Axis of Gentile Resistance has inflicted deep wounds upon the diabolical monster known as the Jewish state

‘We must never forget that the Jewish state is empowered by a DIABOLICAL energy source that is almost inexhaustible in its capacity and potency and is willing to incinerate the entire world in achieving her desires.’

‘Remember the destruction that was wrought against the Middle East in the aftermath of Israel’s terrorist attacks against America on 9/11…Look at the destruction and destabilization that has taken place over the last 3 years with Israel’s release of the COVID-19 virus cooked up in the Israeli Institute of Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziyyona…She has exponentially-larger dirty tricks up her sleeve she is willing to inflict and therefore, all of us engaged in this existential battle with her must take into account that she is an extremely dangerous and cunning adversary and that this is going to be a long and bloody battle that in truth, despite raging for the last century, nevertheless, is JUST GETTING STARTED…’

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