The taking of booty in wartime condoned in the 5 books of Moses


ed note–despite the obvious, which is all the banditry and gangsterism involved in attacking Gentile cities and towns and murdering everyone within it, keep in mind the following–


…Take as booty all the women and the children and enjoy the use of the spoil of your enemy which the Lord gives unto you’…


In other words, raping the women and the children taken captive.


Let us repeat that for emphasis-




And yet, we here in the West are told that it is Islam and its adherents everyone needs to fear due to ‘jihad’, when in fact, the real danger to the world, in fact, THE ONLY DANGER TO THE WORLD, is Ju-had.





During wartime, Jewish law, as based upon the books of the Torah, permits the taking of booty. If an enemy rejects a peace offer then the Jews were commanded ‘You shall put all of its males to the sword. You may, however, take as your booty the women, the children and the livestock, and everything in the town – all its spoil – and enjoy the use of the spoil of your enemy, which the Lord gives unto you’… (Deuteronomy 20:13-14).

This dispensation, in fact, is codified within Jewish law.


Elsewhere, the Torah describes an elaborate centralized distribution of spoils, which include the soldiers, the clergy, the Temple treasury, and citizens (Numbers 31:25-47).


Many battles recorded in the Bible depicting the plundering of the vanquished by the Israelites are at times seen as a sign of divine approval or wrath. God, in fact, assures Abraham that his descendants will leave their slavery with great wealth, a promise that is fulfilled during the Exodus, when the Jews took the possessions of their Egyptian neighbors. Some medieval interpreters apologetically asserted that the booty was in lieu of payment for their years of servitude; otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken the property.


Yet the simplest read of the text is that God approves of bounty-taking in those wars that he blesses. As later decisors have asserted, while stealing is normally prohibited, the rules of warfare permit such behavior as part of the broader conquest.

3 thoughts on “The taking of booty in wartime condoned in the 5 books of Moses

  1. It is interesting to note in regard to this that when Iraq was invaded by the coalition forces, that a pipeline inside iraq was reconstructed from Mosul to Kirkuk, and that that oil pipeline was then extended all the way into Israel, so that Israel today has been given the stolen war booty.

    Aaron Russo was told that oil would be taken from Iraq before military action took place, and the surprising fact is this, that no other country ever gets any of that stolen oil, or ever will do, as Israel alone has been granted unlimited amounts of free oil in perpetuity, and not one drop for the actual nations of the soldiers (not that they ever should enjoy the proceeds of violent robbery and mass murder of course).

    So this is a clear example of the peoples and armies of the Jewish-infiltrated and controlled Gentile slave nations unknowingly being made to offer fealty to their intended royal master Israel, in the form of laying such riches at their feet as a tribute.

    It makes you want to vomit doesn’t it?

  2. So why all the moaning an whining about the Germans stealing zio artworks, not to mention many others, during WW II? Sorry, ….., I forgot, ….., zio artworks are exempt simply because they are owned by zionazis, and they plan to make all we goys slaves and keep anything of value that we have.

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