ed note–again, ladies and Gentile-men, as we noted in the previous post dealing with this story, there is something Gefilte-fishy about all of this that warrants a great deal of consideration on out part.


The Jews–meaning the followers of Torah Judah-ism–are born liars, that’s a given–always have been, always will be…‘Children of their father, the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies’, just as the ‘big guy’, JC Himself, stated in the plainest of language, but which few (tragically) took to heart.


Therefore, given that they are indeed born liars and have been attempting for the last 3,000+ years to build this pyramid-shaped Anti-Christ/Dajjal empire with them sitting at the top of everything, it is axiomatic therefore that the only manner in which this can be accomplished is through dishonesty and duplicity, or, as Mossad–Israel’s intelligence/assassination agency–put it famously in its own motto, ‘by way of deception, we shall make war.’


Having said that, it’s worth studying then the ‘why’ behind this new legislation related to the events of Oct. 7th that is roaring down the tracks towards the rest of humanity.


Yes, you read that correctly, ladies and Gentile-men, not just at the people of Israel, but at HUMANITY, as in all 8 billion of us living on God’s green earth, and if there is any doubt about the fact that this is indeed where the Jews intend to take all of this, consider then what it is that the author of this proposed legislation himself has to say about it, to wit–


‘We cannot demand that the nations of the world ban the denial of this massacre without us also acting. In this era, when false information is spread on steroids, we must start the fight now…’


Pretty simple language there, ladies and Gentile-men, indicating that the Jews plan to shove this legislation down the throats of all nations, all Gentiles the world over, and not just to the people living in Israel.


So, the obvious question involved in all of this is as follows–


WHICH parts of the events of the Oct. 7th narrative have become sacred cows and which Murder, Inc has decided must be protected by nothing less than the business end of government bayonets?


Is it–


A. That a sizable portion of Israel’s citizens are beginning to feel compassion for the people of Gaza who are being slaughtered like sheep, and this compassion threatens to bring to a halt Netanyau’s plans for conquering the entire region?


Perish the thought, Gentile readers…


Upwards of 85% of the Torah-Terrorists holding citizenship in the Jooish State believe that not only is all the carnage justified, but as well, think that NOT ENOUGH carnage is taking place, and that Netanyahu should be doing more.


So then, is it merely an issue of the ‘magical numbers’ that have been assigned to this event–similar to the ‘Six million’ of the Hollerco$t–that must be maintained in order to keep the war fever in tact that is raging within the violent and psychotic collective brain of Judea, a necessary pre-req if the entire ‘Greater Israel’ thing is to be achieved?


Doubtful, L&G, and for the simple reason that the magical number of ‘1200’ could be cut in half, and STILL the Torah Terrorists making up the Jooish State would be ok with mass-murdering every single Palestinian in Gaza and in the West Bank.


Is it the ‘sympathy for Hamas’ thing that this legislation is seeking to curtail or eradicate outright?


Again, no, L&G. Given what is the organic dysfunctionality of the Jewish state and the fact that she can only exist in a stasis of perpetual conflict and war, one of the necessary pre-reqs for this is that there are ‘Ishmaelites’ who hate Israel and seek to bring about her demise, the obvious proof of this being that it was none other than Netanyahu himself who made sure that millions of dollars kept flowing to Hamas, because if the organization were allowed to ‘whiter on the vine’, then the events of Oct. 7th would not have taken place, and thus, no ‘justifiable’ reason for kicking open the door to WWIII/Armageddon that began on Oct. 7th.


So then, what’s the real reason, ladies and Gentile-men, for this proposed legislation that would make ‘Oct 7th Revisionism’ a criminal act that would result in a 5-year prison term for any persons violating it?


Perhaps it was none other than the little monkey himself, George W. Bush, who said it best in the aftermath of Israel’s terrorist attacks/acts of war taking place on 9/11/2001, to wit–


‘We must speak the truth about terror…Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves and away from the guilty…’


Those ‘outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th’ are of course those facts related to the mountain of verified/verifiable evidence that Israel had her dirty hands in it, the arrest of the 5 Mossad officers that morning who were seen by witnesses cheering the destruction of the Twin Towers being just ONE piece of evidence indicating her direct involvement.


And likewise, L&G, it is this–the DIRECT INVOLVEMENT OF THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT ITSELF in the events of Oct. 7th, first in allowing it to happen and then in utilizing the IDF to murder large numbers of Israeli citizens in order to ‘beef up’ the numbers–THIS is the real target of this legislation aimed at stamping out ‘Oct. 7th Denial’, because if awareness of these facts–Israel’s self-inflicted wounds–became widely known, then not only what has already taken place, but as well, WHAT’S TO COME, could easily be stopped dead in its tracks, and in so doing, would result in this pyramid-shaped Anti-Christ/Dajjal empire that the Jews have been constructing for the last 3000+ years being taken down, piece by piece.



Times of Israel


A bill criminalizing the denial, minimization or celebration of the Hamas terror group’s October 7 attack on southern Israel passed a preliminary reading 29-0 in the Knesset plenum on Wednesday.


In a series of tweets ahead of the vote, sponsor Yisrael Beytenu MK Oded Forer, who modeled his bill after a 1986 law prohibiting Holocaust denial, said the way in which people around the world relate to the massacre ‘is starting to resemble Holocaust denial, and it also has fans here in Israel.’


‘We cannot demand that the nations of the world ban the denial of this massacre, which is similar to the ban on denying the Holocaust, without us also acting. In this era, when false information is spread on steroids, we must start the fight now,’ he said.


Co-sponsor MK Evgeny Sova agreed with his fellow Yisrael Beytenu lawmaker, telling The Times of Israel following the vote that anybody ‘who denies the massacre that Hamas perpetrated on October 7 is no less than a Holocaust denier.’


The legislation, which was supported by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation, mandates prison sentences of five years for making statements denying the massacre or ‘downplaying its dimensions’ as well as prohibiting expressions of ‘praise, sympathy or identification’ with the attack.


‘The denial of the massacre constitutes an attempt to rewrite history already at this stage, in an attempt to hide, minimize and facilitate the crimes committed against the Jewish people and the State of Israel,’ the bill’s explanatory notes declared.


Arguing in favor of the legislation in the plenum on Wednesday, Justice Minister Yariv Levin said that it had been brought as a private member’s bill because he had been unable to promote it as government legislation due to opposition from the government’s legal advisers.


Last week, Army Radio’s Tamar Shunami reported that Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara had come out against the legislation because trials brought under the proposed law could complicate the prosecution and trials of Hamas members by requiring the ‘disclosure of evidence that will disrupt’ the ongoing legal process.


And while the current proposal is coming only months after the October 7 attack, Holocaust memory laws around the world were only passed years after the European genocide when ‘a clear historical determination of the crimes had already been created,’ Baharav-Miara wrote.


Beyond setting an example abroad, the bill is also intended to fight denial domestically, Forer said after the vote, declaring that ‘we must not allow groups within the country to destroy and damage the memory of the victims.’


Forer may have been alluding to his recent efforts to expel Hadash-Ta’al party lawmaker Ofer Cassif, who is currently going through an extended impeachment process over his public support for South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice.


The massacre denial bill has raised concerns among some human rights advocates over its potential impact on free speech, especially given the large number of police investigations and indictments against Arab Israeli citizens on charges of incitement and identifying with terrorist groups since the war began.


Israel’s Haaretz daily has reported that conspiracy theories about October 7 have flourished in East Jerusalem.


‘The criminalization of expressions should be preserved for extreme circumstances where there is a real and imminent threat, such as incitement to violence,’ Association for Civil Rights in Israel’s Gil Gan-Mor told The Times of Israel. ‘The denial of the massacre is regrettable and flagrant, but it is not one of those extreme cases.’


Because the law is ‘formulated in an ambiguous manner,’ it will be hard to predict how it will be enforced, creating ‘a chilling effect on freedom of expression,’ argued Gan-Mor, who heads ACRI’s Civil and Social Rights units.


‘In an era where people are constantly exposed to misinformation and fake news on social networks, which authorities struggle to deal with, there is a need to be especially cautious with the restriction of expressions that constitute a denial of events. In Israel, there are quite a few people who deny the Nakba for example. Dealing with these issues should be through arguments and education, not draconian laws,’ he said, using the Arabic word for ‘catastrophe’ that many Arabs used to describe the displacement of Palestinians amid the 1948 War of Independence.


To become law, the bill still needs to pass through committee and three additional readings in the plenum.

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