Kristol Clear Judah-ism– ‘Then we re-take Gaza’…Hardline minister hails repeal of West Bank Disengagement

Orit Strock says eventual conquest of the Gaza Strip ‘will involve many casualties’ but it is ‘part of the Land of Israel and must be resettled’

ed note–as we have counseled many times and for many years on this humble little informational endeavor, the entire ‘Jewish state’ thing was not/is not/never will be about establishing merely a ‘homeland’ for the world’s most persecuted (prosecuted) minority, but rather about establishing a sprawling theocratic empire stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers, exactly as it is described many times in the ultimate book of hate, the Torah.

Now, the reason it is important in this case is because of the ‘change of season’ that has recently taken place in Israel, and particularly with the elections that have brought to power for the first time the most religious government in Israel’s history.

By virtue of the various players who now make up the moving parts of this piece of political machinery, what the amalgam represents is the early stages of the Jewish state putting itself on a war footing along the lines of what took place in 1948 and in 1967.

This time however, besides the planned COMPLETE ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the Palestinian Gentiles in the West Bank, Israel intends as well to initiate war against Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the ‘big enchilada’ whose destruction Israel has been planning and pre-celebrating now for the last 2,500 years during the ‘religious’ feast of Purim, Iran.

In the end, the blame/responsibility for the upcoming religiously-driven bloodbath being prepared and which WILL INDEED take place absent some miracle must fall on the heads of those Gentile nations and peoples–both in the West and in the Middle East–who refused to recognize the nature of the beast for what it was, and who WILLINGLY brought this baby crocodile into the home of nations not thinking about the fact that in time it would grow, become larger and more dangerous, and that at some point, despite all the efforts put forth in ‘taming’ and ‘domesticating’ it, in the end it was/is/always will be a carnivorous beast that must behave in the manner in which its own DNA has been formed. 


Times of Israel

A far-right minister in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government said that a law repealing legislation that ordered the evacuation of four West Bank settlements was a step on the way to re-occupying and resettling the Gaza Strip, a move that she acknowledged would cause ‘many casualties.’

The law, which won support from opposition members including National Unity’s Gideon Sa’ar and Ze’ev Elkin, repeals the clauses of the Disengagement Law that banned Israelis from the areas where the settlements of Homesh, Ganim, Kadim and Sa-Nur once stood, paving the way for settlers to return.

The four communities were the only West Bank settlements to be cleared during the Disengagement from Gaza close to 18 years ago.

‘Our first step will be to legalize the Homesh Yeshiva and then we will gradually re-settle the area,‘ said Minister of National Missions Orit Strock, hailing the new legislation in a Tuesday interview with the right-wing Israel National News outlet.

The next step, she predicted, will be a return to the Gaza Strip.

‘I believe that, at the end of the day, the sin of the disengagement will be reversed,’ Strock said. ‘I don’t know how long it will take. A return to the Gaza Strip will involve many casualties, but ultimately it is part of the Land of Israel and the day will come when we will return to it.’

In 2005, then-prime minister Ariel Sharon masterminded the unilateral evacuation of Jewish settlements in Gaza and handed the area over to Palestinian rule, ending 38 years of Israeli military control of the territory. The Hamas terror group has ruled Gaza since 2007 when it ousted the Palestinian Authority in a bloody coup.

‘This crazy behavior from Orit Strock and her promises to return Israel to the bloody quagmire of Gaza, just reiterates again and again that the greatest danger to Israel comes from extremist settlers,’ Michaeli said Wednesday. ‘In order to fulfill their messianic fanaticism, their leadership is willing to waste the lives of our soldiers.’

Unlike the Gaza Strip, which the IDF pulled out of entirely, the army remains deployed in many areas of the West Bank, including the sites of the evacuated settlements.

The destroyed West Bank towns have become a symbol to settlement supporters of an injustice they have sought to undo, while to Palestinians the areas are another section of West Bank territory stripped from them.

The repeal, approved in a first Knesset reading less than a week ago, will bolster the coalition’s efforts to legalize a wildcat outpost currently occupying the site of Homesh and a yeshiva that has been built there, which activists have tried repeatedly to reestablish since 2005.

Repealing restrictions on Jewish entry was a required step toward legalizing the outpost. Homesh is built on private Palestinian land, according to a High Court ruling. The head of the IDF Central Command will still need to sign a military order allowing Israelis to return to those areas.

The repealing of the disengagement law in the northern West Bank was met with fierce criticism from the international community, including from Israel’s closest ally, the United States.

On Tuesday Israel’s ambassador to the US was summoned to the State Department for an unscheduled meeting in a rare move by the Biden administration aimed at escalating its protest against the Knesset’s passage of the law, a US official told The Times of Israel.

A readout issued by the US after Ambassador Mike Herzog’s meeting with Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said the American official ‘conveyed US concern’ regarding the aspects of the 2005 Disengagement Law that the Knesset voted to rescind, including the prohibition on establishing settlements in the northern West Bank.

Hours earlier, State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel opened the daily press briefing with a lengthy statement condemning the Knesset vote revoking parts of the Disengagement Law, arguing that the move flew in the face of Israeli commitments to the US.

Patel said the US is ‘extremely troubled’ by the legislation, noting that Homesh was built on private Palestinian land.

The law ‘represents a clear contradiction of understandings the Israeli government made to the United States,’ he continued, pointing to a letter then-prime minister Ariel Sharon sent to then-US president George W. Bush some 20 years ago in which the premier committed to evacuating the four northern West Bank settlements.

The EU’s foreign policy arm released a statement calling for the Knesset to reverse the legislation, which it said was ‘counterproductive to de-escalation efforts, and hampers the possibility to pursue confidence-building measures and create a political horizon for dialogue.’

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