Incurable Gentile Stupidity–Swedish Muslim community helped shut down Torah-burning protest

A 34-year-old Egyptian writer submitted an application for a police permit to hold his demonstrations outside the embassy.

ed note–for the record, the position we maintain here on this humble little informational endeavor is that burning holy books is stupid. It’s the equivalent of what has become commonplace these days with hair-brained womenfolk deciding to ‘protest’ whatever–war, peace, poverty, prosperity–by taking their clothes off and parading around in public with stupid slogans written on their naked bodies.

What this–burning books–says in an instant is that the literary arsonist has no intelligent argument to make, and rather than wage his/her battle within the respectable ring of intellectualism and well-delivered debate, that he/she knows they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell and therefore ‘chickens out’ by dousing something in lighter fluid and tossing a lit match on it.

Doubtless that the readers of this website remember this guy–

–The infamously-stupid ‘Pastor’ Terry Jones who made international headlines years ago with his announcement that he was going to have a public burning of the Qu’ran on the 9-year anniversary of 9/11.

The readers of this website may remember the podcast interview we did with him prior to his act of monumental stupidity and obeisance/feasance to the organized forces of anti-Gentilism years ago wherein he was confronted with those sections of the Qu’ran that spoke reverently and respectfully of Jesus, of His mother Mary and of His followers, juxtaposed to the scurrilous and condemnable things that the Jewish Talmud has to say and challenged him that if he was really in the mood to burn something that perhaps what he should do was to light up the one ‘holy book’ that speaks of a condemned-to-Hell Jesus being boiled in a giant vat of feces and semen rather than the one that talks about Him being divinely chosen and preferred by the Creator.

Our reasoning had no effect on him whatsoever and to the best of our knowledge, he didn’t burn any copies of the Talmud, preferring instead the ‘safe’ route of burning the Qu’ran and doubtless for which he received tons of kosher kudos from his Judaic supporters in private emails and messages.

HOWEVER, if there were a justifiable instance where a ‘holy book’ should be burned, and along with it, an accompanying reasonable explanation on the part of the literary arsonist (s) as to WHY it deserves to be burned, indeed it is that compendium of ‘holy books’ which the followers of Judah-ism read, study, and follow as part of their daily spiritual diet, beginning with the Torah.

The Torah is–for anyone who has bothered to sit down and read it in a rational (non-emotional) manner–a compendium of religious-based terrorism, ‘juhad’ if you will, instructing its followers to engage in the very same conquest and ‘conversion by the sword’ which the detractors (liars) about Islam claim are found within the Qu’ran. Everywhere and everywhen this book has gone throughout history, its followers–driven mad by its juhadist commands and accompanying thirst for conquest–have acted as subversive, aggressive and VIOLENT gears functioning within its machinery of death in all Gentile societies, but especially those that are Christian, such as Sweden where the story below features.

Lest we forget–

‘When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…’–Book of Deuteronomy

Among the many juhadist passages or ‘parshas’, as the followers of Judah-ism refer to them, found within the Torah, it is specifically THIS ONE listed above in particular that today is responsible for this–


and this–

and this–

and this–

–and a million other examples of Judah-ism’s inhumanity to mankind and of Gentile mass murder–‘Gentile-cide’, as we choose to describe it here on this humble little informational endeavor–that we could show but won’t for the sake of brevity and which BY ITSELF warrants a very public ‘purification by fire’ of such a demented and dangerous book, and if it is anyone who today possesses the right to exercise his/her ‘freedom of speech’ by burning this demented and dangerous book, it is those in the Muslim community who have been murdered, defamed, and libeled by the organized forces of anti-Gentilism, a diabolical cabal that we refer to here as ‘Judea, Inc’.

The Muslim community in Sweden may think they are scoring a few points with the organized forces of anti-Gentilism by stepping in and preventing this, but they aren’t.

They–the followers of Judah-ism–will continue on in their Ju-had against the peoples of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and everywhere else, because at the end of the day, this is what their Judah-ism commands, as clearly outlined in the citation above.



The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it was able to cancel a planned demonstration in Sweden in front of the Israeli embassy in Stockholm, which was supposed to include the burning of a Torah scroll. Yet in a conversation with The Jerusalem Post, a Swedish-Israeli rabbi shared that it was actually leadership from the local Swedish Muslim community that assisted in persuading the organizer to cancel the provocative act.

According to Swedish media, an Egyptian writer who lives in Sweden recently submitted a request for this demonstration to the local police.

After the publication of the planned demonstration on Israeli radio, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement: ‘We acted immediately and decisively in order to prevent the shocking and humiliating event from taking place.’


What happened in Stockholm?

According to reports, the Stockholm Police actually was planning on allowing the protest to take place since it is considered freedom of expression. In addition, a week before, a similar demonstration took place in front of the Turkish embassy which included burning a copy of the Quran.

‘The burning of the Torah scroll was prevented thanks to the leadership of the Muslim community in Sweden,’ Rabbi Moshe David HaCohen told the Post.

HaCohen is the co-founder and project director of Amanah, a Swedish organization that promotes dialogue and connections between religious minorities, mainly Muslims and Jews.

Amanah is based on the personal relationship and dialogue that was established between Imam Salahuddin Barakat and HaCohen. HaCohen was formerly the rabbi of the Malmo Jewish community in the Southern part of Sweden and now lives in Israel, but visits Sweden regularly.

HaCohen explained that ‘when we reached a situation where Sweden insisted on the right to freedom of expression [before the planned demonstration of the Torah scroll], those who worked behind the scenes and approached the Egyptian writer were people from the Muslim community in Stockholm and also the Muslim leadership, associated with the Amanah organization. We at Amanah have been working for cooperation on mutual religious and minority issues in Sweden for five years.’

He added that following the burning of Quran books outside of the Turkish embassy in Sweden, ‘the Jewish communities, in cooperation with Amanah, issued a statement on behalf of all the Jewish communities in support of the Muslim community. We issued a statement strongly condemning the burning of the Quran and demanded changing the law, by limiting the laws of freedom of speech.’

In the joint statement, the Swedish Jewish communities and Amanah said that ‘it is with deep concern that we once again witness Islamophobic hate manifestations in the streets of Sweden. Once again racists and extremists are allowed to abuse democracy and Freedom of Speech in order to normalize hate against one of the religious minorities in Sweden by burning the Quran.’

‘Our tragic European history has taught us that book burnings often signal the onset of the normalization of hatred towards a group in society,’ the statement said. ‘Historically against Jews and currently against Muslims. Not recognizing these manifestations of hate as an expression of threats and incitement against ethnic groups constitutes neglect of history,’ the statement of Jewish leaders said.

They concluded by saying that they wish to express their ‘support to the Swedish Muslim Community and clearly state that every action and sign of prejudice and hatred is unacceptable.’

According to Swedish DN news, an Egyptian writer is a 34-year-old man whose name wasn’t published. He told DN that he was advised against carrying out his plans by representatives from the Islamic League in Stockholm’s mosque, and was quoted saying that ‘they [the Islamic League] say it is against Islam and I wouldn’t be representing Muslims when burning a copy of the Torah outside the Israeli embassy.’ He added that ‘it’s okay – I would be representing myself.’

According to Swedish media, the 34-year-old Egyptian writer submitted an application for a police permit to hold his demonstrations on Saturday, January 28 at 1 p.m. Yet he told DN on Thursday afternoon that he has decided to postpone his planned actions ‘for a couple of weeks.’ According to the report, he was also approached by Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, who asked him to ‘tone it down.’ According to Rabbi HaCohen, a further meeting with the author and Muslim leadership took place, through the mediation of Amanah, in which he decided to cancel the request entirely.

The 34-year-old explained to DN that he is ‘tired of his tax money going towards protecting right-wing extremist Rasmus Paludan’s repeated Quran burnings,’ most recently outside the Turkish embassy. His actions are intended to claim that Swedish law is hypocritical.

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