Going to the Mattresses–Apocalyptic gangwar within the ranks of La Kosher Nostra and the entire world caught in the crossfire

Doubtful that anyone born within the last century can forget the opening scene from the iconic film The Godfather, where, at the wedding reception of Connie Corleone, the heads of the various Cosa Nostra crime families operating within the New York/New Jersey area greet each other with the obligatory hugs, kisses, cash-stuffed envelopes and otherwise friendly and respectful gestures.

Certainly a departure then when a few moments later all hell (literally) breaks loose, as the same gaggle of ‘good fellas’ have ‘gone to the mattresses’ in what’s become an all-out/full-blown gangwar over one faction’s decision to make drug trafficking part of ‘the family business’. The Corleone family–uniquely situated in terms of the delicate political connections it’s spent decades cultivating–recognizes the liabilities associated with such activity, and in particular to the future survivability of the criminal enterprise it’s spent decades building, a fact made clear in Vito Corleone’s discussion with Virgil ‘the Turk’ Sollozzo, to wit–

…I must say no to you and I’ll give you my reasons…It’s true I have a lot of friends in politics, but they wouldn’t be friendly for very long if they knew my business was drugs instead of gambling, which they regard as a harmless vice…But drugs is a dirty business, and your business is a little dangerous…’

It must be remembered that Vito Corleone’s ‘distaste’ for this proposed business venture was not the result of any crisis-of-conscience issues he might have had concerning the ‘dirty’ and ‘dangerous’ business of drugs per se. Indeed, as far he was concerned, the ‘mathematics’ of it all–ethically speaking–were a non-issue, a fact he made clear a moment later in his closing remarks to Sollozzo when he stated ‘It makes no difference to me, you understand, what a man does for a living’. Nor was his reluctance to add drug dealing to the repertoire of his family’s business activities based upon his concern for society or how drugs might adversely affect the well-being of his fellow man.

Remember, he was neither an altar boy nor a philanthropist. Each morning he began his day as a gangster who had people killed with a mere snap of his fingers and who in various ways and means had been at war with civilized society for decades.

Rather, his allergy to this proposed ‘diversification’ of goods and services was rooted purely in the interests of his own self-preservation. In his mind’s eye, once City Hall became queasy with this ‘dirty’ and ‘dangerous’ business, thus would begin the unpeeling of the various layers of protection he had spent years establishing, thus leaving the Corleones exposed, outnumbered, outgunned and out-resourced when trouble–either in the form of a rival crime family muscling in on Corleone territory or the long arm of Johnny Law–inevitably came banging on the family’s door.

Therefore, the gang war taking place between the Corleones and their Cosa Nostra cousins eager to expand into the business of illegal pharmaceuticals was not a case of ‘good guy vs. bad guy’, ‘right vs. wrong’ or any of the other idyllic notions that most expect to exist in any fight-to-the-death contest of wills these days.

Rather, it is best described as a turf war taking place between vicious canines who–normally cooperating with one another in taking down and devouring their prey, nevertheless momentarily pause in their war against organized society long enough to be at war with each other over who will be top dog and thus wear the king’s crown.

And in many ways, this (semi) fictional account from The Godfather best explains the nature of the conflict presently taking place these days within a similarly-constructed crime organization–not La Cosa Nostra but rather, La Kosher Nostra–and not just between a few groups confined for the most part to the New York/New Jersey area, but rather a sprawling, tentacled conspiracy operating at the highest levels of the organized crime food chain and ensconced in ‘neighborhoods’ such as Washington D.C., Tel Aviv, London, Paris, etc.

Usually birds of a feather who flock together on various issues related to furthering the global aims of Zionism, Israel, and Jewish interests in general, now however there is obvious conflict and tension within ‘la famiglia’ and for reasons very similar to those featured in that aforementioned iconic film. Just as certain fictional characters appearing in that screenplay were willing to throw caution to the wind in return for the quick and easy profits associated with drug dealing, while the more-cautious elements recognized the inherent long-term liabilities associated with such, likewise today is the world witnessing a very loud, very dramatic ‘difference of opinion’ within what is inarguably the largest, most well-organized and well-armed crime organization ever to exist in human history, headquartered in historical Palestine and calling itself ‘the Jewish state’.

Although the conflict itself appears to revolve around the person of Benjamin Netanyahu, in actuality it goes much deeper than simply him. If Netanyahu suddenly (by the grace of God) ceased to exist or if he had never even existed at all, the present ‘family squabble’ would continue to rage like the political wildfire that it is, and for the simple reason that the ‘principles’–meaning the issues responsible for creating the conflict in the first place–would remain unchanged. The nucleus around which all this present tension orbits is not ideological in nature, but rather methodological, because the truth is that both sides want the same thing, it’s just that each has a different way of going about achieving it.

Or, expressed another way with a phrase that appears often in gangster parlance–‘it’s business, not personal’.

Netanyahu represents an archetype and a methodology in projecting Zionist power that at the present moment is causing a great deal of anxiety for his ‘associates’ who hold membership in the Zionist crime syndicate, and with good reason. As far as they are concerned, he is a living, breathing, nightmare-come-true for them, a one-man wrecking ball and weapon of mass destruction in his capacity as a human bullhorn in waking large numbers of people up to what others have known now for some time–the problem of Israel. Organized Jewish groups such as the ADL, World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee et al who have painstakingly crafted every imaginable form of hypnosis in keeping the non-Jewish world blind and asleep as to the inherently criminal nature of the Zionist project watch with nausea as Netanyahu singlehandedly erases decades of work with a mere few words spoken or a mere few missiles lobbed at innocent men, women and children.  Having spent incalculable wealth and resources in trying to paint the impossible narrative of Israel as the victim and all her enemies as terrorists, everytime that he–Nutty Netty–decides to ‘set matters straight’ in front of the eyes and ears of 7 billion people on God’s green earth, all that he succeeds in doing is to wipe away layer after layer of mascara and rouge applied to the ugly face of Zionism and with inevitable and predictable results from those who see it–revulsion and disgust.

By the very constitution of its being (and despite the very successful multi-generational public relations campaign that has painted the entire ‘Jewish state’ endeavor as beneficent at best and benign at worst, nevertheless) Zionism is, was, and always will be at the very root of its identity an organized criminal conspiracy, the scope and scale of which have never existed before in human history. Being thus, it cannot sustain itself but for the various cloaks of secrecy, confusion, and duplicity that function as obscurants in hiding its real nature and activities. The motto of Israel’s assassination/disinformation agency Mossad that ‘By way of deception, we shall make war’ was not chosen simply because it sounded nice, but rather because it served as a statement of purpose viz a viz Israel’s inherently duplicitous and deceptive nature. Besides the criminal business of mass-murdering and displacing millions of Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians, etc, as well as pulling the strings and maneuvering imperialist, ravaging military powers such as America and the West into engaging in the kinds of barbaric, genocidal wars taking place since the early 1990’s, it must be remembered as well that Israel also happens to be a major hub/headquarters for every conceivable flavor of internationally-entrenched criminal activity, including but not limited to drug trafficking, arms dealing, the buying and selling of sex slaves, child pornography, money laundering and a list of other indictable offenses too long to be listed here.

This being the case, it can be argued both fairly and reasonably that the entire reason for the creation of ‘the Jewish state’ was to provide a base of operations for those individuals plagued with a magnetic pull for criminal behavior, thus affording them not only an environment favorable to their natural urges but also functioning as a ‘safe-house’ of sorts where the members of this ‘family’ can enjoy the diplomatic, political and military protection that comes with nation-state status…In other words, a hideout, hangout and place of refuge where ghetto-reared gangsters are free to live according to their natures while remaining immune to capture, indictment, and imprisonment as a result of criminal activities they perpetrated while abroad.

Which is exactly ‘the Jewish state’ as it exists today. Almost surreal in its outward veneer, the situation resembles some futuristic, apocalyptic meme out of some science fiction fantasy where the Earth has been opened up, unleashing all the hellish fire and fury from below…Now, knowing that a place of refuge and protection exists for them in the event their criminal activities in other nations are discovered, it has emboldened these various elements (previously kept at bay for centuries for fear of prosecution) ensconced in the areas of finance, media, politics, espionage, etc, etc, etc, to indulge themselves to their black hearts’ content in whatever brand of evil they happen to favor on any given day since they know they are only one flight away from salvation.

This delicate balance can only be maintained however as long as the peoples of the world remain in a state of senseless, aware-less stupification about the reality of the situation. Human nature is such that civilized peoples making up civilized societies want to see criminals dealt with in such a manner as befits a civilized world. Were it known–and particularly by those in America and the West where the lion’s share of economic, political, and military protection flowing into the coffers of the Jewish state emanates–that the once ‘holy’ land has now become a den of vipers and a petri dish for culturing the worst elements mankind is capable of producing, thus would begin the countdown to the end of days for what was a universally-dangerous science experiment from the beginning. Perhaps it was Steve Rosen (former official for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) indicted for espionage) who put it best, that the Zionist power structure in America and the West is ‘Like a nightflower that thrives in the dark & shrivels up in the sunlight.’

And sunlight is exactly what Netanyahu & co are bringing to the Zionist criminal conspiracy these days, to the great mental indigestion of some of the most powerful gangsters history has ever known and whose continued existence depends upon the criminal enclave known as Israel remaining a functioning refuge for them when things become too hot elsewhere.

As these elements on the other side of the street from the madman Netanyahu (accurately) see it, the greatest danger to Israel posed by the latest King David wannabe (as well as by the rest of those sharing his political pedigree) is that by his loud, brash, careless, incautious behavior, he pulls away the veil on what is the true face of Israel, of Zionism and of Jewish supremacism and in so doing, revives those feelings of mistrust and suspicion that historically have existed towards Jews for thousands of years. Given that the Jewish state was originally purchased using artificially-created feelings of pity and guilt imposed upon the West in the aftermath of WWII, once those emotions dissipate and then disappear from the western Gentile mind, so too will all the economic, political, and military support as well. As Netanyahu’s brash, overbearing, gangsterish nature becomes more pronounced, the rigidly-constructed/rigidly enforced narrative used over the last half century in ‘artificially sweetening’ the Gentile mind in favor of the global Zionist project turns sour and bitter, leaving the entire endeavor twisting in the winds of history. As Netanyahu mercilessly inflicts upon innocent men women and children in Gaza and elsewhere the very same horrors which Israel claims were perpetrated against her people during WWII and which necessitated her creation, the more pity turns from Israel to her victims.

In the meantime, day by day, as Netanyahu wags a bony, lecturing finger in the face of the civilized world, demanding even more sympathy, more money, more military hardware and more Gentile blood be spilled on Israel’s behalf, paired with his seemingly insatiable thirst for the types of ritualistic human sacrifice the world has seen take place in Gaza in recent years, the less willing is an otherwise civilized world willing to be seduced by the Zionist black magic trying to create the optical illusion of  ‘poor little Israel, the victim’.

Therefore, at a time when Israel–the headquarters of this syndicate–finds herself particularly vulnerable to the tangible backlash of negative world opinion, there couldn’t be a worse ‘spokesman’ for Jewish and Zionist issues than Netanyahu. The ‘loud’ crook who plies his trade in broad daylight without concern for the inevitable results–capture, indictment, conviction, imprisonment, etc–Netanyahu’s manner of ‘doing business’ threatens to bring down upon the entire Zionist project the crushing weight of an outraged world that simply will not tolerate such business any longer.

And it is for this reason then why as of late there is discord–both audible and visible–within an otherwise cohesive street gang, discord that has even made its way halfway around the world and is being felt, seen, and heard in ‘neighborhoods’ such as Washington D.C., New York City and other power centers that organized Jewish interests have staked out as ‘their territory’.

Of the many obvious proofs that this gangwar, this ‘going to the mattresses’ (to borrow a phrase used in gangster lore) is taking place between various factions making up the Zionist crime syndicate, probably the most glaring are (a) the recalcitrant demeanor exhibited by U.S. President Barack Obama towards Netanyahu’s demands viz a viz the obliteration of Iran, and (b) the recent elections in Israel that saw formidable amounts of American money being raised and spent trying to replace Netanyahu with one or more of his rivals on ‘the left’ that represented a ‘kinder and gentler’ (i.e. ‘quieter’) form of Zionism.

It must be remembered that U.S. presidents–as well as all their counterparts holding lesser offices within the U.S.– simply don’t bite the hand that feeds them, meaning the organized Jewish interests whose money and support brought them to power. At the very least, by doing so they can expect to find themselves out of a job faster than one can say the words ‘impeachment’, ‘embarrassing scandal’, or ‘indictment’, and at the most, can find themselves suffering the same fate meted out to the one President who dared stand in the way of the Zionist crime syndicate’s maniacal drive to obtain nuclear weapons, John F. Kennedy.

Therefore, when one sees the intransigence on the part of Barack Obama towards Netanyahu, knowing that it was Jewish money from Chicago that got him elected and that this same Jewish money continues to support him today, the only reasonable conclusion to which seasoned political watchers can arrive is that Obama is doing what he is doing with the blessings and backing of the organized Jewish interests who got him elected and who view Netanyahu in an adversarial way.

There simply is no other explanation. As stated earlier–U.S. Presidents simply don’t do things like this on their own. They are ‘kept’ men and compromised in a manner that defies human imagination. They know that if they cross the line with the organized Jewish community, they are dead men, either figuratively or literally.

No, the truth is that Obama–just as he has stated in various interviews–is indeed Israel’s best friend. He was brought to power in order to save Israel from the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu and those in Israel representing the right wing who will succeed in destroying Israel if they are not put on a leash and made to heel. What Israel needs at the moment–desperately–is for the world, and more importantly, the American people themselves, to go back to sleep and not pay too much attention to the likes of Nutty Netty and all his loud, brash, obnoxious demands. Israel needs the sunlight that Netanyahu’s behavior produces to fade into sunset so that the ‘nightflower’ will again thrive.

Which is why at the moment, there is a ‘contract’ that’s been put out on Netanyahu, both figuratively and literally. Figurative in the sense that his adversaries would like to see him politically assassinated so that he no longer has the power to generate the kinds of negative attention that he does, but also literally in the sense that if necessary, he will be ‘dealt with’ in the same way as occurred with Yitzak Rabin in 1995–riddled with bullets.

Those on the left eager to ‘calm things down’ by removing Netanyahu from the limelight hope that by so doing, they will be able to mount a successful public relations campaign showing the face of ‘the new Israel’, kinder, gentler, a nation of laws, a democracy, etc. In the same way that the Jews of yesteryear healed the sins of their nation by sacrificing an animal as a form of atonement, a process whereby the priest officiating the ceremony places his hand on the head of the animal, transfers the sins of the people on to it and then kills it, thus destroying the sin and wiping the slate clean, so too are Netanyahu’s enemies hoping to do the same.

As much as many people the world over would welcome such a development–the removal of Netanyahu from the world stage–what must be remembered however is that the situation is fraught with danger the likes of which human history has never before seen.

Remember, Israel is not some tin-horn nation of little-to-no consequence and Benjamin Netanyahu is not some unsophisticated street punk who has risen no higher in his criminal pedigree than some petty thief or purse snatcher. The Jewish state is a superpower, despite never having been officially declared such and Netanyahu presently sits in the pilot’s seat steering her actions. Not only nuclear armed with several hundred warheads, but more importantly, she has the capability of delivering those nukes to any locale in the world, including Washington D.C, Moscow, Rome, London, Paris, etc, and has made clear on several occasions her complete willingness to utilize them. As stated by Israeli military expert Martin Van Creveld in a September, 2003 interview with Elsevier, a Dutch weekly–

‘We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.’

Besides the threat of nuclear war however, there are other weapons in Israel’s arsenal that are just as problematic and apocalyptic in their nature. Her people–scattered throughout the globe and strategically placed in sensitive areas such as finance, economics, computer and internet technology, infrastructure, etc–have been pre-positioned like real-life pieces on a chessboard that can be activated at a moment’s notice. With one push of a button, America, the West and other political entities vulnerable to economic sabotage can be turned into caldrons of social chaos and upheaval every bit as serious as if a nuclear weapon had been detonated.

What must be remembered is that Netanyahu’s behavior over the years reveals the fact that he suffers from various mental illnesses, the most chronic being his delusions of grandeur paired with his paranoia. By various statements he has made, it is obvious that he envisions himself the latest installment of some reincarnated warrior/king from the past sent by the god of Israel to protect and preserve the Jewish state against all enemies, real or imagined. In his mind’s eye, were he to cease to exist, likewise would Israel cease to exist, and therefore, of paramount importance to him is that–for the sake of the Jewish state–he must remain exactly where he is at present, meaning Prime Minister.

All can be rest assured as well of the fact that he is well-aware of the various plots against him by his adversaries on ‘the left’. Like any wily gangster who can smell an assassination coming at him from a mile away and who therefore hunts his enemies down one by one and has them killed preemptively in order to secure his place within the existing power structure and within history, Netanyahu most assuredly has hired killers loyal to him and who share his world view, his delusions of grandeur and his paranoia, out on the streets with the mission of eliminating his enemies, including those in places such as Washington D.C..

Indeed, the world and all 7 billion souls within it have arrived at a very dangerous moment in history, as the forces of darkness battle it out against each other over who will reign supreme, while everything and everyone else in creation remains caught in the crossfire of a gangwar the likes of which have never before been witnessed by the eyes of man. Whether it is called ‘Armageddon’ by Christians or as ‘Fitnah’ by Muslims, the reality of it remains the same–a frightful, apocalyptic period of time whereby the evil of Zionist contagion, undoubtedly the most dangerous and sophisticated criminal conspiracy ever to exist in human history, makes it final play for the enslavement and destruction of all God’s creation, a period of days Jesus Christ described as so dark and so dangerous, that were it not for the sake of God’s elect and for those days being shortened, ‘no flesh would survive’.

2015 Mark Glenn

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