Judea’s Revenge against the West, 2023

Ed note–Just as the criminally-insane character ‘Max Cady’ in Cape Fear (played by the equally-insane Robert Deniro) sent to prison for brutally raping and beating a girl refuses to accept the fact that his conviction and incarceration was his fault, likewise, the organized forces of anti-Gentilism REFUSE to acknowledge that the years of ‘incarceration’ and ‘persecution’ imposed upon them were in effect part of the process of PROSECUTION for the various crimes they have inflicted upon Gentiles going all the way back to the beginning of the affair as recounted in ‘Jenesis’.

Likewise as well, that boat heaving and hurtling towards it’s own destruction in the movie clip functions as a perfect motif/metaphor for the Western world presently in the throes of Judea’s revenge and with seemingly little recourse or means of self-defense.


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