Part I–Kiss of Death…The Political Assassination of Every American President who tried bringing Peace to Israel & the Middle East

Safe to say the political weather of the last 4 years has been–in a word–unprecedented. The only possible comparison might be early August of 1974 when a certain Richard M. Nixon, then-President of the United States, after an extended period of deliberately crafted political and social upheaval directed against him and his administration (courtesy of what is now referred to as the ‘Deep State’) cried ‘uncle’, succumbed to his political injuries and ‘died’ on national tv in the form of his resignation as POTUS.

The hurricane leading up to this momentous event is all there as part of the public record…A nexus of intersecting tentacles, ranging from a tribe-owned mainstream media mafia in America to a tribe-owned U.S. Congress that–although affecting certain superficialities of individual-ness, nevertheless–functioned as cooperative/collusive body parts all connected to the same scorpion main-frame. In this capacity, a relentless seek-and-destroy mission was waged against POTUS-37 until finally, a beaten/bruised/battered Richard M. Nixon understood the writing on the wall for what it was and surrendered to forces more powerful than he.

There were good reasons for him to make the assumption that the writing on the wall was etched in stone rather than penciled on paper. Besides the relentless attacks against him personally, Nixon also suffered the loss of his right-hand man–Vice President Spiro Agnew–to (forced) resignation via the politically-motivated criminal charges leveled against him that included conspiracy, bribery, extortion and tax fraud…

And all of this less than a year before Nixon himself, in the face of thousands of bayonets all jabbing simultaneously and unrelentingly at those blood-rich regions in his political neck, was forced to turn abrupt and walk away from the most prized piece of real estate in human history, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

That the concerted efforts leveled against Agnew were part of a darker story whose details did not make their way into the general discourse of American politics was revealed some years later by Agnew himself. In a letter he wrote to the Saudi Royal Family he spelled out in clear, unequivocal language the EXACT AND UNAMBIGUOUS nature of the seek-and-destroy operation that had been mobilized against him as part of the drive to ‘get’ Nixon, to wit–

Your Highness, I am writing this letter to explain the principal reasons for my urgent request to see you…

Your highness is already familiar with the unremitting Zionist efforts to destroy me. During the time I was under attack by Attorney General Elliot Richardson in 1973, the reason for their driving me out of office was stated by Richardson himself several times, saying I could not be trusted to act properly in the Middle East…

Therefore I was framed and driven from office, the reason being that the Zionists in the United States knew that I would never agree to the continuance of the unfair and disastrous favoring of Israel, and therefore, had to get me out of there so that I would not succeed Nixon.

Since 1974, the Zionists have orchestrated a well-organized attack on me, using lawsuits to bleed me of my resources, thus preventing my efforts in trying to inform the American people of the Zionist control of the media and other influential sectors of American society.

I`ve taken every opportunity to speak out against the catastrophic U.S. policies regarding Israel and this has spurred my Zionist enemies on to greater efforts. I desperately need financial support so that I can continue this fight against the Zionist enemies who are destroying my once great nation.

With great respect and warm personal regards,

Spiro T. Agnew


So, in other words, according to Agnew himself, former Vice President of the United States (and as such, privy to intelligence which the average Joe 6-Pack citizen has no access) it was a foreign power–Israel to be precise–and her tentacled ‘interests’ in America (now better known by the recently-made-popular term ‘Deep State’) that oversaw what was for all intents and purposes an intelligence operation aimed at ‘regime change’ in America, the intended end result being the removal of an administration that the same aforementioned ‘Deep State’, located in the heart of historic Palestine, viewed as problematic to her long-range interests.

That the Jewish lobby as an organized force viewed Nixon as a mortal adversary is not as much a question mark as it is an exclamation point. Throughout the subsequent years following Nixon’s night-flight from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Judea Inc and its various tentacled organizations have written and spoken volumes about Nixon’s ‘anti-Semitism’ and about the various uncomplimentary/unflattering opinions he entertained towards those of the non-Gentile persuasion, i.e. their power, their hold on American politics, their (un)trustworthiness and the deleterious effect they affected upon America’s moral character through their control of a gangrene-laden, syphilitic, worm/maggot/lice-infested Hollywood and the ‘fake news’ they create/perpetrate through their ownership/control of the mainstream-media mafia.

Nixon also–in one of his more ‘candorous’ moments–indicated that they had to be stopped, that the ‘swamp’ needed to be drained and the ‘Deep State’ deep-sixed before the final curtain was drawn on the 198-year-old experiment known as the United States of America.

In driving this point home in the clearest language possible in order to achieve maximum effect, he warned then-Secretary of State at that time, the very Hebraic Henry Kissinger, that he was prepared to ‘Make America Great Again’ and to begin this much-needed rehabilitative process by having a frank discussion with the American people about the nature of the problem they faced as a nation, to wit–

Let me say, Henry, it’s gonna be the worst thing that happened to Jews in American history…I’m gonna put the blame on them, and I’m going to do it publicly at 9 o’clock at night before 80 million people…

Besides this, there were many other things said by RMN indicating an insufficient adoration of ‘the tribe’–again, as they like to call themselves–on his part which organized Jewish groups such as ADL have made sure over the years to print (and reprint and reprint and reprint, and reprint and reprint, etc, etc, etc, in screeching text, ad nauseum) proffering a better understanding of the kind of ‘jrama’ taking place behind closed doors.

He uttered the ‘canard’–as the tribe likes to call it–of ‘dual loyalty’, saying ‘They put the Jewish interest above America’s interest…’, adding ‘and it’s about goddamn time that the Jew in America realizes he’s an American first and a Jew second’. He trafficked in the ‘baseless, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’ (as organized tribal interests reflexively like to call it) of the ‘Terrible problem’ America faced as a result of ‘total Jewish domination of the media’ and how this problem was something that would have to be ‘dealt with’.

However, despite as thin-skinned as members of the ‘tribe’ have historically been known to be towards those opinionating against them in less-than-worshipful ways, these were not necessarily the kinds of words that would have summoned a political death sentence per se, since virtually every politico over the last 6,000 years–be they pharaoh, pasha, sultan, king, queen, prince, princess, president, pope or Prime Minister–has said similar things and yet managed to escape (to some degree) being nailed to a cross or stoned to death per the demands, dictates, and decrees of the backwards and dangerous cult-religion practiced by ‘the tribe’.

In Nixon’s case however, it was the following that did him in–

The American people are not going to let them destroy our foreign policy, never…

…As well as Nixon’s explicit instructions to his Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman that he was–

Never to allow any Jews to come see him to discuss the Middle East.

Those 2 items, specifically–

–An independent American Foreign Policy free of Judaic influence/intrigue/infection,


–The Middle East

The ‘tribe’–again, as they like to refer to themselves–can deal with the ‘anti-Semitism’ of someone correctly assigning certain unflattering stereotypes to them which–in all honesty–they not only assign to themselves and accept as fact, but indeed, celebrate. After all, ‘chutzpah’ and all the negative adjectives it conveys (obnoxious, pushy, arrogant, galling, uncouth, base, etc) that sounds more like a nasty, phlegm-filled cough than an actual spoken word is something which ‘the tribe’–as they like to refer to themselves–always views in complimentary fashion.

What does rile them up however is the notion of some Goy leader like Nixon daring to take his oath of office seriously by acting in the best interests of his own country rather than as the ‘hired help’ for some ‘promised land’ said to be ‘overflowing with milk and honey’. 

That’s the kind of ‘anti-Semitism’ that can get someone killed, even the POTUS, and anyone who doubts this need only consider what happened to John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Texas after he began putting the squeeze on the American Zionist Council (forerunner to today’s AIPAC) to abide by Federal Law (the Foreign Agents Registration Act) and to do the ‘right thing’ by registering itself as the agent of a foreign government (which it was) as well as his adamant opposition to the development/attainment of those nuclear weapons which the Juhadist theocracy in the Levant known as Israel was seeking to develop.

And in similar fashion, likewise with Nixon.

His warning viz having a ‘frank’ discussion with 80 million Americans at ‘9 pm’ concerning the deleterious effect that this ‘Deep State’ was exerting over (as VP Spiro Agnew put it in his letter to the Saudis) this ‘once-great nation’ was simply a ‘no-no’ and therefore a ‘no-go’ as far as Judea, Inc was concerned. 

Steve Rosen, former head of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (arrested and charged by the FBI for engaging in espionage on behalf of Israel) once described organized Jewish political power in America as ‘a night flower that thrives in the dark and dies in the sun…’

…Which meant that Nixon, who had ‘other plans’ as far as American foreign policy in the Middle East was concerned and who to that effect was ready/willing/able to spill the beans to ‘80 million Americans at 9pm’ viz another nation’s interfering in American foreign policy decisions meant that ‘the math’ involved in what was to be done with this problematic president got figured out PDQ.

And the rest, as the old saying goes, ‘is history’.

The rest of the story however involving the eviction of RMN from the White House by organized Jewish interests is not as well known as all the ‘Jrama’ involving Watergate, the plumbers, ‘deep throat’, Woodward/Bernstein and the rest of the lore designed to keep the masses entranced on ‘A’ when in fact the real meat of the story was/is to be found in ‘Z’. 

The crux of the issue was Nixon’s plans for the Middle East, and in particular his plans for utilizing American largesse in reigning in the Jewish state and enforcing a Pax Americana upon the region in order to stabilize that particular part of the world that could easily become the flashpoint for WWIII/Nuclear Armageddon, as fascinatingly and revealingly detailed by Richard Curtiss, retired career US Diplomat whose duties kept him stationed in the Middle East for decades and who wrote in his essay ‘Richard Nixon Twice Had Mideast Peace in His Grasp’ the following, to wit–

I was aware that Nixon had come close to achieving Middle East peace early in his first presidential term with the ‘Rogers Plan,’ named for his Secretary of State and I was sure he wouldn’t let it get away during a second term when domestic politics would be less intrusive…After meeting him in the Middle East toward the end of his presidency and communicating a little with him since we both ‘retired,’ I’m absolutely certain he would have succeeded—were it not for Watergate.

Curtiss continues–

Even before his inauguration, Nixon sent former Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton on a fact-finding mission to the Middle East, where he electrified friendly Arab rulers by saying Nixon would favor an ‘even-handed’ policy there…Rogers and his State Department Middle East specialists plunged ahead to take advantage of the fact that leaders of the Arab states bordering Israel were adopting perceptibly more moderate positions in preparation for a ‘land-for-peace’ deal. For its part, the Rogers Plan made it clear that there would be only “insubstantial” alterations between the pre-1967 lines and Israel’s final borders…

Nixon assembled the National Security Council to launch the plan. The mood of the gathering was expressed by one participant who declared, ‘It’s high time that the United States stopped acting as Israel’s attorney in the Middle East. The government of Israel, which seemed fully informed of each Nixon administration step, complained that Rogers was preparing to ‘impose’ a Middle East settlement which would force it to give up battlefield conquests ‘essential to its security’ in return for paper promises.’

Curtiss writes that in a personal memo to the very Hebraic Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s National Security Advisor (and who, as the historical record now proves, functioned as a spy for Israel by making sure the Jewish state was ‘fully informed of each Nixon administration step’) Nixon wrote the following–

You know that my standing with Israel has been based on broader issues than just Israel’s survival, and those issues now strongly argue for movement towards a (peace) settlement. We are now Israel’s only major friend in the world and yet I have yet to see one iota of give on their part. This is the time to get moving, and they must be told firmly…The time has come to quit pandering to Israel’s intransigent position. Our actions over the past have led them to think we will stand with them regardless of how unreasonable they are.

And, as surmised by Curtiss in his essay, like one of the plagues/miracles of Egypt appearing in the book of ‘Jenesis’, along came Watergate and thus the end of any ‘peace deal’ which Richard Nixon was preparing to ‘impose’ that would have established fixed, legally-recognized borders beyond which the Jewish State would not have been free to (legally) invade and maraude per the dictates of the backwards and dangerous cult religion practiced by ‘the tribe’ presently squatting on that piece of real estate, to wit–

When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…–Book of Deuteronomy

Nixon’s ordeal was by no means an event isolated only to him. In fact, his has been an often-recurring storyline–albeit never discussed in ‘hoi polloi’ circles–for those elected CEOs residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave who decided at some point to do battle with the scorpion, and especially those CEOs pushing forward any kind of ‘peace deal’ between that nasty insect and those unfortunate future victims scheduled to become its lunch at some later date, and of those, none moreso than the indigineous people displaced and murdered en masse ever since the entire ‘redemption of the promised land’ by the tribe began–the Palestinians.



Gerald R. Ford

The man who succeeded Nixon upon his resignation, House Minority Leader-turned Vice President Gerald Ford, not long after raising his right hand and taking the oath of office as POTUS, scooped up the baton dropped by his politically-pulverized predecessor viz a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East that included pressuring Israel to give up the Sinai Peninsula taken as booty during the 6-Day War in 1967.

Ford’s ‘stick’ in underscoring his resolve on the matter included him threatening Israel with a ‘re-assessment’ of US policy towards the Jewish state that carried with it a 6-month moratorium on any further U.S. financial aid (including billions of dollars worth of high-tech weaponry) and this at a time when the Soviets were arming Israel’s Arab neighbors to the teeth.

The reason for Ford choosing such a heavy stick was–surprise, surprise–the ‘intransigence’ on the part of the Jewish state in coming to any kind of ‘peaceful’ terms with the Ishmaelites/Amalekites in her midst, and even with the United States and all her political power and moxie officiating as referee. 

And to that end, leader of the free world, POTUS Gerald Ford sent a letter to Israeli PM Rabin stating in clear terms what was at stake–

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

Secretary Kissinger has just reported on the imminent suspension of his mission whose objective was to achieve an interim second-stage (peace) agreement between Egypt and Israel.

I am writing to convey my deep disappointment over the position taken by Israel during the course of the negotiations. You know from our conversations, as well as my conversations with the Foreign Minister, the importance I have attached to the success of the efforts of the United States to achieve constructive results, as well as the framework that seemed reasonable to me. Secretary Kissinger’s mission involved the vital interests of the United States in the area. The failure to achieve an agreement is bound to have far-reaching effects in the area and on our relations.

I have directed an immediate reassessment of U.S. policy in the area, including our relations with Israel, with a view to assuring that the overall interests of America in the Middle East and globally will be protected.

You will be informed of our decisions.

Sincerely, Gerald R. Ford

And, making good on the threatening ink appearing in that letter, Ford did indeed order that ‘re-assessment’ that carried with it the immediate strangulation of all aid to Israel, almost 3 billion dollars worth, which included a moratorium on the sale of high-tech American weaponry, which ‘the tribe’ needed in its continuing war of aggression/extermination against the Ishmaelites/Amalekites.

The reasons given by Judea, Inc for blowing up Gerald Ford’s  peace deal infrastructure were–as they always are in all tribe-involved vignettes–theatrical. ‘Security’ is always the be-all/end-all response given by them in justifying all species of violent, thieving, rapacious behavior in which they engage, but the actual reasons are always to be found–as it is in all situations where the tribe operates–in much deeper soil.

In this case, those subterranean ‘actual reasons’ can be explained/understood in 3 words–

Oil, water, and Moses.

As much as members of ‘the tribe’–as they like to call themselves–incessantly paint themselves in the stasis of eternal, innocent victimhood in all the scenery, script and scripture they compose, and as much as they justify all behavior on their part–including apocalyptic state-sponsored violence against others–as part of a ‘measured response’ on the part of the ‘world’s most moral army’ engaging solely in self-defense, reality is something else entirely. 

As it relates to the ‘67 war which saw the Sinai Peninsula captured (stolen) by ‘the tribe’, Israeli historians and politicos now plainly acknowledge out in the open in smirking/sneering tones that they and their forebears have been lying all along, that it was not as much a ‘sneak attack’ by the Ishmaelites/Amalekites (Arabs) as previously claimed but rather a war of choice on Israel’s part aimed at territorial expansion (empire) which she cultivated behind the scenes for the purpose of gaining/attaining 3 important pieces of real estate–

–Jerusalem, the ‘eternal capital’ of the Jewish State, as well as the West Bank,

–The Golan Heights, needed for its freshwater reserves and its militarily-important strategic elevation, 


–The Sinai, that–even though not necessarily a ‘promised land flowing with milk and honey,’ nevertheless was flowing with oil, lots of it, and which the vampire Israel wanted desperately, a fact made plain 20 years earlier when the pirates invaded/seized/stole that piece of ‘promised’ real estate in what is now known as the Suez Crisis/2nd Arab-Israeli War.

A February, 1975 report from the CIA entitled ‘Israel and the Importance of Sinai Oil’ details exactly the monetary/strategic value of Sinai to an oil-thirsty wannabe theocratic empire and blows sky-high to kingdom come any notions of it being seized/stolen for reasons related to ‘security’.

Within the same timeframe of both Nixon and Ford pressing for a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East that–in addition to addressing the Palestinian question–would have also seen the return of Sinai to its rightful Egyptian owners, Israel was extracting as much as 100,000 barrels (4,200,000 gallons) of oil per day from those wells, representing 70% of the Jewish state’s yearly petroleum consumption. Prior to its seizing (stealing) the Sinai, the poor, beleaguered Israelite pirates of the promised land, abandoned by their Yahweh to suffer the humiliation of being at the mercy of their hated Ishmaelite/Amalekite neighbors, were forced to buy/import 90% of their oil, and all of it from adversaries not particularly enamored with the new neighbors who had ‘moved in’ forcibly with unspeakable violence, murder and mayhem.

Now however, the pirates, upon seizing the oil wells immediately got to work like oil-vampires in draining/drinking those wells to their gluttonous content that–as already indicated–were producing as much as 100,000 barrels a day by the time Presidents Nixon and Ford started pushing for ‘peace’ and the return of those wells to their rightful owners.

Not particularly difficult math in figuring out the origin of the ‘intransigence’ on the part of the pirates towards any ‘peace deals’ with their neighbors, n’est-ce pas?…

Just as important as the oil however in fleshing out the entire picture viz the pirates’ ‘intransigence’ in returning stolen goods to their rightful owner was/is the religious/cultural importance–just as it is with Jerusalem–attached IRRETRIEVABLY to the Sinai, given that it is the locale (Mt. Sinai to be precise) where the tribe–as they like to call themselves–believe that the murderer/thief Moses received the ‘Ten Commandments’ which–in addition to the rest of the ‘5 books’ of the Torah credited to his authorship, functions as the divinely-issued lottery ticket/land deed/get-out-of-jail-free-card that demands/commands the conquest of the land ‘promised’ to the penniless Abraham, the Godfather of the entire Kosher Nostra saga, to wit–

When the Lord your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he will give you a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant…–Book of Deuteronomy

Ford’s headlock might have worked were it not for the ‘Deep State’ getting to work PDQ in procuring a letter, signed by 76 U.S. Senators in early May who, acting under directives snarled at them through clenched teeth and in threatening tones by the ‘Deep State’ (AIPAC to be precise) regarding their chances of holding on to their respective Senate seats in the upcoming election, pressured him to drop all this ‘re-assessment’ nonsense and to get back to ‘business as usual’, which meant ceding/surrendering to the pirate state every damned thing she demands without hesitation.

For his part, Ford–President of the United States and leader of the free world, was shocked to near-speechlessness at the hubris/arrogance/chutzpah boiling off of the letter like mirage-heatwaves rising off of an Arizona highway in mid-July. He knew the letter originated with the organized Jewish lobby rather than being some spontaneous act on the part of the U.S. Senate, a letter in which he was being told (ordered) by (in)subordinates in politically-threatening tones to be ‘responsive’ to Israel’s request for almost $3 billion in military and economic aid. 

Ford’s response to one of those insubordinates, using very undiplomatic and un-Presidential language, expressed in one sentence the frustration that every president since Truman faced in dealing with ‘the tribe’, as they like to call themselves —

‘Are we going to let the fucking Jews run American foreign policy???’

…As if the question even needed an answer…

The fact that ‘76’ Senators were chosen for the insubordinate letter was obviously part of the coded language which the gangsters of La Kosher Nostra revel in utilizing when making their threats, for it was not too long afterwards–the year ‘76’ to be precise–when Ford was rewarded by the ‘night flower’ for his ‘re-assessment’ of America’s previously-supportive (horsewhipped) posture towards the Jewish State with non-re-election, finding himself replaced by a peanut farmer from Georgia named James Earl Carter.

That indeed it was the ‘night flower’ responsible for procuring those 76 signatures (as well as whatever other species of threats made their way to POTUS 38 viz the ‘nasties’ sure to come his way) was validated by no less an authoritative source than former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, interviewed in a piece appearing in the Jerusalem Post and discussing the legacy of Gerald Ford’s dealings with Israel, to wit–

Ford was not altogether successful in implementing the change in U.S. policy towards Israel, failing to surmount the growing influence upon the US government from the Israel lobby…

And ending his comments with– 

During Ford’s term AIPAC took on the establishment over its threats to withhold aid from Israel – and won.

On a very interesting note warranting a certain degree of pause and consideration for all its important implications, at the end of the 6 month moratorium, Ford found himself on the receiving end of 2 very serious assassination attempts within the span of only a few weeks time featuring in both cases the obligatory ‘lone nutter’ who got to within mere feet of him with a loaded gun and almost ended his life with a bang, no pun intended.

Doubtless that both script and scenery as originally intended by the Deep State featured him being gunned down in the streets of America like some rabid dog, right as the moratorium was about to expire, thus providing grist for those wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing televangelist pastors in America (who love the pirates and their apocalyptic ship of state more than they do Jesus Christ and their own nation) who would have doubtless–upon direction and coaching from that same ‘Deep State’–assigned a ‘heavenly’ angle to the assassination, i.e. ‘divine punishment’ from Yahweh, the god of the Jews, who warned clearly within the book of ‘Jenesis’, the very first of the 5 books of Moses–‘I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee.’

And the rest, as they say, is history…


James Earl Carter

Carter–like every American politico of the 20th century–did all the obligatory genuflecting (shameless pandering, political prostituting and cheap lip service) before the sin-a-gogue during his ‘76 campaign and was handsomely rewarded thus on election day with the defeat of Gerald ‘Re-assessment’ Ford.

However, the tribe–as they like to call themselves–breathing a sigh of relief in seeing Ford defeated and replaced with (what they thought and hoped would be) a more malleable Jimmy Carter exhaled too soon, for as it turned out, Carter was in many ways an exponentially-bigger nightmare for their plans than Nixon and Ford combined. All the sweet nothings whispered into the ears of the Zionist hydra during the ‘76 campaign turned out to be merely that–nothings–in that the moment Carter raised his right hand, took his oath of office and assumed his legally-constituted power as POTUS, with great enthusiasm jumped into the driver’s seat viz US foreign policy in the Middle East and started heading resolvedly down the same road where his 2 predecessors had met their untimely political deaths in search of the same pot o’ gold at the end of the political rainbow known as a Middle East peace deal between the pirates of Judea and the Ishmaelites/Amelekites.

And to that end, Carter immediately began doing ‘the Lord’s work’–as he believed it to be, literally–of playing ‘firefighter’ to what had been the Middle East inferno since before the catastrophe known as 1948.

By the end of his first year in office he had already met with most of the principal players–Rabin from Israel, Sadat from Egypt, King Hussein from Jordan, and Assad from Syria, and thus after what had been the political/practical equivalent of pulling teeth out of the mouth of an angry adult alligator, achieved the almost-unachievable for any American president–a peace deal between the pirates of Judea and Egypt, the Pt. I of the ‘Camp David Accords’, specifically (and officially) termed ‘A Framework for the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel’ that saw–as its name clearly intimates and indicates–a cessation of hostilities between the two countries, as well as the return of the Sinai to Egypt.

However, the Camp David Accords were–per the grander vision of POTUS 39–merely the first part of a 2-step process in extinguishing the 5-alarm fire known as the Arab-Israeli conflict, the spark for which being the deliberate displacement/dehumanization/ethnic cleansing of the original Palestinian inhabitants of that land following the pirates’ invasion.

And to that end, the bullseye towards which Carter focused his efforts was the 2nd part of the Camp David Accords, specifically (and officially) termed ‘A Framework for Peace in the Middle East’ which dealt with Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, anchoring his plan on the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, passed in the aftermath of the ‘67 war of aggression–very clear and explicit in its legal requirements to the pirates of Judea and what was expected of them, to wit–

–The withdrawal of all Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent (1967) conflict,


–The termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for/acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.

In other words, according to section ‘1’, the pirates were required to pull back to those lines existing before the ‘67 war of aggression/territorial gain and to remove all gangs of armed banditry making up ‘the world’s most moral army’, thus relinquishing Jerusalem, the entirety of the West bank, and the Golan Heights.

Equally painful in many respects was section ‘2,’ which–through the auspices of international law and via the very same international governmental organization that brought the Jewish state into existence, the UN–explicitly prohibits Piratica, Inc from invading those ‘sovereign’ nations to her East, North and South, ‘territories’ which she believes to be hers by nothing less than divine ‘promise,’ to wit–

On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, saying ‘To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates…’–Genesis, 15:18


Again, in order to understand the VERY PARTICULAR and VERY DANGEROUS philosophical/religious electrical current driving all this ‘intransigence’ on the part of the Jewish state, one MUST recognize that the ‘redemption’–meaning the re-Judification of ‘Eretz Israel’ from the Nile to the Euphrates as expressed by that simple, 4-word threat ‘Next year in Jerusalem’ uttered at every Jewish gathering for the last 2000 years–dictates/demands that the ‘eternal capital’ of the ‘promised land’/Jewish state cannot, must not, WILL NOT EVER AGAIN be in the hands of the Ishamelites/Amelekites or any other peoples of the ‘non-Chosen’ and non-kosher persuasion.

As it relates to Carter’s ‘peace plan’ and the pirates being forced to give up the booty they stole in ‘67, surrendering Sinai (temporarily and only as a strategic move) is one thing, despite its ‘Moses’ connection and its oceans of black gold which an oil-hungry theocratic land-vampire craves, but the re-abdication of Jerusalem–being in effect a continuance of Roman General Titus’ historic actions 2,000 years ago in destroying that wretched city, as well as a validation/vindication/fulfillment of the ‘not one stone left upon another’ prophetic warning uttered by the Judaically-hated and despised Jesus of Nazareth is simply a ‘NO NO’ and therefore a ‘NO GO’.

And thus, precisely why the pirates of Judea were willing (at least temporarily) to evacuate the Sinai while at the same time requiring (demanding) that the U.S. pay an ‘inconvenience fee’ for this evacuation of $3 billion. By doing thus, Judea Inc set the narrative of themselves as the ‘good faith’ partner who only desires ‘peace’.

HOWEVER, at the same time, and for the sake of ‘never again’ losing Jerusalem to the Gentiles, the pirates immediately got to work cooking up/conjuring up yet another Deep State intelligence operation in America aimed at regime change. This time, the ‘big winner’ of the planned decapitation was none other than Carter himself, the same Goy leader who ‘won big’ after the previous coup in ‘76, but who now had been ad-jewdicated an EOZ–Enemy Of Zion–for pushing the pirates of the promised land into negotiating a ‘peace treaty’ with the Ishmaelites/Amelekites, an ‘agreement’ in which they are (scripturally) not permitted to participate, to wit–

When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…–Book of Deuteronomy

One of the best bird’s eye view testimonies of the precise mechanics involved in the deliberate controlled-demolition of the Carter presidency on the part of Piratica Judaica is recounted in the book ‘Jimmy Carter, The White House Years,’ written by Stuart Eizenstat, Carter’s Domestic Policy advisor and himself a tribe member.

He writes that from the very moment Carter started making MERE NOISES about the ‘legitimate rights’ of the Palestinians and describing their Judaically-inflicted plight as a ‘cancer’ that needed to be healed if there was ever to be ‘peace’ in the Middle East, that the ‘war machine’ in America–meaning all associated extensions of Mossad including AIPAC, ADL, the American Jewish Committee, etc–went to work like Jermites in chewing away at the very political floor underneath Carter’s feet. Eizenstat writes that American Jewish leadership with DEEP AND INSEVERABLE TIES to the highest levels of the Israeli government orchestrated screeching campaigns via letters and telephone calls towards members of Congress in mobilizing the creatures of Capitol Hill against Carter and against his planned peace deals, threatening them–as they always do–with non-reelection if they dared not do as ordered. 

Carter went forward anyway, meeting with then Prime Minister Menachem Begin, ‘former’ member of the Jewish terrorist organization Irgun who–in addition to being personally involved in many massacres of Palestinian civilians–was also beloved in Israel for his ‘masterpiece’ in Judaic religious terrorism–blowing up the King David Hotel that left scores of innocent civilians dead.

As much as Carter pressed Begin for concessions viz UN Security Council Resolution 242, all the deeper did Begin dig in like a ravenous, blood-drinking tic on the back of a dog, constantly responding that the pirates had the absolute right as Yahweh’s chosenoids to build and settle anywhere they damn-well wanted within the ‘Israel of the bible’ and that no one–especially the Gentiles–would succeed in stopping them.

In one meeting, while Carter was visiting Israel as a ‘goodwill gesture’ in trying to resuscitate his dying support amongst American Jews viz his upcoming re-election, he met with Begin (whom he characterized as ‘psychotic’) at the Presidential Suite in the King David Hotel and wherein Begin bragged about having blown it up years earlier, utilizing ‘milk cartons’ filled with explosives to do so, an obvious threat by Captain Hook to Carter about blowing up his plans for re-election–or worse.

Eizenstat writes of another meeting between Carter and Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, the one-eyed pirate who personally ordered the deliberate and murderous attack on the USS LIBERTY by Israeli forces during the 6-Day War of aggression that left 34 US Servicemen dead.

Dayan–in referencing the domestic political problems building every day against Carter via the machinations of AIPAC, the mainstream-media mafia and all its sub-corporations in the US, stated in perfect gangsterese (the language which La Kosher Nostra goombahs just love to speak when making threats and ‘offers’ that no one can refuse) the following–

You have a problem on your hands, Mr. President, and perhaps I can help you out…Obviously many people, many of our friends are upset, but if you were to amend your original statements, I think that I could help you out politically…

Translation–Dayan was telling Carter he would/could call off Judea’s barking dogs in America that he and Begin had personally loosed and which were making his life a living hell if he–POTUS–were to just abandon any and all plans for ‘peace deals’ that would see Piratica, Inc forfeit any more of the ‘promised land’, thus underscoring the seamless and unbreakable chromosomal connection between Israel and all its various tentacles operating in the U.S. (and elsewhere) as to exactly who holds the leash and commands those dogs whenever a seek-and-destroy mission has been declared against an ‘EOZ’.

Carter–to his unrecognized credit, refused to relent in his drive to bring some semblance of ‘justice’ to the Palestinians, even as the storm was building against him. Eizenstat writes that–

…A firestorm arose, orchestrated by Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, where American Jewish leadership went into open war against the president in ways rarely seen before or since…The casus belli was not just the lack of prior consultation with Israel (over Carter’s peace plans) but rather the elevation of the interests of the Palestinians into ‘legitimate rights’…

Eisenstadt continues–

Carter’s stock in the American Jewish community was now substantially below that of any U.S. president since the creation of the state of Israel…The talk in the American Jewish community is getting very ugly, the word ‘betrayal’ being used more and more…

Concluding, Eizenstat writes that–

Carter was left with the view that New York Jews had not only defeated him in the primary but were also a factor in his loss in November…

The first bomb to go off in Judea, Inc’s regime change/Deep State intelligence operation against POTUS 39 was (just like the good old days of Moses and the Israelites ‘borrowing’ all the gold and silver they could get their thieving hands on before high-tailing it out of Egypt as recounted in the book of ‘Jexodus’) the American economy.

Deliberate manipulation of crude oil prices on the part of the ‘monied interests’ battalion within the Deep State led to–as it must inevitably do in any industrialized nation whose economic momentum is as intrinsically tied to the price of oil as a sailboat’s is intrinsically tied to the wind–economic stagnation, the blame for which always has been/always will be laid squarely at the feet of the ultimate ‘Captain of Industry’ in the U.S. where ‘the buck stops,’ POTUS.

The numbers were simply staggering–Rampant inflation hitting 13 percent just prior to the beginning of election season, short-term interest rates reaching as high as 20 percent, the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling to its lowest level in nearly 4 years and unemployment climbing past 8 percent.

…Almost like one of the magical plagues of Egypt as recounted in the book of  ‘Jenesis’, sent to punish an offending Pharaoh for wounding/offending the apple of Yahweh’s eye…

Just as devastating as the deliberate economic sabotage taking place and undermining Carter’s re-election chances however were the political/diplomatic/military Deep State operations that were to follow…

On November 4th, 1979, EXACTLY ONE YEAR TO THE DAY prior to the elections set to take place on November 4th, 1980, the staff members of the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran were captured by revolutionary forces loyal to Ayatollah Khomeini. 52 hostages–EXACTLY ONE FOR EVERY WEEK MAKING UP THE ONE YEAR TIME FRAME UNTIL ELECTION DAY, 1980, were held, the inescapable political narrative being that POTUS 39 was a weak, effeminate, bumbling Commander-in-Chief who could not protect Americans at home or abroad.

What’s worse is what followed with Carter’s attempt at rescuing the hostages in what was known as Operation Eagle Claw. Like a Greek tragedy featuring a protagonist doomed to failure from the beginning, it seemed that the gods were determined that Carter should not/would not/could not succeed in such an operation that–had it succeeded–might have improved his re-election chances immeasurably. Half the helos sent into battle suffered severe maintenance problems (or deliberate sabotage on the part of Deep State actors intent upon creating a made-for-primetime political disaster for POTUS) that resulted in one blowing up and killing 8 US servicemen and which necessitated Carter calling off the entire mission. 

The results were all-too-predictable. The US was the laughing stock of the world and it was this disaster which (publically at least) POTUS 39 proffered as the primary reason for his defeat in ‘80, bringing to the forefront Judea’s POTUS choice that year, the Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan.

One would assume, based upon all the theatrics long part of the narrative which the pirates of Judea have employed in scripting themselves as a peace-loving, peace-seeking, ‘light amongst the nations’ that any ‘peace’ being proposed by an American president would be as welcome as rainshowers after a 6-month drought.

Clearly however, reality has proven to be a different creature altogether when dealing with ‘the tribe’, as they like to call themselves, for just as it was with Carter’s predecessors going all the way back to Eisenhower, what Judea, Inc has demonstrated is the fact that she desires ‘peace’ in the same way that Dracula and his condemned children desire daylight.

And, truth be told, why should it be otherwise? 

Historic Palestine was stolen from its original inhabitants through the mechanism of WAR. 

Sinai, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights were stolen from their original inhabitants through the mechanism of WAR. 

Those territories–stolen through the mechanism of WAR, to this day continue to be held, occupied, and the original (remaining) inhabitants TERRORIZED/TRAUMATIZED through the mechanism of WAR, and, given that the pirates of Judea have much bigger ‘real estate deals’ in mind than simply a ‘land without people for a people without land’ (i.e. Eretz Israel, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates exactly as the bible demands and commands) the only way this ‘real estate deal’ can be achieved is through–

–Drum roll please– 

The mechanism of war…

One can almost imagine a Ben Gurion, a Shamir, a Begin, a Sharon, and–lest we forget, Mr. Armageddon himself, Netanyahu–giving a speech similar to the one given by the fictional character Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s film Wall Street extolling the virtues of greed, but instead of greed, it is…

WAR, for lack of a better word…is good. WAR is right. WAR works. WAR clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the Zionist conquering spirit…WAR, in all of its forms…WAR for land, WAR for water, WAR for religion, for Torah, for Talmud, for the Redemption…WAR has marked the upward surge of the Jewish people, and WAR, mark my words, will not only save Eretz Israel, but the Jewish people worldwide, thank you…

And therefore no one who understands the hive mind of the pirates should be in the least bit surprised to hear that–like Dracula’s condemned children being exposed to sunlight–they reacted to Carter’s peace proposals with all the screeching, screaming, scheming and over-the-top theatrics that are part and parcel of all ‘Jrama’ where they–the ‘tribe’, as they like to call themselves–have the stage, the spotlight, and the microphone…

Carter lost ‘1980’ in what was called at that time a ‘landslide’ to a creature of the gangrene-laden, syphilitic, worm/maggot/lice-infested Hollywood, Ronald Reagan. By the time all the votes were counted, it was literally a mathematical & politically-apocalyptic miracle, 10-1 against Carter, with Reagan winning 489 electoral votes to Carter’s embarrassingly low 49.

And, once again, just as it was with–

–The assassination of JFK in Dallas, Texas…

The almost-impeachment and subsequent resignation of Richard M. Nixon…

The almost-assassination and subsequent electoral defeat of Gerald ‘Re-assessment’ Ford…

And now–

–James Earl Carter, the American president seeking an independent U.S. foreign policy in that part of the world which Judea, Inc believes to be hers–whole-hog/lock, stock & barrel–via the ‘protocols’ of her Torah Judaism, as well as Carter’s plans for ‘peace’ and defined/internationally-recognized borders…

…up in smoke…


And the rest, as they say, is history…


Ronald Wilson Reagan

On the very day Reagan was sworn in as POTUS 40, the 52 Americans held in Iran during the last year of Carter’s short presidency were released, thus conferring upon ‘the Gipper’ a certain ‘glow’ in the eyes of the American people that–as the next Goy leader of the U.S.–suggested he had been ‘chosen’ and ‘touched’ by forces more powerful than he for some great mission.

It is perfectly reasonable–especially after considering the kinds of behind-the-scenes dirty business that occurred with Reagan’s predecessors–to imagine the kind of ‘frank’ discussions that were had with him prior to his ‘landslide’ victory over Carter and whether dirty deals/dirty promises were made, namely that if he kept his presidential nose out of any ‘peace deals’ in the Middle East that things would go smoothly for him.

And indeed, they did go smoothly, at least for a while.

The economy–almost like one of Yahweh’s miracles for his ‘chosen’ as recounted in the Torah–bounced back. The lingering national humiliation resulting from Carter’s Operation Eagle Claw became a thing of the past as Reagan directed tidal waves of American taxpayer cash into the same U.S. Military that would later be used in invading/destroying/occupying Iraq per Israel’s designs/demands when Reagan’s then Vice President, George H. W. Bush, became POTUS 41.

And then, seemingly out of the blue, on September 1, 1982, the ‘Gipper’ decided to have a ‘conversation’ with 80 million or so Americans, live on TV, in which he announced his intentions of pursuing a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East. At issue was the situation in Lebanon, which had become the new cauldron of armed conflict between the pirates of Judea and their intended yet unwilling victims. 

The Reagan administration saw (accurately) that this conflict, 6 years long and showing no signs of slowing down, bore all the indicators of escalating into yet another Arab-Israeli war that could once again, as was the case in the previous decade with the 6-Day War of aggression, become ground-zero where 2 nuclear superpowers, the US and the USSR, wind up ‘duking it out’ with each other, thus sparking what could/would indeed be the ‘war to end all wars’, as WWI was inaccurately named.

The Reagan administration stepped in and brokered a ceasefire between the pirates of Judea and the Palestinian resistance, following up with the deployment of U.S. Marines in overseeing the safe evacuation of those PLO fighting men to various places outside of Lebanon. As part of the White House-brokered agreement, the PLO menfolk would leave Lebanon, but, on Reagan’s promise, the Palestinians remaining in the refugee camps–thousands of defenseless women and children–would be safe.

All things considered, the operation was a success and established Reagan’s bona fides within the Arab world as a POTUS who was willing to go out on a limb in order to bring order to the region and who was even willing to utilize American military might–albeit on a very limited basis–in doing so.

POTUS 40 was buoyed by the success of the endeavor, saw it as a ‘sign’ that he had been ‘touched’ by forces more powerful than he for some great mission and thus viewed this as the perfect opportunity for picking up the ‘peace deal’ baton knocked out of his predecessors’ hands after they were beaten senseless by the pirates of Judea.

And to that end, on September 1, 1982, the Gipper had a ‘frank’ discussion with 80 million-plus Americans on live television, rough-sketching the outlines of his plan for bringing ‘peace’ to the region.

Suffice it to say that the highlights of his plan were nothing new, as they had formed the basic building blocks of those same plans advanced by his predecessors, Nixon, Ford and Carter. He touched on all the same pressure points that had previously sent the pirates into political and apocalyptic frenzy–‘UN Resolution 242’, ‘the territorial integrity of friendly states’, the ‘legitimate rights of the Palestinians’, the ‘Camp David Accords’, and, last but certainly not least-

…A ‘freeze’ of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Naturally, this ‘frank discussion’ and its long-range implications could have but one reaction and one reaction only on the part of the pirates, i.e. some pre-emptive ‘response’ conjured up at Mossad headquarters that would effectively strangle to death the Gipper’s ‘peace baby’ in its crib before it had even taken its first breath or wet its first diaper.

Then, almost like one of those ‘miracles’ appearing in the Pirates’ book of magic spells known as the Torah, exactly 2 weeks after Reagan’s speech to 80 million-plus Americans discussing his plans for ‘peace’ in the Middle East that would see Israel forced by international law back to those lines in the sand litigated by the same UN Security Resolution 242 that formed the basis of Carter’s Camp David Accords–


–Bachir Gemayel, Lebanon’s newly-elected ‘Christian’ president is assassinated in a bomb blast.

Fortunately for the Pirates of Judea, Gemayel was not just the ‘Christian’ president of Lebanon, he was also the head of the Lebanese Christian Phalange militia closely aligned/allied with Israel’s IDF and from whom it received arms, training, logistics, and on-the-ground support.

And then, as if the assassination all by itself were not enough (and with it, the tectonic political de-stabilization that must inevitably follow from such an event) like one of those ‘miracles’ appearing in the Pirates’ book of magic spells, exactly 2 days after Gemayel’s murder, news of the massacre of as many as 3,500 defenseless women and children all huddled in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in West Beirut arrives, a 3-day black mass/human-sacrifice service that just so happened to take place–by pure coincidence all can be sure–precisely on the Jewish religious holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the first of the ‘days of awe’ that ends with Yom Kippur, the ‘day of judgment’ where those enemies of Yahweh, the ‘god’ of Israel, have their names ‘blotted out’ for all eternity.

Those tasked/credited with ‘blotting out’ the thousands of Gentiles in the camps (whom Reagan promised would be safe after the PLO pullout) during the ‘days of awe’ were those Phalangists avenging the assassination of their leader, Bachir Gemayel.

But–as oftentimes takes place in murder-for-hire crimes of this sort–there were other partners/players involved than merely the Phalangist triggermen who had sub-contracted themselves out as the hired guns for the gangsters of La Kosher Nostra.

In this case, it was the pirates of Judea themselves, out to send a Kristol Clear message to Ronald Wilson Reagan about what they thought of his plans for ‘peace’ in the region, a land ‘promised’ to them and which they believed belonged to them whole hog/lock, stock & barrel, to wit–

Every place whereupon the sole of your foot shall tread shall be yours, from the Lebanon, from the river Euphrates, even unto the hinder sea shall be your border… Deuteronomy 11:24

In making sure that all scenery and script went as planned, the pirates of Judea (in this case, the ‘world’s most moral army,’ the IDF) surrounded the camps with tanks, troops, etc, preventing any civilians from escaping.

Once the ring of fire and steel was in place, the Phalangists–all trained and armed to the teeth by the Jewish state and taking their orders therefrom–entered the camps, and like a pack of ravenous, rabid wolves, with guns, bayonets, axes, knives–whatever lethal instrument they could get their hands on–prowled through the camps, day and night for 72 hours non-stop, and massacred every living thing in sight per the Gentile-cide directives appearing in the Torah, to wit–

When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…–Book of Deuteronomy

Besides walling-in those condemned to death and whose names were to be ‘blotted out’ on this very holy Jewish holiday, the ‘world’s most moral army’ also provided logistical intelligence to the Phalangists in order to make the scheduled human sacrifice a much bigger success than otherwise would have been the case.

The pirates acted as the Phalangists’ ‘eye in the sky’ by providing aerial visual intel by day, and at night, launched flares in order to illuminate the area so that the feral dogs belonging to the late Bachir Gemayel could do their hunting in the dark.

Then, not wanting to disappoint a captive world audience with some anti-climactic ending, as part of the grand finale, Israel and her ‘world’s most moral army’ began a bombardment campaign within the camp to ‘make sure’ that–just as the aforelisted passage from Deuteronomy commands–‘nothing that breathes was left alive’.

Now that the performance was ‘a wrap’ and the credits getting ready to scroll the silver screen, as an act of magnanimity, gratitude, and generosity towards those Phalangist actors who played their parts/read their lines perfectly according to both script and scripture provided by the writers, the pirates of Judea lent the use of their bulldozers, brought in well ahead of time, for just the purpose of burying in mass graves whatever war-crime evidence existed, including mountains of human beings and human remains, again, defenseless women and children.

Janet Lee Stevens, an American journalist living in Beirut at the time and an eye-witness to the massacre described the aftermath of the Deuteronomic black mass as follows–

I saw dead women in their houses with their skirts up to their waists and their legs spread apart; dozens of young men shot after being lined up against an alley wall; children with their throats slit, a pregnant woman with her stomach chopped open, her eyes still wide open, her blackened face silently screaming in horror; countless babies and toddlers who had been stabbed or ripped apart and who had been thrown into garbage piles.

Upon hearing the news of the massacre, the civilized world reacted as all civilized peoples are constitutionally inclined to react–with shock, outrage, and with sickening, nauseating revulsion. 

One of those Goyim mal-affected ad extremis was none other than the old Gipper himself, Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States of America.

Oftentimes, but not nearly often enough, it’s like that with those under the Kabbalists’ spell in their worship of ‘the beast’ as described in the final book of the Apocalypse, Christian Zionist evangelicals of course being the worst and the most prominent. They wax poetic, mystical and ecstatic about the entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm–just as Reagan and his predecessors did–whether it’s the geographical location in historic Palestine or the ‘Chosen people’ and ‘light amongst the nations’ nonsense, until the razor-sharp edge of the ugly, violent reality of the pirates’ innate and seemingly DNA-dictated behavior brushes up against the thin skin of their human conscience.

And likewise this time with Ronald Wilson Reagan, POTUS 40.

As a candidate and as a newly-minted American president, it was easy for him to talk about ‘God’s chosen people’ in the most sycophantic and fawning terms, but once the reports started coming in of little children being ripped to pieces, limb from limb by the feral dogs of the Phalangist militia operating under the guidance, direction, and assistance of Israel, reality became an entirely different creature altogether.

Besides his human sensibilities being affected (indeed, as any human being would be affected who understands the meaning of ‘thou shalt not mass-murder innocent/defenseless women and children) there was that other ‘thing’ mal-affecting his mood with it all, which was the ‘peace’ speech he had just given 2 weeks earlier to 80 million-plus Americans and about how NOW was the time to cease and desist with all this biblical bloodshed balderdash, impose borders, establish order, and if necessary, enforce all of it via the good offices of Pax Americana.

And as well, there was that ‘other thing’, i.e. his personal assurances as POTUS to the Palestinian men who agreed to vacate Lebanon upon the premise and Presidential promise that their women and children would be safe from harm after their departure.

What he had not factored into his ‘peace deal’ calculus was the fact that in dealing with Judea, Inc he was dealing with an entirely different animal altogether, just as Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Defense Minister who oversaw the entire Sabra/Shatila Deuteronomic black mass/massacre made clear in an interview done a year later where he stated, to wit–

Even if you’ll prove to me that the present war in Lebanon is a dirty, immoral war, I don’t care. It was still worth it. We shall start another war, kill and destroy more and more. And you know why it was all worth it? Because it seems that this war has made us more unpopular among the so-called ‘civilized’ world. Let the civilized world tremble…Let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a wild country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go crazy, might go wild and burn all the oil fields in the Middle East…Let them be aware in Washington that we might start World War Three, just like that…

While the rest of the world, including the Gipper, wrestled with their own humanity in trying to reconcile how any ‘civilized people’ could engage in such barbarism, PM Menachem Begin, kapo di tutti kapi of the Kosher Nostra Krime family at that time, infamous for his role in blowing up the King David Hotel and then bragging about it to Reagan’s immediate predecessor, POTUS 39, waved away the shock and outrage on the part of the civilized world towards the Judaic religious massacre of Gentile women and children at Sabra/Shatila as if it were a mere mosquito saying–

Goyim kill goyim, and yet they blame the Jews…

In the hopes of resurrecting some slim chance for moving forward with his plans for ‘peace’, as well as the damage done to US prestige and credibility in the Arab world resulting from it all, Reagan’s response to the personal betrayal on the part of the pirates for their having gift-wrapped and then dumped in his political lap the black mass/human sacrifice seance known as Sabra & Shatila was to send U.S. Marines to Lebanon to act as ‘peacekeepers’ in preventing the feral dogs of Piratica Judaica from engaging in any new masterpieces in Gentile-cide.

But, as already demonstrated on too many occasions, the pirates–with their diabolically-assisted precognition and always one step ahead–were not to be deterred, and thus Mossad immediately got to work in ‘setting things right’ as far as Reagan’s plans were concerned as described by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book ‘By Way Of Deception,’ to wit–

In the summer of 1983, this same informant told the Mossad about a large Mercedes truck being fitted by the Shi’ite Muslims with spaces that could hold bombs. Now, the Mossad knew that because of its size, there were only a few logical targets, one of which must be the U.S. compound in Beirut. The question then was whether or not to warn the Americans to be on particular alert for a truck matching the description. Admony, in refusing to give the Americans specific information on the truck, said, ‘No, we’re not there to protect Americans.’ At the same time, however, all Israeli installations were given the specific details and warned to watch for a truck matching the description of the Mercedes.

At 6:20 a.m. on October 23, 1983, a large Mercedes truck approached the Beirut airport, passing well within sight of Israeli sentries in their nearby base and turning left into the parking lot. A U.S. Marine guard reported with alarm that the truck was gathering speed, but before he could do anything, the truck roared toward the entrance of the four-story reinforced concrete Aviation Safety Building, used as headquarters for the Eighth Marine Battalion, crashing through a wrought-iron pate, hitting the sand-bagged guard post, smashing through another barrier, and ramming over a wall of sandbags into the lobby, exploding with such a terrific force that the building was instantly reduced to rubble.

The loss of 241 U.S. Marines, most of them still sleeping in their cots at the time of the suicide mission, was the highest single-day death toll for the Americans since 246 died throughout Vietnam at the start of the Tet offensive on January 13,1968. The general attitude at Mossad about the Americans was: ‘As far as the Yanks go, we are not here to protect them. They can do their own watching. They wanted to stick their nose into this thing, so let them pay the price.

After the Mossad-engineered barracks bombings and the INSTANTANEOUS horrific loss of American blood resulting thereof, it appeared Reagan was done as far as any ‘peace deals’ were concerned. His political skills were sophisticated enough in reading and understanding the writing on the wall for what it was and for all its implications–

–An assassinated Lebanese President…

–The mass-murder/massacre of thousands of innocent women and children whose safety he had gauranteed and promised to ensure…

–The tragic loss of 241 American servicemen he had personally sent to ‘keep the peace’…

…And then, of course, came the entire Iran-Contra Affair that kept him and his administration bogged down for years in investigations and scandals, all of which bore an uncanny resemblance to the tumultuous political weather taking place in ‘74 that preceded Richard M. Nixon’s departure as POTUS.

On a very interesting note warranting a certain degree of pause and consideration for all its important implications, a mere 3 months into Reagan’s term as POTUS he found himself on the receiving end of an almost-successful assassination attempt, courtesy of yet another ‘lone nutter’ named John Hinkley, Jr who–unlike his predecessors who did not succeed per se in pumping POTUS Ford full of lead–did indeed succeed in shooting Reagan and thus, not only almost ended his life with a bang (no pun or disrespect intended) but as well, almost brought to a halt his plans for ‘peace’ between the pirates of Judea and their intended future victims, again, a mere 3 months into his presidency.

To those naysayers inclined to discredit such notions that the assassination attempt was the brainchild/handiwork of Piratica Judaica as a ‘pre-emptive response’ to Reagan’s ‘peace deal’ plans, basing such ‘saying of nay’ on the chronological timetable attached to it, i.e. that the shooting preceded Reagan’s television address to the nation by 18 months, what needs to be reckoned is a particular section appearing in that television address, a statement as big as Godzilla itself for all its historical/political implications, to wit–

When our administration assumed office in January of 1981, I decided that the general framework for our Middle East policy should follow the broad guidelines laid down by my predecessors…With respect to the Arab-Israeli conflict, we’ve embraced the Camp David framework as the only way to proceed.

In other words, in Reagan’s own words to the American people that evening, the moment he was sworn in as POTUS he started talking about ‘peace deals’ and planned on using Carter’s Camp David Accords as the ‘roadmap’ for moving forward.

That the Gipper was surrounded by information-sponges acting as the eyes and ears of Judea, Inc is not as much a question mark as it is an exclamation point. Noted and notable spies operating at the deepest levels of the Deep State and whose names would many years later become infamous following the Israeli-engineered terrorist attacks taking place in America on 9/11 and the apocalyptic aftermath that followed include ‘night flowers’ such as Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams and Douglas Feith, to name just a few.

To those newbies just coming to terms with all of this, these men were singularly responsible for maneuvering George W. Bush into pulling the presidential trigger in the manner demanded of him by Judea, Inc–i.e. initiating the ‘clash of civilizations’ popularly known as the ‘war on terror’.

Some of them, including Douglas Feith, sat like hungry vultures on Reagan’s National Security Council where they were privy in the most intimate way to any and all noises that the Gipper made about his Middle East policy and especially any plans he may have had for ‘peace’ in the region.

Therefore, all can rest assured that as soon as these information sponges got word of what POTUS 40 was planning to do, this information was forwarded on to Mossad headquarters PDQ where the gears of assassination, terrorism and political sabotage were put into motion in dealing with it.

On yet another VERY interesting note warranting a certain degree of pause and consideration for all its important implications, in Reagan’s address to the nation on September 1, 1982 in which he announced his administration’s plans for bringing ‘peace’ to the Middle East, he referenced the following–

…Over a month ago, before the present negotiations in Beirut had been completed, I directed Secretary of State Shultz to again review our policy and to consult a wide range of outstanding Americans on the best ways to strengthen chances for peace in the Middle East. We have consulted with many of the officials who were historically involved in the process, with members of  Congress and with individuals from the private sector, and I have held extensive consultations with my own advisers on the principles that I will outline to you tonight…

Little known to virtually all Americans, but CERTAINLY well-known at both Mossad headquarters and at the highest and deepest levels of the ‘Deep State’ in Israel and D.C. is the fact that one of those ‘outstanding Americans’ hailing from ‘the private sector’ with whom Ronald Wilson Reagan was meeting on a regular basis in moving forward with his proposed ‘Pax Americana’ in the Middle East was a certain NY real estate developer named Donald J. Trump, who also wanted to see ‘peace’ in the Middle East before WWIII/nuclear Armageddon took place.


And the rest, as they say, is history…

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