Lest We Forget–A Tale of Two Thieves…Netanyahu’s ‘Messianism’ and the building gang war within La Kosher Nostra

There are basically 2 types of crooks in the world ~ dumb ones and smart ones…

The smart one (in this case the ‘generic’ crook ~ the thief) is a product of predator-evolution. He knows by the terms of his very existence that he lives in a state of war with organized society, and if he’s not smart eventually some form of City Hall is going to come down on him like a ton of bricks and squash him for being the cockroach that he is.

He has the best teacher available on this matter ~ history. Expulsion after expulsion…’Persecution’ in the form of prison, pogroms and Pales of Settlement… Ghettos and shtetls…Legislation outlawing his involvement in certain types of business activities, and then ~ when all these prove ineffective in taming the wild beast within and stymieing his criminal inclinations ~ violence against him on the part of aggrieved neighbors who’ve had enough of both his behavior and a government too impotent and/or corrupt to deal with it properly.


Therefore, in order for him to ~

(A) Avoid the difficult task of rehabilitating himself, and ~

(B) Continue being who he is and doing what he does,

Thus ~

(C) He has to be smart in how goes about his criminal practice.
So, he accomplishes this by becoming a study-buddy of sorts. He does his homework and makes a science out of understanding his soon-to-be victims, inside and out. He watches their movements and their schedules, when they eat, how many times they go to the bathroom and when they go to bed.

He then finds out how to disable the home’s security system, tranquilize the dogs, and then, when all the planets and stars have aligned themselves properly, he waits until dark and picks the lock…quietly. He tiptoes throughout the house, careful not to make any noise that will wake up the world within and land him either in jail or in the morgue. He does not ransack everything, and rather than trying to steal the 60′ wide-screen TV, instead just takes small items of great worth that can be fenced easily.

And if he is careful in both his planning and performance, he will be safely back at headquarters counting his loot before his victims wake up and find out what’s happened.

His dumb counterpart however does none of this. He is brash, loud, arrogant, clumsy, incautious, sloppy, lazy and a thousand other characteristics on the negative side of the number line. He blows the front door off its hinges with TNT and when the dogs bark he kicks them in the stomach and then shoots them at point-blank range.

He turns on all the lights so his features are easily recognizable, leaves his fingerprints everywhere and uses the toilet so that his DNA can be collected and analyzed by investigators. He dumps the silverware on the tile floor, smashes open the jewelry box with a sledgehammer and then tries prying the gold fillings out of his sleeping victims’ mouths with a pair of pliers. If he manages to finish the job without being killed or arrested, when he gets home he logs onto his Facebook page and advertises his exploits to the world, complete with pics.

And in this short exercise of ‘compare & contrast’, we have basically summed up the nature of the left/right paradigm existing within organized Jewish interests and the manner by which this great ‘tug of war’ manifests itself in these two players wrestling for control of the foreign (and domestic) policy decisions/machinations of not just America but much (most) of the Western world.
As much as we may contrast them however, the fact that everyone needs to keep in mind throughout this exercise is that both sides are criminal in nature and are involved in the very same business.
Birds of a feather in virtually every category, they differ from each other only in degrees of intelligence in that one of them understands that it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease and therefore strives to remain as inconspicuous as possible in his day-to-day criminal operations.

The first crook who is cautious and believes in the power of brains over brawn best represents those ‘left’-leaning Jewish interests presently in control of the Obama Administration, inclined to use more bribe and less bullet in handling the various issues involving Israel. In short, they understand the existent liabilities in advertising who they are and what they do and therefore prefer a ‘kinder, gentler’ approach when applying extortion, influence-peddling and political corruption to all things related to the Jewish state.

The 2nd crook typifies the Netanyahu & Co types who run Israel today, who yesterday ran the administration of President George H. Bush and who hope to run the administration of Mitt Romney tomorrow.

More brawn than brains and more bullet than bribe, they are the ‘loud’ gangster types who believe they lead a charmed life and that nothing ~ not even their own stupidity ~ will catch up with them. They don’t know when to quit or when to shut up and in general threaten the delicate balance that exists between a society asleep to the fact that crooks have broken into their home and those crooks being able to do what crooks do and get out of there in one piece.

And it is in this context therefore that we can better understand the recent Mafia drama involving certain players within the Israeli ruling establishment breaking their well-established ‘code of silence’ as it were in condemning Netanyahu and his gang as a bunch of nutcases who should be locked up in padded rooms and kept as far away from sharp objects ~ nuclear weapons topping the long list ~ as possible.

First to do so was former head of Israel’s Shin Bet Yuval Diskin who (very uncharacteristically) shock-and-awed the world with his public depiction of Netanyahu as an unstable religious headcase in the process of taking planet earth on a one-way trip down the highway to hell.

This by itself would definitely be worth a few raised eyebrows, to say the least, because ~ as hinted at earlier ~ there is a spoken and unspoken rule of etiquette (Omerta) within the world of organized Jewish interests where members of la famiglia don’t air their inter-tribal dirty laundry in front of wide-eyed/itchy-eared Gentiles.

As recently covered in a series of New York Times articles featuring the manner by which known child molesters within the Orthodox Jewish community are not reported to ‘Gentile’ law enforcement agencies, and the particular brand of Holy Hell that’s dished out upon those who do spill the beans reveals the silent-as-death protocol existing within the insular world of organized Jewish interests that forbids ‘family squabbles’ from being made public.

A lone squealer therefore–Diskin–-could be written off as an aberration of sorts, if indeed it all ended there.

But the fact of the matter is that Diskin’s dissing of the latest King David wannabe was just an hors d’oeuvres of sorts for a much bigger meal that was to come. Besides the former head of Shin Bet coming out and suggesting a ‘mental health deficiency’ on the part of Netanyahu & Co, the world also heard similar ruminations from:
(a) A former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert,

(b) A former Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, and

(c) A former head of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad, Meir Dagan.

In other words, what we have here is a pattern, and by definition patterns ~ like footprints ~ can be traced backwards to their points of origin in better understanding the who, what, where, when, why & how of it all.

This being the case then, what the world can conclude in the aftermath of such drama taking place, where powerful Jewish interests are in effect breaking the millennia-old code of silence, given that this community’s survival depends upon remaining a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma as far as Gentiles’ understanding of them are concerned, is that this latest display is a product of consideration, consultation, calculation, collusion and collaboration on the part of powerful, interested parties.

Remember again as we begin an examination of the aforementioned drama ~ it is one gang of crooks criticizing and condemning another gang of crooks.

We have to note this because in the immediate aftermath of this vignette involving Diskin, Olmert, Livni and Dagan, the reaction on a good portion of curious watchers the world over was nothing short of astonishment mixed with relief, as if the aforelisted 4 amigos represented a voice of sanity coming out of the largest insane asylum on earth, meaning the Jewish state.

The truth however is that it was (is) all nothing but pure theater and well-rehearsed shtick, but very telling shtick in understanding the subterranean world of Jewish political power and how it manifests itself on the world stage today.

In listening to and considering the comments each was making, why, one could be led to think that these were decent, compassionate, responsible members of the human race doing a service to their fellow man in warning about some dangerous new development making its way down the road.

And certainly this is how these modern-day Saul Reveres would like the rest of the civilized world to see them, a perception that would be possible were it not for a few problematic items in each of their backgrounds…

–Namely the fact that all are either–

(A) Mass murderers, or

(B) Accessories to mass murder in their own right.

Why, some are even war criminals, by Jehovah!

Beginning with former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, the man singularly responsible for unleashing the Judaic dogs of war in the massacre known as Operation Cast Lead during the 2008-2009 Christmas season, a black mass of human sacrifice where banned munitions such as white phosphorous were rained down upon 1.5 million civilians living in Gaza, resulting in the deaths/injuries of thousands of men, women, and children.

Not content with just the immediate death and carnage his personal killers wrought, Olmert then went a step further in having his button men attack critical infrastructure, resulting in making ‘life’ even more unbearable for the survivors, a short list of which includes the deliberate destruction of–


–food shelters

–arable fields

–water systems

–desalination plants

–power facilities


–waste treatment plants

etc, etc, etc…

Predictably, in the Jewish state Olmert was hailed as the conquering hero, and as of this moment has not been forced to answer to any legal body–international or otherwise–for what was–empirically speaking–exactly what then-Israeli Assistant Defense Minister Matan Vilnai said it would be ~ a ‘holocaust’ of Palestinians.

Assisting Olmert as high priest in this ceremony of Jewish ritual murder was none other than Tzipi Livni, his Foreign Minister, who night after night after night, as the eyes of the world were watching in real-time, lied through her pearly whites in alleging that Israel was not killing civilians, that white phosphorous was not being used, and that the video footage proving otherwise was all an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory made to make Israel look bad.

When the ‘facts on the ground’ could be denied no longer, this accessory to mass murder then appeared before the world’s cameras again and, as if she had said nothing in the previous press conferences to the contrary, announced that indeed weapons banned by the Geneva Convention were used, but not against civilians and in complete accordance with international law, despite the fact that–again, as the video footage proved conclusively–most of those being incinerated were innocent men, women, and children.

Moving along now, let us not forget that none of the afore-described carnage could have taken place were it not for the can’t-do-without assistance of Israel’s intelligence/assassination service Mossad, headed at the time of Operation Cast Lead by the same Meir Dagan now trying to save mankind from the madman Netanyahu.

Dagan’s agents on the ground in Gaza provided Israel with all the vital information they needed so that Israel’s trained killers would be able to carry out this slow-motion/3-week long massacre of innocents in as efficient (i.e. bloody) manner as possible.

And then, last but certainly not least, we have Yuval Diskin, former advisor to Mossad’s Meir Dagan and himself former head of Shin Bet.

For those not -in-the-know, Diskin’s Shin Bet is the agency responsible for kidnapping Palestinian men, women and children in the middle of the night, having them dragged out of their homes by trained attack dogs who LITERALLY clamp their jaws down on something tangible and pull whatever it is they’ve gotten hold of out of the home and into the waiting arms of IDF or Shin Bet agents, after which time these men, women and children are taken to some shithole Israeli prison where they sit for years without charges being brought against them, including pregnant women who are forced to give birth there, after which time their babies are immediately taken away from them and given to relatives.

And these, fellow earthlings, are the Albert Schweitzers, Mother Theresas and Mahatma Ghandis who are ‘sounding the alarm’ about the ‘dangers’ posed by Netanyahu & Co to the peace, order, and stability of planet earth…

Are we starting to smell something gefilte-fishy about all this?

Are we beginning to see that all of this more resembles a night at the Oscars hosted by Bill Kristol rather than a serious discussion of geo-political issues that affect every man, woman, and child on the planet?

The answer to both questions is a definitive yes followed by a big, fat, sweaty John Hagee-esque ‘hallelujah’.

It’s not that the 4 Cantors are lying. They are 100% correct ~ Netanyahu is a maniac and a certified madman. He is the human race’s worst nightmare in an expensive suit and knitted skullcap. He does have ‘messianic’ currents running within him, just as Diskin indicated, and if the voices in his head tell him to blow up the world, he would (will) do it with as much hesitation as he would blow his nose.

The problem in this scenario is that so would they, meaning Olmert, Livni, Dagan and Diskin.

They have the very same messianic (meaning apocalyptic) inclinations and tendencies. They are just as criminally-inclined as Netanyahu and his gang; it’s just that they are a little smarter about how they go about it all. By their actions, they have demonstrated time and again that they have no problem with shedding innocent blood ~ oceans of it, in fact.

In their heart of hearts, they are just as remorseless about the human suffering they cause and just as willing to engage in serial violence and criminality if it furthers the well-being of the Jewish state and/or them personally. They want the settlements just as much as King Bibi and are just as serious about (not) finding a ‘workable peace’ with the Arabs as he is. Like Netanyahu, they are dedicated to the biblical notion of ‘Greater Israel’ (meaning all the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers) and are willing to do whatever is necessary in bringing it about.

The only difference between them is delivery. Whereas Netanyahu is an Al Capone type who personally guns down his victims in broad daylight and leaves their bodies lying there for all to see, Diskin & Co send hired killers dressed as cops who do it in the dark with silenced weapons and then dispose of the body quietly.

Question ~ Ok then, what’s the ‘rub’ to it all?

Answer ~ Easy, when one understands how crooks operate.

The sole ~ let us repeat–SOLE reason Diskin & Co are pontificating in the manner that they are is because they are smart crooks who know that public opinion is building against organized Jewish interests and against their precious little experiment in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East.

They know that the whole world is aware of the fact that the disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya (and now the building chaos in Syria) were/are the work of organized Jewish interests pushing the thesis of the ‘Clean Break’ document written for/with Netanyahu in 1996.

They know that the whole world is becoming wiser by the day to just who is responsible for the economic problems resulting from Jewish moneychangers playing fast and loose with the numbers so that with every flip of the coin, it is a case of ‘heads we win, tails you lose’.

And, last but certainly not least, they know that the whole world knows that the build-up to war against Iran, a conflagration that threatens to throw a tsunami of gasoline on an already out-of-control fire, is the SOLE handiwork of organized Jewish interests not bothering to conceal one iota their demands that Western Gentiles do the dirty work of fighting Israel’s wars for her.

In short, the world is sick of war and Diskin & Co know it. The world is sick of having to deal with Israel’s issues and Diskin & Co know it, and rather than the world reach that critical threshold where they say ‘We’re mad as hell and we won’t take it anymore’, Diskin & Co are attempting to circumvent the crossing of this threshold by a delaying tactic meant to defuse the obvious growing discontent.

In sum then, what we have here is a case of ‘smarter’ crooks like Diskin & Co ~ right in the middle of a midnight heist ~ who hear the sleeping Gentile giant beginning to stir as a result of their dumber counterparts stomping through the house and making a racket, no pun intended.

The ‘stirring’ in this case is all the ‘old canards’ that have been around since time of the Pharaohs concerning organized Jewish interests and their magnetic attachment to money, war-profiteering, economic despoilation, political treachery and about a hundred other verifiable historical truths (that groups such as the ADL have spent oceans of shekels and lies trying to debunk) that are now becoming accepted facts amongst a large percentage of people.

World leaders are ridiculing the fantastic claims of the holocaust and are openly declaring the Jewish state for what it is ~ a criminally-inclined terrorist enclave ~ and, what’s more important ~ large numbers of people around the globe are beginning to agree with them.

Therefore, at such a ‘sensitive’ juncture as this, if the dumber counterparts continue on in the same fashion in which they are operating at present, the homeowner (meaning the Western nations financing the continued existence of the Jewish state with their money and their armies) will wake and then both crooks-dumb and smart ~ will either be headed to the slammer or to the meat locker.

So, in effect, what we have here on the part of the ‘smarter’ side of La Kosher Nostra and its intellectually-challenged twin is a budding gang war. The smart crooks know that the only way their various enterprises and rackets ~ including the Jewish state itself ~ are going to survive is for the rest of the world to go back to sleep and not pay too much attention to any ‘Jews in the news’ stories for a while.

As indicated earlier, smart crooks know that society will tolerate only a certain amount of criminality before a threshold is crossed and they take matters into their own hands.

Therefore, the loud, obnoxious crooks pose an ‘existential’ threat (boy, where have we heard THAT line before) to the entire operation by their incautious activities and therefore must be reined in if the operation as a whole is to survive.

And thus, enter into the picture one Benjamin Netanyahu and his gang.

Talk about ‘loud’ with a capital L. All the things that have come to stereo-typify Jewish power over the millennia ~ brash, arrogant, clumsy, incautious, sloppy, lazy and a thousand other personality characteristics on the negative side of the number line.

And not just in a once-in-a-while fashion either, but every day.

Whilst Americans and other duly-designated Shabbos goyim throughout the West tasked with paying for/fighting Israel’s wars for her are going broke, losing their jobs, homes, and everything else ~ here is Bubba Bibi, pounding his fists, pointing his fingers and DEMANDING that everyone EXCEPT Israel go and mass-murder millions of Iranians.

Whilst Americans and other duly-designated Shabbos goyim throughout the West find themselves sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand/quagmire of this Zionist-engineered catastrophe known as the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ with 1.5 billion Muslims, here is Netanyahu ~ demanding more money and more political support in order to build more settlements on Palestinian land, a situation that can ONLY result in EVEN MORE blowback against those countries seen as supporting and coddling Israel.

And it is within this context therefore that we better understand the ‘election’ of Barack Hussein Obama and the reasons why ‘smart’ Jewish money and political influence put him in the White House. Another 4 years of George H. Bush (in the form of a McCain presidency) with all the same ‘loud’ gangster types who pushed GWB into launching devastating wars in the Middle East for Israel’s benefit, and suddenly every tentacle attached to Jewish influence would be exposed for what it is.

Every member of Congress would be on the receiving end of heated correspondences from constituents threatening that if he/she takes another shekel from Jewish interests that so-and so congressperson will find themselves on the unemployment line alongside the millions of Americans put there by so-and-so congressperson’s acquiescence to criminal Jewish interests.

And, in the event that these entreaties failed to produce anything substantive, then we would see what the best teacher ~ history ~ has taught about things like this in the past ~ Prison, pogroms and Pales of Settlement…Ghettos and shtetls…Legislation outlawing involvement of Jewish interests in certain types of business activities, and then ~ when all these prove ineffective in taming the wild beast within and stymieing his criminal inclinations ~ violence against him on the part of aggrieved neighbors who’ve had enough of both his behavior and a government too impotent and/or corrupt to deal with it properly.

And this, in effect, is what Diskin, Olmert, Livni, Dagan and the other ‘smart crooks’ in league with them are trying to prevent at all costs–

…a repeat of history.

Periodically, there is a mob hit on someone who has just become too much trouble than they are worth. Albert Anastasia was one of them. At one time, he was the most feared/respected thug in the American underworld. ‘Chairman of the board’ of Murder, Inc., he was personally credited with having either killed or ordered to be killed hundreds of people, some of them for the flimsiest of reasons.

This was ok for a while, during the heyday of gang wars in America where territories were being carved out and Organized Crime was trying to establish a beachhead for itself.

But eventually, things had to settle down, lest the more productive members of society decide they had had enough and then take matters into their own hands.

The problem with a guy like Anastasia however was that he just couldn’t quit. He was so organically linked to violence that to expect otherwise of him was like expecting a fish to survive out of water.

And Anastasia’s associates knew this about him, which is why they decided to put an end to his shenanigans one morning with a hail of .38 slugs as he sat comfortably in a Manhattan barber’s chair.

Likewise with Netanyahu & Co. The remarks of Diskin & Co can be rightly construed as words of warning to him that he needs to tone things down a bit before he finds himself ‘barber chaired’ as well.

And it’s not as if there is no historical precedent in Israel for something such as this. After all, it is well-known that it was only because of the active support/complicity of Shin Bet that Yitzhak Rabin was murdered in broad daylight, the same Shin Bet that was once the playground of Yuval Diskin.

One goombah who’s thick in the head and doesn’t understand the balance that exists between the parasite and the host can blow the whole deal.

If the parasite becomes too aggressive, the host will eventually do whatever he has to in getting rid of it.

Better a tick that quietly sucks and causes no discomfort than fleas that bite and irritate.

Netanyahu & Co, with their loud, brash, incautious behavior, rather than behaving like ticks are behaving like fleas, and now the dog is beginning to get uncomfortable and to scratch.

The question is ~ to what lengths are Netanyahu & Co willing to go in order to maintain their place on the dog and thus prevent a rival mafia family from pushing them out?

Indeed it is a gang war within La Kosher Nostra and it is we ~ everyone else within the sane world ~ who find ourselves caught in the crossfire.

5 thoughts on “Lest We Forget–A Tale of Two Thieves…Netanyahu’s ‘Messianism’ and the building gang war within La Kosher Nostra

  1. Nutenyahoo ,is a real “Conservative”,as Jews are utterly Reactionary,including the “Leftists “. Jews only created Revolutionary Marxism/Liberalism,and promoted “Athiesm”,as a way to take down Gentile power/culture,assets. But tacticaly Jews discard ideologies ,or take them up,within the Matrix as needed. Some Jews must see that the Israeli PM has tilted way to “Right”,buying the nasty Republican Party,and other “Conservative “, Movements in the West.,including ‘Christianity. This upsets their LEFT/RIGHT, Talmudic Power formula-the Haglien Dialectic: Thesis,Anti-Thesis,Synthasis.

  2. Maybe the clan Rothschild has decided Israel is no longer needed.

    Before Herzl, there was a rabbi named Karischner. He spent nearly his entire life in Eastern Europe devoted to create Israel. This was in the mid 1800’s. He went to Rothschild and Rothschild turned him down with no financial help.

    During that time , oil was becoming big business and the Suez Canal was being worked on. After it’s completion , East and West trades with oil.

    Karischner had always had his sights set on Palestine. Later, Herzl came along and proposed Uganda. This is why I believe that Herzl was bumped off by the Jews out if Poland and Russia. They always wanted Palestine and no way were they moving to Uganda.

    Saudi Arabia and Israel are like 2 daughters of Rothschild ; they are sister “States” and I believe both were designed for function. Saudi Arabia would provide the bulk of the oil while Israel was Rothschild’ “go to” in the region. These 2 daughters then established the great modern era rivalries (on the surface). Zionism and Wahhabism being their two extreme forms.

    And I believe Pakistan was created the same year as Israel

    Rothschild does have a monopoly on economies. Leaders do come and go and so do countries by many means.

    China was built. Jew owned corporations left America to settle in China. It’s no surprise to yh what it would do to the US economy. They are not stupid on that regard. So America has been rode hard and put away wet, as the saying goes. Can the same be said for Israel (and Saudi Arabia ) now?

    They have not invested in China while bringing down Europe and America just for small potatoes. I think these countries of Saudi Arabia , Israel America , and the European countries are in “check” by Rothschild. It’s not checkmate yet. But they too seemed to have served their useful purpose and a new phase in global affairs is being pushed. This process will always bring out resistance and disputes

  3. Retired Israeli Veterans Warn Against Speech (while American voices are prevented from speaking out publicly because of the “antisemite” smear and careers ruined)

    Interesting recent turn of events, especially in light of the report that the President would thwart an Israeli attack on Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapon facilities with force.

    Time to focus efforts on outing the Israel firsters in Congress, the Administration, and peripheral governmental entities for what they are.

  4. “Q” stated it clearly: We keep ***israel*** for last !!!
    DJT knows who did 9/11 , so do you and so do I – the mossad – the deadly snake’s head must come off.

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