The Jewish Brain–Trump’s peace plan will create another Gaza in the middle of the Israeli Heartland.

Times of Israel

Let’s just call it for what it is–Trump’s peace plan will create another Gaza in the middle of the Israeli Heartland. That is not our analysis, but rather the explanation given by the chief architect of the plan, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

We’ve had Land for Peace and we got terror.

Now we’ve got Money for Peace and we’ll get terror again.

A major part of the plan is meant to stop Israel’s West Bank Annexation. Not a side effect but a major goal. That doesn’t prove that the Americans are evil. But if not evil, they certainly are stupid, uninformed about the present, and unwilling to learn from the past. Just the fact that Kusher admitted to blocking Jewish sovereignty over the West Bank shows what an idiot he is, not understanding how difficult his ‘openness’ may be for Bibi.

Israel has never accepted national suicide as a way to avert more wars.

Among other things, David Israel points out that Kushner is using the terminology of the militant left about Israel.

Meanwhile, Palestinian dictators (Stop calling them “The Palestinians”!) keep protesting peace, as if they’re offered swine meat. They’re expecting, sooner or later some Liberal sucker to enter the White House who will uncritically obey their victim demands so why negotiate with anyone?

We warned before Trump’s peace plan was launched that it could only harm us because it would give more benefits to the Peoples surrounding us and again demand concessions of us. And that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Israel got a US embassy in Jerusalem, which means nothing, and peace with two countries we were not at war with (great bargains!) in exchange for giving up on Jewish rule over the West Bank and a looming dangerous terrorist State on the West Bank of the Jordan.

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