Judea Snarls– ‘Zero Tolerance for Anti-Semitism’

ed note–again, as in the ed note accompanying a previous story with a similar theme involving ‘anti-Semitism’, the following protocols need to be noted–

1. ‘Anti-Semitism’–as it is described by the followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’, as they LOVE to refer to themselves–is a GOOD thing. It is a NECESSARY thing, and every Gentile with a vested interest in his/her own future survival–and more importantly, that of their children and civilization–needs to get down on his/her knees EVERY DAY and thank whatever deity they worship if indeed they possess this characteristic.

‘Anti-Semitism’, as the followers of Judah-ism refer to it, is not by any means ‘actionary’, but rather REACTIONARY. It is not akin to a ‘virus’ that lives in the body and makes it sick, although as the reader will see, the parallels between deadly viruses and sickness do apply.

Rather, it is that body’s immunological/self-defense mechanism to the anti-Gentile pathogens of Judah-ism and all its dangerous collective properties that results in ‘anti-Semitism’, which we refer to (quite accurately, we might add) at this humble little informational endeavor as–




It is part of the built-in immunological system of Gentiles that causes an allergic reaction to what is the deadly virus of Judah-ism that–due to its inherently parasitical and aggressive nature–seeks to drain the lifeblood of Gentiles and their civilizations. 

Therefore, the accurate (reality-based) way of viewing ‘anti-Semitism’ is as follows–

All of these things–sneezing, coughing, runny nose, vomiting, fever, etc, as unpleasant as they are when one is going through them, nevertheless are in effect ‘necessary evils’ in keeping the body alive, and the day these ‘necessary evils’ stop functioning, the body will die from something as small and as seemingly mild as the common cold.

And likewise with this immunological reaction known as ‘anti-Semitism’, which is best summed up below with the following pic–




Now, a few more pics as to WHY Gentiles possess this immunological/necessary/life-saving reaction syndrome known as ‘anti-Semitism’–



…We could literally go on, and on, and ON for years with millions of pictographical indicators as to WHY ‘anti-Semitism’ exists, but the reader gets the point…




Protocol # 2–The followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’ as they just LOVE to refer to themselves, could stop ‘anti-Semitism’ right now, IMMEDIATELY, dead in its tracks, and to have it never return again, but they won’t because what it requires from them is–

Abandoning the sky-high mountain of lies, delusions and derangement upon which their ENTIRE collective thought patterns and self-preception are foundationed, i.e. them as the ‘chosen’ people destined to ‘inherit the earth’.

THEY–not the ‘Nazis’, not ‘the AY-rabs’, not the ‘white supremacists’–are the real racists and supremacists, for what else can an honest, rationl person conclude when a particular group of people believes they are ‘chosen’, they are the ‘master race’ and that all other ‘races’ and peoples are inferior?


Lest we forget–


And rest assured, ladies and Gentilemen, every follower of Judah-ism, and ESPECIALLY those who deny it with all the ‘Jrama’ and theatrics that attend virtually all Judaic ‘performances’ and protests, know that this ‘chosenness’ is the very LIFEBLOOD of their Judaic identity, and there ain’t no way–NO FREAKING WAY, come hell or high water–that they are EVER going to let go of that fake winning lottery ticket that they have written for themselves–



Now, in bringing this little discussion to an end, 2 more pics–


The first features Abraham and Sarah, the ‘founding father’ and ‘founding mother’ of the entire Judaic/Zionist nightmare. The painting tells the story found in Genesis (or rather, Jenesis if you will) of the manner by which Abe and Sarah conspire to get Sarah into Pharaoh’s court as a house prostitute under the guise that she was Abe’s ‘sister’ rather than his wife.

Later in the story, Pharaoh’s entire household comes down with several venereal diseases, at which point the ‘anti-Semitic’ leader of Egypt puts 2 and 2 together in coming up with the ugly truth that Abraham ‘Jewed’ him, as recounted in that same ‘biblical’ account in Jenesis, to wit–

…The LORD afflicted Pharaoh and his household with severe plagues because of Abram’s wife Sarah. So Pharaoh summoned Abram and asked, ‘What have you done to me? Why did you lie to me and tell me she was not your wife? Why did you say, ‘She is my sister,’ so that I took her as my wife? Now then, here is your wife. Take her and go!…

And thus, the very first recorded act of ‘Anti-Semitism’ and the very first–of what would be many–pogroms and expulsions…

Does our Hebraic author take note of this fact in conjuring up his explanation for ‘anti-Semitism’?

Perish the thought, dear Gentile reader, for if he did, he would be cornered by the ‘facts on the ground’ into that very uncomfortable place known as the Hotel Reality and would thus be forced to admit that indeed, the roots of ‘anti-Semitism’ ARE ‘biblical’ as he puts it, but that it is due ENTIRELY to the criminal/anti-Gentile behavior on the part of the ‘chosen people’ and a simple manifestation of the inescapable law of cause and effect in what has been an unending chain of similar acts throughout the history of their interaction with Gentiles.


The next pic–


Tells the story of Jacob and Esau and the manner in which Jacob (who later changed his name to ‘Israel’ and is the singular character to which today’s followers of Judah-ism trace their direct lineage) scammed his blind father Isaac into believing that he (Jacob) was actually Esau, his twin brother and Isaac’s favored son.

As a result of this fraud (and to which his mother Rebeccah was co-conspirator) he managed to steal Esau’s inheritance out from under him, the same ‘template’ that has been repeated over and over AND OVER again, including in our own time with characters such as this guy–



And this guy–

And MANY, MANY more who made history by ‘Jewing’ Gentiles out of their incomes, life savings, etc, and doing it without ANY CONSIDERATION WHATSOEVER as to its inherent criminality, immorality, or–pertinent to the ‘thesis’ appearing in the silly essay penned below–the fact that maybe, just MAYBE, it might result in that same ‘anti-Semitism’ about which the ‘children of Israel’ as a group are constantly kvetching and complaining.

And, finalmente dear readers, we’ll end this little discussion with one last ‘protocol’ that all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival need to know and call to mind again and again whenever they happen to be reading something such as this silly essay penned by one of the ‘children of Israel’, which is that



Joseph Frager for Israel National News

As 2022 winds down, it looks like it will have been the worst year ever in America for Anti-Semitic incidents. With the polarization of the United States and the lack of civil discourse, the forecast for 2023 is not much better. Social media which amplifies and promotes Anti-Semitic messaging may be the main culprit.

The lack of oversight and controls has not only allowed for spreading Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories but the breakdown of society in general.

Throughout the ages Jews have always been the first target of hate when the economy is failing. The Jewish People have been a barometer of society ills. The Covid Pandemic caused a rupture in civilization. Few have addressed the actual fallout from the Pandemic. It has spilled over into targeting the Jews.

Between a depressed economy and Covid fears and anxiety, Anti-Semitism has had a field day. Add in celebrities like Kanye West who use Anti-Semitism to foster and grow their brand and you have a perfect storm. On top of this the University system in America has become the boot camp for future Anti-Semites using the State of Israel as a pretext for hate and lies.

In 2012 there were 927 incidents of Anti-Semitism. In 2021 there were 2717 Anti-Semitic incidents according to the ADL. 2022 appears to be surpassing even this outrageous number. One out four Jews in the U.S. have been the subject of Anti-Semitism according to the American Jewish Committee. This figure is probably an underestimate since 40% of hate crimes against Jews don’t get reported at all. In New York City Anti-Semitic hate crimes more than doubled in November 2022 compared to November of 2021.

This came on the heels of scandals involving Kanye West and Kyrie Irving. A father and son were recently targeted with a BB gun in Staten Island. Christopher Brown and Matthew Mahrer were arrested for planning to shoot up a Synagogue in New York City with live ammunition. The New York Times published a Swastika embedded in a crossword puzzle on the first day of Chanukah. The latter is an example of the ‘ normalization’ of Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism has to be stamped out, not ‘normalized’.

There has to be zero tolerance for Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitic posts online must be removed immediately, and the purveyors of Anti-Semitism whether in Congress or on social media platforms have to be called out and censored appropriately. The ugly head of Anti-Semitism can never be allowed to rise. Anti-Semitism has to be fought with strength, and vigilance. Never again has to mean exactly that, ‘Never Again’.

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