The Divinely-Arranged/Existentially-Necessary Coughing Fit known as Tisha b’Av


2023, The Ugly Truth


All the body’s immunological responses, from coughing to sneezing to vomiting, chills, body aches, fever, etc–all vitally-necessary reactions to something inherently dangerous to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all creatures great and small on God’s green earth–despite as unpleasant as they are at times, nevertheless are a blessing unparalleled in their importance.


Without these autonomic and for the most part uncontrollable self-defense mechanisms, no life form–from the harmless frog all the way up to human beings–would make it past the very first set of sniffles and sneezes.


Put in its simplest of terms, these unpleasant/uncomfortable responses are part of the energy of life itself–to LIVE, to survive, exist, and to do so in an environment full of deadly pathogens that–if not stopped dead in their tracks, NPI–would erase the handiwork of the creator…A ceaseless battle of the wills and a war for survival on the part of each player, (the one being the pathogen out to destroy life and the other representing life itself) both understand that it is a fight to the death and that 2nd place has only one consolation prize, i.e. an obituary and a cold grave.


All can imagine then the ensuing disaster if the same immune system responsible for the body’s continued survival–clearly a gift from the creator outdone only by life itself–decided that rather than subjecting the sickened individual to all of these uncomfortable, unpleasant, and sometimes embarrassing reactions, decided instead to ‘stand down’ in the interests of ‘keeping the peace’.


Imagine that in the spirit of ‘mercy’, ‘compassion’, and–as often heard these days– ‘peaceful co-existence’, rather than subjecting the infected individual to a pounding migraine, wracking body aches, chills and fever (all part of the ‘immunological response’) the body’s ‘Homeland Security’ decided instead to just ‘let it go’ and not subject the soon-to-be lifeless corpse to that temporary and necessary pain, discomfort, and suffering.


The best comparison would be that of a nation’s military tasked with protecting the commonweal of the body politic laying down its arms, opening the gates of the nation and allowing a foreign, hostile force intent upon conquest, death, and destruction to pour over the border and do what it is intrinsically and institutionally built to do.


In a singular word, ‘death’, and one infinitely more painful and torturous than the mildly discomforting chills, fever, and body aches that come with a healthy body’s immunological response to an invading pathogen.


Truly, there is nothing ‘merciful’ or ‘compassionate’ about such a thing as this, wherein the immune system turns a blind eye to its duties in preserving the life of that same body to whom it has been assigned as a biologically-based Secret Service protection detail.


On the contrary, it is the most cruel, MERCILESS, and hateful thing that–on that long list of possible injuries, insults, and injustices–can be done. It is the equivalent of someone watching passively as an innocent victim is being beaten to death by a gang of thugs and murmuring to himself while walking away ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘blessed are the peacemakers’.


It’s important therefore to keep in mind, and especially in these tumultuous and turbulent days, that deadly pathogens come in all forms, shapes, sizes, and species…


…Including those represented by ideas, agendas, and schemes hatched within the violent and aggressive brains of those with a pathological hatred for the larger body politic around them and who seek its utter destruction and demise for their own personal pleasure and profit. Political, cultural, and social viruses that exist in a state of static, unchanging, ever-increasing hatred for the host society around them and hell-bent upon destroying everything and everyone in their environment simply because the immutable drive to do so is deeply-baked into the mental DNA of their essence…


There can be no ‘peaceful’ co-existence with types such as these, individuals and groups whose ‘aura’, whose ‘life energy’, whose VERY ESSENCE AND CONTINUED SURVIVAL is existentially plugged into the business of draining away/feeding off of the life energy of others. Like vampires whose beating heart is fed and sustained only by drinking the lifeblood of their unwilling victims, there can be no ‘live and let live’ with these types, anymoreso than there can be ‘friendship’ between the deer who drinks at the river’s edge and the crocodile hiding beneath the waterline and moving closer to his hoped-for meal, slowly, inch by inch.


Unlike their victims, such nightcreatures and darkseekers–the walking viruses and stalking vampires masquerading as ‘normies’–do indeed ‘get it’. These social and spiritual carnivores not only understand, but indeed KNOW in the same manner that they ‘know’ their own skin that it is a fight to the death, the ultimate ‘us vs them’ battle of the wills and that there is no such thing as ‘2nd place’ in a contest of this type.


Having said all of this then, let the 8 billion Gentiles inhabiting the nearly 200 countries making up God’s green earth sit up and take notice of this existentially and apocalyptically-dangerous phenomenon known as ‘Tisha b’Av’ celebrated yearly for the last 20 centuries by their non-Gentile (i.e. Jewish) counterparts.


It’s literal translation from Hebrew is ‘9th of Av’, ‘Av’ being the 11th month within the Hebrew calendar.


In other words, ‘9/11’…


This day–considered the most solemn, tragic, and saddest within the Jewish yearly calendar–is the day on which the followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’ as they love to refer to themselves, mourn the destruction of their 2 temples–THEIR TWIN TOWERS, SO TO SPEAK–in Jerusalem, the first being brought down by the Babylonians (modern-day Iraq) in 586 B.C. and the other by the Romans (modern-day Europe and all its offshoots, including the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, etc) in 70 A.D.


In both instances, the events leading up to the destruction of the 2 temples carried with them ’cause and effect’ principles that could have only resulted in one outcome. Just as it is today (and has been for the last century since this unnatural and dangerous creature known as Judea Resurrecta clawed its way out of its 2,000-year-old grave and began its reign of religious terror) the region known as the ‘promised land’ was one of ceaseless violence, instability, and chaos, and especially for those unfortunate Gentile peoples finding themselves in the tragic circumstance of living in close proximity to this violent and rapacious ‘state’ and its Ju-hadist pirates, bandits, and marauders.


Hebraic invasions of neighboring lands (as detailed in various books of Judaic lore bearing names such as Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Joshua, etc) were but a prequel, an ‘hors d’oeuvres’ of sorts for the buffet of violence taking place today and which today’s Ju-hadists plan to exponentially increase in the very near future.


It was in effect a prototype for what is today the swath of murder and mayhem created by terrorist groups such as ISIS. The slaying en masse of ‘infidels’ (in this case, non-Hebraic Gentiles) all the way down to the suckling infant (per the very clear dictates and demands of the Torah Judah-ism that commands such business) banditry, theft, despoilment, sexual enslavement–in general, the appropriation of the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of those non-Hebrews in the region–all of this resulted in powerful political entities such as Babylon and Rome marching in with their respective armies and in the interests of stopping the contagion of religiously-based bloodshed and turmoil that was quickly spreading like a dangerous pandemic throughout the region, ‘laying down the law’ via military conquest and subjugation.


For their part, the pirates of Judea would have none of the ‘therapeutics’ of what the Babylonians and Romans were bringing. The ‘immunological response’ raised against them in ending the violence was met with even more bloodshed and which the pirates themselves defended by saying they were merely ‘following orders’, those orders of course emanating from their Commander-in-Chief and the mastermind of the entire ‘promised land’ military operation, ‘yahweh’, the violent and vindictive deity which they claimed (and claim to this day) to follow and worship.


Nevertheless, despite what was an impressive display of political fanaticism and religiously-sanctioned violence/mass murder (including against fellow Israelites who were deemed ‘not sufficiently loyal’ to the cause of Ju-had) the Torah-based terrorists–‘Torah-ists’ for short–were brought to heel. Their ‘state’ was destroyed and the Temples in Jerusalem that served as the focal point of all Ju-hadist military planning and operations against the surrounding Gentile peoples were each leveled to the ground, ‘not one stone left upon another’ as one important commentator warned would take place.


In summation, the ‘house’ of those responsible for the ‘infection’ of religiously-based/state-sponsored violence in the region was–borrowing a little biblical language here–‘left desolate’.


The ‘best man’ had won, in this case, first the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC and then the Roman General Titus in 70 AD who would be rewarded for his actions shortly thereafter by being made Caesar.


And, just as importantly, in the case of the latter, the ‘medicinal therapeutics’ represented by the military action he oversaw (and which saved the body politic of the Middle East) resulted not only in the vomiting-out of the virus, but as well, inoculated the region against its return and re-infection, a Pax Romana that lasted some 2,000 years.


In both cases, the body politic’s immunological system as represented by the 2 regional powers of Babylon and Rome, reacted in the very same manner as any healthy body’s immunological system would react to a dangerous, hostile virus. A ‘fever’ was raised in the form of war, and the resulting ‘coughing fit’ as represented by the expulsion of the Ju-hadists from the region–as unstable and uncomfortable as it may have been for the rest of the region as a whole, nevertheless–was what brought a stop to the infection of religiously-sanctioned state/sponsored violence against the healthy living tissue of surrounding Gentile peoples.


The success of this political/military ‘medical procedure’, i.e. the removal of this cancerous tumor from the region, was and is historically self-evident. Following Judea’s destruction, peace and prosperity replaced what had been the institutionalized violence, instability, and chaos that existed when ‘JISL’–the Jewish state in the Levant–had a free hand in pandemicizing the region with its inherent Torah-based terrorism and theo-political pathology.


And it is these 2 events, the Gentile-based immunological responses occurring in 586 BC and in 70 AD, the ‘coughing fits’ that drove the deadly Judaic virus out of the body politic that are recounted every year on this ‘9/11’ known as ‘Tisha b’Av’.


It is important to point out (and ‘important’ for Apocalyptic reasons which will be discussed further down) that within the context of this yearly Judaic festival of wailing, mourning, kvetching, complaining, and gnashing of teeth, at no time have they–the ‘children of Israel’ as they love to refer to themselves–EVER collectively sat down, analyzed these events with the superior intellects that they are constantly discussing in braggadocious tones, recognized the ’cause and effect’ properties associated with both events and said to themselves–


‘…We got what we deserved…Mess around with fire and get burned…Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…’


Instead, the conclusions to which they as a group have arrived, AND AFTER 2,000 YEARS OF CONTEMPLATION, is that the reason for the loss of the ‘Twin Towers’ (and with that, the loss of their sovereignty in the land) had nothing whatsoever to do with the violence, theft, and war crimes their ancestors were inflicting upon the already-present Gentiles in the area, to say nothing of the madness of going up against military powers such as Babylon and Rome and expecting to win. Rather, these voices say, their defeat was due to the ‘division’ and ‘hatred’ that existed within the ranks of Jewry itself, making them weak and divided and thus unable to overcome the immunological response on the part of those external forces that finally brought the entire ‘Jewish state’ thing down.


It is also important to note that in both cases, ‘yahweh’, the violent and vindictive deity worshiped by the ‘children of Israel’ (and who they believe commands mass murder and war crimes against all Gentiles in whatever locale where the ‘children of Israel’ happen to find themselves) was AWOL throughout the entire event, and not just a little AWOL, but rather–




In both instances where the very same temple he commanded be built for his residence was brought down, ‘he’ was nowhere to be found. Not a sneeze, a cough, a sniffle, or even a clearing of his throat. No protests, no bolts of lightning destroying the armies of Babylon or Rome,




All the divine protection and/or assistance represented by all the awe-inspiring miracles found within the various books and chapters of Judaic lore featuring plagues, frogs, hemorrhoids, firstborn-deaths, the parting of seas, sandstorms, pillars of fire, the silly ending displayed in Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc, etc, etc, NONE of these were present, neither in 586 BC nor 70 AD…


…And–just as importantly–have not appeared since, almost as if, well, the Hebraic/Israelite/Judaic presence in the ‘promised land’ is not as welcome as some might imagine it to be.


This fact–yahweh’s absence and/or impotence when confronting world powers such as Babylon and Rome who would DARE offend the ‘apple of his eye’–has all sorts of Apocalyptically-serious implications associated with it that few seem to realize today.


What it indicates is that at the very least, there is no ‘higher power’ associated with the creation of this ‘Jewish state’ whose resurrection in the last century has been the source of so much international turmoil, war, and instability. It is something hatched ENTIRELY within the violent and aggressive brains of those with a pathological hatred for the larger body politic around them and who seek its utter destruction and demise for their own personal pleasure and profit…Political, cultural, and social viruses that exist in a state of static, unchanging, ever-increasing hatred for the host societies around them and who are hell-bent upon destroying everything and everyone in their environment simply because the immutable drive to do so is deeply-baked into the mental DNA of their essence…


The main difference between then and now however is that today, these same individuals with their violent and aggressive brains and their pathological hatred for the larger body politic around them are armed to the teeth with both nuclear and biological weapons, and in the interim between 70AD and today, have amassed near-total control of the money, media, and political infrastructures of the entire world.


Furthermore (and certainly more ominous and foreboding) is the fact that they have sworn a blood oath that if/when the immunological system of the larger body politic AGAIN raises a fever against them and their plans, just as it is biologically and constitutionally designed to do, that they will destroy the entire world, brick by brick, bone by bone, ‘not one stone left upon another’, just as one infamous commentator put it just prior to Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 AD by the Romans.


And if all of this weren’t bad enough, just as worrisome is the fact that today’s ‘Tisha b’Av-ists’, while mourning the destruction of their ‘Twin Towers’, at the same time have also amassed (concocted) an entire litany of ‘prophecies’ concerning how they plan to turn this historical day of mourning into a day of celebration, dedicated to laughing and gloating over the ruins of Gentiledom which they themselves plan to destroy, to wit–


‘…Jacob will be a fire
And Joseph will be a flame…
Esau will be reduced to mere stubble,
For they will set him on fire and destroy him…
There will be no survivors from Esau,
For the Lord has spoken…’


…Words which today’s darkseekers and nightstalkers plan to use in conjuring up/unleashing the ‘Jeenie’ of Judaic destruction from the bottle in which it has been imprisoned for 2,000 years in ‘cleansing’ the world, and all of this as the fulfillment of all those self-composed ‘prophecies’ concerning the arrival of the Jewish Messiah–‘Moshiach’ as he is termed in Judaic religious lore–who will grant them their wishes of universal Armageddon, complete ownership of all the world’s wealth and resources and the total domination of all Gentiledom.


The most dangerous thing about this tug-of-war/fight to the death between the Gentiles and their non-Gentile counterparts is that for the most part, the Gentiles are completely unaware that this fight to the death exists, and–just as importantly–that it always has, since the days of Cain and Abel. For Gentiles, it is seemingly impossible to grasp WHY a person (or an insane group of them) would choose to exist in a state of perpetual war with those around them when instead a person (or a group of them) could choose to enjoy this life in a state of authentic ‘peaceful co-existence’ with others and by doing no violence to the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of those around them.


The nightcreatures and darkseekers however, the walking viruses and stalking vampires today representing this deadly pathogen with an incurable and limitless hatred for Gentile civilization, do indeed ‘get it’, unlike their intended victims.


These social and spiritual carnivores not only understand, but indeed KNOW in the same manner that they ‘know’ their own skin that it is a fight to the death, the ultimate ‘us vs them’ battle of the wills and that there is no such thing as ‘2nd place’ in a contest of this type.


In best understanding what it is that ‘they’ intend to do in ‘remaking the world’ in their image and in turning ‘Tisha b’Av’ into a day of Judaic celebration, perhaps it was said best by Robert Oppenheimer, the Hebraic scientist credited with unleashing the hellfire of atomic weaponry upon the world and which his fellow darkseekers and nightstalkers plan to use in ‘cleansing’ the world prior to the arrival of  their ‘Moshiach’–


‘Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds…’

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