Light Unto the Nations–Wisconsin Jewish teacher arrested for threatening students with gun violence

ed note–keep in mind as you read this that this is by no means an aberration or that somehow this is ‘outside the norm’.


Furthermore, it is a textbook case example of how and why ‘anti-Shemitism’ exists, why Gentiles have ALWAYS had an adverse, allergic reaction to Jews and their behavior and–most importantly–how the Jews themselves refuse to do the very simple math on this historical phenomenon and for their own benefit, change how they behave in the interests of ‘keeping the peace’ with the rest of humanity.


This is what Judah-ism does to people. It creates a mindset with no respect for the rule of law, for freedom of speech/expression and RELIGIOUSLY adheres to the notion that violence–including the most extreme imaginable–is perfectly kosher when the follower of Judah-ism encounters a Gentile whose opinions he/she does not like.


The ENTIRE Middle East quagmire that will in the very near future graduate from a mere regional conflict into WWIII is the direct result of this, and what was done to these students in Wisconsin is in effect a microcosm of what the followers of Judah-ism have done to the Palestinians, Lebanese, and other Gentiles living in that part of the world.


Now, will this get the kind of high-media intensity coverage that would INEVITABLY occur if it were reversed, i.e. a Gentile student threatening to go ‘scorched earth’ on this Jewish teacher or threatening to go to his house with a baseball bat to teach him a lesson?


Perish the thought, Gentile readers, the world of Jucaicus Mundus just doesn’t work that way.

Remember what the ol’ rebbe Yaacov Perrin once said–

‘One million Arabs are not worth a single Jewish fingernail…’


A Jewish teacher at a public middle school in Wisconsin was arrested last week for threatening his students with gun violence after discovering a piece of paper with swastikas in class.

David Schroeder was arrested on Friday and charged Monday with a felony count of making terrorist threats, according to the court record. Schroeder is a seventh-grade math teacher in Grafton, a town north of Milwaukee, and has been placed on leave.

What happened?

A student in Schroeder’s class told local news outlets that Schroeder became angry after a student found a scrap of paper with swastikas on it. Earlier in the week, Schroeder had reportedly found a notebook with more of the Nazi symbols. The student said the teacher ‘went on a ramble about how that’s bad and that’s a disgrace to his people,’ and ‘started mentioning the N-word.’

Soon, Schroeder reportedly started threatening his students, saying he owned 17 guns and was ‘not afraid to use them,’ adding that ‘all Jews have guns.’ He further said he would send his daughter to the students’ houses ‘with a baseball bat,’ the student said. The teacher also allegedly threatened to ‘go scorched earth’ on the students, and said, ‘I wish pain on all of you and your families.’

The school told law enforcement that Schroeder wrote a statement admitting to making the comments. He wrote that he had made the comments out of anger.

The criminal complaint against Schroeder added that he had already been under investigation for other ‘inappropriate behavior towards students,’ and that the principal had previously decided not to renew his contract.


Schroeder was released on Monday on a $10,000 bail posting. He was ordered to surrender all his firearms, stay at least 500 feet away from the school and refrain from contact with all district students except for his own children.

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