By Way of Deception– ‘Israel’s First anti-Zionist Prime Minister’

ed note–we’ll spare the reader the usual extended commentary for something ‘short and sweet’, to borrow an often-used phrase.

First, there is nothing ‘anti-Zionist’ about Netanyahu and his recently-created right-wing/nationalist government. Anyone with 3 functioning brain cells who spends as much as a mere 5 minutes reading what it is that the ‘founding document’ of the Jewish state–the Torah (Old Testament)–has said from its very inception can see for themselves in KRISTOL CLEAR CLARITY that conquering and possessing all the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers is explicitly what Judah-ism–and its political counterpart,  Zionism–demands/commands be done.

What all of this really boils down to is the time-tested/age-old practice of Judaic trickery, lying, and deception aimed at making war against the Gentiles, no different than Moses commanding the Israelites to ask their Egyptian friends and neighbors if they may ‘borrow’ all of their gold and silver, all of which was stolen as the Hebrews high-tailed it out of Egypt as recounted in that silly book known as Exodus, or if you will, ‘Jexodus’.

Where are unesteemed and deceptive Hebraic author does get it right however–even if only accidentally–is with the following, where he predicts–

…Endless war and conflict with the entire Arab world…

Which is exactly what WILL indeed take place as a result of the new government that Netanyahu has put together, which in reality is a


To that end therefore, all should expect in the near future to see a repeat of this–

–The same history-making event (which Netanyahu described as ‘good’ in the ‘immediate sympathy for Israel’ that it would generate) as the necessary precursor to the war against Iran/Persia for which the followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’ as they love to refer to themselves, have been planning for the last 2,500 years.


Nehemia Shtrasler for Haaretz

It feels like a year, but in fact it has only been a week since the government was established, a week that proved we are dealing with the first anti-Zionist prime minister in Israel’s history. He is doing everything to weaken and undermine our existence here. He is assassinating democracy, the justice system and the economy, and by so doing endangers the very existence of the state – blatant anti-Zionism.

The coalition agreements signed by Netanyahu with the two Kahanist factions in the government, Religious Zionism and Otzma Yehudit, turn Israel into a binational state, which means endless internal war and conflict with the entire Arab world.

This is the correct interpretation of the additional position given to Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich: minister in the Defense Ministry. He will be in charge of the Civil Administration and the unit coordinating the government’s activities in the territories, thus controlling expansion of the settlements, whitewashing of the outposts, and the oppression of 2.5 million Palestinians.

Next to him will stand Itamar Ben-Gvir, the national security minister, who received unprecedented powers to dictate police policy, in addition to direct command of the Border Police, which is the combat element of the police, and is deployed mostly in the territories.

Ben-Gvir will change the Israel Police and Border Police rules of engagement, and see to legislation providing immunity for soldiers and security forces personnel, which will lead to a third intifada. This is how the two Kahanists will wipe out any chance of a diplomatic agreement and the safe existence of a Jewish and democratic state within the Green Line – the end of the Zionist dream.

Netanyahu’s second anti-Zionist step is the smashing of the justice system.

He wants it submissive and frightened, and so he has sent Justice Minister Yariv Levin to the front to be its executioner. Levin has presented a plan whereby appointment of judges will be handed to the politicians, an override clause will be enacted, and the reasonability clause will be abolished. All this together will destroy the judiciary’s independence, castrate the Supreme Court and lead to the truly important objective, the cancelation of Netanyahu’s trial.

Instead of three branches, we’ll have two, and really one: the government.

Bibi’s third anti-Zionist move is the weakening of the state through the splitting and mixing of government ministries, absurd political appointments and insane pacts of plunder with the Haredi parties. Instead of encouraging education and work, the agreements will encourage ignorance and idleness. Stipends for yeshiva students will double, as will the budgets of the cheders that don’t teach the core curriculum. The draft-dodging kollel students will receive food cards and 90-percent discounts on property taxes. And this is how Arye Dery and Netanyahu will destroy the Zionist revolution, which wanted to create a ‘new Jew’ who would live from the fruits of his labor and without needing alms and handouts. This is the route to turning Israel into a weak Third World country that cannot compete with the First World.

And if all this weren’t enough, Bibi also appointed Shlomo Karhi as communications minister to launch a blitz against media organs and journalists who don’t toe the line, and without a strong free press, there is no democracy. And indeed, we can already see how the media is aligning itself with the new regime, and it reminds one of the police, which has stopped investigating government corruption since 2018, due to Netanyahu’s fear campaign.

This is Netanyahu’s vendetta against the state that has dared to put him on trial, at the end of which he will stand with a triumphant grin and sign the Zionist state’s death certificate.

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