Kristol Clear, Pt.‌ ‌II–Seeds‌ ‌of‌ ‌Armageddon…The‌ ‌Rise‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ Neo-Conservatives‌ ‌and‌ ‌Birth‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌‘Clash‌ ‌of‌ ‌Civilizations’‌ ‌

George H.W. Bush

A mere four months into George H. W. Bush’s Presidency, the pirates of Judea knew that stormy weather and rough political seas were on the horizon waiting for them.

Of the many dark clouds promising a bumpy ride for them and their plans, one of the more problematic was the address given by Bush’s Secretary of State, James Baker III, at the yearly meeting of AIPAC, Mossad’s most powerful domestic branch in America, equal in power only to the mainstream media mafia. 

Baker, rather than engaging in the typical political theatrics that have become mainstays for all groveling traitors seeking to kiss the ring and receive the blessings of La Kosher Nostra, instead had the following to say–

…Now is the time to lay aside, once and for all, the unrealistic vision of a ‘Greater Israel’...Israel’s interests in the West Bank and Gaza, security and otherwise, can be accommodated in a settlement based on Resolution 242…We therefore call upon Israel to forswear annexation, stop settlement activity, and reach out to the Palestinians as neighbours who deserve political rights…

The words themselves, within any context and within any timeframe encompassing the last 6,000 years, represented the big enchilada in terms of heresy and blasphemy. According to the pirates and their ‘how-to’ manual–the Torah–that governs all Judaic thought and behavior down to the cellular/sub-atomic level, that particular issue had already been settled, and by none other than the murderer/thief/warlord Moses himself, to wit–

On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, saying ‘To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates…–Book of Genesis, 15:18


Just as heretical and blasphemous concerning the ‘Greater Israel’ thing was that ‘other thing’ in Baker’s speech, the infamous ‘3 numbers’ that had led to the premature demise of previous U.S. presidential administrations and to their plans for ‘peace’ in the region–‘Resolution 242’, which required the pirates to retreat back behind the ‘67 lines and return the war booty they had stolen–Sinai, the Golan Heights, Gaza and the West Bank that included within it the ‘crown jewel’ cherished by the pirates more than any other thing in the Jew-niverse, Jerusalem.

Sinai was already a ‘done deal’, courtesy of the former peanut farmer from Georgia turned POTUS Jimmy Carter, via his Camp David Accords.

And now, as if that numerical concoction ‘242’ were not bad enough viz the kind of volcanic reaction it reflexively causes in the collective hive-mind of the pirates, George H. W. Bush, through the person of his Secretary of State, voices out loud the dirty secret that had never before been so much as hiccuped in ‘polite’ company since the entire ‘Jewish state’ experiment/catastrophe began at the end of the 19 century–the religious-based acid trip known as ‘Greater Israel’, an hallucinogenic nightmare that, if allowed to move forward to its intended conclusion, threatened the arrival of Armageddon and WWIII.

The kapo di tutti kapi of La Kosher Nostra at that time was a bushy-eyebrowed creature-of-the-night known as Yitzhak Shamir. Before attaining the ‘respectability’ that comes with the rank of Prime Minister, he had ‘made his bones’ within LKN as a terrorist and mass-murderer, in fact, working alongside the same ‘psychotic’ Menachem Begin who had giggled with Carter about his role in blowing up the King David Hotel that resulted in the deaths of close to 100 people in its ensuing collapse, a beta test of what would occur a half-century later with the Mossad-engineered implosion/collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City.

If ever there were a pirate constitutionally-wired to explode like a bomb to Baker’s words concerning ‘the unrealistic vision of a Greater Israel’, it was Shamir. The terrorist group to which he proudly belonged in his youth, Lehi, maintained as part of its founding charter the stated plans of bringing into existence that religious-based acid trip known as ‘Greater Israel’ per the demands, commands, and decrees as UNAMBIGUOUSLY AND REPEATEDLY stated within the Torah throughout its various chapters and verses, and along with it, the ‘right’ on the part of the Judaic dogs of war to engage in whatever violence–qualitative or quantitative–was necessary in achieving that ‘Nile-to-the-Euphrates’ real estate development, as Shamir once made clear in his own words, to wit–

Neither Jewish ethics nor Jewish tradition disqualifies terrorism as a means of warfare and we have no moral qualms as far as that is concerned, for we have before us the commands of our Torah, whose morality surpasses that of any other body of laws in the world and which tells us ‘Ye shall blot all of them out, to the last man.

The night-creature Shamir’s (public) response to Baker’s statement at AIPAC viz ‘laying aside the unrealistic vision’ of all the Nile-to-the-Euphrates nonsense was the typical nuanced gangsterese meant to convey much with as few words as possible, to wit–

We cannot accept what Baker said about Greater Israel and I don’t think it was useful to raise those issues.

Baker’s statement concerning ‘Greater Israel’, or as the pirates call it in their own language, ‘Eretz Israel HaShlema’, was vitally important for several reasons. 

First, it indicated what the U.S. Government, and in particular the most important office within that political corporation, POTUS, knew to be fact for a long, long time, and most likely from the very moment that Harry S. Truman gave official recognition to the ‘Jewish State’ just a few minutes after its bloody, screachimg birth as a diseased and deranged stillborn in 1949–that the dark forces responsible for midwifing this deadly infection into the world body-politic had much bigger plans than simply a tiny slice of real estate resting/residing along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

The other reason that Baker’s statement about ‘Greater Israel’ was so important is not as much related to what he actually said, but rather to Shamir’s reaction to it, namely–

1. That the pirates fully intended to bring about that religious-based acid trip/hallucinogenic nightmare known as ‘Greater Israel’ that Baker had just de-legitimized while speaking at AIPAC…


2. That despite the fact that Judea, Inc fully intended to midwife this deadly infection known as ‘Greater Israel’ into the world body-politic, the pirates didn’t want this fact being discussed publicly, and especially not by the most powerful man in the world at that time, the President of the United States who–at any time of his choosing, could summon the attention of more than ‘80 million Americans’ as Nixon had previously threatened to do in his infamous conversation with Kissinger.

In historical hindsight it’s easy to see why Shamir and his band of pirates did not want plans like these being discussed within earshot of ‘80 million Americans’. Like the microscopic fine print appearing on a pound-of-flesh contract written in blood by Shylock and his brood of fellow vipers, it’s the kind of thing that gangsters and burglars like to ‘announce’ as a ‘done deal’ at 3 am after they’ve already safely exited the house that they have just looted without waking the sleeping owners therein.

Despite being shouted down by various species of sayanim (spies for Judea as comfortable with lying as fish are with swimming and birds are with flying) tasked with the job of confusing and consternating the collective mind of Gentile-dom with the deliberate deception that the ‘Greater Israel’ accusation is merely a  ‘conspiracy theory’ and a ‘canard’ dreamt-up/drummed-up by ‘anti-Semites’ out to libel and slander the pirates’ ship of state, the fact is that the truth–as has been the case for 6,000 years–is not in the pirates’ favor. 

Herzl himself, the modern-day ‘Moses’ leading the ‘children of Israel’ out of ‘Egypt’ (Europe) and back into the ‘promised land’ (Palestine) referenced this ‘Nile to the Euphrates’ real estate project SPECIFICALLY in his infamous book The Jewish State and went further by stating (as Shamir intimated) that the soon-to-be grand theft must be carried out ‘discreetly and circumspectly’ lest it generate too much attention amongst the Goyim whose money, guns and political support were needed in carrying it out.

David Ben Gurion, LKN’s first Prime Minister himself minced no words about the full extent of what the pirates planned to do, saying that–

The present map of Palestine was drawn by the British mandate, but the Jewish people have another map which our youth and adults should strive to fulfill, from the Nile to the Euphrates.

While the average Gentile can be forgiven for not following intently and then decoding the particular noises coming out of the mouths of night-creatures like Herzl and Ben Gurion, at the same time those who know a thing or two about the most-read book in human history–the Bible–cannot.

The ‘dirty secret’ involving ‘Greater Israel’ is no ‘secret’ at all, given that it appears repeatedly in black and white within the pages of the very same Torah (Old Testament) that–over the course of at least the last 2,000 years–has been read and discussed billions of times on billions of occasions by billions of Gentiles.

That Baker made mention of the ‘dirty secret’ containing within it the seeds of Armageddon/WWIII without GHWB knowing of its forthcoming arrival at the AIPAC coven/conference ahead of time is not at all likely, as partly evidenced by there being no retractions or apologies from POTUS 41 in the high-decibel reaction/aftermath of that speech.

The smart money says it was Bush’s way of signaling to LKN that serious ‘changes’ were on the horizon that he and his administration viewed as necessary in maintaining America’s long-range foreign policy objectives, one of which was avoiding at any and all costs the minor incidentals involved in WWIII that fulfillment of the Torah-based commandments involving ‘Eretz Israel HaShlema’ would inevitably incur.

Apparently however, the pirates, with their diabolically-gifted 6th sense of precognition for what POTUS 41 may have been planning, already had plans of their own cauldron-stewing on the back burner of their political stove, one of which was a big fat war in the Middle East–in Iraq to be specific–in which they had scripted America to play the leading role. Given the planned size and scope of this war, there could be no other result from it other than to distract the newly elected President viz his plans of ‘laying aside the unrealistic vision’ of all the ‘Nile-to-the-Euphrates’ lunacy and his being forced to shelve any and all plans of coming to some ‘peace’ agreement between the pirates and their future Ishmaelite victims.

That Israel had an ‘in’ with Saddam Hussein is documented by the same aforementioned former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book The Other Side of Deception where he describes the manner in which the pirates of Judea had been meeting early-on with the Iraqi government under the auspices of ‘peace’. 

In the book, Ostrovsky does not state per se that the idea for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait began as some ‘bug’ placed in the ear of the Iraqi leader by Israel, however, via the good offices of historical hindsight and in doing the very simple math on who benefitted from it all, it appears that this was more than likely the case. The invasion/apocalyptic destruction wrought by the Americans resulted in the very situation which benefited the pirates like nothing else in history–Not only the destruction of Iraq, but–just as importantly–the garrisoning of large numbers of U.S. military assets, both men and materiel, in the Middle East that could, if the right ‘situation’ presented itself at some later date, be used for other similar adventures as well.

What is so interesting about Ostrovsky’s autobiographical testimony on this matter is the timeline involved in it, as it shows how the pirates–again, with their diabolically-gifted precognitive 6th sense–were planning on Operation Desert Storm within mere weeks of GHWB’s inauguration as POTUS, to wit–

The Mossad was busy at the time preparing for Operation Brush Fire, aimed at getting the United States involved militarily in the Middle East in general and in the Gulf region in particular. By January 1989 the Mossad machine was busy portraying Saddam as a tyrant and a danger to the world. The Mossad activated every asset it had, from volunteer agents in Amnesty International to fully bought members of the US Congress…The media was supplied with ‘inside information’ from ‘reliable sources’ on how the crazed leader of Iraq killed people with his bare hands and used missiles to target Iranian cities. The Mossad wanted the Americans to do the work of destroying that gigantic army in the Iraqi desert so that Israel would not have to face it one day on its own border.

Again, given their historically-proven/Luciferian-aided 6th sense and x-ray vision, it is somewhere between ‘for sure’ and definite that the pirates of Judea knew well-ahead of time what kind of ‘hired help’ GHWB was going to be as POTUS. He had been Reagan’s VP for 8 years, during which time he had had an enormous influence on Reagan’s decision to seek a ‘peace deal’ in the region and to adopt a more ‘even-handed’ U.S. posture viz ‘taking sides’ between the Jews and the Arabs.

This being the case, ‘night flowers’ such as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith and Elliot Abrams, early footsoldiers of what would later be known as the ‘NeoCon Cabal’, acting as the eyes and ears of Judea in absorbing and then forwarding on to HQ all metadata involving his political dispositions viz the Middle East means that the pirates knew well ahead of time GHWB was not going to be a ‘team player’. 

Furthermore, Bush’s appointment of Baker as his Secretary of State and Baker’s well-known antipathy for Judea, Inc carried with it plenty of baggage as well, given the extensive time he had spent in previous administrations, including those of Nixon, Ford and Reagan, to say nothing of his oftentimes vocal and unambiguous dislike for the pirates.

Therefore, one does not have to stretch too far in imagining exactly why the pirates had included a big fat war in the Middle East in their plans for America. Just as Reagan’s Middle East Peace Initiative had been blown out of the water by the pirates via the kosher-approved Sabra/Shatila Massacre followed by the Mossad-engineered/permitted Marine barracks bombings in Beirut–likewise  GHWB and his plans of ‘laying aside, once and for all, the unrealistic vision of a Greater Israel’ would be–they hoped and planned–rendered/declared DOA as well, if for no other reason than that his mental energy/political resources would be taken up in prosecuting the biggest war America had fought since Vietnam.

Apparently however, what they had not factored into their equation was the likelihood that GHWB had–albeit to a lesser degree–the gift of precognition as well and as such, had recognized how his stomping on Iraq could be used in furthering his own plans for the region, i.e. ‘peace’, and for legally-defined borders in caging-in/quarantining the pirate state.

Following the 45-day war in which the Americans did indeed do all the work of ‘destroying that gigantic army in the Iraqi desert so that Israel would not have to face it one day on its own border’, GHWB instantly became–literally–not only the most popular President in U.S. history with his approval rating flying comfortably high in the 90th percentile stratosphere, but as well, one of the most popular U.S. presidents in the world.

Such approval numbers are–in the political sense–the equivalent of an American Express card with no spending limit and with ridiculously-agreeable re-payment terms.

Bush, the president who took America to war and won in 6 weeks’ time could do anything he wanted and have the backing of the American people to boot…

…Including a ‘peace deal’ that would, ‘lay aside, once and for all, the unrealistic vision of a ‘Greater Israel’.

And thus, having won a really big hand in the political poker game known as Operation Desert Storm and doing so with relatively few losses of American servicemen, George H. W. Bush decided to cash in his chips. He immediately got to work through his right-hand man, Secretary of State James Baker, in drawing up his own plans for a peace deal, and once again, the odds were wildly in his favor, because as fate, luck or destiny would have it, the pirates needed American cash, and lots of it.

At issue was an influx of new land thieves from the USSR, and for reasons not yet entirely clear, the same ‘Yahweh’ credited with performing/bestowing all sorts of miracles for the thief/murderer/warlord Moses and his ‘children of Israel’ as recounted in the Torah was either taking a nap or on vacation and thus no new miracles were forthcoming in helping facilitate the invasion as had (scripturally) occurred in the book of Jexodus. No Mannah from heaven, no water springing forth from a rock, no pillars of fire at night or dust storms in the day.

Yahweh being AWOL therefore necessitated the next best thing–billion$ in ca$h from good ol’ Uncle $am in the form of loan guarantee$ totaling 10 billion dollar$ which the pirate$–in employing their hi$torically-honed talent$ of eva$ion and contract-violation/deal-abrogation–would not have to pay back.

Shamir and his gang of thieves had every reason to expect that all that free cash would be forthcoming. Besides the fact that virtually every president previous to GHWB had surrendered to Piratica Judaica the keys to the US Treasury in the past, more important were the promises (threats) appearing in their ‘how-to’ manual, the Torah, and specifically a certain passage from a certain book scribed by a certain fellow named Isaiah, long-admired and much-appreciated by the pirates, in which the status of the ‘Gentile nations’ and their wealth had already been settled, to wit–

The Gentiles and their kings shall come to your light and celebrate the glory of your ascension…As you devour their riches, they shall boast of your greatness and surrender unto you all their gold and incense…Their kings shall serve you, as your gates remain open, day and night, so that their wealth may be placed at your feet, while their kings are led in humble procession before you…

And, just so that there was no ambiguity viz the kinds of penalties incurred by those Gentile nations who don’t see eye-to-eye with the pirates and with their ‘Yahweh’, Isaiah ends his little treatise to wit–

…For the nation which will not bow down and serve you shall perish, it shall be utterly destroyed…

And then, in what can only be described as an unforgivable act of haughty Gentile insolence against Yahweh’s chosen land thieves/mass-murderers, GHWB did the unthinkable and unspeakable–He withheld that desperately-needed Mannah-cash, keeping it out of arm’s reach and away from the sticky fingers of the pirates unless and until they agreed to participate in the peace conference he and Baker were putting together, scheduled to take place in Madrid, Spain and whereat all the principle Ishmaelite players, including the Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Lebanese, etc, would be in attendance, the first time since 1948 that a gathering as comprehensive and complete as this had ever occurred.

Bush and Baker both knew they had Judea over a barrel, because without that ‘Mannah’ falling from heaven in the form of American ca$h, there would be no means for funding/facilitating the Jexodus of a million or so pirates from the USSR to Palestine.

If it’s anything that the thieves of Judea seem to grasp better than anyone else, it’s the importance of numbers, and those numbers in terms of Bush’s post-war approval ratings–both at home in the U.S. and throughout the world–were, as Ostrovsky writes, not just dangerous to the pirates’ plans, but deadly, and Bush knew it.

In a press conference defending his decision to hold back on the ca$h, POTUS GHWB stated that–

It is in the best interests of the peace process and of peace itself that aid for Israel be deferred and I think the American people will strongly support me on this...I’m going to fight for it because I think this is what the American people want, and I’m going to do absolutely everything I can to back those members of Congress who are forward-looking in their desire to see peace as well…

Intimating–amongst many things–that it was not just the ‘Bush-n-Baker’ team making this move, but that there was a lot of support for it in AIPAC’s playground, the U.S. Congress, and that this time, in the aftermath of Desert Storm and with an ENORMOUSLY popular President, the pirates might not be able to muster up another letter with ‘76 signatures’ as previously took place with Gerald Ford.

In describing the diabolic rage coursing like boiling blood through the veins of the pirates in Tel Aviv, and especially now that Bush had Congressional support for his plans of ‘laying aside, once and for all, the unrealistic vision of a Greater Israel’, Ostrovsky describes the ‘welcoming committee’ that the pirates had planned for GHWB upon his arrival in Madrid, to wit–

…The Mossad regarded the situation as a life-or-death crisis and decided to solve the problem once and for all, and to them, it was clear what they must do…There was no doubt that Bush would be out of his element when he arrived in Madrid to open the peace talks…On top of that, there were all those who were against the talks: the Palestinian extremists and the Iranians and the Libyans, not to mention the decimated Iraqis with their endless calls for revenge for the Gulf War…

…It was clear from the start that Bush’s assassination would be blamed on the Palestinians, perhaps ending once and for all their irritating resistance and making them the people most hated by all Americans…Since the Mossad had all the security arrangements in hand, it would not be a problem in bringing the killers as close as they wanted to President Bush and then staging his assassination. In the ensuing confusion, the Mossad people would kill the ‘perpetrators,’ scoring yet another victory for the Mossad. With the assassins dead, it would be difficult to discover where the ‘security breach’ had been, except that several countries involved in the conference, such as Syria, were regarded as countries that assisted terrorists.

But, alas, quelle dommage, once again it would seem that Yahweh, the violent and vindictive deity of the pirates, was asleep on the job, as the Mossad-planned assassination of GHWB, the king who refused to ‘surrender’ the wealth of his Gentile nation to the pirates, was foiled.

This was not to say however that the pirates were done, as ‘plan B’ was immediately put into motion, and again as described by Ostrovsky in his book, to wit–

…The president was regarded as the greatest enemy of the state of Israel and was instantly placed on the blacklist of every Jewish organization in the United States… In Israel, posters depicting the president with a Pharaoh’s headgear and the inscription ‘We have overcome the pharaohs, we will overcome Bush’ were posted across the entire country. Israeli messengers in all the communities across the United States immediately went into high gear, launching attacks against the president and feeding the media an endless stream of criticism against him while trying at the same time to make it clear to Vice President Dan Quayle that he was their sweetheart and that what the president was doing in no way affected their opinion of him…

Ostrovsky continues–

This love affair with a vice president was not a new thing; it had been almost standard procedure ever since the creation of the state of Israel. Any time a president was not on the best of terms with Israel, the Jewish organizations were instructed to cozy up to the vice president. That was the case with Dwight Eisenhower, whom Israel regarded as the worst president in history (although, ironically, the vice president they regarded as a friend, Richard Nixon, himself became an enemy of Israel once he was president). It was what lay behind the strong support Israel and the Jewish community gave to Lyndon Johnson, who almost doubled aid to Israel in his first year as president, after John Kennedy had come down hard on the Israeli nuclear program, believing it was a first and dangerous step in the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region.

That strategy was behind their hatred for Nixon and their admiration for Gerald Ford. And then there was Jimmy Carter, whose whole administration was regarded as a big mistake as far as Israel was concerned, a mistake that had cost Israel the whole of the Sinai in return for a lukewarm peace with Egypt.

And now there was this peace process, put forth by the country club idiot. The right-wingers’ silent cry was to somehow stop the process, which they believed would lead to a compromise that would force Israel to return more land…

And in that time frame following the 45-day war in Iraq (wherein GHWB attained the highest approval ratings of any US President in the 20th century) and the start of his re-election campaign, the pirates and all their affiliated organizations, including the mainstream media mafia, got to work like Jermites in chewing away at the very floor under ‘Pharaoh’ Bush’s feet.

Within the span of mere months, the American people–fully under the hypnotic spell cast upon them by the wizards and witches of the mainstream media mafia–had forgotten all about the resounding victory of the 45-day war and about the Commander-in-Chief credited with successfully prosecuting it.

Instead, the focus of attention became ‘the economy, stupid’, which, made worse by the deliberate strangulation of credit by a certain pirate named Alan Greenspan holding the rank of Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, resulted in GHWB being bested in the ‘92 presidential election by a smooth-talking/silver-tongued hillbilly crime boss running the Democratic wing of the Dixie Mafia named Bill Clinton. 

Bush himself stated as much viz Greenspan creating/maintaining/exacerbating the economic recession that became the dominant narrative of the entire political contest, thus giving Judea, Inc’s bestest new buddy, Bill Clinton, the upper hand in ‘92, to wit–

If the interest rates had been lowered more dramatically I would have been re-elected president because the economic recovery that we were in would have been more visible to the American people…

On a VERY interesting note warranting a certain degree of pause and consideration for all its important implications is the particular date in 1991 on which GHWB formally discussed for the first time with ‘80 million Americans’ his intention of withholding American cash from the pirates of Judea as an inducement to bringing them to the negotiating table in order to ‘lay aside, once and for all, the unrealistic vision of a ‘Greater Israel’ and in pursuing a ‘settlement based on Resolution 242’–

–September 11, the exact day on which (ten years later) American airliners said to have been hijacked by Islamic terrorists would crash into American skyscrapers during the first year of the presidential administration of George W. Bush, the ‘fruit’ of GHWB’s presidential loins.

Also the same day, 10 years later–and again, by pure coincidence all can be sure–on which the only arrests taking place in the aftermath of those attacks were of 5 Israeli intelligence officers, the ‘high-fivers’ as they came to be known in law enforcement/intelligence circles, seen by witnesses filming/celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers and who–after their arrest, detainment and (quiet) release back to the pirates’ lair, Israel–admitted on a Hebrew-language talk show that they were Mossad and had been sent to the U.S. on an intelligence mission to ‘document the event’ that was to take place on that very same morning.

Again, yet another glaring, glowing example of that diabolically-gifted 6th sense of ‘precognition’…

And on YET ANOTHER very interesting note warranting a certain degree of pause and consideration for all its important implications was the statement from a certain Tom Dine, the leader of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, who described GHWB’s September 11th, 1991 press conference wherein he announced the withholding of that pile of American ca$h from the pirates as a ‘day of infamy’, the very same language used by FDR half a century earlier in describing the ‘sneak attack’ at Pearl Harbor that kicked off U.S. involvement in WWII.

What makes Dine’s choice of words in this regard so pregnant with implications is that a ‘New Pearl Harbor’ was the exact language used in a policy paper written by night-creatures placed high in the councils of George W. Bush, the man who would light the fuse on the pirates’ planned ‘clash of civilizations’ between the West and the Islamic world following the September 11, 2001 attacks. This statement was written exactly one year prior to the 9/11 attacks and was used in predicting/predicating the planned coming war between the 2 civilizations as a war that could/would only take place as a result of some ‘catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor’.

And, once again, just as it was with–

–The assassination of JFK in Dallas, Texas…

—The almost-impeachment and subsequent resignation of Richard M. Nixon…

—The almost-assassination and subsequent electoral defeat of Gerald ‘Re-assessment’ Ford…

–The political destruction of James Earl Carter, the American president seeking an independent U.S. foreign policy in that part of the world which Judea, Inc believes to be hers, whole-hog/lock, stock & barrel, via the ‘protocols’ of her Torah Judaism, as well as Carter’s plans for ‘peace’ and defined/internationally-recognized borders…

–Ronald Wilson Reagan, who, despite being re-elected to a 2nd term, nevertheless almost lost his life to an assassination attempt within the first months of his presidency while in the early planning stages of imposing a ‘Pax Americana’ on the ticking time bomb known as the Arab-Israeli conflict…

–And now, George H.W. Bush and his plans of ‘laying aside, once and for all, the unrealistic vision of a Greater Israel’ and his hopes for coming to a ‘peace agreement’ between the pirates of Judea and those Ishmaelites standing in the way of the hallucinogenic nightmare that to this day represents a ticking timebomb that, once detonated, can only result in WWIII/Armageddon…

…up in smoke…


And the rest, as they say, is history…


Coming soon–Pt.III–Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama

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