of office for pushing a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East that the Jewish state didn’t want–


And this guy, who was run out of office for pushing a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East that the Jewish state didn’t want–


And this guy, who was run out of office for pushing a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East that the Jewish state didn’t want–


–Only to be replaced with this guy, who also pushed for a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East that the Jews didn’t want–


–and who, although surviving the ‘physical’ assassination attempt on his life, nevertheless found himself dealing with this–


–Throughout the rest of his time as POTUS, and with that, his possible impeachment just inches away at any given moment if he stepped out of line and started talking about ‘peace deals’ again…


And who was then followed by this guy–


–Who had the Presidential temerity to hold back loan guarantees to the Jewish state unless they agreed to participate in the Madrid Peace Conference which he convened, and who–despite the fact he enjoyed an approval rating in the US in the 90th percentile following Operation Desert Storm, nevertheless was run out of office for pushing a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East that the Jews didn’t want, and losing to this guy in ’92–


–Who ALSO had the Presidential temerity to force this–


–Upon the Jewish state, his own version of the ‘Deal of the Century’ which was opposed by this guy–


–and which resulted in this–


–and THIS–


Only to then be followed by THIS guy–

Who, as borderline-mentally retarded as he was/is, nevertheless began his Presidency trying to pick up where his father left off viz a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East that would see the creation of a Palestinian State, only to have his plans sidelined by this–


–the aftermath of which kept him very busy for the next 7 years and too ‘distracted’ to pursue ‘peace’, and especially when he was pursuing war–



–That was demanded of him by these folks–


…To then be followed by THIS GUY–


–Whose political assassination began THE VERY MOMENT  he announced his candidacy for POTUS and which never stopped for the ENTIRETY of both the 2016 election season and the 4 years of his term, to wit–


And ALL OF IT being managed by this guy–


–Who features in the story below, and as the reader will see in KRISTOL CLEAR CLARITY, opposed Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ to the point where he and his ‘state’ were willing to deploy this–


and this–

and this–


and this–


and this–




In order to bring this guy–


–Into the White House, so that this guy–

…Can tell him what to do and expect that he’ll do it, including WWIII.


Haaretz, Oct. 6, 2017

In a meeting last month with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, U.S. President Donald Trump termed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the harder side to convince in his efforts to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, according to seven Western and Israeli sources who were either present at or briefed on the meeting.

‘Trump said both leaders are problematic,’ said one Western diplomat who was briefed on the meeting. ‘But the general context was that of the two of them, Netanyahu is the bigger problem.’

A senior White House official disputed the account of the meeting, saying, ‘This was a short but productive meeting that primarily focused on UN reforms and the great job [U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki] Haley has been doing. After discussing the United States’ defense of Israel at the UN, the participants quickly addressed the ongoing peace conversations. The president said that he feels both sides want to make peace and he remains optimistic about an enduring peace deal. We are focusing on our productive conversations and not on the noise created by spoilers.’

On September 19, Trump held a 15-minute meeting with Guterres on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. According to six Western diplomats and one former senior Israeli official, all of whom asked to remain anonymous, at least half of the meeting dealt with the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Trump, who had met with Netanyahu in New York the previous day, gave Guterres his impressions of that meeting and his own views on the peace process.

The Western diplomats said Trump reiterated to Guterres that he’s determined to try to advance a historic peace deal. He told Guterres that over the years, he had made many difficult deals, but he’d always heard that the hardest deal of all was Israeli-Palestinian peace, and he wanted to try to meet this challenge, according to one Western diplomat who was briefed on the meeting.

The Western diplomats said Trump also told Guterres that while Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is very old – 82 – and suffers from domestic political problems, he needs a legacy to leave behind. Netanyahu, in contrast, understands that he’ll never have a president more understanding of Israel’s security needs, and therefore there’s a chance that he’ll agree to steps he hasn’t agreed to in the past, the president continued.

When he first took office, Trump added, he thought the chances of making a deal were very low but now thinks there’s a good chance of producing an agreement.

The Western diplomats said Guterres encouraged Trump to continue pushing for Israeli-Palestinian peace and stressed that he too thinks there’s an opportunity to reach an historic deal.

Guterres told Trump about his visit to Israel in August and noted that opposition leaders Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni had both told him they would support Netanyahu if he promoted a real diplomatic initiative.

On September 18, one day before his meeting with Guterres, Trump met in New York with Netanyahu. There he surprised the Israeli leader when, at a joint press event before the meeting, he focused on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

‘We are going to discuss peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and it will be a fantastic achievement,’ Trump said. ‘We are giving it an absolute go, and there is a very, very good chance it will happen.’

A few minutes before the meeting, Trump tweeted the same message on his Twitter account.

But Netanyahu didn’t share Trump’s enthusiasm. His own statement to the cameras focused on the Iranian rather than the Palestinian issue.

In the days before the meeting, Netanyahu and his staff had repeatedly stressed that the meeting would focus on the Iranian issue. Thus they weren’t happy that Trump chose to frame it as focused on the Palestinian issue.

In an effort at damage control, Netanyahu told Israeli reporters in a post-meeting briefing that despite the prominence Trump gave the Israeli-Palestinian issue in front of the cameras, at the meeting itself it wasn’t a major topic of discussion.

Nevertheless, he admitted that Trump has a strong desire to advance the peace process.

On September 20, Trump met in New York with Abbas. In his statements for the cameras prior to that meeting, Trump once again sent a message of optimism, determination and personal commitment to advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace.

‘I think we have a pretty good shot – maybe the best shot ever, and I certainly will devote everything within my heart and within my soul to get that deal made. … So we’ll see if we can put it together. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.’

Unlike Netanyahu, Abbas cooperated with Trump’s messaging and praised him repeatedly for his efforts to produce an Israeli-Palestinian breakthrough.

At their meeting, Trump told Abbas that the White House was working on a new peace initiative but needed more time to finalize it. Palestinian sources briefed on what happened at the meeting said at the time that Trump had asked Abbas to give him the extra time he needed by refraining for the time being from any steps that could impede such an initiative.

A few days after he returned from New York, Netanyahu convened the security cabinet and briefed the ministers on his meeting with Trump. He told them Trump was working on a peace plan, and his impression was that the president was very determined to advance it.

‘There’s no doubt the Palestinian issue is a very weighty and important one for Trump,‘ Netanyahu told the ministers. ‘Trump is projecting seriousness on this issue. The Americans are preparing a plan, and I presented our positions to the president. Trump is very determined, and he wants to make the ultimate deal.’