ed note–well, it’s that time once again, ladies and Gentile-men where we at this humble little informational endeavor get to ‘tune in’ to what has become one of our favorite ‘hangouts’ these days–WTYS–otherwise known by its official call sign as ‘We Told Ya So’, and enjoy some of those ‘oldie goldies’ that have gotten lots of airtime here many, many times in the past.


First, a lil’ background on the rascal Raskin being interviewed for this piece claiming that indeed Trump will be indicted and will ‘end his life’ in prison, a very bold prediction/risky political investment for someone who (supposedly) doesn’t have ‘inside information’ on the topic.


He is, as both his name and mugshot indicate, what we refer to here on this humble little informational endeavor as




–meaning of the






Everything about him blasts this fact as loudly as the trumpets blown by the biblical warlord Joshua and his Ju-hadist terrorist army–forerunners of today’s IDF–as recounted in that silly Old Testament story to which the deranged followers of Judah-ism cling with the same fervency as a heroin addict clings to his/her bags of white powder and needles.


What is of VITAL importance for all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival to understand in this regard is that the rascal Raskin is not just some ‘lone nut’, even though he is–by virtue of his addiction to the ‘Jrug’ of Judah-ism and the derangement syndrome with which its addicts/users are afflicted–certainly nuts.


He, along with this guy–



and this guy–



and this guy–



and this guy–



and this guy–



and this guy–



and this guy–



and this gal–


…And many, many others of that same ‘HHP’, made the fact known in the KRISTOL CLEAREST of terms from the very beginning that they were on a seek-and-destroy mission against the person of DJT who they as a group viewed as an EOZ–Enemy of Zion–and against whom they have waged Ju-had every day since he announced that he was seeking the office of POTUS and right up to this very moment.


It is also of VITAL importance for all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival to know that the rascal Raskin and all those gang members of La Kosher Nostra listed above who have maintained this seek-and-destroy mission against DJT–besides the wall of noise generated in a mainstream media owned LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL by those of the similarly HHP–also resulted in 2 Impeachments, a stolen election and now, the OBVIOUS attempt to have him criminally convicted and sent to prison for the rest of his life–


ALL OF THIS was/is being managed behind the scenes by THIS GUY–



To whom all those aforelisted operatives answer and from whom they take their marching orders.


Now, the ‘less sophisticated’ political watchers/commentators will REFLEXIVELY reject such a notion, pointing to this–


Netanyahu shaking hands, smiling, and in general behaving in a jovial manner with DJT as pictographic ‘proof’ that Netanyahu would NEVER, EVER, NEVERFREAKINGEVER run an intelligence operation against DJT, given that the 2 were the ‘bestest’ of buddies, when in fact–






Recall that IN PUBLIC, Netanyahu maintained the same jovial, cordial, bestest-buddies demeanor with a previous president who dared attempt tying a leash around the neck of the rabid Zionist dog via the ‘peace deal’ with the Palestinians which he made prioritas primus as far as his foreign policy agenda was concerned–



–while at the same time, he–Netanyahu–was PERSONALLY running an intelligence op in politically castrating/assassinating Clinton via one of Mossad’s sayanim–


That resulted in this–


…And which stopped the ‘peace deal’ that Clinton was pushing through which Netanyahu and his Likud party opposed.


Now, as it all pertains to DJT and what it is that the rascal Raskin and his Rat-Pack team are waiting to serve up, what all Gentiles living on God’s Green Earth with a vested interest in their own future survival need to understand about all of this is the following–


DJT is NOT going to allow these Torah-following terrorists–‘Torah-ists’, if you will–to succeed with what it is they intend to do to him and his children, meaning prison, and especially not through the agency of a sham trial in the same manner as he was denied the presidency via the agency of a sham election. He has ‘the goods’ on everyone and everything and is prepared to let loose his own dogs of war in the form of releasing to the public the thousands of documents he still has in his possession related to Israel’s direct role in–




JFK’s assassination…


The deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY…


Covid 19 and the stolen 2020 election…


And many, many other items…


Does he WANT to be forced into that corner of ‘pulling the trigger’ and giving the world a taste of what up until now has been hidden, private, classified information?




The results of his doing that would be the political/economic/social equivalent of a thermo-nuke being detonated, which he doesn’t want to be forced to do but which he will if he is threatened and has no other maneuver other than to deploy his very own ‘Samson Option’, and his enemies know this is what he is planning, which is why Garland sent the armed Goon Squad down to Trump’s home to ‘seize documents’.


Now, as it applies to the original theme appearing in the very first lines of this ed note commentary, i.e. ‘we told ya so’…


It should and SHALL be remembered that from the very beginning of the affair, i.e. Judea’s seek and destroy mission against Trump and his plans for averting WWIII/Armageddon, that we at this humble little informational endeavor laid out the case IN PAINSTAKING DETAIL that it was ‘the Jews’ and in particular Netanyahu and his Likud party seeking Trump’s destruction, and this due ENTIRELY to the very same thing–


A ‘PEACE DEAL’ in the Middle East…



…That also destroyed the presidencies of JFK, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Clinton (almost) and George H.W. Bush.


Throughout the ENTIRETY of making this case, again, with PAINSTAKING DETAIL, using the words and actions of the principal players in all of this, including but not limited to the creatures appearing in the pics above, we at this humble little informational endeavor were assailed DAILY with a barrage of chirping, srupid, mindless commentary/opinion from entire LEGIONS of self-declared experts and geo-political geniuses proudly holding self-inducted ‘residencies of scholarship’ within the ‘911 troooooth mooovmnt’ who said that the central thesis being argued here was patently wrong, that the Jews ‘loved’ Trump and put him into office so that he could ‘start WWIII’ per Netanyahu’s demands.


Further, what these GeoPolitical geniuses proudly holding self-inducted residencies-of-scholarship within the ‘911 troooooth mooovmnt’ asserted was that whatever noise was being generated in the same mainstream media which organized Jewry owns, as well as all the other legal shenanigans taking place in the Congress–which organized Jewry also owns–that all of this was all just ‘an act’ and a ‘hoax’, just like the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary.


We point this out not in the interests of ‘rubbing it in’, but indeed, due to staying true to what has been our mission here at this humble little informational endeavor from the very beginning–a public service done in the interests of bringing the facts–not fiction, not fantasy–that people need to know in understanding WHY the world right now stands on the precipice of its own destruction, who is behind it, and the methods they are using–including the minute-by-minute disinfo/misinfo spewing as much out of the ‘alternative media’ as it is in the mainstream media–in order to bring all of this about.




Former President Donald Trump ‘will likely be indicted and spend the rest of his life behind bars,’ Representative Jamie Raskin said Saturday.


Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, served on the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. The panel spent months probing Trump’s role in the insurrection, which saw a mob of Trump supporters, allegedly motivated by his unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud, violently protest in a failed attempt to force Congress to block the certification of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College win.


The panel last week referred Trump on four criminal charges to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and released a report into their findings, concluding the months-long probe and adding pressure to the former president, who is facing several other investigations.


Raskin reflected on the significance of the report during an appearance on a podcast Saturday. The Democratic lawmaker said he ‘really would be surprised’ if Attorney General Merrick Garland did not indict Trump for his alleged role in the riot, adding that ‘it’s so clear’ that the ex-president intended to ‘interfere’ with the election certification.


Raskin said in a podcast released Saturday that he believes Trump will be indicted on January 6 charges following the release of the report into the Capitol riot last week.


‘I do think it’s very, very important that we establish that it’s not just foot soldiers, but kingpins who are prosecuted,’ Raskin said. ‘And it’s just wrong to send hundreds of foot soldiers to jail and leave the very clear kingpin unprosecuted.’


He added that Trump could spend the rest of the life in prison if he’s convicted on January 6 charges.


‘There’s just deep culpability from the very beginning in everything that Donald Trump did. I’m very serious about him facing the consequences and paying for the cost of his action,’ Raskin said. ‘He could spend the remaining days of his misanthropic life behind bars, presumably with Secret Service agents.’


Raskin added that he believes the panel was ‘cautious and conservative’ in the criminal referrals against Trump. Those charges included: inciting an insurrection, obstruction of Congress, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and conspiracy to make a false statement.


Raskin said Trump’s potential prosecution shouldn’t be the ‘be all, end all,’ adding there is more work needed to push back against ‘primitive forces of authoritarianism’ across the country.


The congressman also pointed to the testimony of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who painted a picture of the day of the riot during testimony earlier this year, as the most important piece of evidence revealed by the select committee.

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