‘Not One Stone Left Upon Another’…Israel’s Planned Man-Made Earthquake That Will Soon Rock The World To Its Foundations


2023, The Ugly Truth


Pt. I–The Abomination of Desolation AKA The Temple of Doom in Jerusalem…


Whether it is gravity keeping objects firmly glued to the ground or the earth’s rotation providing all creatures great and small the much-needed cycle of day and night, there are some things that, by virtue of the laws of nature, just are,


—can’t be changed,


and–just as importantly–


–shouldn’t be…


Life on both the micro and macro level depends upon the ‘offspring’ that the eternal lovers–Mother Nature and Father Time–have produced. These ‘children’ are of course the laws of nature that have been written for the benefit of the living, and far from being a curse, are indeed as much a blessing as rainfall from the heavens or the sun’s rays, without which all life would simply cease to exist.


It’s important therefore that those living on God’s green earth with a vested interest in their own future survival study those laws, arrive at some sort of understanding viz the mind and mood of the two lovers whose mutual embrace created them, abide by those laws, and–of paramount importance–




…any hair-brained, detached-from-reality notions that somehow, just because someone wants it to ‘be so’ or was ‘told so’ by some smooth talker with a personal and particular agenda that those laws can be ignored, negated, or altered.


And especially if those ‘someones’ pushing for the bending/breaking of those ‘can’t-do-without’ laws are driven by peculiar and dangerous religious ideas rooted in taking over the world and subjugating everyone else to the ‘protocols’ of those ideas which they themselves created for their own empowerment/enrichment and to the detriment of others.


Having said that then, of the many examples history has produced indicating beyond any shadow of doubt both the mind and mood of the Creator, one of them is that the entire ‘Jewish state’ thing was a doomed project from the very beginning…


The historical record on the matter is not just clear, but indeed KRISTOL CLEAR, and by no means opaque or otherwise lacking in ’empirical data’ due to any short time-frame reference.


Spanning roughly 3,000 years since the penniless nomad Abraham began hearing voices in his head emanating from ‘yahweh’ (the newly-arrived squatter-deity taking up residence in Abraham’s consciousness as described in the religio-drama ‘Genesis’) ‘promising’ him and his offspring every square inch of soil between the Nile and Euphrates rivers, this ‘experiment’ in creating this Hebraic/Israelite/Jewish ‘state’ has produced the same results with little variation, time after time.


Just as any house of cards cannot withstand as much as a nearby sneeze from a child or the slightest shaking of the table upon which it’s been built, likewise this unstable, frail, and sickly ‘state’ has demonstrated itself to be the same ‘Tower of Babel’ also found in that religio-drama ‘Genesis’, or–more current to the present era–the equally-infamous (and infinitely-hilarious) ‘Swamp Castle’ courtesy of Monty Python’s ‘Holy Grail’ film.


The ‘Jewish state’, although going by different names throughout its several incarnations and incantations, has risen and fallen, several times in fact, and in each instance, has done so with great drama and extreme human violence, ‘not one stone left upon another’ as one important political commentator put it prior to His being nailed to a cross for saying so by the ‘cancel-culture’ komissars in control of all discourse during His own day.


First it was the Babylonians and then the Romans who brought the Hebraic house of cards down, and both on the same calendar day 484 years apart from each other, almost as if, well, the forces of nature responsible for setting the timetables for everything–from the cycles of fertility to the changing of seasons–wanted it that way…


Any rational person then, in evaluating the established history of this doomed real estate venture, must–after crunching the numbers and RATIONALLY evaluating the bottom line of it all–conclude that not only is ‘someone up there’ not particularly favorable to this idea, but indeed, is dead-set against it…


And this DESPITE what today’s deranged proponents for the resurrection of this ‘state’ claim, which is that it is the ABSOLUTE and inalterable desire, wish and DEMAND on the part of those same heavenly forces that cause the sun to rise and the rain to fall each day that this ‘state’ be built, and–more importantly–that a temple be constructed dead center in the middle of it all as an earthly abode for this same ‘yahweh’ whose voice the penniless Abraham claims to have heard.


Again, it’s vital that all creatures great and small residing on God’s green earth understand a few important ‘protocols’ surrounding this same ‘Jewish state’ which is responsible for so much turmoil and strife for the last century and which–if things continue on in their present trajectory–will indeed result in the very real/soon-to-materialize likelihood of WWIII/Armageddon.


The first is that there is no official record of this ‘deed’ and/or proof of ownership for this giant land mass presently situated between the Nile and Euphrates rivers which Abraham asserts–by virtue of those voices he claims to have heard–belongs solely to him and to his future DNA.


No receipt, no bill of sale, no bank statements, no Last Will and Testament, no audio/video proof–




–from the grantor of this large ‘estate’, ONLY Abraham’s claim…


Likewise, there were no ear/eyewitnesses present when Abraham was hearing these ‘voices’ and upon whose ‘promise’ Abraham’s descendants today base their rather grandiose claim of land ownership.


Of equal importance as well viz how all of this relates to petty and insignificant issues such as Armageddon, WWIII and the very real possibility of humanity’s nuclear annihilation in the very near future is the fact that this ‘promise’ of owning this giant (and strategically-important) land mass was not the only thing brought up for discussion by this newly-arrived ‘yahweh’ who had recently taken up residence in Abraham’s mind…


Again, according to the script and screenplay found in that religio-drama ‘Genesis’ where Abraham is ‘promised’ this land, a few paragraphs later the same voice demands of Abraham that he reciprocate yahweh’s magnanimity of giving all that land to him and his descendants by personally slitting open the throat of his own son and incinerating his lifeless body on a stone altar as a ‘burnt offering’.


And, like the previous ‘episode’ featuring the grand promise attached to those same 18 Apocalyptic words that have brought the world to the brink of WWIII today, namely–


‘To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates…’


–it is a voice that only he himself is hearing…


Now, in putting all of this in the kind of proper and RATIONAL context/perspective that it deserves, it needs to be stated–without the fog of emotionalism and/or sentimentality that oftentimes attends things of a religious nature–that anyone today hearing ‘voices’ in his/her head commanding the murder and incineration of another human being as an act of piety and worship would be/should be locked up for life as a danger to civilized society.


In modern medical terms, someone carrying on conversations with voices that only he or she hears in his/her own head indicating some status of elevated superiority over others and who then instruct such ‘chosen’ persons to engage in murder are the classic symptoms of schizophrenia, a mental incapacitation far more serious than some off-the-shelf neurosis-based personality disorder.


Rather, it is a serious and debilitating form of PSYCHOSIS, and its victims are universally-recognized as dangerous to any civilized society in which they live.


Likewise, anyone claiming ownership of a huge piece of real estate equal to the state of Texas (roughly the same land mass which today’s ‘Abrahamites’ claim belongs to them) would (rightly) be viewed as the mentally-deranged and detached-from-reality individual that he/she in fact is.


TAKING THIS ONE STEP FURTHER, all can imagine the results if some firebrand, wild-eyed, speaking-in-tongues ‘prophet’ type, accompanied by a group of followers/devotees and armed to the teeth with deadly weapons violently stormed the capitol building in Austin, Texas and declared themselves to be the rightful and sovereign owners of that ‘state’ based upon those ‘visions’ and voices that the gang’s head honcho claims to have seen and heard. He and his posse would be declared outlaws and a clear and present danger to the peace, safety, and security of everyone around them and would be locked up for a long, long time…


Therefore, when considering the 2 previous ‘what if’ scenarios and applying them to the right here/right now on a geo-political level wherein the EXACT same script and screenplay are featured, namely–


1. An almost murder/incineration of an innocent human being that no ‘normal’ civilized society would allow…


Followed by–


2. An armed insurrection/attempted take-over of a sprawling and resource-rich piece of real estate already owned/occupied by others…


–The obvious question that needs to be asked and answered in differentiating between the two is a no-brainer–


…Que-ce que c’est la difference?


Having said that then, it is a frightening testimony to what is now the complete dysfunctionality and dystopianism driving major geo-political events in today’s world, this ‘late great planet earth’ as one deranged author put it in that silly blockbuster book written decades ago that has played an integral part in bringing things forward to where they are now.


The fact that no one sees anything, well, CRAZY about any of this ‘Nile to the Euphrates’ business and all the war and bloodshed it has caused (to say nothing of what is to come) and, what’s worse, that a good portion of those inhabiting God’s green earth not only ‘go with the flow’ of it all, but as well, FANATICALLY SUPPORT IT as the harbinger of good things to come, is, in a word, troubling, to say the least, and particularly given the manner in which this nutty business is clearly hurtling the entire world end over end towards its own destruction.


No one sees anything apocalyptically-abnormal and unacceptable about the fact that a particular ‘state’ that bases its existence upon those 18 apocalyptic words and armed with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons could (and very well might) at any time of her choosing–INCINERATE AND CONSUME the entire human race within the span of just a few minutes, and all of this based entirely upon tall tales involving voices which ONE MAN (again, without any witnesses to verify thus) claims to have heard thousands of years ago…


Again, not to belabor the point, but history is always the best judge as to whether the Creator ‘wants’ something to exist and thrive.


–Gravity has been an eternal constant, never taking as much as a 5-minute pause…


–The 4 seasons continue on uninterrupted and unperturbed, as they have since the very beginning of time…


–Every day the sun rises, does its business, and then disappears, only to reappear several hours later…


–Flowers and edible plants erupt from the previously-frozen ground every year at the same time, feed the many creatures that consume them and then depart for the winter…


–Babies of all species are born, grow to adults who then have babies of their own, and the cycle of life continues on and on…


Even civilizations and empires continue to exist long after their days of glory have passed. They change names and acquire a new outer skin, but the basic essence of what made them great is still there. Egypt and her pyramids are still standing…Persia changed her name to Iran, but the same culture, language, and monuments remain…The Roman Empire broke apart, became Europe, and then fragmented into separate countries, but the basic civilizational DNA of what used to be still thrives as much in the individual nations as it did when they were a unified whole.


Not so however with this ‘Jewish state’ thing…


It has been gone for 2,000 years, again, ‘not one stone left upon another’ as previously stated, and not only were the same heavenly powers-that-be responsible for all the cycles of nature that keep life humming on God’s green earth not interested in preventing its previous demise(s), these same heavenly powers-that-be obviously weren’t in a big hurry to see it reborn or rebuilt.


In fact, on a few occasions when someone got the hair-brained idea to reconstruct what had been previously de-constructed (by human agency and actions that Abraham’s deity ‘yahweh’ seemingly could neither restrain nor control) all sorts of historically-documented ‘signs and wonders’ erupted indicating that the rebuilding of this dangerous-to-life-and-limb house of cards was simply, at the risk of repetition, not in the cards.


Julian, Commander-in-Chief of the same Roman empire responsible for leveling this same ‘Jewish state’ previously in 70 A.D. and a BIG fan of bloody animal sacrifice inquired of his Judaic subjects why they no longer engaged in what was the beating heart (no pun intended) of their yahweh-worship–the ‘burnt offering’–where a helpless animal had its throat cut, its lifeblood collected and splattered everywhere in ‘painting’ this temple and then its dead body chopped up and burnt on a sacrificial altar, in much the same manner as Abraham was preparing to do to his own son Jacob in obeyance to the voices in his head.


When his Hebraic subjects explained that they were not permitted to perform this religious act in any place other than within their temple in Joo-roo-salem, Julian, again a big fan of the needless and senseless killing of animals, dedicated the not-too-shabby resources, wealth, manpower, and political support of that same Roman Empire under his control for its reconstruction.


As described by the Roman Historian Ammianus Marcellinus (himself a pagan and strong political supporter of Julian) the efforts put forth in rebuilding that temple of doom did not proceed very well, to wit–


‘Julian’s desire to leave a monument to perpetuate the memory of his reign led him to think in particular of restoring at enormous expense the once magnificent temple in Jerusalem…However, repeated and alarming outbursts of fire-balls near the foundations made it impossible to approach the spot…Some of the workmen were burnt to death, and the obstinate resistance of the fiery element eventually caused the entire project to be abandoned…’


However, the eruptions of fire from below that ’caused the entire project to be abandoned’ were merely the ‘grand finale’ of what had been a chorus line of preceding catastrophes which the eternal lovers–Mother Nature and Father Time–had contributed as soon as the construction project began.


Before the arrival of the earth-belching flames that consumed to death many of those workers tasked with the rebuilding of this doomed edifice, according to eyewitness accounts at that time, every day up to that point brought some new impediment, not the least of which were hurricane-level windstorms and a devastating earthquake–the historically-documented ‘big one’ of 363 A.D.–that caused the ground to heave with such violence that all the previous labor performed in digging the foundation for this new temple was undone in a matter of seconds.


And so, again, anyone doing the very simple math on all of this is left with the inescapable conclusion that the project of reconstructing this Temple of Doom was from the very beginning of the affair–no pun intended–DOOMED.


Father Time and Mother Nature have made it clear, both in the twin destructions–first by the Babylonians and then by the Romans–followed by the natural disasters of earthquakes, windstorms, and fire, that the consensus betwixt them is that there is something inherently unnatural, unacceptable and outright DANGEROUS about the existence of this ‘state’, and in particular this ‘temple’ the sole purpose of which is the appeasement of a blood-lusty deity who gets his kicks off of the senseless killing and incineration of harmless living creatures.


As an important historical sidenote, the destruction of backwards theocratic states foundationed upon the religious practice of shedding blood by outside political and military forces was not an incident isolated only to the sands of the Middle East.


Halfway ’round the world some 13 centuries later, Meso-American empires–including those of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas–whose central act of worship also featured the practice of killing innocent living beings against their will (in this case human beings who had their hearts cut out while they were still beating) in ‘appeasing’ the blood-lusty deities they worshiped likewise had their ‘states’ destroyed by the great, great-grandchildren of that same Roman Empire that leveled Joo-roo-salem in 70 A.D., ‘not one stone left upon another’ and never to return, indicating that once again, Mother Nature and Father Time obviously viewed these ‘states’ as dangerous to the natural order of things and thus doomed them to destruction from without.


And yet, despite what is the undeniable historical record on this matter, a history that has spoken with the same VOLUME and authority with which gravity itself speaks, the various shamans, prophets, soothsayers and spiritual hucksters today advocating for the re-building of this ‘state’ in the Middle East and for the reconstruction of its temple DARE NOT touch upon the MANY problematic proofs indicating that this was/is/always will be a dangerous and failed product that poses a serious existential threat to the health and well-being of all creatures great and small, and that therefore in the interests of public safety, should be taken off the shelves before any more damage to life and limb occurs.


Indeed, only the willfully blind, deaf, and dumb refuse to do the simple math on this one in recognizing the causative correlation between what has been the most violent century in human history–beginning with 2 world wars and now a 3rd one baking in the geo-political oven, (to say nothing of the rise of several totalitarian dictatorships founded upon the principles of the very Hebraic Karl Marx that murdered hundreds of millions) and the re-emergence of this ‘Jewish state’ that one group of statistically-small (yet monetarily and politically-influential) operatives are moving heaven, hell and everything in between in trying to resurrect from its 2000-year-old grave.


Not only on a geo-political (i.e. ‘human’) level, with wars erupting where millions are killed and/or displaced, as well as all the social/political instability and upheaval that dominate the news headlines these days including pandemics–whether ‘natural’ or ‘unnatural’–




At any given moment the planet itself is in the throes of various fits of apocalyptic vomiting and coughing as manifested by earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, droughts, etc, again, all of which dominate the news headlines.


And again, as a testimony to what today is the utter mental dysfunctionality and intellectual incapacitation on the part of huge swaths of people (and particularly those in the West primarily responsible for dredging this ‘Jewish state’ up from out of its 2,000-year-old grave and breathing unnatural and unholy ‘life’ into it with money, political support and military weapons, including nuclear and biological that could wipe out all life on earth) no one draws the ’cause and effect’ line between the turmoil of the planet itself and re-emergence of this dangerous state.


Rather, with every natural disaster, with every act of earth’s retching and convulsing as manifested by earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, droughts, etc, the ‘explanation’ given by the shamans, (false) prophets, soothsayers, and spiritual hucksters supporting this beast’s resuscitation and resurrection is that it is no less than the wrath of ‘yahweh,’ the same blood-lusty deity whose 18 words to Abraham unleashed all of the turmoil and turbulence of the last century and who today is punishing the planet with natural disasters as recompense for impeding and frustrating the construction of this temple of doom which he desires/demands be constructed.


Yes, the same ‘yahweh’ who–as recounted in the religio-drama ‘Genesis’–dumped a healthy dose of holy hell upon the Egyptians, but who was somehow powerless to stop not only the Babylonians and Romans, but as well, the various windstorms, earthquakes, and subterranean fires that erupted when this temple was being re-constructed, is–like the Cyberdyne Systems Model T-1000 featured in the film The Terminator Final Judgment–now back with a vengeance and making up for lost time…


And the Gentiles who claim to be followers of that same important political commentator who predicted in very clear warning tones that both the temple in Joo-roo-salem and the ‘Jewish state’ in existence at that time would be destroyed IN TOTO–‘not one stone left upon another’–and who paid with His life for saying so, just LOVE it…


They greedily gulp from this poisoned chalice and swallow the witch’s brew conjured forth and cooked up for their own destruction and who will in the very near future (after NOT being ‘raptured’ as they have been conned into believing) feature as the ‘guests of honor’ and the ‘main dish’ at the soon-to-materialize ‘burnt offering’ which this ‘Jewish state’ is planning through the use of the nuclear weapons that she designed specifically for this upcoming ‘celebration’ in ‘cutting the ribbon’ and dedicating this ‘temple’.


And the ‘trigger event’ around which this future celebration is to take place is none other than a revenge-driven repeat/redo of what took place several times to the Temple of Doom in Joo-roo-salem when–‘not one stone upon another’–it was brought down by outside forces that the bloodlusty ‘yahweh’ was obviously powerless to prevent.


This soon-to-materilize trigger event, invisible only to the willfully blind, is none other than the planned destruction of the Dome of the Rock that today sits proudly atop the ruins of the previously-destroyed Hebraic headquarters of bloody animal sacrifice, the beautiful golden-crowned structure which the pirates of Judea view not only as the singular structural impediment to the resumption, resuscitation and resurrection of their previously-prevented theocratic empire, but indeed, as the abomination of the ages.


Pt. II–How Judea Plans To Turn the Tables


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