Judea Threatens– ‘A curse awaits those who tamper, lessen, belittle, or otherwise trivialize the most harrowing crime in the history of the world, the Holocaust of the Jews’


The Holocaust is the third rail. It must never be touched and never be mentioned except in the most hallowed terms.


ed note–An essay such as this–haughty, arrogant, and overblown in terms of the proportionality/importance of the singular event serving as the topic of discussion–speaks for itself viz the mental incapacitation of the author, and therefore no in-depth commentary is necessary.


However, for the sake of posterity, we’ll do it anyway, given that there are apocalyptically-dangerous ‘protocols’ associated with this that affect all life on God’s green earth.


The first thing to keep in mind is that the author of this piece is not an aberration. This overblown sense of self-importance has been THE defining characteristic of all Hebrews/Israelites/Judah-ites/Judeans/Jews, etc, ever since the following incantation made its way into the collective ears of these should-be mental patients thousands of years ago, to wit–


‘I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee…’


As well as–


‘…For you are a holy people unto the Lord your God, who has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession…’


And thus, the beginning of the entire affair that has set into motion ‘the world’s oldest hatred’, i.e. ‘anti-Shemitism’, that has now seen the creation of a state armed with nuclear/chemical/biological weapons and populated with religiously-psychotic individuals who believe that the world will be a much better place in the aftermath of an apocalyptic war that they intend to start that–as one important guy from the town of Nazareth once predicted–would be so severe that ‘no flesh would survive’ unless it was shortened.


Now, as to the particulars found within the essay of our deranged Hebraic author, nota bene–


Gentiles don’t count. In the Judaic worldview, we are only a mirage of sorts, or, as one (in) famous and incredibly influential chief Sephardic rabbi put it a few years ago before he died and went home to hell, ‘Gentiles are donkeys made to appear as humans’ so that we all can better serve the Jews.


And it is for this reason (apart from the obvious political ‘protocols’ attached to the entire Hollerco$t narrative) that the ‘burnt offering’ said to have taken place last century dwarfs all other human suffering, including those TRUE holocausts which the followers of Judah-ism themselves have perpetrated (the systematic murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of Gentiles in Bolshevik Russia being just one) and indeed perpetrate to this day, particularly in the Middle East.


Again, it is important that all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival understand the perverse and peculiar thought processes that animate and energize Judaic political & social actions, including all the wars which they have initiated and which they intend to get started, in that it all goes back to the original source, which is the pathological and apocalyptic narcissism of Judah-ism itself.



Jack Engelhard for Israel National News


She meant it satirically, of course, as a means to demonstrate how stupid people will believe anything.


But it came across as if she was speaking for herself.


Such as…’ Nobody died in the Holocaust. It never happened.’ Then this, ‘A million Jews should die.’


Those words directly from the mouth of Jewish comedian Roseanne Barr, known for the sitcom ‘Roseanne’ and her capacity to ignite outrage.


Ignite, she did. That message sparked condemnation up and down social media. YouTube has cancelled her. The ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt has denounced her, which is an opportunistic departure from his usual business of decrying social injustice against, primarily, African Americans, and Jews, secondarily.


On the other hand, commentator Candace Owen expresses amazement that it has come to this. What’s the matter with you people, she says.


This was sarcasm, she says. Have we lost our grip?


I agree. We have lost our grip. Cancel Culture is ruining us all. Comedians need freedom even to offend.


I come from the school of Lenny Bruce, and I will be first in line to defend artistic freedom.


But…the Holocaust crosses the line. The Holocaust is the third rail, and must never be touched, and must never be mentioned except in the most hallowed terms.


May there be no hope for deniers, even those who don’t really mean it, except as a ‘joke.’


A curse awaits those who tamper, or lessen, or belittle, or trivialize the most harrowing crime in the history of the world.


Think Leviticus, and there find the incident of Aaron’s two sons, Nadab and Abihu, who were destroyed when they offered ‘strange fire’ for a sacrifice.


Taunting the Holocaust is Strange Fire.


Aaron’s sons, the Sages say, paid the price for displaying arrogance and disrespect.


So too Roseanne and the rest of those who play with the Holocaust.


Do so at your own regret and peril.


Entertainers like Roseanne ought to know the wisdom of silence.


What to do with her comment, ‘A million Jews should die?’


For that, I say, yes, cancel her. Get her out of my sight.


That is satire too far. This is poison let loose in the cultural atmosphere.


What demon possessed her?


Onto a generation as un-hip as it is today, such words can be taken literally, and even lead to action.


Roseanne Barr is double guilty for putting people like me on the spot…people whose trade is free speech.


Alas, we are forced to say, there are exceptions, namely, the Holocaust.

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