The Benefits of Genocide


The genocide of the Palestinian nation, which the Israeli jews have been carrying out for long decades, complete with slaughters, razing of entire villages, home demolitions (27,000 homes demolished since 1967), expulsions, killing of children, phosphorus bombing, walling in of villages, kidnapping and imprisonment — including children (6,700 Palestinians currently imprisoned), destruction of olive orchards, wanton confiscations of land and also destruction of the Palestinian culture and national memory (e.g., the Orient House), should be well known to the world.

It should certainly be well known to Israel’s protector and enabler, the US. Yet it continues to provide munificent benefits to the genociders, while ignoring pressing needs of the American people and earning enmity and loss of credibility and respect worldwide. 

According to, during Fiscal Year 2014, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $10.2 million per day in military aid.  Also, “Total direct U.S. aid to Israel amounts to well over $140 billion in 2003 dollars. Israel receives about $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America’s entire foreign aid budget. In per capita terms, the United States gives each Israeli a direct subsidy worth about $500 per year. This largesse is especially striking when one realizes that Israel is now a wealthy industrial state with a per capita income roughly equal to South Korea or Spain.”


“In 2007, the Bush Administration and the Israeli government agreed to a 10-year, $30 billion military aid package FY 2009 to FY 2018. In 2012, the U.S. began giving Israel $3.1 billion a year (or an average of $8.5 million a day) and promised to provide that amount every year through FY 2018. During a March 2013 visit to Israel, President Obama promised to continue to provide multi-year commitments of military aid to the Israeli government.”

Hold on to that data and now juxtapose it on the OBSCENE claim in this Arutz Sheva article below. 

Warning: The effect of reading Arutz Sheva is stronger than that of ipecac.

The ‘Palestinian’ benefits of genocide

Genocide is an international crime. It’s unspeakably evil. It’s a crime against all of humanity.

Genocide means one group seeks to destroy another group. It’s a form of communal hate. It means individuals will be murdered not because they have committed a crime, but because they are members of a hated group.

Genocide is committed not only by leaders’ orders or armies. It’s also committed by private individuals (Article IV, Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, 1948).

Genocide does not happen in a vacuum (Itamar Marcus, “The Genocide Mechanism”, Jerusalem Post, April 26, 2009). The hate of a population anxious to murder others needs to be stoked and nurtured (ibid). In addition, genocide must offer some kind of benefit (ibid). Without that benefit, it might not get popular support (ibid).

The Palestinian Authority (PA) offers its citizens a ‘genocide-benefit’. In the PA, those who commit acts of genocide against Jews receive two concrete benefits: fame and money.

Those who attack Jews can become famous. Those who die during such attacks become even more famous. Statutes, public memorial plaques, football teams, tournaments, schools, public buildings, roads and stadiums are named after those who are killed trying to kill Jews.

Jew-killers (successful or not) who are killed during their attacks aren’t called criminals; they’re called national heroes. They’re called religious ‘martyrs’.

If their death was spectacular enough, new-born Arab babies will be named after them. They will receive pubic burial attended by national officials. Headlines will lionize them because, the PA says, they have died for their religion.

PA culture and education do little to prepare PA youth for the future. Schools promotes genocide, not career or higher education. Unemployment is high. Wages are low. PA youth have no future—but not because of Israeli ‘occupation’. Israel treats Arabs better than any Arab country in the world.

PA youth have no future because the PA doesn’t give them a future. It gives them hate.

Normally, hate can’t feed a family. But PA hate does. Individual acts of genocide in the PA don’t just bring fame (above). They also bring money–because Jew-killing is like winning the lottery.

This is why you’ll see videos of attacks by Arab youth that look incredibly stupid. For example, you might see a 16-20 year-old with a knife running wildly at three or four heavily armed and padding-protected Israeli soldiers.

These attacks are not stupid. They are financial investments.

In a culture where you’ve got no real education, no job prospects and no future, attacking Jews is a ticket to income stability, economic security and official PA support to your survivors if you die. There is no finer financial opportunity in the PA.

Murdering Jews pays (Ted Poe, “Crime pays ‑ for Palestinian terrorists”, Jerusalem Post, March 18, 2014). The PA pays salaries to all who try to kill Jews (“PA daily: PA pays salaries to prisoners, released prisoners, prisoners’ families, and families of martyrs”, Palestinian Media Watch [pmw], October 8, 2014).

The salaries paid to these lucky few are substantial by PA standards. According to one report, terrorists in Israeli prisons receive a higher average salary than PA civil servants and military personnel (Itamar Marcus, Nan Jaques Zilberdik, “Palestinian Authority Paying Salaries to Terrorists with U.S. Money”, gatestoneinstitute, July 28, 2011). Here’s the breakdown, as of 2011:

Average monthly salary:

Civil Servants recipients receive an average salary of 2882NIS/month;

PA military personnel receive an average salary of 2,704NIS/month;

A PA Arab in an Israeli prisoner for murdering a Jew receives an average salary of 3,129NIS/month.

There’s also a cash-incentive plan. The more Jews you kill, the more cash you’ll get (ibid).

The PA analyzes the details of each terrorist attack (Edwin Black, “Abbas’ PA Pays Prisoners Salaries According To How Many Israelis They Murder”,, February 8, 2015). Senior PA officials–as high as President Mahmoud Abbas—study the specific carnage caused by each terrorist act (ibid). PA leaders then approve ‘appropriate’ salaries and honorary ranks in either the PA government or the military (ibid).

In 2014, the perennially cash-strapped PA paid out something like $3-7 million USD a month as salaries and other financial rewards to terrorists and their families (ibid).

This policy of putting terrorists on the official PA payroll is part of a PA law called, the ‘Palestinian Law of the Prisoner’ (Ted Poe, above). That law gives a financial incentive to genocide. That law institutionalizes the ‘genocide-benefit’.

That law does something else: because the PA has so enshrined these rewards into its law, a US Federal Court, in February 2015, found the PA guilty of officially supporting terrorism (“Jury Finds Palestinian Authority Liable for Intifada Terror”, thecounterjihadreport, February 23, 2015). You may remember this case. The Judge handed down a verdict against the PA which required it to pay victims more than 280 million dollars. That amount was then almost tripled because of the terror aspect of the case.

The Court found that the PA offered direct financial support to individuals convicted on terrorism charges. It also found that the PA pays families of PA Arabs killed during terrorist attacks. The Court ruled that such activities make the PA liable for damages for attacks during which PA terrorists killed and wounded Americans (ibid).

The Pa suffers heavy unemployment and serious economic uncertainty. These killer-martyr payments offer the greatest economic security a family can earn. Martyrdom and Jew-killing bring far greater economic benefit to a deprived family than education.

In America, you can achieve instant financial security by winning a lottery. But the actual chances of winning a big American lottery are probably something like 700,000-to-one.

PA genocide-by-private-individual is different. In the PA, individual genocide means your chance of winning financial security for yourself or your survivors is close to 100 per cent. All you have to do is attack a Jew with a knife.

PA genocide committed by a private individual works because it pays. It’s the ‘genocide-benefit’. The longer it pays, the longer the terror will continue.

6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Genocide

  • December 17, 2015 at 2:29 am

    That site is SO heavily loaded with advertising and videos that you cannot turn off that I could not bear to read the article after a few lines of utter horror. There were so many pop ups with loud sound …
    But what I did read was TOTALLY offensive.
    Not a peep about the myriad of pilgrims to the tomb of Baruch Goldstein I imagine…. or the unheard of discipline of Israeli soldiers for their unspeakable crimes…

  • December 17, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Thank you for lifting this odious piece from this human sewage called “Jews”.
    When you think it is not possible to see worse, be sure that with Jews worse is the only thing they are capable of, and are even bragging about it. Sharon the mass murderer called it “escalation”. What an oxymoron, since it is just deepening the depth of their bottomless depravity.
    What is notable is the total absence of creativity in their methods: as illustrated in the odious piece presented here, the Jews always accuse others of committing the crimes they commit themselves, and generally it is the victims of their crimes that they accuse. It is so systematic and ubiquitous, that to discover what crimes Jews are committing, it often suffices to listen to what they accuse others of doing.
    Once you are aware of this trick, you will discover how often it is the case. In fact it is almost always the case.
    But when a collective who is committing terrorism and genocide, abominable cruelty and extermination of children etc since over 7 or 8 decades, is then accusing their victims of “benefitting” from it, it reaches indeed an area of depravity that should alarm the rest of humanity to an acute degree. This is especially the case since this perpetrator collective who identifies itself as “Jews” has infiltrated power apparatuses all across the western countries and their satellites, and is shaping our nations, our children, to the Jewish model.
    If we as Nations and Civilizations, do not realize the ominous jewish threat against us, and if we do not find the resolve to engage this nefarious, degenerated segment of humanity to neutralize it by all means necessary, and with utter ferocity, the consequences will be staggering.
    If we fail to neutralize that ominous threat, Jews will do as they have started again, foment world wars that will rapidly become nuclear wars, where our countries will be the battlefield, and given the destructive force and toxicity of these weapons, this means at least half of the planet will become uninhabitable. This is no joke. Never mind being called an anti-Semite or some other ridiculous little quolibet: the risk of letting these scumbags off the hook is far too high to be stopped by anything.
    Listen to Gandhi who said that in situations wbere you must protect innocents from an oppressor, or defend your family, if you have the choice between cowardice and violence, choose violence.
    I loathe violence, have refused any military engagement in my country of origin and was risking prison for refusing, have spent a lifetime spreading tolerance and respect for other cultures, religions, nationalities… in fact my own family was victim of totalitarian politics during WW2, and yet I reckon there is no other alternative left but to call for standing up against the aggressor and traitor in our midst.
    They want war, they always want wars.
    Alas, let us give them war. We already have mighty allies at the horizon, with the Russia, China, Iran axis, and the rapidly growing coalition of countries around them.

  • December 17, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Hear hear, M.Forza. Should we just go for it? Or should we develop tactical and strategic plans to direct our actions? Is a quick victory possible? It might well be. But do we need to plan for what we do after we win?
    Alas, “they” have a history of organizing revolutions by means of infiltration. Look where the British, American, French and Russian revolutions got us. They got us to where we are now.
    They wanted the Communist revolution to go global. They controlled the Communists of course. They already controlled the Capitalists, from the days of Colonialism.
    It bothers me that we ordinary people don’t have anything resembling a plan to do anything.
    No plan how to bring down Centralized Power. No plan what to replace Centralized Power with. Nothing!

  • December 17, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    @ Alan Kerns
    Aside the fact that I do not have great sympathy for sarcasm in debate, as frank and direct exchange are far more constructive, you raise an interesting point, and I would like to address that point.
    Firstly, you are prompt in making assumptions. I would greatly doubt that the Russia-China-Iran axis and their allies, would engage in this battle blindly, without very clearly defined strategic aims. As of now they have already make the magisterial demonstration of their superiority both military and diplomatic.
    Secondly, contrary to what you seem to assume, i am someone who vehemently recommends to have plans in advance, because indeed as you suggest, “revolutions” absent of any clear architecture of government ready to conduct state affairs immediately in the case of victory, are generally followed first by a bloody chaos, and second by the establishment of a tyranny generally worse than the one it replaces.
    But this is where our views begin to differ, as I wonder if, perhaps, you may see the situation with a bit of myopia. Again, in the case of for example the Liberation of a country from an occupation, or from a tyrannical regime, i go as far as to say that if there is no plan, no government in exile ready to take over as soon as the occupier is defeated, then it could be argued it would be safer to leave the status quo for the time being, because otherwise otherwise the social fabric would be torn, sometimes irreversibly.
    But when i say myopia, it is because what we deal with in this situation is not one country to Liberate, it is many countries, on many continents, with different cultures, religions, climate, you name it. The only thing that binds these different parts together, is the common necessity for peace between us, and the common enemy who wants war against us all.
    I believe that in this very circumstance, all what we need is a strategy for combat, which Russians so far seem to be following with great precision, and in this very circumstance i think what we certainly do not need any more, is a monolithic solution that would fit us all, which is what you suggest.
    From my perspective it looks like this: Let each country decide for themselves! Give diversity a chance! Some will see fit to choose what we would call socialist system of government, others would see what we would call capitalist, others social-democrats, others would see fit for themselves to decide for a secular, others for a religious form of government, some might adopt central systems, others federalistic systems, tribal councils, you name it…. and may be even some would try their hands at anarchy… The only condition that can be regulated by International Laws, is that each and every country can only decide for istelf, and only engage in policies that do not harm other countries. These are general guidelines which as it is are fundamentally different to what we had so far, where one system, one “civilization” always tries to trump others, and force their ways on others.
    Again: if one country seeks Liberation, yes you imperatively need to have a structure in place in advance, before even starting the battle, mainly because you will have to situate and define your country in relation to the external pressure of an established system, whether functional or bankrupt. To the contrary, when many formerly subjugated populations do regain independence, let them find their own way, own judicial, economic or philosophic system. If differences occur inside every country or culture, let them find indivudual ways to resolve it.
    The diversity that will ensure, providing again that policies are strictly domestic and can not have any adverse effect on neighbors all of it under the umbrella of an International body of Law (one with teeth) will benefit mankind. Diversity allows more empirical approach to socio-economic models, and allows to better address the will of we the people, which is something that you seem to be honorably concerned of, but you see better fit to be uniform, and to which i firmly object. I envision that concept, where the common and deadly enemy is neutralized, and where individual Nations are making their own choices within an International framework of Law regulating in particular environmental questions, as having a far better chance to sustain peace and the perpetuation of life, – a life enjoyable through diversity of identities who are let free to remain different from others (but equal)
    We need to adapt to new circumstances and new situations Alan, and i think the time of dominant ideologies defined by a segment of humanity who considers itself “superior” to be obsolete, over, dead, finished. We need to move on.
    As to your your last word, “Nothing” … i hope you are not one of those agents whose business it is to discourage masses, and so I assume you meant no harm. The fact is, i do propose something. I called for the first step, the letter A of the alphabet of Liberation, something that looks like defining the beast, deciding to fight it, raise energies that down the road will have such momentum, that no jewish submarine guided by US satellite can do anything to stop it.
    If you can contribute to that energy, please do so, we all must do so.
    If you have nothing else to contribute but the discouraging word “nothing”, then abstain, if you are honest in your discourse, which I assume you are.
    No offense meant. Kindly,

  • December 17, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    Thank you M.Forza for a wonderful reply.
    I did not intend the hear hear sarcastically, but as appreciation for a thoughtful contribution. No harm done, you responded with a vehement advocacy of foresight – planning in advance. That was music to my mind’s ears.
    I used the word “nothing” quite deliberately for the following reasons:
    1. I am not aware of any plans to address the many practical obstacles that would be encountered such as access to the necessities of life, on the assumption that the existing powers-that-be will undoubtedly have plans prepared to block such access;
    2. most commenters seem to not look beyond bringing down the status quo;
    3. the societies of modern nation states are, as you pointed out, diverse; but beyond diversity, are deeply divided, often contaminated by a history conducive to distrust, fear and even hatred;
    4. such social divisions – lesions if you like – need to be addressed before unity of ordinary people against the status quo can become possible;
    5. take one necessity – food – for example, there needs to be an understanding between (organized) ordinary people and the producers of food that such producers will be treated fairly and not disadvantaged by a new government; and such understanding would need to include an obligation of food producers to serve the needs of the ordinary people of their society.
    I won’t go on.
    But I thank you again, and invite you agree, disagree, and extend, whatever, anything I have written above.
    No offense taken. Two virtues are paramount to me. Honesty and humility. I do my best.
    Honesty demands confronting reality. If reality discourages some people, so be it. My intention is to encourage dealing with reality. I wish reality didn’t stink quite as badly as it does.

  • December 22, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    My concern about our ‘pestilence’ problem is that it is so powerful and ingrained into the fabric of our society, like a cancer, that to remove it will be nigh on impossible
    The majority of healthy cells in this situation do not even realize that the cancer exists

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