A Light Unto the Nations–Israeli father and daughter arrested for luring Ukrainian women to Israel for forced prostitution

ed note–as you read this, keep in mind the following–

1. Prostitution and the forced sexual exploitation of women has a LOOOONG and established history in Judah-ism, going all the way back to the story featuring Abraham in the book of ‘Jenesis’ who– as the ‘scripture’ details in KRISTOL CLEAR language–sells his wife Sarah into Pharaoh’s harem in return being ‘well treated’ with the recompense of gold, silver, camels, donkeys, and male/female slaves.

We say this due to what is the intolerable chirping these days on the part of an entire horde of ‘experts’ who will maintain that the lurid details contained in the story below are all the result of Jews ‘abandoning’ the ‘authentic’ Judah-ism of the ‘prophets’ in favor of the new and perverse teachings found within the Talmud, when all anyone need do in finding out for him/herself the ugly truth of the matter is just to read what it is that the Torah (Old Testament) has to say on the subject.

For those seeking further enlightenment on just what this ‘old time religion’ teaches about the ‘world’s oldest profession’ and the exploitation of women for sex purposes should consult this important essay.


2. There are only a few degrees of separation between the details found in the story below and this–

And this–

And this–


–and a million other pix we could show demonstrating what is the institutionalized sexploitation of women and the corruption of society’s moral fiber by the same organized forces of anti-Gentilism in control of that den of iniquity known as Hollywood, but whose forced sexploitation is ‘legal’ due to what has been Judea, Inc’s weaponization of the 1st Amendment and of ‘freedom of speech’.



An Israeli father and daughter were arrested for conspiring and attempting to bring Ukrainian women to Israel in order to pimp them out as prostitutes, the Israel Police Spokesperson’s Office said Monday.

The arrest was the culmination of a 4-month investigation by the police’s Lahav 433 investigative division which focused on people bringing Ukrainian women to Israel to exploit them and make them work as prostitutes.

The father and daughter criminal duo reached out to these women through Telegram and gave them instructions on how to enter Israel without being caught by border control.

The father and daughter, age 41 from Tel Aviv and 22 from Haifa respectively, were taken in for questioning and had their detention in police custody extended by eight days following a court hearing.

Human Trafficking in Israel

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked the most recent form of sex trafficking in Israel.

According to Naama Sabato of Lo Omdot Me’negged (Not Standing By Idly) which assists women in the cycle of prostitution, men meet and invite vulnerable women, using platforms like Instagram and Telegram. There are even Israeli advertisements circling throughout Instagram calling for ‘beautiful women’ to ‘work in Israel and make a lot of money’ or ‘make money from home.’

‘The big issue is when you don’t have a right to stay. The owner is the one who can help you and also hurt you. He controls you totally. You can’t get help because you are not legal, and then you are afraid,’ Sabato explains.

Israel is currently ranked at level two out of three tiers for human trafficking in the US State Department’s 2022 TIP (trafficking in persons) Report. The report states that Israel does not meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, nor has it done enough to investigate and hold traffickers criminally accountable.

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